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The 6,000 Calorie Diet & Expensive Taste

Indulgence is something we all like to have a little of in our diet, but eating 6,000 calories daily? That’s exactly what six healthy, middle-aged men consumed in a research study conducted at Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia. Researchers sought to model how overeating leads to insulin resistance, and through what mechanism this occurs. Speaking of indulgence, why does our brain perceive foods as tasting better if we think they are expensive? Scientists proved that people will consistently rate a wine as tasting better if they are told it carries a hefty price tag. Dan Pashman explains how your brain tricks you into thinking expensive food tastes better than cheaper food. What we’re reading…

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This is my band No Paws. These are 2 unmastered songs from our upcoming full length LP due out in August.

Check it out, let me know what you think


anonymous asked:

kind of a broad question (& i think v transparent in that it's prob rly obvious i'm asking from where im at in my own life lol) but i (cisgender gal) genuinely want to include men in my life. im mostly able to do so in platonic + familial relationships, but romantic/sexual relationships that are truly egalitarian & emotionally healthy w/ men seem futile; we'll never escape patriarchal power dynamics so y try. (part I)

; is it reasonable 2 still want intimate relationships w/ men? is radical romantic love possible btwn a man and a woman in the world we have rn? anyways, i love following you and have learned so much from you, so even if you don’t answer this i would just like you to know that!! (part II)

first of all, thank U so much for yr kindness! secondly, this is gna be long as hell, but I’m gna try posting it here as opposed to my static blog just to see what happens

the best place to begin to answer this is by making sure we understand exactly what the relationships U’ve specified here are (i.e., platonic, familial, romantic, sexual) – are they just ways that ppl go abt connecting w each other, independent of any kind of social context? or are these kinds of bonds dependent on particular social contexts? i.e., is this way of divvying-up interpersonal connection a social construction? I’m inclined to say that it’s the latter, n here’s why it’s important to make this distinction:

just as U’ve [consciously or unconsciously] said here, interpersonal connections are commonly understood as being divided into certain categories – not only that, but they’re also commonly understood as having certain positions in a hierarchy, organised in terms of which bonds are most important/valuable/desirable; in general, ppl place both familial n romantic relationships at the very top

what I wna drive home here is that this intuition ppl have abt this organisation of bonds isn’t “natural” – it is one that has been instilled n reinforced by capitalism, n additionally mediated by exactly those power dynamics U’ve mentioned (which include cis- n heteronormativity, heterosexuality at large, masculine/feminine power dynamics, n more); we have been coerced into (1) conceptualising our love for others as discontinuous, as being [keyword:] fundamentally different in quality in some cases than in others (which I won’t get into here; I’m writing a paper abt this, though) n (2) accepting a capitalist n patriarchal mode of stratifying love-bonds, in which the most valuable bonds (that is, best commodified) in accordance w capitalist/patriarchal ends are placed at the top bc they serve certain goals in the production n maintenance of power n violence (I’ve gone over this a little in the past)

the point I’m trying to make is that both familial n romantic/sexual interpersonal bonds are subject to capitalism, hegemony, n their accompanying systems, structures n processes – both necessitate certain kinds of violence/dehumanisation, neither are “natural” or inherently more valuable than other kinds of bonds – w men or w anyone else

however, love itself is valuable, although it takes lots of work n so it isn’t “natural” in the ways that ppl wld like to believe it is – n this is why I think it is possible to have truly loving relationships w men

I’m really glad that U specifically mentioned “radical romantic love”, bc I think that might actually be a bit of an oxymoron – I don’t think it’s possible for “romantic” love [especially heterosexual romantic love, but not exclusively] insofar as it is a specifically socially-constructed, capitalistically/patriarchally-functional cultural template (c/o: @swdyww), to be radical – however! radical love is absolutely possible to manifest; at this point I think I must have given my account of radical love a million times, but I’m gna do it once more:

radical love must be founded on the perpetual acknowledgement n prioritising of each other’s humanity; it must be rooted in mutuality, in being-together, rather than in one person; it must be rooted in vulnerability, in embodying the kind of honesty that isn’t merely tied to words – it is a way of being; it must be rooted in action, rather than in mere feeling – it is not enough to just “feel” love – love is only manifested when it is sth that is done … n what makes radical love truly radical is threefold: (1) it encompasses the perpetual rejection n relinquishing of power over others – not just those in the bond, but everyone: it is anti-hierarchy, anti-coercion, anti-exploitation, anti-violence, n (2) it is dedicated to truth, to preventing itself from replicating the kinds of violence n dynamics that are present in the kinds of love that capitalism/patriarchy advocate n necessitate, n (3) it is hopeful, in that it is oriented toward a loving, communal future for all

