a list of post-curse beauty & the beast headcanons, enjoy. (fluff!)
  • adam doing “the growl” whenever he and belle play-fight
  • having competitions to see who can make the biggest snowball
  • taking strolls around the castle gardens while reciting lines from their favorite books to each other
    • adam jokingly making fun of belle for loving romeo & juliet so much, even though he thinks it’s adorable that she loves the story as much as she does.
  • adam eating messily like he did when he was the beast, then trying to kiss belle with food all over his face
    • he succeeds in kissing her despite her laughing protests, and continues to playfully cover her face in kisses
      • “even with food on your face you’re still beautiful, my darling”
  • random slow dances in the ballroom, even when they aren’t all fancily dressed up
    • adam accidentally stepping on belle’s toes, so she just gives up and stands on top of his feet while leaning her head on his chest

Sirius wears these black jeans sometimes that just fit him so perfectly, and Sirius would be talking to James or whoever and Remus would just come over and tug Sirius by a belt loop and press himself against Padfoot and give him a hickey on the neck right then and there and James would just be like, “Gross, mate,” standing three feet away

So while writing “Talk to me” and “Stay with me”, I spent quite a lot of time thinking about why Izuku of all people was the one who give Toshinori his will to live back – since we have seen quite a lot of people worrying about Toshi before, telling him to tone it down, to be careful, take care of himself. Reminding him that he could – would – die if he kept going. It wasn’t them that change his mind, though, but Izuku.

And then I remembered that one post I made some time ago: All the people we have seen being close to Toshinori are co-workers in a sense. Be it nurse, sidekick, former mentor or policeman – all the people around him where those who worked together with him, who worked with All Might.

Toshinori’s mindset seems to be something along the line of “I’m only worth as much as I can help other people”. As long as he is a hero, as long as he can help, save or protect people, he is useful, and he will continue to do so until he dies. And even if – when – he dies, everything that matters to him is that there is someone who can take over where he ended, someone who can be Number One and give people hope and protection.

Toshinori spent the last six years not fighting his fate, or lamenting about it, but 1.) continuing his job as a hero and 2.) making sure that everything was set up for his death. He took up the job as a teacher to make sure that he would find a worthy successor, one who could carry on his work, and on top of that, to make sure that the system of heroes will stay strong and full of capable heroes that could serve society.

If that was made sure, he was okay with death, because then, All Might would no longer be needed. It wouldn’t matter if he died when he had begun to be useless and when there were others who could be of more use.

He probably convinced himself that those worried about him where just worried about what could become of society when they lost their pillar. Didn’t let himself think about the fact that they were worried because they would lose a dear person and friend.

But then, Izuku came into his life. At first, he could have pretended that the boy needed All Might, the hero. Once he died, Izuku would just have to either be strong enough to make it without him, or there would be others – Aizawa, Gran Torino – to take care of him. After all, Izuku’s wish had been “To be just like you”, right? Like All Might.

But here comes the twist. Because Izuku literally didn’t stop looking up to him, not even after he had found out about his true appearance and persona. Sure, the boy was surprised, even shocked at the revelation that his hero is not some invincible, always smiling being and could – has been – injured so terribly.

But afterwards? Izuku’s respect and adoration for All Might – and Toshinori – didn’t falter. No matter if the hero wasn’t as hero-like and invincible as he had thought, or not the best teacher, Izuku didn’t stop wanting to gain the Toshinori’s approval, didn’t stop to adore him. He hung onto every word, rose up to meet the high expectations the man had of him time and time again (surpassing them, even), and risked his own life for him, too.


Izuku didn’t only care about All Might, or what the hero could do – he cared about Toshinori, too, and that a great deal. He made it clear more than once that he couldn’t stand the thought of losing the man. That he needed him, not only for being a supercool hero, but also as a mentor, friend, father-figure or whatever it is that he considers Toshinori.


I’m not saying that the others, friends and co-workers, never did that, but when it came to them, Toshinori would be able to brush it off as “They don’t want to lose All Might”. Izuku? Nah, that boy wouldn’t let himself be brushed off like that.

