Soy como una poesía mal escrita, me contradigo a mí mismo. soy cambiante, y no me entiendo. cuesta leerme porque las palabras se mezclan y para encontrarles un sentido hay que volver al principio. expreso todo o no expreso nada. me leo de abajo hacia arriba. no tengo sentido.

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getting healthy as a student pt.1

Okay so this year I’ve been on a MISSION to get healthy since previously in year 9 through 10 I was developing extremely unhealthy eating habits and, was overweight, couldn’t perform in sport the way I wanted and was depressed. I know other people want advice as a young student trying to get healthy so here’s how I’ve gotten to where I am.

  1. I stopped buying unhealthy foods.
    Honestly this meant doing my RESEARCH and finding out what is good for my body and what isn’t. Writing a shopping list specific to the meals I knew I was going to make during the week and STICKING to this list. 
  2. I joined sports I liked
    In my case this was going to weekly squash training, going on runs and doing heaps of interval training in my bedroom when I was crushed for time with a heavy workload.
  3. I replaced my granola bars with fruit
    Snacking is something I do! and something that helps me throughout the day but I realised that those protein/granola bars I was eating were LOADED with sugar and were truly not healthy for me! So I stopped buying them!
  4. I found a couple recipes I loved and rotated them!
    It’s about finding alternatives to the things you love and replacing them! e.g. whenever im on my period I halve a wrap, put some pasta sauce and cheese on it and put it on the sandwich press and have that instead of pizza with a heap of veg on the side!! Every now and again I get a heap of new recipes and change it up!
  5. I forgave myself and allowed myself to enjoy unhealthy foods
    This might sound counter intuitive to some but if I’m out with friends, I’ll buy chips and a salad!! I didn’t punish myself for enjoying these treats, it’s just something I ate! I remind myself that I don’t have these things often and move on!
  6. I started walking places
    That local shopping centre you need to go to for some supplies? Walk there! Your school is only a 30 minute walk? Go for it! Or even just going for a walk for the sake of going for a walk! Stuff like that is not only good for the soul, it can VASTLY improve your metabolism!! 
  7. I became calorie conscious
    This meant I became AWARE of how many calories I was eating and how many I should be eating. I don’t count calories by any means, I’m just aware. This helped me realise that by eating ‘clean’ I was actually only eating around 1100 calories which was WAYYYYYY under the amount I should be eating for how active I am so I was able to increase my calories and feel SO much more energetic
  8. I started eating more protein
    So i’m ‘flexitarian’? I guess? I don’t eat meat but I sometimes eat fish when I’m in a bind and I rarely eat dairy. Increasing your protein will speed up your metabolism because the body expends more trying to digest it. I increased my protein by eating a source of protein in every meal, protein powder with breakfast, eggs with lunch and maybe dinner or even with tuna! You DEFINITELY don’t need meat in every meal, that’s not what I’m saying. In fact, eating meat in every meal is very bad for you! Find other ways of incorporating protein, whether it be with yoghurt, eggs or tofu!

Your dreams don’t go away when you have chronic illnesses. They just become muted, pushed to the back of your mind to be accessed again when you are capable of achieving them. For me, they are just hazy, on the edge of my consciousness at all times- a constant reminder of what I can’t do, who I want to be.


Feeling suddenly sore, sick, and tired? Swollen lymph nodes, nausea, and digestive pains? Don’t fear! It’s the approaching Virgo season letting you know what needs mending.

Virgo rules the gut, which has neurons in it and functions as a second mind. There is a whole ecosystem of bacteria in your stomach that keep you balanced, connected to your environment, & which directly affect your emotional health. Your gut feelings are telling you something!

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Copper Luxury Water Jug [Cont.]

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Jarra de agua de lujo de cobre [Cont.]

Recomendación de Ayurveda: El cobre se considera un mineral esencial para nuestro cuerpo. Ayurveda recomienda almacenar agua durante la noche en una jarra de cobre y beber la misma mañana para mantener una buena salud.

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