hi, don’t support the new Heathers movie.

you’ve probably already seen the trailer and created some opinion about it. maybe good, maybe bad, or some other third thing.

well, let me tell ya why you definitely SHOULD NOT support this Heathers remake:

  • the representation is terrible
  • it may look like a good, diverse movie, BUT IT’S BAD.
  • it’s racist
  • JD is some stereotyped emo kid, like, what the hell?
  • the Heathers are everything they’d be bullied for
  • why a genderfluid Heather? as something @goodmorningfrog said earlier “the Heathers are the scum of the school”. make someone else genderqueer so it doesn’t create this bad image
  • the way the diversity is represented is terrible. this could cause many problems

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I’m gonna start this by saying I am someone who isn’t bothered about bad adaptations. Tim burtons mphfpc: one of my favourite movies. Netflix death note: generally liked it. However I can not bring myself to like then2018 heathers tv show.

Firstly I am fine with Heather Chandler, I just wish that they didn’t constantly say things like ‘oh big girls can be popular now’ in the trailer. It seems like they are trying to make it a major plot point which it shouldn’t been. It shouldn’t even be mentioned. I mean Veronica calling her fatty? Really?

Heather duke I am fine with I just which there was a reason behind it and I literally have no problem with McNamara.

Now to Veronica and JD. I don’t mind Veronica. I don’t think I can really judge her cos she didn’t really do much in the trailer. As for JD… oh no. I mean JD is meant to be pycho who kills people not a Rebel who burns cars for no reason? And from the looks of things he seems to really be planning heathers death, when in the original he just makes everything up as it happens, seeing how far he can go. Also why doesn’t he have his coat, everyone else kept there colours why can’t he have his coat?

The thing about psychotic characters in movies and tv shows is that almost all of them seem to be kinda likeable, like you can kinda understand what they are doing. However this JD just looks like a dick whomis trying purposely to be evil and edgy. I also can’t understand his relationship with Veronica but I’ll talk about that later.

Also why are poc, genderqueer, etc.. the bad guys? And he main guys (not good guys) are are a straight white couple? I think they kinda missed the point with what people actually want and seemed to do the exact opposite, purposely removing everything good and replacing it with confusing, messy, shit.