Since today is TummyLoveThursday, I wanted to take a moment to address something that has been weighing on my mind for a while. On Instagram (and all social media, really) it is so easy to alter reality to fit what is expected, and I made this video to show just how easy it is to COMPLETELY change the way my body looks in a moments time.
We all see other people’s posts and compare. We see how skinny they look, how flat their stomach is, etc. and we start to wonder “why can’t my body look like that too?”. When the reality of it is, a LOT of people use certain filters, lights, and poses to create a false reality. And when I created this page, I had to choose whether I wanted to make myself appear “perfect” after this weight loss too, or if I wanted to lay it all out for everyone to see the truth. I’m very happy that I decided to embrace my own body reality so others could learn to love theirs as well.
Loose skin is normal. Big bellies are normal. Wrinkles, stretch marks, and scars are normal. And I hope you all can take some time (even if it’s just once a week on TummyLoveThursday) to stop comparing to the false reality that IG can create, and just love your body for what it is- “flaws” and all. All Bodies Are Good Bodies, and that includes YOURS TOO!
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34 pounds down. I know, I can’t believe it either. I’m expecting to stall soon though because 4 pounds in two weeks is pretty quick! But I’m super happy and proud. I’ve been upping my workout routine a bit for the gains and because I’ve been feeling pretty down lately and exercise is my cure for that. Especially because my exercise is hitting and kicking things and if that can’t make you feel better, I don’t know what can!!! 😂😂😂

If you are anxious in public and can’t excuse yourself: breathe deep and put your mind in the best place it can go. You will get through this.

Stop Drop Wellness #10

Fats can be converted to carbohydrates during times of starvation.

Triglycerides, which are made from fatty acids bound together, can be dismantled within muscle cells and converted to Acetyl CoA. This molecule then enters glycolysis to be metabolized as a carbohydrate, all in all resulting in less adipose tissue!

Here is a quick update on how I’m coming along! My muscles are still sore AF from Tuesday, and I got a pretty decent workout in today I think! Still working hard and taking care of myself and loving myself 😄

Did two 1-minute planks today. I really need to start doing the 90s ones again because they were SLICING my abs! Also graduated to a 25lb kettle bell for core exercises and I’m up to 20lb (each) dumbbells for a majority of my arms. Whoo! Did butt and legs today!


Schoolboy Q - Hell Of A Night

No excuses.

A friend and ex-coworker reminded me today in a group text that this is my year of no excuses. She said it in relation to an offhanded comment I made about how it’s difficult to find a new job in a city like Austin when 1. You already work 40+ hours a week, 2. Don’t have have a fucking car. She’s never had to go anywhere in her entire adult life without a car, but I digress.

This is my year of no excuses, so all I can say is that finding a new job is not my number one priority right now. It will be eventually, but it’s not right now. Right now my number one priority is getting my head and body right. And to that end, I am tweaking my diet so I can get things moving again. The main tweak being getting my ass back to the gym on the regular. I’ve been a lazy sod recently despite my daily 15,000+ steps a day and that needs to change.

Week 3

I forgot to post this earlier but Thursday is weigh in day!!!! I only lose 1lb from last week which I was kinda bummed about because I was aiming for 2 but I did take an extra rest day & ate out more than I wanted to. Although I’m not too bummed because it’s still better than gaining or losing nothing & I lost 1% body fat!! But now that it’s the end of the day (and I just finished my workout) I feel kinda blah and bloated and gross. Hopefully this week is kinder to me😁