I reorganized my room. It makes me v happy.

I’ve also adapted the method of putting things away, instead of throwing them on the floor, or putting them in the closest space. Doing this has kept my room clean.

Sorely touched by the end of HIM artistic activity. Feels like an important part of my life has been devastated. But after all I am thankful for the music the band HIM gave to us, it will stay with fans forever. I respsect their decision and I’m waiting for the farewell tour.

It’s so hard…. It’s hard to realize there will be no HIM. I hope to see HIM Boys in solo careers (but really I’d like to see their reunion someday). I will always support them.

I love you Guys, you are precious for me.

HIM blogs, where are you?!

I mean, I have this blog, (dedicated to HIM/Ville), for like seven years, and till some years ago, (tbh last year), there was A LOT of HIM blogs activated, and now.. most of them are gone and this is really sad. I miss my old fellas, but, we who survived, let’s continue with this beautiful thing. Please survivors, don’t let the HIM fandom dies.