I like to think that the high and mighty Raphael Santiago has to bring an older looking vampire with him to the movies because he looks to young to buy the tickets.

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do u have any ace sirius headcanons u would like to share? I hope it's not rude to ask, he's just my tiny asexual son bless his soul

Oh no, it’s not rude at all, I love sharing headcanons :)

- Little Sirius having it drilled into his head by his family that he’s to marry a respectable pure-blood girl  and have multiple heirs, but finding the idea of marrying a girl icky

- Little Sirius confiding in Andromeda that he finds girls gross. Andromeda giggles and says she used to feel that way about boys but now she likes them

- Less little Sirius going to Hogwarts and making his first meaningful relationship with a group of friends who let him act his age and don’t try to make him be a grown up  (on a side-note this is part of the reason I think Sirius is considered childish by people like Snape and Molly)

- 13-year-old Sirius starts to notice that girls like him, blushing around him and giggling. He doesn’t understand what there is to like about him, and he certainly doesn’t look at them like that

- Teenage Sirius listening to James and Peter (but mostly James) talk about girls (but mostly Lily), and makes himself join in with the conversation even though he’s lying through his teeth

- Teenage Sirius asking Remus if he likes girls because he doesn’t talk about them much. Remus says he doesn’t see the point because no girl will want a werewolf so why bother, but yes, he likes girls, but he also likes boys

- Teenage Sirius looking at boys and realising that he doesn’t like them either. He can recognise a pretty face but he doesn’t want to do any of the things that his friends talk about

- Teenage Sirius dodging questions from his parents about girlfriends, and suggesting potential marriage partners for him. Sirius trying to dodge their anger when they threaten that he better not be openly gay. “You do what you want behind closed doors but you have duty to uphold”

- Teenage Sirius learning to ignore the attention he gets from girls and the occasional boy. He gets a reputation for playing hard to get, but he doesn’t want to be got

- Almost adult Sirius leaving school and finally feeling free. All that matters is his friends and fighting Voldemort, and he doesn’t have time to be confused anymore

- Almost adult Sirius becoming a godfather, and knowing that all his love will go towards this child and protecting him. Who needs an heir when he has Harry?

- Adult Sirius only realising that asexuality is a thing when Harry confides in him that he’s bisexual. “Hermione did some research, and there’s all sorts of sexualities, not just straight and gay. Sure, I can get you the book if you want”

- Adult Sirius being happy to find out  that he’s not broken and he’s not alone, and there are others like him

- Adult Sirius knowing that nothing about him has changed. He’s a friend and godfather and an Animagus, and he’s asexual

Sirius Black is all of our’s tiny ace son <3 I will love him and defend him forever

(Also, I can’t decide if I like Sirius aro or pan-ro, so I tried to make these headcanons ambiguous-ish on that front)

Okay, so what if Mr. Matthews decided to take the whole class on a field trip but Katy wasn’t around or was too busy to sign Maya’s permission slip. So literally everyone got to go but Maya, …

That is until she hears Lucas wasn’t allowed to go either.

But why wouldn’t he be allowed? His parents let him move to New York and Maya distinctly remembers his mother being very understanding. So once everyone is gone Maya asks Lucas why he wasn’t allowed to go and he smiles and pulls out his signed permission slip from his pocket.

“I wanted to keep you company.” He tells her.

When Ali was left alone in Emily’s bedroom during 5.05, she probably paced around the room, looking lovingly at all the photos of her and the girls Emily still has scattered around. She probably noticed Emily still has the snowglobe she’d given her and sighed of content when she saw how well-kept it was, without any hint of dust or scratches. And she probably sat by Emily’s window seat, grabbed a pillow and looked outside, taking in the scent of Emily she had missed so much during all the time she was away.

MCU Headcanon #4

Phil will frequently try to organise team building activities for the avengers and his team, but it’s not easy:

No science, because anyone other than the Science bros and FitzSimmons will be destroyed

No hieghts for Jemma (and because Sam will use the wings)

No martial arts because Nat and May will turn it into a competition

Nothing in the cold for Steve

No trains for Bucky

No mind games; Wanda will win and Bucky will have a break down

Nothing that requires speed as Pietro would win

No computers as Skye/Daisy would hack them all with Tony

Nothing too stressful to ensure the Big Guy doesn’t make an appearance

No farms because Clint will know everything there is to know and just expect everyone else to, too

No plans because May would be really good, however Steve may crash

Nothing that involves water for Fitz

No frisbees because Steve and Bucky will team up and will beat everyone

Nothing that involves magnets for Bucky’s arm

Nothing involving aim, skill and agility because Nat, Clint, Bucky and May would either end up killing everyone else or killing each other

And finally, no languages, because the only real competitors would be Bucky and Nat

Because Bartridge wasn’t healed by a confirmed mage after his assault, some of his wounds took a long time to heal and Bart still experiences a lot of pain in certain parts of his body after a fight or after sex. Because the pain can be unbearable sometimes, he started to smoke elfroot in order to ease the suffering. 

