Harry Potter Headcanon

When there’s a heat wave in the Wizarding World, many witches and wizards enchant their robes  to keep themselves cool in the record breaking temperatures. Many young muggleborns question how all the wizards can stay cool in long black clothing until someone finally explains the charm.

(Spoilers for GotG 2)

I see this idea of Yondu meeting Meredith in the afterlife going around and I highly agree on the idea of Peter’s parents finally meeting…

… but can we add some people to that welcome?

Let there not only be Meredith waiting for Yondu once he enters the afterlife.

Let there be Tullk, Oblo, Horuz, all the Ravagers that have helped and served Yondu until their very end. The once loyal to him, the once who would cheer and howl and laugh when they see their Captain appearing before them. Let them clap him on the back, backing off to see his reaction, laughing when he is too overwhelmed to snap at them for their familiarity with him.

Let there be the children Yondu has delivered to Ego – the ones he used to have nightmares of because he felt guilt that he would never admitted out loud. Let them smile and run up to him when they see him, some of them still holding the trinkets he has slipped them before they had to leave his ship. Let them cling to his legs and ask for his whistling and his arrow because in the dead of night, Yondu used to whistle to them to calm them down when they were homesick.

Let there be a whole bunch of people where Yondu expected no one to be happy to see him. It’s perhaps a weird group – a Terran woman to bright and innocent amidst the rowdy ragtag bunch of Ravagers and children too young and innocent to be already here right next to them

… but Yondu finds he doesn’t really mind, being almost buried under all the people assailing him.

It’s one hell of an after party, and really, that’s probably the best welcome he could have gotten.

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YA I'LL TALK TO YOU ABOUT TONY STARK, FAVORITE™ OF VILLAINS WORLDWIDE. It probably takes a bit for anyone to even realize. The first clue comes when one day the Avengers are hanging out, chatting, comparing being held hostage, y'know just regular stuff. Steve and Clint are talking about Madame Hydra's containment cells. "Have you been in the one with the orange stuff growing in the corner? What even is that?" "I don't know man. Last time she offered me a pillow and then threw me a ziplock (1/2)

ziplock bag full of gravel.” Tony leans over and frowns. “Madame Hydra? Are you sure? I’d swear I get fresh sheets every time I’ve been held by her.” “Sheets? As in bed sheets?? Madame Hydra gives you a bed???” Tony shrugs. “Yeah. The food’s pretty good too.” “She gives you FOOD??” “She once lectured me about eating a correct balance of protein and green leafy vegetables.” (2/2)

OMG YESSSSSS!!! I won’t even pretend I’m not insanely giggling to myself lol. 

On a slightly less funny note, the more they compare notes on being kidnapped the more the rest of the Avengers understand Tony’s laid-back attitude when it comes to one of them being taken. Suddenly him making jokes about Barton enjoying a nice little holiday with Doom footing the bill makes a lot more sense…cause that literally happened to him once.


“Lent,” Tony corrects slowly. “He lent me an island.”

He eyes them with genuine surprise, like he isn’t quite sure they aren’t fucking with him. “…I take it he doesn’t do that for everyone?”

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Elriel 15 (innocent and NSFW)

It’s always the quiet ones that seem to know how to use their mouths the best.

Touching Headcanon:


Elain and Azriel’s hands are usually found clasped between the other one’s fingers.

Azriel’s thumb moves against the back of Elain’s hand anytime she looks lost in thought. Sometimes this little gesture is used to encourage her to speak or to soothe her troubled thoughts.

On occasion Elain will speak aloud after she receives a vision from her seer powers which will result in confused or blatant stares from the fae around her.

This causes Elain to become slightly embarrassed, but Azriel somehow always manages to appear from shadows when she needs him.

He’ll then take hold of her hand and ask her to explain more about her vision. He doesn’t want her to hide in shame from her abilities and he’ll start running his thumb across the back of her hand again.

A comforting touch that gives Elain the courage she needs.

Elain is also fond of running her fingers along the burns on Azriel’s arms. She has always seen them as beautiful and anytime she notices Azriel is having a rough day she will idly run her fingers along his skin.

