Devil loves to fuck with people. Manipulate them, laugh at them, scare them, send them mixed signals. Even King Dice can’t run away from that. 

So…are those kisses just a joke or maybe there is something more to all of that? This is a question King Dice would never dare to ask. Even though he is hella confused.

kinda previous comic

So I know we all imagine that the Marauders were 4 boys just getting in trouble and doing pranks but I do believe they were so much more than that. They were visionaries trying to explore the wizarding world by their own, discovering unknown spells and magic. The marauders’ map and becoming animagus was one of the things they did in such young age, but what if there was so many more accomplishments but no one else knows about it because the only people didn’t live long enough to tell the story - or solemnly swore not to tell. So yeah, I think during 7 years at Hogwarts they were trying to do something great, maybe even change de wizarding world (we have to dream big). they were always coming up with amazing and impossible ideas so I think James was the one who pushed them to try. Maybe that’s why people tell Harry how powerful and clever that boy was.

 And maybe getting in trouble was just the consequence of trying to do what they wanted, something big, something great. But the war came and interrupted their dreams and I’m sad again

661. Whilst the gryffindor head of house hates careers advice because every student that comes in wants to be an auror, the ravenclaw head of house hates it because every student that comes in sits down and says “I have no idea what to do with my life please help me I don’t want to waste all my potential but also there’s no job that sounds interesting enough for me to want to do it for the next 40 years what do I do?????”

Nancy went to Hopper’s the night of the Snow Ball to help El get ready - she came with one of her old dresses and belts and a bag full of makeup and hair styling products (all of which were recommended by Steve, when they were still dating).

It took all of Nancy’s efforts not to spoil the surprise. Mike was so sullen in the hours leading up to the Snow Ball, since he knew the one person he wanted to escort wouldn’t be in attendance. When Eleven walked through the doors of the HMS gymnasium, Nancy’s heart fluttered — she was able to make the night special for the both of them. Now she definitely knew that when Mike scoffed at the idea of having a crush on El, it was all a cover.


This is an excellent question! 

For Sugar (Ht!paps), His brother’s approval is very important to him because he thinks his brother is a very strong person who’s a good judge of character! So whenever he makes a new friend or has a crush on someone, he usually wants his brother to like this person too!

Jaws (Ht!Sans) is a very protective and nervous person, so every first meeting is usually a tightrope walk for the person being judged. He’s going to pay close attention to the interactions between you and his brother and decide if he thinks that you’re someone who is good enough for his lil bro, or not. If no, well… He won’t threaten you. He knows how much Sugar trusts him not to do something like that, and he respects that is brother is a lot more wise than he was before the famine and that he can make tough decisions. So Jaws will be respectfully distant, and will avoid and ignore you if he doesn’t like you rather than do anything too outright about it. That is unless you physically or emotionally do something that hurts Sugar, in which case you have made a… ahem… Grave mistake. 

But if he thinks that you’re a good, trusting person after a while of observing you and his bro together - then he’ll be really kind and sweet to you; and will actually probably thank you for being friends with his bro pretty much constantly. He’ll be happy to know that someone’s around to make sure Sugar isn’t stressing out or overworking himself which he has a habit of doing. In the end you’ll probably be super good friends, as anyone that cares just as much about his brother as he does is a great judge of character! There will absolutely be cuddle piles, and late night TV watching in a pillow fort with some really… Unique snacks made by Sugar.

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Maybe this happens behind Pierrot’s screen and Kishimoto’s Comic panels. MAYBE.

After Naruto wakes up from being pwned by Himawari

SHE’S NOT FAT YET during Naruto’s inauguration, nobody knows that.

Headcanon : Anko assisted Kurenai in handling team 8, much like Yamato assisted Kakashi for Team 7. So yeah, she’s familiar with Hinata.

+ based on the Ninja storm game game, Naruto is her favorite suffering toy.

Dear Ian,

I’m not really sure how to start this, but I guess I’ll begin with the obvious. When you left me, I knew that was the end of ‘us’. Why do I keep getting my heart broke? And by the same person over and over again? I could be selfish and say 'I don’t deserve this’, but that wouldn’t benefit either one of us. All I’m gonna say is: I love you. I’ll never stop loving you. Even 40 years from now when you’ve grown old with somebody else, I’ll still love you. You were my first, and even if you’re not here with me, you’re still gonna be my last.

Love Always,


Voltron Headcanon

First, it was small. At the tender age of fourteen, he noticed he can withstand colder temperatures longer, how he never shivered anymore, how he felt sicker in hotter temperatures than when he felt nothing years prior. But this didn’t tip off anything, not yet.

He felt normal, nothing to worry about. The school was fine (the grades), his family was fine, that’s what mattered. Playing with his younger siblings, joining his older siblings on small adventures.

One hot summer day Lance and his older siblings travelled through the track behind his house on the way to the waterfall a kilometre away.

This soon turned into the worse day of his life.

As he ran into the lake wearing nothing but blue shorts, something miraculous, abnormal, inhuman, impossible happened.

Liquid turned solid.

A thin layer of ice coated the top of the water, branching out like a web. His fingers tipped blue, frozen in shock.

He could hear his sibling stop and stare, whether on him or the ever-growing tree of ice. Like the water, his body froze in shock. Breathing shallow, mind stilled.

The rest of the day rushed in front of him. His mind too slow to comprehend the events that occurred seconds, minutes, hours ago.

He could hear his parents fight, older siblings soothing each or trying to take him out of his frozen state. Younger siblings constantly asking what’s wrong, how to fix whatever happened, confused.

