[14/01/2016]{2/100} • FINALLY FINISHED MY 40+ SLIDE POWERPOINT YAY! [It actually turned out to be 54 slides long… Oops] so therefore I can say that today I was epically productive :D I even started some psychology summaries! [my teacher prefers our summaries to be typed…] oh yes and I started my very first bullet journal today too XD YAY IM SO HAPPY I FINISHED MY POWERPOINT!!!!

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Hi Aaliyah! I didn't know what I wanted to do when I hit college until I read one of your answer on how you were in a class about human development I think?? Forgive me if I'm wrong but I feel like that would be good for me! Learning how the minds work and training my mindset I think that will be perfect! thank you ❤️ can you give me any information you learned while you were in that class. I love learning new information idk where it is in my chart that likes learning but my moon is in Virgo

It was health and social care level 3 extended diploma, it’s not about human development (I mean it is and it isn’t) I used what I learnt for human development, on my own behalf however it takes ones own intellect to take something they’ve learnt and transform it into something practical for them. I didn’t want to go off and be a nurse, I wanted to heal myself. It seemed only logical to take a course that’s about careers that heal people. But everyone’s different, my mind works completely different from the common or programmed way of thinking that’s why I can’t be in programmed of education, not out of a lack intellect but lack of interest, my mind is to expansive to be programmed and limited to society’s way of thinking. But I don’t think you need to go to college to heal yourself (I mean obviously) I learnt everything I know from books that I bought, not from college. I have never even used the diploma I got, so… I’m not saying don’t do it, but definitely don’t do it just because I did like I said the knowledge I gained came from me studying in solitude with books after I left college. College never taught me any of the knowledge I have, I was completely lost when I was in college hence why I left early. I don’t know, my experience was my experience, you may have a completely different experience from me. They don’t teach you how to train your mindset, I think I must of put it in the wrong context because school period will never teach you that, that’s something you can only do for yourself.

I think if you want knowledge then you should buy books then decide what you want to do from there, it’s important that we know ourselves before committing to anything in life and that goes for life itself. Also I’m Virgo dominant (Mercury Virgo - exalted) and Liz Green who is also Virgo dominant with most her planets in that sign said Virgo always does better in solitude. But I’m not you, I have no clue what your life path for tells only you know, so you just do what you think is right for you😊💗 Mercury, the third house and ninth house rule learning, intellect, communication etc. I like learning to I have a strong 3rd house (Sagittarius, Jupiter and Neptune) and 9th house (Gemini, Venus and Mars), my Mercury in Virgo is in the 11th house💗 a strong 3rd and 9th indicates towards strong mind/intelligence, so check your houses 😊

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But you don't have equivalents to "ministres" in France or stuff like that? (Like someone in charge of a particular area like education, security, etc? The president is in charge of all that?) Bc senators etc are part of the legislative power right?

Yes, we do! If you look at my last post, each cabinet department has a head. Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State for four years - she was head of the State Department. 

There are 15 Cabinet departments:

  1. State
  2. Defense
  3. Commerce
  4. Agriculture
  5. Education
  6. Energy
  7. Health & Human Services
  8. Homeland Security
  9. Housing & Urban Development
  10. Interior
  11. Labor
  12. Transportation
  13. Treasury
  14. Veterans’ Affairs
  15. Justice

Each one has its own “Secretary Of…” except the Justice Department, the head of which is referred to as the Attorney General.

You are correct, the Senate is part of the legislative branch along with the House of Representatives. They have no part in appointing Cabinet secretaries or staff - their primary function is to generate and pass legislation (although the President can also initiate legislation).