I’m not saying the Vogue folks actively decided to do a Lannister theme with Gwen, I’m just saying, this is what Gwen is showing us on Twitter: 1) the pretty gold gown, 2) the pretty red gown, with flowers but NOT roses, and 3) the part where she decides by some bizarre coincidence to use #HearMeRoar as the tag on a pic where she’s wearing a yellow/red skirt. 

Do we think the wedding happens at Winterfell, while the fate of humanity is still uncertain, or in the south, after the snow zombies are defeated? 

Rampaging fluff-demonness

Yes, that’s totally a word.

I was just thinking earlier today, and it wasn’t the first time I had this thought: when we get the J/B bang in S8, it would be the hottest thing ever if they were wearing armor at the beginning. It’s one thing to take off each other’s clothes so you can bang, but taking off each other’s ARMOR so you can bang…that’s another order of magnitude of hotness.

That Gwen is tagging her photo on Twitter with #HearMeRoar makes me think not only are J/B getting married (because of course they are), but we’re gonna see the wedding on-screen. 

Jaime Lannister 🦁🔥 By https://youtu.be/R1fsTYP-N0s