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Midterm (hum. PHYS) tomorrow woot woot! Last minute studying because I now know what I don’t know.

Shout out to @sheabuhbay for keeping me on point regarding my personal health and well being.

Stay classy, beautiful, and healthy studyblr community.

NEW VIDEO is up on my channel 🎥🌿🎉 This one is all about juicing - I show you how I make mine, talk about the benefits of juicing for beauty, health and overall well being 💪 I also share my opinion on juice fasting for weight loss / detoxing and if I believe it to be an effective method, and answer some questions I’ve gotten recently about what juicer I use, how often I make it etc 😊 Link to my channel in my bio! Hope you guys find it helpful / interesting 💕✌️

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Fall in love

“Take who you are and love it, fall in love with yourself.
Look in the mirror and smile, tell yourself how much you love yourself, list all of the good qualities you have, list everything you think looks good about you. Nothing is too small, tell yourself how you love your eyes,your eyelashes , your curls. How you love your laughter, your passion, your freedom. How you love the way you dance or the fact that you’re a great listener. Then go ahead and make lists, write everything you love about yourself in a notebook, anywhere you want.

Fall in love with yourself!

Once you do that, once you truly feel that pure love for yourself that’s when you’ll notice your so called flaws are disappearing & your good qualities are becoming even better.

And of course you will also feel so much happier and alive!

You are with yourself every day, every hour, every minute, every second. So you might as well enjoy it!” -Unknown


I’m having a bit of a pinch me moment right now. 250,000 followers? It’s not about the number, but the quality of followers✨ To be supported by this many people who are either living a vegan lifestyle or looking for inspiration to improve their health, well-being of animals and save the environment is a beautiful thing❤️🐮🌎. I started this account with the intention of creating a space for myself to be held accountable for my decision to go vegan. I wanted to have a place to keep a record of my vegan journey though photos📷 To my surprise, Instagram quickly became a space where I was inspiring others with ideas and recipes. I’ve doubted my abilities to make a difference, but this has given me an opportunity to be creative with something I am very passionate about and has given me a new found confidence that I can make a change in this world 🙏🏼 THANK YOU for supporting me!!! Your likes and comments don’t go unnoticed, I try my best to reply to everyone.

I also couldn’t have gotten this far without the constant inspiration from all of the creators who blow me away on a daily basis👏🏻 To celebrate this milestone, I will be sharing inspiring accounts old and new. If you’re interested in entering here’s what you need to do:
📷1. Repost any photo from my account
✨2. Tag @raw_manda and #rawmanda250K in the original caption

anonymous asked:

Did you see the pics where ksoo was saying to fans in front of him "please, don't cry"? 😢, his face looked so warm, kind and gentle, if I was there when he did that I will cry so hard, I can't not being emotional when someone be kind like this 😭.

Omg, I didn’t!! He makes my heart so warm, because he cares about people’s health and well being and it’s so beautiful!