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Here is my study area! I try to keep it comfortable, with colours and items that motivate me. The two succulents are named Taehyung and Jungkook, if you were wondering. I’ve got a bunch of new followers recently, I thought I should thank you guys!! I really appreciate the support, it motivates me to study more and produce more content. Thanks xx

9•7•15 ~ learning about the inequalities in the world isn’t fun, but I’d much prefer this to being ignorant! Let’s do something about this 🌍🌏🌎 | after all, education is a very powerful weapon

  1. Affordable housing
  2. Airline food
  3. American English
  4. Business ethics
  5. Government organization
  6. Health-care system
  7. Human development
  8. Marital bliss
  9. Military intelligence
  10. Political correctness
  11. United Nations
  12. Western civilization

Yikes, okay, no idea what style the introduction is, but it’s just the back-story so no biggie. Also I will gladly give anyone who wants some broral, thanks for teaching me that ;)

Jercy were not gay. I mean, it was sort of gay that they had a couple name, but I digress. So, not gay.

Percy Jackson and Jason Grace were friends since childhood. They’d done everything together, from playing dress up in Sally Jackson’s closet (not gay) to going on their first double date together (also not gay).

In high school they had most of their classes together (purely coincidental), and when it was time to apply to college, they happened to both get accepted to the College of Health & Human Development at California State University, Northridge, where they did no-homo things like study the male body.

Jason was working towards becoming a personal trainer, and Percy was there to becoming a gym teacher – for girls, obviously.

They were in second year when our, er, story takes place.

<> <> <>

Percy groaned, and Jason looked up from his textbook. “What?”

“I just realized I’ve been reading the wrong textbook,” Percy said. “And that means you were, too.”

Jason looked down at the book in his lap, and flipped to the cover. “Yep, we switched them and didn’t even notice. Reassuring that we’ll pass the exam, alright.”

Percy got up from his bed and handed Jason the heavy volume. “Here”.

After they traded, Percy stood behind Jason as he flipped to the pages. “Amazing,” the blonde muttered. “Two difference courses, nearly identical reading assignments.”

Percy shook his head. “Now I have to re-read all of that…” He threw the book onto the bed, and Jason looked up at him. “Why’d you do that?”

“I’m sick of studying,” Percy complained. “Who goes to college for studying?”

Jason opened his mouth to reply, but Percy stopped him. “Don’t answer that.”

Jason closed the book and grinned. “Alright, then what do you want to do?

<> <> <>

“Faster, Mario, faster!”

Percy turned the Wii’s remote like a steering wheel, pleading with the character on the screen to hurry up and just pass Jason’s already.

“Ha!” He called. “I can see you right ahead!”

“Oh yeah?” Jason challenged, so worked up that he was standing and leaning with each virtual turn. “Take that!”

Yoshi, Jason’s avatar in the game, threw a banana peel behind him, and Percy’s motorcycle slipped on it, stopped, and spun in place. “Damn it, Jason!” Percy called angrily as Yoshi drove past the finish line and the game was over.

“Another round?” Jason asked, sitting down on the couch, breathing hard.

“No, you play dirty,” Percy muttered. The time was nearly midnight, and they’d been playing since they had put down the books. Percy picked up an open bag of chips and stuck his hand inside. “Come on!” he called. “Stop leaving empty bags lying around!”

Jason shut the Wii off. “Calm your shit, dude.”

“I’m so sick of you thinking you can do whatever you want. It’s my room, too!”

Jason crossed his arms. “What do you mean do whatever I want?”

Percy placed the bag in the trash bin, and turned to face his best friend. “There’s hair in the sink almost every morning, your music is always really loud when I’m trying to work, and–”

“Well if these things bug you so much, maybe you should say something!” Jason said, moving closer.

“I just did!”

There was a moment of quiet. “Look, man, I’m sorry for yelling,” Percy said. “It’s just that all this little stuff bugs me, and I’m stressed for the test tomorrow.” He glanced at his textbook, which was exactly where he’d thrown it earlier. “Guess we should study now, hu?”

Jason grinned. “No point, now. We won’t retain anything. Might as well get some sleep.”

“I’m going to shower first,” Percy said, and went to their small bathroom.

“Keep the door unlocked!” Jason called behind him, their fight already forgotten. “I need to brush my teeth.”

<> <> <>

It was about 1 AM by the time they turned off the lights and were in bed. Blue light shone on their faces in beds across the room, coming from their phones, and the hum of the building was ambient in the background.

“How’s Piper?” Percy asked, disturbing the quiet.

“Good,” Jason answered quietly. “Why?”

“Just wondering.”

Jason put his phone down and turned to look at Percy. “You never just wonder. Why do you ask?”

Percy kept looking at his phone, not answering. “Come on, tell me!”

“I was just wondering if she was treating you well, that’s all.”

Jason grinned. “I know exactly what this is about.”

Percy looked up from his phone, feigning surprise. “What are you talking about?”

Jason pulled back the covers. “Yes, she’s treating me well. But she’s not my best friend, is she?”

Percy smirked and got up from his bed, walking towards Jason. “It’s been so long, I thought you didn’t want to anymore.”

“Nah, man. I’m just busy all the time. If you want to, just ask.”