Izuku basically silently said “Hero or not, you’re important, and you can’t die, I need you, I want you to live” over and over again, through actions and words alike.

It was probably a really slow process, considering the low self-esteem Toshinori seems to have about his non-hero persona, but Izuku thinking him worth living and needed, coupled with the fact that Toshinori wanted to see his student rise to fulfill his dream and become a great hero, was most likely what gave him his will to live back.

And once again, those two break my heart, gosh darn it.

Teaching dance to Steve Rogers:

• The reason why you find yourself in this situation is because Fury has assigned you and Steve on an undercover mission to infiltrate a gala and you would surely dance there.
• You are surprised when Steve tells you he’s never had the chance to dance before, but you tell him you can show him how.
• Obviously, he accepts with a shy smile. Really cute to see.
• He is a real gentleman. He doesn’t touch you without asking first and that makes you smile all the time. Seriously, he is so adorable when he is flustered.
• Steve is unexpectedly a little uncomfortable because he doesn’t know how to move his body in sync with yours. But, after you show him he can see this as fight choreography, he gets it and he is more aware of his movements.
• You are inspired by the Yule ball dance practice scene in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and he laughs as well. This relaxes the atmosphere a lot more.
• He is glad to have you close to him, yet it intimidates him because he doesn’t know how to handle the situation sometimes.
• His eyes are glued to his feet while you dance because he is afraid to step on your toes.
• It takes him less time than you think to memorize everything you teach him about dancing, but he doesn’t tell you because he has other plans.
• Steve basically waits for you every evening in the training room to dance with you.
• At some point, he finds a new found confidence around you.
• There are a lot of smiles, giggles, and laughs every time Steve thinks he’s crushing you with his arms or his hands.
• You teach him slow dance, but also swing dance, which surprises him in a good way.
• After long sessions of dancing during a week, Steve finally leads your steps on the improvised dance floor and enjoys himself, smoothing his moves.
• These moments alone with him always take your breath away and this until the day of the assignment.

• The mission is a wrap and Steve asks you to dance with him after a quick first report to Fury.
• At the end of the slow, he dips you and his blue eyes stay connected to yours intensely.
• When he pulls you up, Steve leans and attaches his lips to yours softly.

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Jason is an awkward turtle duck.

Notice how everyone loves Dick. Tim has a good number of friends always willing to help him out. Damian is capable of forcing people to reluctantly befriend him.

And then there’s “my best friend as a child was a gargoyle statue” Jason.

Which leads me to believe Jason can’t hold a proper conversation with people he likes. He always ALWAYS says something that just kills the mood, causes laughter to awkwardly trail off, and ppl to shuffle away. He tries too hard which is why he no longer really tries at all.

After Danny’s identity was revealed, Dash became his most diehard supporter, fanboying to anyone who would listen, until the next time they met at school. When Dash greets him all smiles and thumbs-ups, Danny calls him on it, pointing out that if Dash hadn’t found out who Danny was he would be stuffing him in a locker right now. And that if it took Dash finding out Danny was a freaking superhero to finally get him to stop bullying him, it speaks pretty loudly to what kind of person Dash is.

Needless to say, it prompts Dash to do a lot of unexpected soul-searching.

more post-curse beauty & the beast headcanons, enjoy! (fluff)
  • adam letting only belle tend to him when he’s sick/injured
  • can we talk about the fact that adam would be so protective over belle like he would never let anything hurt her
  • mrs. potts teaching belle how to make the most lovely teas/hot drinks during the fall & winter
  • belle and adam sitting in front of the fire on cold nights, wrapped in each other’s arms and covered in blankets
    • cuddly adam
    • adam falling asleep as belle plays with his hair
  • the kitchen crew teaching adam how to make the grey stuff
    • adam making desserts for belle using the grey stuff once he’s mastered how to make it
  • adam: *is looking at himself in the mirror* “i’m so glad i don’t have that stupid tail anymore”
  • belle watching adoringly as adam befriends phillipe in the castle stables
  • adam: *does the growlbelle: “don’t use that tone of voice with me”
  • belle and adam laying on the castle garden grounds at night, watching the stars
  • adam picking a single rose from each rose bush to make a beautiful bouquet for belle, just because he can
Astronaut!Dan and MissionControl!Phil

