🌿Green smoothie~ kale, lemon, clementine, frozen pineapple, frozen banana
Layered with oil free granola, + the freshest blueberries & strawberries

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My oatmeal for this morning! I microwaved some oats and chia seeds in water for about 3 minutes and topped with peanut butter, melted dark chocolate, pine nuts, almonds, coconut, banana, blueberries, blackberries and granola 😋  Don’t be afraid to incorporate more healthy fats into your diet from nuts and seeds, especially if you’re a woman 👍 It’s been freezing where I live, despite it being the middle of summer so I was really craving something warm and comforting 😊 ☕

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super easy vegan caesar dressing;

2 heaping tablespoons of just mayo,
1 flax egg,
1 large dill pickle,
2 pitted kalamata olives,
1 large clove of garlic,
6 tablespoons nutritional yeast,
1 tablespoon mustard,
the juice of 1 lime,
1 tablespoon olive oil, 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar,
¾ cups plant based milk,
1 tablespoon dried parsley (optional),
½ teaspoon cayenne pepper,
½ teaspoon ground black pepper,
1 tablespoon (or more) sea-salt,

put all of your ingredients into a blender or food processor until smooth, pour over your salad & enjoy! my go to caesar salad recipe is beyond meat chicken, large slices of sweet onion, cucumber pieces, sliced kalamata olives, sunflower seeds & whole wheat croutons over mixed greens, romain & red leaf lettuce.


These are some of my MUST HAVES as far as my low carb/ketogenic diet goes.

The pork rinds are great if I’m craving chips (or BBQ sauce!)

The plant based protein is obviously great to keep my protein up each meal AND plants have plenty of fiber which naturally makes this choice of protein powder low in net carbs (2g per serving)

Heavy whipping cream has 0 carbs but is a great alternative to creamer in coffee and makes omelettes (a low carb favorite of mine!) extremely fluffy and more pliable.

This weird hourglass looking tool is my “Vegetti”. I use it most commonly with zucchini. What it does is makes your veggies into a “pasta”. It gives you options between thin or thick “noodles” and is SO simple.

Guacamole!! These come packaged in their serving sizes already! They’re only 100 calories. I believe 4 net carbs per serving as well. I dip pepperoni chips in it for the crunch (I will make a snack recipe list at a later date with that recipe on it!) I found these at Aldi!

My favorite ❤ Fiery Sriracha hummus! I found this gem at SAVE A LOT! !! Low carbs, flavorful, spicy. It is just delicious!

Okay so the reason I put this brand of salmon is because they come in preweighed portions- each at about 4oz. Plus they have always tasted delicious!

Here’s my other favorite! Breyer’s Carb Smart Ice Cream and fudge pops! They taste- no lie- no different than regular Breyer’s Ice Cream. It’s delicious and soft. Found at Walmart and I have heard for those down south that Kroger has them.

I will make more good food buy posts in the future as I discover more!

Happy eating!

My chiaseed jam 🍓 The recipe is lower down on my blog ✨ check it out, it is so delicious 💕


My face is awkward, but my hair is cute and I fit into a shirt from 4yrs ago so yay! Also featuring my finance’s heaping pile of laundry. Lol. But in light of feeling like shit from not doing anything, I decided to take progress pictures to make myself (kind of) feel better. 💕

My hair is being half decent today!!!! This is a rare occasion. Currently in bed eating carrot sticks & hummus, trying to motivate myself to start one of three essays all due on 24th May 😭
Didn’t get to the gym today bc my legs are seriously fucked from yesterday 😂 so just going to do a good core workout later 😁

My breakfast from this morning! I whipped up some granola (baked oats, berries and a whole heap of different nuts with a bit of maple syrup) and served it with banana and mango nice cream, strawberries, mango, soy milk, coconut, strawberries and this a piece of Whittaker’s vegan dark chocolate (it’s ginger and mandarin it tastes so good!) Hope everyone’s having a wonderful 2017! 

-Zoe xx

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All vegetable spaghetti alfredo 😋 


- 1 squash 

- 1 large sweet potato 

- 1 large onion

 - 3 gloves garlic 

- ½ teaspoon finely chopped ginger 

 - 1 buffalo tomato 

- 1 handful spinach 

- salt


Chop the onion , ginger and the garlic roughly and sautè in a pot with a little water or olive oil (if you want). When the onion is transparent add more water or vegetable broth for flavor. Chop the sweet potato finely and add it to the pot with the onions and let it simmer until the sweet potatoes are soft. Use a handmixer and blend everything together, add more water if you like, to make the mixture more smooth. When you get the creamy consistency you like add spiralized squash (for this you need a spiralizer, but you can just slice the squash in a straight spaghetti like form) chop the tomatoes in small squares and add them to the other ingredients. Cook everything on medium heat until the squash is nicely cooked.  

 Serve the dish with some roughly chopped spinach and a sprinkle of oregano! Enjoy 😋