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TNT has released the official trailer for The Alienist, an event series based on Caleb Carr’s 1994 novel of the same name. The preview isn’t particularly exciting, but I have faith in executive producer Cary Fukunaga (True Detective).

Jakob Verbruggen (Black Mirror: Men Against Fire) directs all seven episodes of the psychological thriller drama. Daniel Brühl, Luke Evans, Dakota Fanning, Brian Geraghty, Robert Wisdom, and Douglas Smith star.

The Alienist will premiere on TNT later this year.

The Alienist is set in 1896, when a series of gruesome murders of boy prostitutes has gripped the city. Newly appointed top cop Teddy Roosevelt calls upon Dr. Laszlo Kreizler, a criminal psychologist – aka alienist – and newspaper illustrator John Moore to conduct the investigation in secret. Joining them in the probe is Sara Howard, a headstrong secretary at Police Headquarters.

(2) Tokyo Ghoul Re: Ch. 105 (Raw Text Translation)

[CCG Headquarters]

In the Control Room, an alarm is ringing.

Clerks: Control Room! There’s a new attack?? The 19th ward is being attacked! Shit! The 22nd ward as well! They want the branch offices to send help! Just what is going on?!

Ui: …

Inside the noisy control room, Ui is sitting silently and calm. 

Matsuri: Hey hey, this the quite the pickle we’re in now. Didn’t you say you’d take responsibility? Special Class Ui…. no, the next time we meet it’ll be “Associate Special Class” I wonder?

Ui: …

Clerks: This is the Control Room! Which branch are you from?

Matsuri: (He’s even being disagreeable during an Emergency State. What an Idiot Festival this is. Ufu.)

Ui: (”He was right”. Furuta was right. If we had protected the exact number of wards to be attacked the same, all of them would have fallen by now.)

Suzuya walks by.

Ui: Suzuya-kun! I’m leaving the headquarters to you!

Suzuya: See you later.

Ui: S1 Squad! Break into 3 groups and go support each ward. The vice-leaders can decide where.

S1 Squad: Yessir!

Ui leaves to go somewhere too, and Suzuya goes into the Control Room ans sits down.

Matsuri: Why don’t you go too? I don’t know, but while we wait for the headquarters to be attacked, will all the branches be crushed? It’s fine to leave the headquarters to me.

Suzuya ignores him. Matsuri is unnerved.

Clerk: Condition report, S1 goes here.

Matsuri: And hurry up! Humpf!

Matsuri is huffing off when the emergency alarm bells for the headquarters ring out suddenly.

Matsuri: …! What?!

Clerks: Se… several enemies have been detected! The headquarters are… surrounded!!

[Outside CCG HQ]

Uta: Where is Dona-san (Donato)?

Nico: Isn’t he looking down on his prey? Ufu ::heart::

Uta: He has no eye for beauty that man.

Nico: Isn’t that the same for all of us? ::heart::

[Control Room]

Matsuri has gone slack-jawed at the fact that the HQ was actually attacked.

Matsuri: An attack….

Clerks: What should we do?

Matsuri isn’t listening.

Matsuri: Just as Furuta predicted…

Furuta then appears.

Furuta: All Investigators within the building are to go to First battle-stations.

Clers: Huh??

Furuta: On the double!

Clerk: A… Yoshitoki-san’s…..

Matsuri: (Papa’s voice…)

Matsuri looks shocked. The clerks act on Furuta’s orders.

Furuta: All hands to battle-stations! Battle-stations!

Matsuri: (Papa’s…. voice….)

Furuta: Special Class Suzuya! Your squad is to take the first line of defense!

Suzuya remains motionless and Furuta breaks out in a cold sweat.

Matsuri: S3… that was the group that Arima spearheaded. He’s giving S3 to Suzuya…!?)

Suzuya stands up sluggishly, silently.

Suzuya: Suzuya S3 squad, prepare for battle.

They leave the room.

Furuta: Washuu S2 Squad, can I leave the rear defense to them?

Matsuri: Don’t order me around! S2 Squad! Protect the rear!

Clerks: Ye-yessir! 

Furuta: (It begins here… I’m gonna protect the CCG LOL)

[22nd Ward]

Investigators: Is our backup here yet?! I don’t think we can last another 20 minutes!

Pierrots: Which Pierrot is a fun Pierrot?  Which Pierrot is a fun Pierrot? (singing while tearing off people’s limbs)

Investigators: Hurry up and come backup!

In the parking lot, suddenly a group of White Suits appear.

Investigators: White… suits… Is it Ghoul reinforcement? We’re done for!

However, the White Suits are Kaneki’s gang.

Kaneki: Tsukiyama-san, after 30 minutes passes, I leave the rest to you.

Tsukiyama: Oui, King.

Kaneki cracks his fingers.

Narration: The “White Suit Gang” are seen! Next time, a front-on clash!