(I don’t know the real effects of elfroot if smoked so I decided to turned it into alternative medicine.)   

Steve Rogers may have filled a sketchbook (or two or three…) with varying depictions of Bucky Barnes’ pout.

That Pout does ridiculous, wonderful things to his sensibilities (not that he has a lot of those to begin with, as Certain Pouty Fellas will assert). But a man cannot be expected to NOT succumb to the impulse to kiss his gorgeous guy when he puts on That Pout. Especially when said kisses can coax said Pout into a smile, which is even better.

Steve may have also filled sketchbooks with Bucky’s smile too.

No but please just imagine:

PFL era Wash. Kid isn’t good at CQC, he fidgets a tad too much when it comes to locks, is average at best, and in one of the first missions he’s sent out with, him and the team are pinned down by a mess of snipers and armored vehicles. Shit looks sour, they’re low on ammunition, it doesn’t appear that Niner will be able to pick them up before their cover is reduced to rubble, and while they’re trying to figure out their next move and reduce team injuries they don’t notice Wash aiming a basic pistol and firing twice

One of the cars fucking explodes





Queue every agent, and I mean EVERY SINGLE AGENT, fighting over time with the rookie because they want him to teach them how to shoot like that HOLY FUCK.

Bonus: Maine and Florida are VERY GOOD at monopolizing him, Wash is actually a rly shitty teacher, and his impeccable shooting record comes naturally to him omg jUST GIVE ME BABY WASH BEING THE FUCKING ACE ON GUNS-

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Patrochilles body swap au? (Thetis thinks that if Achilles spends time in Patroclus' body, he'll realise how fragile and boring he really is. She's so wrong lmao)

OH MY GOD i love this prompt? thank you so much???

  • I’d say Thetis decides this around the time she gets the first signs that war is coming, around a few days before the messenger of Peleus comes to pick them up from Mount Pelion and after Patroclus and Achilles get together
  • She does it with distaste; the idea that a mere human would be in her child’s body, even for one day makes her physically sick, but it’s his life, she knows of Patroclus’ oath, she knows Achilles will join him if needed
  • So one morning, Achilles and Patroclus both wake up but they switched bodies
  • It’s such a difference for both of them; suddenly, Achilles has to work living in a far more human body, with no blood of the gods running through his veins, he doesn’t have the ease in living he was given from the beginning
  • Patroclus suddenly has to live in a body that has an unusual strength and swiftness, his mind wouldn’t need time to wake from its usual slumber, his limbs wouldn’t feel heavy with sleep in the beginning, it’s all confusing
  • They don’t notice that quickly though, it’s until they look each other in the face that they start to panic and figure things out, Chiron needs to advice them, who easily tells them it’s a trick from Achilles’ mother, and they end up feeling slightly better. 
  • Of course Patroclus feels horrified at the idea of Achilles in his body; even though ages ago it became clear Achilles never focuses on his lack of strength, the other’s constantly reminder how human he is couldn’t be good, right?
  • Achilles is more confused about it all, though, because even though his strength lacks, he still has a swiftness and youth in his body of a young man, he had thought he would be more fragile, but on the way, he realizes Patroclus chooses to be. He asks Chiron for another training, and even though he is panting after a climb up to a good place to train, it doesn’t entirely feel unusual
  • Meanwhile, imagine Patroclus being a major clumsy dork, he isn’t used to so much strength, he is very afraid to touch Achilles because ‘what if i break your bones?’ Keep in mind that Chiron has told them that Achilles’ destiny is killing, he doesn’t know how much Achilles has to keep himself in and he doesn’t want to hurt the other with his experience in a human body
  • Achilles, at the same time, is enjoying it. It’s, of course, weird to touch his own body and to kiss his own lips, but even then, Patroclus’ body would still respond the same way? Imagine the way he responds to it, they feel each other’s love for each other, and as it is in an entirely different body, i could imagine it’s a weird but nice experience?
  • So Patroclus looks at Achilles fighting with his body, he is horrified to try it himself in Achilles’ body, since it’s built for fighting and he’d always choose fleeing if he could, even in this body
  • Imagine how much of a revelation it is to feel how strong Patroclus can be, imagine how much Achilles suddenly realizes why Pat doesn’t choose fighting, just imagine how much respect the demigod has for his lover when it ends, he’s tired, but his muscles are not aching, Patroclus is strong enough with daily exercise.
  • They swim, they run, they compete with each other, experiencing how it is to switch roles, Achilles loves the way he can suddenly feel a limit in his body, he feels like it’s a challenge he would like to overcome, and he can see the joy in his own face as Patroclus wins, all of a sudden. They are in each other’s bodies, but Patroclus still holds himself the same in Achilles’ body, still his own little smile, Achilles loves it. 
  • At night, before they go to sleep entangled with each other’s bodies, Patroclus asks him if he disliked to feel so fragile, and Achilles would, of course, shake his head
  • ‘I respect your strength and your choices, Patroclus. You have always competed with me with this body, you’ve run from Phthia to Mount Pelion with this body to join me, i have always been told by my mother that humans are weak, but i now realize they are stronger than me, because they work to achieve what i got at birth.’
  • Patroclus can only feel relief as he falls asleep, only needing one small warning of Achilles that he is squeezing the other too much, and the next morning, they’re back to normal, and Pat can see that little respect he seems to have earned from Achilles, a certain extra wonder and admiration, and he really likes it
  • Thetis is pissed off that her plan doesn’t work, tbh, but yeah who can stop them from loving each other? No one and nothing really can

