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What if during werecat mcs mating season a male got a bit handsy. I totally see seayoung just growling at him and grabbing mc .

MC and Saeyoung walked down the path towards the lake. It was early evening so the park was mostly empty. They had spent the day indoors, having sex, but MC needed some fresh air after all that love making. She still had Saeyoung’s scent on her and she preferred it that way. She leaned into him, feeling affection dialed up to its highest limits.

She held his hand and lay her head on his shoulder. Saeyoung kissed the top of her head. He smelled her scent and it made him heady. They found a bench at the edge of the water and decided to sit.

“Want some coffee? Or a hot chocolate?” Saeyoung asked MC.

“A hot chocolate sounds wonderful!” she said, he kissed her then stood up.

“I’ll be right back.” She held onto his hand until he was too far away. She sighed and watched him until he was no longer in sight. He would have to go across the street from the park to get the drinks, he would be gone for at least 20 minutes. suddenly she regretted saying yes. She missed him already.

How had she come to be like this? She’d always been so independent, enjoying the freedom that came with being a werecat. Ever since she met Saeyoung however, she had become one of many. She didn’t regret it. She couldn’t imagine her life outside of the pack anymore. Although it did make it hard to be away from her husband, this bond. She wondered if it was the same if she had married a human, or another werecat. Her mother never really talked about things like this. She doubted that her parents had this kind of bond, unless it dissolved somewhat after so many years. She didn’t think so, she figured her and Saeyoung’s bond was special, different, perfect. She watched as the sun slunk into the horizon, the colors splashing across the water, enjoying the evening breeze.

She closed her eyes and smelled the scents brought to her by the wind. She felt someone sit next to her, the wind coming from the wrong direction to catch the scent. She assumed it was Saeyoung. she opened her eyes to gaze at him lovingly only to find a complete stranger at her side. She caught her breath and pulled away from him.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you. It’s just, you looked so beautiful sitting here alone. I had to come and introduce myself.” He leaned towards her, his nostrils flaring, his teeth almost bared in a predatory smile. MC understood that her pheromones were intensifying his desire. She sighed and hoped Saeyoung would return soon. She could deal with men like this, but it was tiresome.

“Thank you for the compliment, but I’m waiting for my husband.” She said, knowing it wasn’t enough to deter him.

He scooted closer to her, placing his arm on the back of the bench around her. “You smell so good, what is that? I’ve never smelled anything like it.”

“And you never will again, please, I’m not interested. I’m a very happily married woman.” She pushed him away using her left hand so he could see her ring plainly. He captured her hand and held it to his chest.

“Can you feel how fast my heart is beating for you?” he leaned in, his lips puckering up as if he intended to kiss her. She yanked her hand away from him and stood up, walking away. He followed her and grabbed her arm, swinging her around and pulling her close, his other hand around her waist, he slid it down and grabbed her ass. MC’s eyes widened, but not at the hand on her ass, at the sight of her husband. He dropped the cups he was carrying and a deep growl rattled in his throat. He grabbed the man by the back of the neck and yanked him away from MC, he went flying and hit the park bench hard.

“What the fuck!” he screamed, scrambling to his feet and squaring off against Saeyoung. The man was taller than Saeyoung, his shoulders wider and more muscular. He smirked at the smaller red-head, assuming that he would be kicking his ass.

“You messed with the wrong motherfucker.” He said.

Saeyoung growled again, wiping the smile from the man’s face.

“What the hell?”

Saeyoung bared his teeth and pounced on the startled man, biting down on his neck. He exerted enough pressure to break the skin, but not enough to kill, even though he very much wanted to tear his windpipe out.

“Saeyoung.” MC’s voice was calm and gentle. “Let him go.”

He did, but only when he felt the man had pissed himself. He was now sobbing and praying to god to save him.

Saeyoung put his mouth right next to the man’s ear and said, “Touch my wife again, and I’ll rip your throat out with my teeth, your heart out with my bare hands, and I’ll eat it in front of your dying eyes so it’s the last thing you see!”

The man gulped and whimpered.

Saeyoung stood up and took MC’s hand.

“I’m sorry I dropped our drinks, why don’t we go back and get some more, together.” He smiled and MC reached up to wipe away the drop of blood at the corner of his mouth.

“Ok.” She said, hugging his arm and laying her head against his shoulder again. The man was long gone. 

Werewolf AU  This was actually so sweet :) Thanks to all anons who have sent in asks and scenarios!

A bit of an adventure

After what has felt like weeks of rain, Scotland was bathed in sunshine from March 25th to March 27th, this may actually turn out to be our summer….temperatures soared to a heady 15 degrees above freezing and even the wind took the weekend off.

On Saturday, I was up early and headed to Achnasheen, which is little more than a road junction and a train station in the middle of mountains and streams. It’s also a playground of trails and footpaths that can take you offroad and into some of the most spectacular scenery Scotland has to offer. For me, it was the elevated path over the hills to Scardroy, the first leg of my longest training run of the year so far. Despite the sunshine, there was still snow on the tall hills and the weeks of preceding rain had left the trails treacherously slippy. But it’s the Highlands of Scotland in the sunshine…the reason I live here.

