Warning: Incoming Fic

I got bit by the plot-bunnies. This is some of what happened.

“Coming of Age”

When she’d seen him that night, he’d paused when he entered the drawing room. She stood there beside the glowing fire, pick in her hand, wearing a long white gown which reached to the floor. He stared, awed at this young girl, this maiden with her blonde hair curling, spilling in waves over her shoulders and breast. His eyes flared with visceral recognition at the scent of copper, faint in the air. It was the sweetest of things, light and sharp and heady as hell.

So warm.

He stepped forward slowly, alerting her to his presence with the movement and she pinned him with her steely innocent gaze. Innocence being relative. He looked at the ground, smiled apologetically at her from beneath the fall of his dark hair. “Forgive the intrusion,” he said. He raised his hands slightly, palms open and facing her, empty as his contrition. Docile as a wolf. “I didn’t recognize you in the firelight.”

His next words were carefully weighted, as careful as not to tip the scales with a single feather. “For a moment I thought you were a different woman.”

He’d said nothing more and they passed the night in silence while she went over assignments. She knew what he’d sensed, what he’d been implying that night with the indirect compliment. The words were innocent. The possible meanings haunted her most secret dreams for years.


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