“I’ve been sitting here since I left the BET awards. I keep watching the part where Jay interrupted my acceptance speech. After hours and hours of playback footage, I realized why I love this man. He waited three years to teach me my lesson. THREE WHOLE YEARS, Y'ALL. Now that’s some grown-up parenting shit if I’ve ever seen it. Like he went all Heathcliff Huxtable on my ass. I was definitely Vanessa Huxtable in this situation; I thought I got away with it, but BAM, Jay "Heathcliff” Z came in and shut my shit down. Thanks Jay, I needed some of that Huxtable Tough Love.“


George Jefferson, the asshole. Heathcliff Huxtable, the overbearingly nice doctor they all hate. Carl Winslow, the voice of reason. Philip Banks, the smug millionaire.

Main settings a high class bar they own, random country clubs. Police Academy style hijinks. 

I’d watch the fuck out of this show.

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