There’s a cairn next to the trail that marks the descent down into Strathconan, and enormous, mountain flanked valley that carves Scotland almost in half. There are three lochs in Strathconan and Loch Beannacharin (known locally as Loch Scardroy) is the biggest, both in terms of length and depth. It sits at the far western end of Strathconan and looked amazing in the early light. I chose to take the road along the banks of Loch Scardroy and then crossed the river Meig and returned to the trails at Inverchoran. This is another fantastic trailhead, with paths heading in three directions, all are uphill from the start point!

My climb pulls me further west, after several checks of the map I realise I’m on less efficient of two paths, having missed the correct one at the trailhead. I smile and shrug and keep climbing, it adds on a few miles, but who cares when the sun is shining and you’ve got a day of exploring ahead? The trail spills downwards in breathless excitement and I miss the turn, ending up in a forest on the wrong trail. I’m so caught up in the downhill that I don’t realise my mistake and trudge sadly back the way I’ve come, eventually finding the appropriate trail that will take me around the bottom of the craggy Carn Na Cre to a Hunting lodge at Luipmaldrig.

The trail is the worst yet, where it isn’t underwater it’s slippery boulders and after fourteen miles of trails, I’m starting to feel it.

At Luipmaldrig there is this stunningly remote house. Presumably it’s a base for the very affluent deer hunters, who pay a premium to be ferried here on ArgoCats and then let loose to shoot at our wildlife. Blood sports aside, there is also a bridge over the River Orrin near the lodge, and my first proper test. The maps I’ve been looking at for weeks in the run up to this adventure all tell me that there is a bridge, but no path. From my sofa, sipping coffee I have pondered this, it’s impossible to have bridge over a river and no trail? What idiot would put a bridge in the middle of nowhere, but no means of access to it?

I made a mistake and assumed that there would be trail leading to and from this bridge. I assumed the map was wrong. I was very wrong. Standing in all it’s ridiculous glory at Luipmaldrig is a small, wire rope-bridge. With no path leading to it or from it.

Then I made my second mistake, I should have turned back, tracked back to Strathconan, enjoying a half decent trail back to the road and a spectacular run home along a quiet back country road.

I went forward, forging into the path-less wilderness. Seven miles of murderous, boggy, wet, rocky hell. With a thousand feet of climb thrown in for good measure. Occasionally I stumble upon the tiny paths made by deer and use these, other times there is nothing but slipping and sliding and stumbling. For the worst two miles of my journey, my pace falls to 23 minutes a mile. The scenery is cripplingly beautiful, the Orrin river is as blue as the cloudless sky above me, the mountains have white peaks and every shade of green and brown tumbles down to the valley floor. But the impossible terrain takes over two and a half hours to push through, before I find myself on the shoulder of Creag a Bhainne, with a spectacular view of the Orrin reservoir below me. Also, I’m finally able to see the trail I could have picked up a few miles back. Cursing idiot bridge-makers and map-makers and trail-makers, I descend down and I have a path. I almost cry with relief.

The trail-less section took a toll on my legs, which feel like pulled pork, but I have a path that pulls me along for a mile before plunging down to connect with the main track that runs from the Orrin damn to Erchless Castle and a road. My pace picks up from over 20 minutes per mile to between 10 and 13 minutes per mile, I walk when there are hills, and take my time to get round the washed out sections of the trail. Frogs and toads are busy making spawn in the larger puddles and greet my passing with load throaty noises. As the trail would on for ten miles, I had plenty of time to practice my toad noises and got to the point where I could get them to call back to me as I jogged happily along.

My big problem was time. Despite starting at 7.30am the delay along the river Orrin meant that I was running out of time…so I plunged down to Erchless castle and hit tarmac for the first time in thirty miles, a few miles of road along the pleasingly gentle River Beauly before a pick up and home. 34 miles and 4,500 ft of climb.  

Soundtrack Spotlight: 8am by Steele (soundcloud link)

Scene: Stefan and Caroline ‘break up’.

Why: Listen, I don’t think a song has fit one of their scenes this perfectly since ‘Technicolour Beat’ for the bathtub scene. The quiet, atmospheric vibe, the nostalgic and bittersweet melody, the fact that the voice is a little breathy, like it’s a murmuring admission, and the lyrics. ‘Wild at heart but trust behind bars, no need to fall just to fly, we’re jumping hand in hand. I’m letting you go.’ ‘Content and exhaust, there’s a price and there’s a cost, every scar from all the loves I’ve lost.’ ‘Stars and snow you’re ready to go, I’ll leave before you can say it’s going to be okay. I’m letting you go.’ It’s basically a song about cutting out something heady and lovely before it can inevitably hurt you again, and that’s pretty much exactly where these morons I’m writing are at. It’s rare as hell for me to find a song that fits a scene both in sound and lyrics this well (in large part because I’m lazy but shhhh), so I’m jazzed about it.