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HELLO YES HI. Ok. Ok. So I was thinking that NaruHina would be pretty much like how KDS is already. Hinata leaves home for a year for her witch’s training except she never had a mother to show her the ropes so the only thing she knows how to do is flying (rather haphazardly, much like Kiki does actually) and gardening, which is something that she and Hanabi continued to do after their mother died. 

She finds a city, settles down at the bakery run by Kurenai and Asuma, meets Naruto but she’s flustered because he’s so incredibly excited to meet an actual witch that he forgets that personal space is a thing. But he’s very kind and very outgoing and he ends up showing her around. They become really good friends- he’s her only friend for a while, actually, and she is someone new and different and exciting who he is incredibly curious of. Inevitably he’s drawn to her kindness and her gentleness and her ability to laugh with him and believe in him whenever he doubts himself.  

Hinata loves her new city but she’s also disquieted because she’s spent her whole life not knowing exactly her place in the world (Hiashi, unfortunately, never quite knew how to navigate the particulars of the world of witches and his discomfort was always felt very keenly by Hinata) and now especially, she wants to take this year to prove to her father and to herself that yes, she’s a witch and that meant also that she had something special and unique to share.

She becomes more and more discouraged when she tries her hand at fortune telling, flying, casting spells, etc and nothing works out. It gets to the point where she really does lose her powers as she loses faith in herself and she’s even more discouraged and upset because that was the one thing that was always unique about her that she could count on, despite the complications it caused between her and Hiashi. Naruto sees this and gently encourages her to stay with his family, who she’s never met, for a few days as a break. 

She agrees after some persuasion from Kurenai and she meets Kushina and Minato who greet her with open arms and all the boisterous warmth and cheer that Hinata has never quite found at home (love, at home, was in the form of quiet teatime out on the porch and reading together in the living room and small but heartfelt smiles of pride). Kushina sweeps her up in a whirlwind of cooking and knitting and joking which have Hinata laughing so hard her cheeks ache and her stomach cramps. Minato invites her to help him and Naruto in their greenhouse which she accepts with pleasure and Naruto notes how the colour comes back in her cheeks and the sparkle appears in her eyes again as she cares for the various flowers and plants. (Minato, of course, does not miss his son’s unusually perceptive observation and informs Kushina. They spend the rest of the time making not so subtle winks and gestures towards Hinata at Naruto, of which Naruto always furiously blushes and mouths at them to knock it off. Hinata just thinks his family is wonderfully quirky.) 

Hinata finds a flora-based medicinal book wedged in between various gardening books, flips it open, and is hooked. She spends the rest of her time at the Uzumaki household learning how to combine various plants together to create medicinal balms, of which Kushina and Minato are both rather proficient at. Naruto doesn’t quite understand the appeal but he’s incredibly happy to see Hinata inspired again and he always keeps her company and watches her work. 

Hinata’s medicine is literally magic and her first couple of basic balms heals bruises and cuts in minutes. Kurenai introduces her to Sakura and Ino, frequent customers at the bakery and a doctor-in-training and florist respectively and they, plus Naruto, help Hinata set up her own small greenhouse at the back of the bakery where she lives. 

