Hey tumblr!

I got a suprise gift of white Dr. Dre Beats in the mail. I absolutely adore them, but the white doesn’t really match anything I own. 

I want to customize them to make em look incredible, but I can’t choose between these three themes…

Vocaloid Headphones (light up), TRON Headphones (light up), or Steampunk Headphones. 

What do you guys think would be the coolest to turn them into?

I bought some Sony MDRXD100 HiFi Headphones the other day, been testing them out for a few days and I’m REALLY impressed with them!

The only thing I don’t like about them is that the wire is super long, which is a pain when you’re running for a bus or whatever, otherwise they’re cheap and cheerful… A very good buy indeed!

(I’d just like to explain that this picture of me was taken on a cheap webcam at 1.30am… So that’s why it’s as bad as it is!)


The Sennheiser MM550 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones are the ‘Millennium Falcon’ of their travel headphone range. The Sennheiser MM550 offers the most discerning audiophile a luxury headset so that they can enjoy music or calls anywhere in the world and thanks to Sennheiser’s NoiseGard 2.0 technology the MM550 can cancel out 90% of background noise.

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