Hello all of my followers and mutuals I talk to daily, I have some news. yesterday, I had a heart attack I had to go to the hospital, and have a blood clot removed.  I have had two surgery’s in the past 24 hours. I am okay, and they think I will be fine.. I have had heart issues in the past, I am being looked at closely, and it will take some time for me to heal, possibly even 8 weeks. In this time.. I may not post a lot or do a lot of things.. It is important for me to focus on healing so I may only be liking or re-blogging things for awhile. I may be able to do somethings but it will not be much perhaps. I am okay I am doing well, and they expect me to recover fine they think I am over the worst of it and i will be getting additional help and check ups. please have patients with me and I hope to keep a lot of my followers!



I am really into AOA - Heart Attack recently, like watching their lives forever. lol. And their choreography is so lively and cute. So, I made this poses set. :) 

Hope you all find it not boring at all. lol. XD 

So, Here is the Download:

  • Dropbox
    • CAS - please choose Hothead trait
    • INGAME - push up_start_x

CCs list:

Click pics to see them clearly. Thank u all. <3