At dinner when Azriel is seated across from her she will sometimes rub her foot against his.

The first time she ever did it just for fun Azriel almost leapt from his chair in surprise.

One evening Elain didn’t realize how close Cassian’s feet were to Azriel’s and accidentally brushed the Illyrian Commander’s foot.

Cassian choked on his food and went to look down at who touched him, but Azriel’s swift thinking made him shove his own foot against Cassian’s shin.

“Azriel did you just kick me? Twice?”

“Maybe if you got your large feet out of my way I wouldn’t have to resort to it.”

“Well you know what they say about large feet and large wings.”

Cassian waggled his brows and everyone at the table either laughed or groaned at the joke he made.

But across the table Elain gives Azriel a thankful look.

In return Azriel has a hint of a smile as his foot slides silently across the floor and lightly taps against Elain’s own foot. 


Azriel, the fae male known for being quiet, is actually quite skilled with his tongue much to Elain’s astonishment and delight.

He swirls his tongue in slow strokes as he relishes the taste of Elain.

Azriel’s hands have to grip Elain’s thighs tightly when she bucks up in urgency for him to move faster and harder against her.

Elain’s narrow legs are no match for Azriel’s powerful grip as he ensures that their pace is slow until he is ready to devour her like a ravenous male whose thirst can only be quenched by the wetness that gathers between Elain’s thighs.

The effect is instantaneous and Elain bows off the bed in pleasure.

Azriel’s scarred hands move underneath her back as he finishes licking every last drop until he is satisfied.

At this point Elain is trying to catch her breath causing her breasts to rise and fall in time as she comes down from her release.

Azriel then runs his fingers up the slope of her breasts and palms them so they fit in his hand.

He plays with them and even flicks the raised nipples until Elain is writhing underneath him.

Azriel’s shadows also play a part by stroking Elain’s legs and moving upward.

It doesn’t take long before Elain decides that Azriel deserves a piece of his own medicine.

Elain swiftly wraps her legs around Azriel’s waist and pulls him down with all he strength.

The quick motion brings Azriel’s hardened length against Elain and she begins rubbing against him in ways that make Azriel moan above her.

But Elain’s not done yet. She tries to wrap her arms around him to bring him in for a kiss, but Azriel’s shadows pin her arms to the sheets.

Azriel smirks with hunger in his eyes at the sight of Elain beneath him.

“Not so fast Elain. My mouth isn’t finished yet.”

And Azriel proceeds to lower himself until is lips are kissing above Elain’s pounding heartbeat before moving his mouth lower until he latches onto her breast.

When it’s finally Elain’s turn she has no mercy on the shadowsinger and to give him the same treatment she received. Though this time Azriel will be the one begging for release. 

Being a spherical region, the Ghost Zone has an up and down, just like a planet. Contrary to modern Western mythology, the lower you go in the ghost zone the more civilized and pleasant it is. Around the same elevation as the Earth’s surface is sort of a wild frontier, populated mostly by lunatics and criminals.  If Danny just went down a couple hundred miles, he’d find peaceful nations full of beautiful cities, filled with the works of all of history’s greatest artists.


I have a theory that Mahariel’s mother is also Tabris’s mother, it’s said that after dalish dad passed she gave birth and then left never to return, she assumed she would die but a band of city elves meet her and bring her back to denerim. She meets tabris’s father and falls in love again and gives birth to tabris. Mostly because the heirloom necklace can be found when you kill Vaughn after the wedding My theory is she split it in half gave one to the dalish and the other was taken when she died            

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Hello! I absolutely love your art! You really bring ginny and hinny to life in such a unique, loving, brilliant way, and I've really been enjoying seeing your work. *starry eyes* Obviously no pressure, but I'm wondering how you imagine Harry and Ginny reacting to Ginny going into labor with James, either the getting-to-the-hospital bit, or the in-the-thick-of-giving-birth bit? xxxx

Thank you! I’ve got more than one question about how I imagine they would react to Ginny going into labor with James, so I have a few headcanons about this moment.