After a year, she decides to stay (though she does visit home and the way Hiashi’s eyes soften with pride and acceptance and care at her growth and confidence means the world to her; Hanabi of course also demands a detailed recounting of her year and at the end Hinata assures her that if she could make it through a year, Hanabi would definitely be fine) and her own greehouse/medicine shop is very successful. Naruto takes over caring for the plants and the greenhouse when demand for her balms and medicine runs high, and years later they get together (although everyone assumed they’ve always been together; Kushina throws her hands up and yells “FINALLY” the first time they went back to the Uzumaki household as a couple), marry, and have kids. 

Himawari is a natural flyer and Boruto invents and develops a biycycle-propelled aircraft so he can fly alongside her. Naruto and Hinata would spend evenings just watching them fly over the sea together. When it’s Hima’s time to go, she flies and settles close enough that Boruto can take his aircraft to visit her. 

This is honestly a pretty brief summary but it gets the main point of the idea. God I may have to write this. 

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f!kamui/Aqua headcannons? (I love this blog btw!)

I got a lot of F!Kamui and Aqua requests. And thank you, dear anon!

  • Kamui really enjoys listening to Aqua’s singing. Aqua’s favorite thing to do is sing for Kamui until she falls asleep next to her.
  • Aqua has the softest thighs in the world, and often insists that Kamui rests her head on her lap while she sings for her.
  • Aqua enjoys running her fingers through Kamui’s hair.
  • Kamui trying to sing like Aqua, and Aqua applauding after Kamui’s performance.
  • The two of them sticking up for each other when there are creepy guys making advances on one or the other. ( I seriously really like this headcanon. The two of them would be so badass. )
  • Kamui suggested an outfit swap. Needless to say, they both looked ridiculous and spent rest of the day with each other laughing about how they both looked so strange.
  • Aqua sleeps so soundly, it seems like she’s near death. When Kamui first slept ( Like…slept, as in sleeping. Perverts. ) with Aqua, and woke up, she nearly woke up the whole house because she thought Aqua was dead.
  • Kamui and Aqua often bathe together, offering to wash each other’s back.
  • They go on dates to the lake, instead of cafes of the usual spots dates go to. Aqua finds the lake calming, and Kamui enjoys the scenery. Being together with each other is a plus.
  • Kamui cracks the most ridiculous jokes that Aqua finds hilarious, but no one else does.
  • Sometimes. they do bad imitations of the Royal siblings when no one’s around.
  • Aqua relaxes around Kamui, and isn’t as serious. Kamui finds this adorable.

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I'd like to ask, how do you think Erik would react if he learned Peter is his son? Would he approach Peter (and Wanda if she exists in movieverse - I headcanon she does anyway) in some way or not? I hope we see something like this in xma but probably is too much too expect. So basically your dadneto headcanons (if you have any).

I think Erik would approach Pietro if he finds out that he is his son. And I think when he discovers that Pietro also has a twin sister with incredible powers, he gets an idea.

He takes them to Charles and asks Charles to enroll them at the school. And because Charles can’t say no to Erik and Erik’s kids (You know he’s amazed/shocked. I mean, these are Erik’s kids!), Wanda and Pietro end up as students.

Erik comes and goes, of course, but he always comes back and though he’s not the best dad in the world, he does try. He pushes them a little too hard a little too fast (think Sean in XMFC) but only because he really believes in them. Plus with his kids there at the school, he has a perfect excuse. He can tell Charles he’s come to see his kids and he can tell his kids he’s come to see Charles so he doesn’t look needy or clingy (everyone sees right through this, but lets Erik go on believing he’s clever). 

I bet he’s harder on Pietro than Wanda because he sees more of himself in Pietro, and I think this puts a bit of a rift between them. He’s proud of Pietro and his powers, but sometimes Pietro feels like Erik’s only even bothering with him because he’s fast and useful and not because he really cares about him. I can even see Pietro getting close to someone like Logan who he sees as a cool older badass who is gruff but nice and less judgmental than his dad. If you thought Erik was jealous when he thought Charles was with Logan, you should see him when his son decides Logan is cooler than he is… 

Poor Charles never gets any peace :(

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HC where Owen and bae take Alpha Baby to see the raptors almost every day and on one particular day, as the raptors gather round to see her, Alpha Baby says her first word. "Blue!" Blue, at the sound of her name, raises her head and chirps at her while Alpha Baby just giggles and keeps saying "Blue!"

Meanwhile Owen is like “…..I…….why…..why not daddy……” and bae just laughs and is like “that’s what you get for never shutting up about your raptors”