- Dan has already been alone on the space station for two months when Phil has his first day at NASA. Dan is immediately drawn to his voice and experiences his first moment of ease in that time when he hears it
- Whenever Dan is lonely and missing home, Phil will stay back at work after clocking out and will just talk to him for hours
- One time Dan forgot to disconnect the radio and Phil listened to him singing The Weekend to himself for twenty minutes; badly. Phil started calling him Starboy after that and it always makes Dan blush with embarrassment
- Dan still gets nervous every time he has to leave the safety of the station and go out into the vaccum of space. Mission control always makes sure Phil has a shift for any of Dan’s planned spacewalks so he can talk him through it
- Dan’s existential crises are more common when he can look down and see how small and fragile the world is. Sometimes he cries because absolutely everything he knows is insignificant and meaningless. Phil reminds him that things don’t have to be cosmic to matter. Technically, Dan is just a voice beaming from kilometers above him, but he still matters to Phil more than almost anything tangible
- Phil volunteers to work Christmas Day and spends all his free time cracking bonbons and reading Dan the lame jokes, just to hear him laugh
- When Phil goes home for New Years, Dan looks down at Earth when England is directly below the space station. He counts down from ten and presses his fingertips to his lips. On Earth, Phil looks past the fireworks and out into the stars
- Nine months later, Dan returns to Earth. Phil pulls every string and calls in every favour he can to make sure he’s present at the landing. Phil’s heart is racing as he watches Dan’s capsule re-enter the atmosphere that had seperated tthem
- When Dan disembarks, his legs are shaking. He’s not used to the gravity and he’s concentrating hard on not collapsing. He watches his feet as he slowly puts one in front of the other. Finally, he looks up and there’s Phil. Their eyes meet and Phil feels his own knees buckle

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god!!!!! not to be extra or anything but i'd bet money that after that pic was taken j probably slid fully into y's lap and cuddling his head into the crook of his neck!!! like??? the one w/ j between y's legs from chile and now this... these ... Boyfriend Poses... i love witnessing love and affection and tenderness and !!! wow!! god bless ym

CAN YOU IMAGINE jimin sliding into his lap, the hand on yoongi’s neck sneaking up his nape and fisting his hair, jimin nosing down yoongi’s jaw until the others are gone or just looking away at which point he can tease yoongi with chaste kisses to the corner of his mouth until yoongi turns his head enough to capture his lips in a kiss, hand coming up to cup jimin’s cheek,,

Mycroft wasn’t thrilled when John and Sherlock asked him to look after Rosie one day.
“Children don’t like me,” he explained to Sherlock on the phone.
“How do you know?” Sherlock asked him.
And Mycroft didn’t really have an answer for that.
So now, he’s sitting on the couch at Baker Street and John presses Rosie into his arms, saying, “we won’t be away for long. She will sleep most of the time, I guess. Don’t worry, you won’t have to do much.”
Mycroft just nods. The baby looks at him with wide open eyes and her thumb in her mouth. Mycroft is a bit nervous. He almost expects that Rosie will start to cry in the next second.
But she doesn’t.
Then, his brother and John are suddenly gone.
They are alone in the quiet flat.
“Well,” Mycroft sighs after a short while and feels a bit ridiculous. “Now it’s just us, right?”
Rosie continues to look at him. It seems like she’s thinking about something. And suddenly, a wide smile spreads on her face. She laughs and starts to fidget happily in his arms.
And suddenly Mycroft thinks, that actually being an uncle isn’t that bad. A warm feeling spreads in his chest. He smiles back at her.

