Metta (Lovingkindness) Rhyme

They told us, yes they told us they did
there was great beauty to be found
yet we doubtful, fearful faithless souls
never this truth could quite perceive 
could it be that beauty was never there
or was it only we dared not believe
now I don’t ask…or wish for too much
yet for all beings this alone I will pray
by the grace of metta (lovingkindness)
may their hearts find this beauty today

R.I.P kitty 😭

This morning we woke up to my cat seizing in the living room. He also messed all over by him and my living room was pretty destroyed. Zach called the vet (emergency because they weren’t opened yet) and they said he’s more than likely dying since he soiled himself and just to keep him comfortable until he passes… this was at 7:30. At around 8:15 he still hadn’t let go so we wrapped him up and took him to the vet so we didn’t have to watch him suffer any longer. When we got there Zach took him in (I don’t do well in these situations) and about 10 minutes later he came back out with him wrapped up in his shirt we took him in with. My fiancé is such a sensitive guy and he was bawling walking out with our kitty which broke me more. He was a great cat, even though we had him very shortly…. last night we gave him a vet approved flea dip. He was 100% okay. This morning we woke up to him dying. The vet said that a few things could of played into his death. Such as him being a shelter cat and not having a medical history, or just the simple fact he had an allergic reaction to the flea medication. The vet asked my fiancé if he was a compassionate and loving cat for him being from the shelter and he responded with “To be honest he was a bit of an asshole…. but he was our asshole.” He was an amazing kitty. We are so attached to our animals it completely breaks us when things like this happens… we love you Crowley 💕