Did he really?

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If I am not much mistaken, there is a net tied around the top end of that spear? Like the Dothraki use on their spears? Did this guy steal a spear from a Dothraki in the middle of an ambush with dragon fire?

This one-handed knight stole a spear from a DOTHRAKI while their queen is spraying DRAGON FIRE all around, and he’s gonna stick something with that pointy end!

You will never be as fierce as Jaime.

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ooooooooo if its gonna take a few days you should toss us a preview (im still too obsessed with your tiger serious im sorry)

I sat here for 15 minutes trying to decide what to even give you for a teaser, and in the end @boxwineconfession had to choose for me so you can thank them that you’re getting this lol.

I’ve already titled this fic “Easy, Tiger” to go with my vomitous tiger theme you’re thankfully obsessed with. And it’s written nothing like the first five parts of Hear Me Roar because I’m a disaster, but here goes:

Otabek can feel the smirk playing across his own lips. Yuri hates this part, but being tied up isn’t a real punishment in the end. Yuri will still get what he wants from this. The punishment comes in the way Otabek plans to give it to him; the way he’ll keep Yuri on the edge then push him over it again and again.

It’s selfish, the way Otabek can’t wait to take Yuri apart, so selfish.

He grabs the bottom of his shirt. They don’t do it like this often, don’t get it to this extreme, and he knows the longer he teases, the more time he takes, the more Yuri’s wall of defenses falls to bits. So, he pulls the shirt off slowly, making sure Yuri is watching before he tosses it aside and moves his fingers to the zipper of his jeans. He’s straining against them and each inch of metal teeth he releases is a relief, but he makes sure to keep it gradual; suffering for the tease.

Story of my Friday

I stopped at my local Walmart on my way to work this morning to grab something for lunch. Standing in front of the freezer with the weight watchers meals, a charming man stepped up and commented that this was the right section for me and proceeded to call me fat and ugly.

I stared at this moron and said:

“Don’t be ridiculous. I define my beauty, not what I eat and certainly not idiots like you. Now leave me alone.”

He proceeded to mumble “bitch” and walked away. As a social commentary, this is beyond sad. He could say whatever the hell he wanted to me as rudely as he wanted but when I stand up for myself, I’m a bitch. Well fine then. I’m a bitch. And a damn beautiful one at that!! You’re welcome, Stupid idiotic man!

I hate that this is a thing in our world. I hate that I’m still thinking about it. And I hate that he made me doubt my own self-worth, even for a second. Stupid man.

100 / 100 days of productivity - woohoo 🙌 I can’t believe I did it 😄 I honestly thought that I would give this up after a week but I got there eventually 👍 finishing this off the way I started by studying some poetry, Sylvia Plath to be precise 📚Thanks to all who revolved and who started to follow the blog after seeing me trying to motivate myself to study 📖 still have another week to the Leaving but hey we got this far didn’t we? Everything will be grand 👌💯💯💯💯💯