“I don’t want to. Do you want me to?”

Jason looked up at his best friend, light from the window highlighting his shirtless body. He had a good body, for a guy. “It’s not weird or anything, right?”

“No,” Percy agreed. “It’s what best friends do for each other.”


Percy leaned down and placed a kiss on Jason’s lips, just one, before Jason pulled the covers the rest of the way down, revealing his Calvin Klein boxer briefs. Keeping his eyes on Percy’s, Jason grabbed his hand and reached it down to his stomach, down his trail of fine hairs, and onto the underwear.

“Hand, or…?”

“Yeah,” Jason said, not exactly answering the question.

Percy leaned down and slipped his hand under the waistband of the tight black fabric, first feeling the thick hairs, then the hard flesh below it. His fingers traced the long vein that ran the length, until he reached the gap before the head. He gave it a gentle squeeze, and felt sticky liquid slowly trickle down onto his fingers. He’d never admit it, but he looked forward to their intimate time together. He just had to enjoy himself and not think about it too much.

“Pull them down,” Jason said quietly. Percy obeyed, slipping his hand out, gripping the elastic with both index fingers, and pulling while Jason pushed up off the bed. His erection jumped out, freed from its prison, and slapped gently against his stomach.

Percy whistled. “That’s some blue balls you’ve got there.”

He stepped around so that he was at the base of the bed, then climbed up and lay in front of Jason, between his spread legs. Jason had leaned his head back and closed his eyes in anticipation.

Slowly, Percy grabbed the heavy sack hanging in front of him. The right side hung lower than the left, but when he touched the wrinkled skin, it quickly pulled closer to Jason’s body. Percy smiled to himself in the darkness.

“We’re going to miss the test tomorrow if you keep going at this pace,” Jason joked, but Percy was in no rush. He lifted the balls sack a bit, revealing the small line of raised flesh that ran around to his behind. They’d never done anything there, but Percy was curious. He slowly put a long finger under the bag, and ran it down the length of the line, stopping before he reached the hair on Jason’s ass. There were no sarcastic comments from his friend now, just shallow breaths he heard from between his open legs.

Keeping the cool finger in place, Percy grabbed the shaft, bent it towards him, and stroked it a few times. He felt his own hardness against the bed, but wanted to focus on helping out his buddy. He wondered what it would feel like to be circumcised like Jason. He imagined it was a lot more friction.

Percy lowered his head and stuck out his tongue, connecting at the salty base of the penis. He pulled his head up slowly, running his tongue on the length until he reached the top, where he opened his mouth and took the head into it.

Slowly circling his tongue around the swollen flesh, Percy wondered how it was that he didn’t know the exact length of Jason’s penis. They’d done so much together, and yet this mighty fact eluded him still. He’d have to ask one day. For now, he was content with being unaware.

Percy let Jason’s member out of his mouth, and blew cold air onto it, triggering a shiver from Jason. “Don’t do that,” he warned without much conviction. Percy snickered. “Shut up.”

He got up on his elbows and positioned himself above the shaft, and lowered his mouth onto it, holding his breath as not to gag as it passed his fleshy lips, filled his moist mouth, and entered his tight throat, where he made swallowing motions.

Percy closed his eyes and counted to seven before pulling back and gasping for air. “Longer than you did last time,” he said.

“I’ll beat you next time,” Jason promised, smiling widely.

Percy liked the idea of a contest between them, and continued licking while he pondered this.

“I’m really close,” Jason said, and Percy looked up and saw him with his hands behind his head, looking at him. He didn’t know how much he could see in the dark, but he didn’t feel self-conscious at being watched. He never felt that way with his best friend.

Percy suddenly got inspiration. Lowering his mouth onto the beating meat, he moved his finger down from the line of flesh and towards Jason’s hole.

“Wait– fuck!”

Jason cried as Percy sucked at his sensitive head. With his finger he had found the little bump of muscle around his anus. Not thinking about it too much, he pushed inwards, meeting dry resistance, but Jason stayed quiet as he focused on the pleasure he was feeling.

“Do it,” he begged of his dark-haired friend.

Percy started bobbing on the shaft at a fast speed, sucking and being careful not to graze his teeth on the sensitive skin. With his other hand he kept circling about an inch inside his best friend, and when Jason whimpered and bucked forward into Percy’s throat, the muscles clenched and he shot hot semen into his mouth.

Jason stayed frozen in place for a moment, and then settled back onto the bed. Percy pulled back, making eye contact with Jason, a bit of cum on his lips. He looked straight into Jason’s eyes. “Well?”

“Better than Piper, that’s for sure,” Jason breathed heavily, looking directly at Percy. “Now, could you please get your hand out of my ass?”

Percy slowly released him. “That’s so no homo.”


[23/05/2016] • {60/100} • OOOOOOPS SO ITS BEEN LIKE A MONTH SINCE IVE LAST POSTED 😅 I’ve been sooo busy with sacs that I just kinda forgot to take photos ahaha xD anyway~ I finally finished my ch 6 psych summaries last week and I’ve (again) been busy trying to finish all my health homework Coz I had quite a busy weekend 😭 EXAMS START SO SOON IM SAD