(6/?) Favorite Teams - The Empty Cups

“Don’t worry, kid.“ Blitz brought out the silken cord. “This rope can’t be weakened. And Hearthstone’s right. We might as well tie it to one another for safety.”
“That way if we fall,” Sam said, “We’ll fall together.
Sold,” I said, trying to tamp down my anxiety. “I love dying with friends.

Co-operative Tavern Brawls have been popular in the past and #94 is a brand new one. To celebrate A Mammoth of a New Year… do we get to play with new cards?? Nah, not yet. Just work together with another player (one of you is randomly assigned a Rogue deck, the other Druid) to summon and then defeat a “boss” Pinata Golem before one or both of you gets killed!

The most noteworthy thing about this Brawl might be that the “Greetings” emote has been replaced with “Happy New Year” to celebrate the Standard rotation. Only a week to go!

  • Magnus: it's nice to meet you guys I'm Magnus. It's pretty cool you guys have a whole camp and that's there's other beings like us. Honestly, we were all pretty-
  • Nico: you're dead why are you dead
  • Percy:
  • Annabeth:
  • Jason:
  • Piper:
  • Hazel:
  • Samirah:
  • Blitz:
  • Hearth:
  • Will: Nico
  • Alex: he's onto us guys
  • Calypso: I told leo he was annoying and threw pots and pans at him.
  • Piper: When i get mad at jason i charmspeak and tell him to smack himself.
  • Annabeth: One time i judo flipped percy.
  • Alex: I decapitated Magnus and i would probably do it again.
  • Calypso: ....
  • piper: ....
  • Annabeth: ....
  • Alex: I win.
the gang in group projects

- Sam actually tries to get things done

- Magnus sometimes forgets to show up to help

- Alex does show up, and spends the entire time fuming about how nobody is helpful

- when Magnus actually is there, he and Alex spend the entire time flirting

- Blitz is the only one with nice slides

- Hearth did it all the night before

- his slides were memes

- most of them face the unholy wrath of Samirah Al-Abbas because she did almost everything