Korean teenager answers her pro Overwatch doubters with live demonstration of skill
When you come out of nowhere and dominate in the Korean pro Overwatch scene, defeating the other top teams to qualify for the Nexus Cup, people are going to…

So I am very surprised people on Tumblr aren’t all over this news already, but here’s the rundown. A 17 year old girl in Korea was kicking ass in Overwatch (made it the eighth in the world) and two pro gamers accused her of hacking. So what did she do? Fucking proved them wrong. She demonstrated her skill on a live stream of a popular Korean streamer to show there was no cheating involved. 


It’s sad that she felt she had to wear a mask to hide her identity during the stream because she was afraid she would be targeted for online bullying. She even gets emotional at the end of the stream because this accusation had weighed so heavily on her.

The two “pro gamers” even threatened to quit playing if she was proved to be legit, but Blizzard stood behind her and let those two idiots walk away. I may not play Overwatch, but I know if there was a girl who did this in League, CS:GO, or any other online game she would be accused of the same thing.

Now I don’t usually post original content, but this is HUGE for online gaming. No one even batted an eye when Rekkles (Fnatic Marksman in LOL) started in the Pro League of Legends scene at 17,but this girl was targeted as a hacker. For Blizzard to stand behind her is an amazing development in the online gaming community and I hope everyone supports her whether they play Overwatch or not. 

Good Job Blizzard. And thank you Gegury for being such a strong person and proving those assholes wrong.

Females in competitive gaming.

How often do you actually see women in competitive gaming? The answer is…


After this past weekend, I realized that in every championship at Blizzcon, there were NO WOMEN competing. And guess what? I wasn’t the only female to have realized this over the weekend.

After much thought and a lot of support. I’ve decided to start up an eSports team named Sweet Synergy.

On our first night of ‘realization’ - over 100 women applied for team spots. The overwhelming support has been IMMENSE. Even a handful of males are pushing our team forward and supporting, asking to be a part of staff and our twitch streams. Of course, a lot of women of all sorts have inquired about the team - but after constructing an amazing staff group so far, we have redirected focus of the all female competitive team from ‘just wanting attention’ to ‘actually wanting to compete.’ In other words, we don’t condone ‘Rated R’ types of behavior in order to get attention.

We don’t want attention, we want representation.

I’m not going to ask my tumblr friends to reblog this, but if you do believe in our team and female representation in the competitive gaming league, then boosting this post will go a long way for us. We are here to voice that we are just as competitive and equal as any other opposite gender competitor.

Here are some links to follow if interested:

If any girl/woman/alien out there wants an opportunity to join our team, you may click this link that will direct you to our personal fb group page.

May we rock the stage next yr at Blizzcon!