Ginny and Harry were very chill about them having their first son. In public. Whenever someone asked “are you nervous? you know, kids are scary little things” Harry’s reply would always be a very confident “I know we can take it” I mean I fucking saved the world, thank you very much. However, during the nights, especially when they were alone, they were losing their shits together. It was a different kind of fear, a fear they both have never felt before. Ginny promised herself she wouldn’t freak out but when Harry said “i’m losing my shit” Ginny would be like “oh thank goodness, I thought I was the only one here, Harry” and they both laughed and everything was alright again because they know they can take every fucking thing together.

And the day - or night 4am - James Sirius was born, they didn’t have time to think about anything else, nor their entire family. Their minds were occupied because of the rush of literally having a baby. Harry assisted without talking to anyone, because he was nervous, but he thinks he can’t show this emotional to anyone except to his own wife. A seven-years-old Teddy kept following him all around the hospital asking where the babies come from. Ginny was very impatient with everyone around her, she just wanted to get that baby out of her huge belly. So impatience that Teddy finally got his answer  “sex Teddy, adults have sex!”

In the end, everything was perfect. Harry couldn’t feel his hand, but that doesn’t even matter. He held his son for the first time, that different kind of fear rushing through his whole body. His heart was racing like he has been running for several sunlit days. It was fear, but it was blissful joy. Ginny cried. Harry had a soft smile she had never seen on his face; when he kissed James, the baby did a very weird cute face. They talked for the first time as Harry understood the expression: “I know, I need to shave”. 

(almost wrote a fanfic here - apologize for grammar mistake but you got the idea :DD)

  • Simon: Hey man.
  • Jace: Sup.
  • Simon: I know you're very... good with "relationships"... and... um... I was hoping you could...
  • Jace: You need sex advices.
  • Simon: Yeah.
  • Jace: Ask Magnus, he's a way better option to discuss this.
  • Simon: *raises an eyebrow* How do you know that?
  • Jace: Dude, I'm his roommate. Either he's good in bed, or Alec likes to agree with him when they're in the room. A lot. And loudly.
  • Simon: *stays quiet for a while* Ok then.

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Fenrys, 18? (Really there are like five I wanted to ask for but I feel like that's too much)

@alandofdawnandstarlight hopefully I did Fenrys justice! He just needs to be free of Maeve and throw his the middle finger toward her as he goes out and finds the love he deserves!

What “turns them on” Headcanon:

  • He is all about someone being unpredictable and having a “wild” side.

  • Surprise biting on the ear or raking nails down his scalp? He is all for that!

  • Fenrys is also not opposed for a quick romp before he heads off for court duties.

  • If he’s on his way to a meeting he is thrilled when a tug on his shirt pulls him into a random room or enclosed space and there his lover is with a smirk on their face.

  • It doesn’t take long before Fenrys is lifting and pushing them against wall. He begins rubbing himself against his lover and the friction sends a bolt of pleasure through his veins.

  • But it doesn’t take long before Fenrys is teasing with both his touch and words.

  • “You do know this is a broom closet right?”
    “Fenrys you do know that all I want is your cock inside me in this instant right?”
    “Well then when you put it that way…”
    *Insert loud moaning from the broom closet for the next 10 minutes*

  • Fenrys is also about having fun in the bedroom. It’s an area that the fae male has made his sanctuary and is all about making sure his lover feels the same way as well.

  • Which is why Fenrys makes all sorts of jokes and making adorable puppy faces until he gets exactly what he wants/ 

  • When his lover laughs amid a tangle of sheets the sound and sight make Fenrys smile in joy.

  • Knowing that Fenrys can bring out his playful side helps ease away bad memories of Maeve.
  • In the bedroom Fenrys is also a fan of “truth or dare” in which a sexual fantasy must be revealed for a truth and the dare is whatever crazy antics they want to get themselves into.

  • Most times those dares lead to their sexual fantasies becoming realities. Not that either of them mind in the slightest.

  • Fenrys also has a thing for growling. The sound of his from his lover’s throat hardens his member and it makes the fae male unleash his own wilder side.

  • By the end of the night Fenrys is usually howling in laughter and moaning in pleasure.