I think it might also be worth mentioning why it is that cis hetero men have such a difficult time embodying this kind of love (or any kind of love that demands vulnerability of them): (1) masculine identity is organised around the polar opposites of what is required by love; it is centred around ownership n entitlement, n behaviour that is in alignment w them is at most rewarded n at least unpunished, while behaviour that is not goes unrewarded or is punished; n (2) since vulnerable love stands so sharply at odds w masculine identity, when it becomes too difficult for men to do the work of loving, they have the option of retreating into masculine identity n seeking refuge in the power dynamics that privilege them; hetero women don’t have this option! no woman does!

the only men who are capable of doing this kind of work are those who are willing to relinquish masculinity n all of its benefits; who will not retreat back into it when the going gets tough; n if they do retreat, if they do stumble, they must recognise that they have, n they must return to love

I hope I’ve said anything at all worthwhile! pls let me know if U have any specific questions


Hi all!

I need to interview men, FOR SCIENCE.

Specifically, men who consider themselves to be healthy who shop at health food stores like whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and/or Farmer’s Markets, among others.

The interview will last anywhere from 30 - 90 min. and it would take place at a location where there would not be a lot of noise interference for my digital voice recorder. The location will be agreed upon between the individual healthy man who shops at health food stores and myself.

I will be asking open ended questions about the participant’s daily eating and health food shopping habits. The idea being to simply learn where he picked these habits up and how he goes about sustaining them.

This would ideally happen as soon as possible!

My cell phone number is 407 702 3436

If possible just tag any men who fit the above criteria :)

MSR Fic Hunt....

Does anyone know this fic that I cannot for the life of me remember the title of? All I can remember is it’s post-col and Mulder and Scully are in some kind of facility where healthy, young men and women are being kept. It’s revealed that the purpose of them being there is to reproduce for the colonists, which poses a problem as Scully cannot have children (in this story William doesn’t exist and when the fic starts Mulder and Scully are not together yet). There is the suggestion that if they do not conceive, they will be separated and Mulder will be paired with someone else. I also remember there was a scene where another panicked man asks Mulder to sleep with his wife as he is unable to get her pregnant himself and he is terrified that he will be separated from her.

I’m not even sure if this fic was completed or a unfinished WIP. Ring a bell for anyone?

No Paws tour starts tomorrow night August 18th in Oakland, CA

No Paws (socal / new LP on Family Time Records)

MNTTAB (australia / noise-slop-tronic)


Exit Bag Quartet
(angry free jazz supergroup | oakland, ca)

Diesel Dudes
(pumped brutality | oakland, ca)

(synthy mathy | oakland, ca)

Easy Living
(90s grunge punk | oakland, ca)

Training & Eating

Had a killer leg workout today, worked on slightly lower weights with more reps and absolutely crushed it! Also did 3km run on the treadmill, learning to run more even if I am slower.

Meals for today:

Breakfast: 2 weetbix, 1 apple and a cup of coffee

Snack: 175ml plain yogurt with 2 large strawberries

Lunch: Toasted whole wheat sandwich with cheese, tomato, onion & pastrami with an apple & 1 strawberry. Since I actually need to have 3 slices of bread I had an extra slice with 1 tablespoon of peanut butter & a cup of tea.

Snack: small bowl soup 1 slice of bread

Supper: Large bowl of veg soup with 1 slice of bread. 

I’m having a bit of trouble getting my head around the amount of carbs, but I will say that after today’s workout I feel I am feeding my body enough to be able to crush my workouts and have energy throughout the day.

I’m also looking forward to Saturday as I am doing a 5km fun run.

[160724] winnercity instagram update:

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anonymous asked:

what did the pd of produce 101 do ? :o

he said tht produce 101 was made with a thought of it being healthy porn for men , so basically he wanted produce 101 to be a porn show for men .. these girls literally went through hell bc of tht show not only tht but also most of them were literally underage , they don’t deserve 2 be turned into sexual prawns