Klance headcannon
  • I have no doubt that when Lance begins to grow facial hair he is very proud of himself and cocky about it having beaten Keith to something finally.
  • Though Keith isn't going to let him get away with is so he starts calling Lance 'Daddy' as a way of embarrassment.
  • Though it soon turns into more then a teasing thing when they get into the bedroom *wink wink nudge nudge*

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Child!Au, How would the boys feel if they found out their mother was physically draining themselves doing things for them just so they could be happy and comfortable?

Admin Mawile: └(・。・)┘ Reader noooo


-He doesn’t really understand how someone could willingly wear themselves out so badly, but he does know that too much working is just miserable. You need to come play with him and relax, like you always tell him to do!


-It should be a good thing that you’re showing such diligence, but all he can see is his own efforts to please his mother. For once, he’ll actually insist you take more breaks and time for yourself. 


-Just the mention of overwork makes him feel sick. It’s too much like what the old hag demanded of him, and he nearly panics trying to get you to stop. You’re important! You can’t be sad!


-It’s very difficult for him to understand the suffering of someone else, but knowing that you’re unhappy is worry enough. If you’re upset because of him, what if you decide you don’t want him anymore?


-Your distress shouldn’t matter a bit to him, but it’s strangely upsetting to see you so exhausted. He’ll come up with some story to get you to stop doing so much, and try not to think about how much he cares. 


-After panicking over the idea that you’re going to get sick of him, it takes all his courage to try to convince you to take things easy. He’d… he’d be sad if you made yourself sick over him. 


-The idea that you’re wasting away at yourself to make him happy has him physically ill with memories. If his violent reaction isn’t enough to stop you, this is one of the few times he might beg. 


-It doesn’t make sense that you’d be making yourself sick for his sake, and while at first, he sees little wrong with you taking care of him, it quickly turns to near panic over how pained you seem to be. 


-If the problem is too much work, than he’s going to help! He’s strong for a kid, and is more than willing to help out and make things easier for you. He’ll just be happy to see you healthy again. 


-Registering that affection from you could be a bad thing takes a lot of thinking. Once he realizes that you’re really hurting yourself, he gets near frantic trying to talk you into taking better care of yourself. 


-He’s more than used to working himself past the point of good health, but seeing you of all people do it is just unpleasant. You’re too good to be wasting your time on luxuries for him. 


-His ego wants to say that someone working themselves sick to please him is exactly how it should be, but seeing you actually miserable from it just makes him feel sick. You have to stop now. 

I have this headcanon about Ibiki Morino

After he retired from active duty he became an academy teacher. 

This guy is the scourge of enemy nations and previously head of torture and interrogation. But I bet he’s really good with kids? He’s reasonable and down to earth with a great sense of humor. All the little academy kids just want to poke his scars and compare their tiny little hands with his massive ones.

His lessons are probably less psychologically traumatic than the chunin exams lmao but he doesn’t dumb down his message just because they’re kids. He’s preparing them for the day they lead teams of their own in enemy territory.

He’s not an easy teacher but he’s still the coolest. You just know you’re going to learn something every class.  He’s a bit like professor Moody from Harry Potter

And if no one can get their rowdy classroom under control they just call in 193.5 cm (6′3″)  Ibiki. That man doesn’t even need to enter a room to get everyone settled. He just looms over the doorway to command pin-drop silence.

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And then after taking that group pic where j is on y's lap, y and j are going to y's room together secretly and then their manager appears and says y has to do a vlive broadcast. And then y has to talk to the camera and pretends to be very sleepy and end it asap so he could go straight to j who's waiting for him under the sheets

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ok but the here's the real question: do you think victor and yuuri are pro pineapple on pizza or anti?

Yuuri is the type of guy who goes to a pizza place and gets the house special w/o even asking what’s on it, so he’s chill with pineapple on pizza!!!
Victor isn’t about that life–he’s a simple one-topping kind of guy, usually something typical like pepperoni or mushrooms.
When he starts going out to eat with Yuuri though, it makes sense that they share a pizza, and he achieves enlightenment and starts loving pizza w/ a lot of toppings (including pineapple) ❤