102. There is a secret passageway from the hufflepuff common room to the kitchen. The hufflepuff students all know about the passage and they use it to visit the elves and bring back food to their common room. The older students also use it to suggest food for special occasions, such as birthdays.

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•I've got a question that's been bugging me for a while. In iwtv, Louis states he was turned in 1791. However from what I understand, Lestat was born in 1780. This would have made Lestat 11 when he turned Louis, which is obviously not the case. So, my question is was Louis lying about when he was turned to make him seem older and more powerful than he actually is or is just a continuity error? Thanks :) •

I get why you might be frustrated, I’m not sure how much VC you’ve read, I hope this answer doesn’t spoil you if you don’t want to be spoiled but here we go… 

Lestat was born in 1760. Not sure where you got 1780… I believe you are forgetting the almost 10 yrs Lestat and Gabrielle ~wandered the Devil’s Road~ together, which was from 1780-89. There’s a timeline in the official Vampire Companion (there is some debate about discrepancies of this book to canon, but this book was intended to be the author’s deciding word on canon facts):

Here’s a snippet of the time line, sorry for the warping, but it’s a thick paperback book and I didn’t wanna injure the binding!

Worth noting also: AR underscores that Lestat was 20 when he was turned.* 

So by 1791, Lestat is actually like 31 mortal years old, and Louis is in fact younger than he is, at 25 (why they made him 24 in the movie is beyond me bc it’s only a year different? IDK).

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Out of curiosity, do you think any of the Mercs have issues sleeping? Wether it be insomnia, bad dreams, or anything else.

Soldier, Scout, and Pyro all sleep the sleep of the just. Scout might have a little trouble getting to sleep if he has soda in the evening, but it’s not usually a problem. He burns so much energy during the day that not much can keep him awake when his body decides it needs rest. Soldier will occasionally sleepwalk, but if you order him back to his room, he’ll climb right back into bed.

Engie, Spy, and Sniper all have some level of insomnia. Spy and Engie have little pills they get from Medic that’ll knock them out if it gets too bad, but Sniper doesn’t use that stuff. He tried the pills, and they gave him sleep paralysis, which is just super not fun. Instead, he loads up on coffee when he needs to be alert and cat naps when he can.

Most of them do get nightmares from time to time—in their line of work, how could they not—but Demo and Heavy seem to suffer them the worst. You can find them rattling around the base in the middle of the night sometimes when they can’t get back to sleep. They’ll also hit Medic up for a knock-out pill when they need it. Demo will take his with alcohol even though he’s been warned not to do exactly that, but it hasn’t killed him yet!

Medic himself has some form of Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder, which is pretty common for people of his personality type. It’s not insomnia, since he has no problem getting to sleep when he’s ready; he’s just a natural night owl. So he’ll usually be up into the wee hours of the morning, crashing at his desk or sometimes in his actual bed for between 3-6 hours of sleep. Some Medi-Gun therapy and coffee will take the edge off, but his body can’t take the strain of sleep deprivation like it used to. On an off day, he’ll sometimes sleep for like 12 hours straight to catch up on what he’s lost.


So dating this human marshmallow would include:

  • probably has a cheesy photo of you two as his lock screen from your first date 
  • and your name saved as something equally as cheesy like “my baby” or “beautiful”
  • his nicknames for you would include: “babe”, “baby”, “love” and his favorite one “kitten” 
  • would melt if you call him “oppa” 
  • insists that you dance with him even if you’re bad at it
  • making fun of his british accent, but he still does it because he loves seeing you smile 
  • loves hugging you and would cling to you like Seonho clings to Minhyun a koala when you two are alone 
  • holds your hand all the time, no matter when or where or who you’re with
  • like literally 
  • you would be sleeping and he still has his fingers interlocked with yours
  • complaining about how he spends more time with his cats than with you 
  • “but babeeee, the cats need my attention” 
  • “but i need it too” 
  • “aww come here and let’s all cuddle”
  • so you end up watching harry potter for the 10th time with him and his cats
  • falling asleep on the couch 
  • and waking up to daniel sleeptalking 
  • he would probably say the most random things like 
  • “hurry, hurry we need to go before they come” 
  • “who comes?” 
  • “they are gonna steal it, hurry hurry” 
  • “babe wake up, you’re dreaming”
  • “nooo, they stole my cereal Y/N !!”
  • and you always mock him for it “No ThEy StOlE mY cErEAl Y/N” 
  • and he shakes his head like “why am i even dating you” 
  • but he loves you so much he would do anything for you 
  • your mom adores him, she thought he was perfect the moment you first took him home
  • always asks you about him on the phone
  • “how’s daniel doing? you didn’t upset the poor boy, right ?” 
  • “what if he upsets me mom ?!” 
  • “nonsense, how could that boy do anything bad” 
  • “HELLO MOTHER-IN-LAW !!” *daniel screaming in the back* 
  • playing video games and him accusing you of cheating when he loses, but you’re just that good
  • “you lost, you’re doing the dishes for a week”
  • “i call for a re-match!” 
  • and he loses again and now he has to do the dishes for two weeks
  • fighting with sungwoo over daniel almost every day
  • “he is mine !”
  • “but he is my boyfriend!” 
  • “please… there is enough kang daniel for everybody” 
  • “shut up Kang, this is not about you” 
  • and Daniel has to bring Jisung over to calm you and Sungwoo for the 5th time that week
  • you would have super chill dates with sungwoo included, like picnics in the park or going to cute little coffee shops or festivals in the summer and ice-skating in the winter 
  • grocery shopping is hectic and you’re always fighting over what to buy
  • cause Daniel wants more stuff for his cats
  • but you need new make-up
  •  so Jisung is always there shoving the shopping list in your faces 
  • midnight runs to the store cause you’re hungry and he is sweet by offering to go
  • but calls you after 5 minutes cause 
  • “baby i just found the cutest cat outside your apartment”
  • “DANIEL NO” 
  • “but it’s so adorable, come see it” 
  • so you go and see a small fluff ball being hugged by a big fluff ball, but you still don’t agree cause he has 4 other cats to take care of
  • “pleaseeeee?” 
  • “noooo”
  • “but…” 
  • “no”
  • “pleaseeeeee”
  • and so you adopt another child and you can already hear daniel giving him weird names
  • well now this boy right here
  • would love it if you wear lingerie, especially in cute colors like pink or white and probably kitten collars with thigh high stockings 
  • i feel like he would be into pet-play and would let you call him daddy if he knew you liked it 
  • he really knows what he’s doing in bed + high stamina from being a dancer = sore mornings for you
  • you didn’t even need to tell him what you like and he already knew all of your soft spots and how to make you tremble under his touch 
  • likes holding your hands above your head as he kisses your neck and your collarbone 
  • lots of biting like you’re lips, neck, chest, thighs literally anywhere
  • teasing, i think he would enjoy teasing you, like kissing you slowly and taking his time kissing you and caressing your skin
  • “Daniel hurry up”
  • “Patience, kitten”
  • really good at giving, knows how to make good use of that tongue
  • always keeps his hands on your hips as he kisses the inside to your thighs and your core 
  • would let you ride his face 
  • likes looking at you as he pleasures you so he would want to do it in front of mirrors 
  • usually really sweet and loving; holds your hands even then and probably maintains eye contact and gives you assuring smiles 
  • “you’re so beautiful baby”
  • can turn rough and super dominant at times 
  • like if you’re teasing him on purpose while you’re out with his friends then good luck when you get home 
  • he would have you face down as he’s thrusting into you from behind
  • likes slapping your ass and pulling your hair as he whispers “I love you” into your ear 
  • you’re gripping the sheets trying not wake your neighbours 
  • but he wants to hear you scream his name so he goes even harder 
  • and you can’t hold it in anymore so you just let it go and yell his name 
  • “that’s right, kitten. tell everyone who you belong to.” 
  • would be a mess when receiving 
  • lots of heavy breathing and grunts 
  • with soft, inaudible moans 
  • but you enjoy teasing him too so you just kiss his erection through his boxers while massaging it 
  • so he starts complaining and begging until you finally take him in your mouth 
  • and then he turns silent and is biting his lips while grabbing the sheets 
  • “baby… i… i’m close” 
  • never fails to say “I love you” after he finished