Even in this state, he notices how his fingers slowly changed back into a tan, how cold he feels, how absolutely scared, no petrified he truly is.

This is NOT normal.

Later that night he scrubbed himself raw in hot water or the hottest he could get it without hurting himself.

Steam rolled off him in waves. Heat meeting the coldness of his skin. Finishing when he accidentally froze the water, clogging it.

Stumbling into the fogged mirror he swore. He once perfectly brown hair now white at the roots. His brown eyes turning slowly into ocean blue. He’s changing and he doesn’t like it. He’s terrified.

His parents slowly accepted that he will not go back to the normal human boy he was, so they bought boxes of hair dye. Though he refused to wear gloves, not becoming a stupid biker that wears a stupid mullet.

Slowly over the years, he’s gotten control over it. Though he’s had some very close calls. The answer was controlling your emotions, one negative emotion and you light up like a Christmas tree, ice replacing the baubles.

The Mcclain family goal was to avoid any government confrontation. Afraid they’ll take him away, experiment on him, kill him. But he beat them to the punch, scaring them shitless when he applied for the Garrison.

As he left he still remember the faces of those that protected him, sheltered him, loved him even after what he is.

But now he was in space. Where what he needed was limited. His stress levels almost reaching the mental line. He’s not scared to admit he has had few mental breakdowns in his room, the room looked like an igloo.

This is war. You should never hold back. But he’s scared, terrified if they will reject him, be scared of him.

He’s a weapon. He knows it. Every little comment setting him on edge. When Keith said he had a grey hair when Hunk hugged him and commented he felt cold. Excuse after excuse.

Never let anyone in.

But they became his family. All their little quirks. He loved them. He’s on the fence. Tell or hide. He can’t take this anymore.

Lance picked his answer when a Galra soldier hurt Pidgeon. He let everything lose, he unleashed the power he collected over the years of hiding.

Let’s just say, it was awesome.

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HC about when Penny is sick? Both with just a little cold and really sick. Please and thank you.


Headcanon when Pennywise catches a Cold 

Normal Cold;

  • WILL totally freak out when sneezing for the first time ever
  • Thinks the dizziness is a sign of him dying
  • Literally dies.. mentally
  • “Little one, it was nice meeting you.” *dramatic pose*
  • He can’t handle his constantly running nose, so it’s gonna be VERY gross until you teach him how to use tissues properly
  • Does not like being enabled to taste

Bad cold and high fever ;

  • You shall and should stay at this clowns side until he’s all better
  • He doesn’t know how to cure himself, so he needs help
  • Due to the commonness of catching a cold , you know what to do
  • His powers and strength are extremely limited
  • His imune system being very strong and now suddenly overcome by a rather normal virus that is unbeknownst to his body and imune system, the virus is hitting him harder than it even should
  • He will be extremely submissive towards you, trusting you to get him healthy again
  • Rests most of the time
  • When he’s awake though, he wants you to stay by his side
  • Wants to cuddle the whole time
  • Very clingy indeed
  • You will probably get infected too
  • Got to enjoy tea with honey in it
  • When you finally get him healthy again he would never underestimate you again and become very submissive, thus less possesive and dominant towards you

A few extra Hc’s for continuing the “Probably you will get infected too” thing

  • Now with both of you being sick, things will get either dramatically bad or heckin funny
  • Him feeling better than you already due to your previous caring program
  • This is where hIS CARING PART COMES UP
  • Also his protectiveness grows heavily
  • Still sick, he adorably and messingly mimicked your “Anti-virus healthcare program”
  • Tries dizzily to make you some soup and SUCCEEDS but DON’T go into your kitchen afterwards please
  • Makes you tea because that’s the one thing he can do best
  • Fever cuddles
  • Basically you two are cuddling the whole day, keeping each other warm
  • He will be sooo happy when you’re healthy again
  • “Little one, I never ever want to go through this hell of being ill again.”
  • He will

Sometimes I think about Harry and Draco getting married, and who would change their name.  And I love everyone’s ideas about which one of them would change their name and why.  It’s always so beautiful.

But in the end, all I can think is neither of them would.  And not because they’d be losing something, losing their name, but because of something important and powerful they can’t explain.

Because to Harry, the other man is Draco first and Malfoy second.  But Malfoy is still a huge part of Draco in the same way the Dark Mark is.  Something he was that’s also part of who he became, and the beauty in his darkness comes from the strength of his will and determination to change himself for the better.  The world sees him as Draco, but Harry sees him as both.  Harry loves Malfoy in the same way he loves Draco, for everything he was and everything he is.

And for Draco, well it’s Harry now and Potter second.  Potter who died in the forest to save everyone, who was reborn just Harry.  Potter who still belongs to the Wizarding World but Harry who will always belong just to Draco.  And his name holds so much weight, so many expectations and memories and there is something almost visceral in its intensity when Draco whispers the name against Harry’s skin in the dark of the night.  Draco knows Harry has always wanted to be just Harry, but Draco sees them both and he loves him for everything he is and everything he didn’t want to be but was anyway.  There is a strength in Harry’s name, in his perseverance that makes Draco feel safe.

And when they join hands and say I do, well yeah they’re becoming a family, becoming something new, but only because of who they were and who they are.   

Because it’s Harry now, and yeah it might be Draco first…but Potter and Malfoy are forever.

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Sorry,i don't understand the joke about "relieve you" with "In front of everyone"

Hello, dear anon!

It’s alright! Let me help you understand with this make-believe scenario. 

*Take My Breath Away by Berlin starts playing*

Maybe Jensen pulls down the blinds while Jared lights some candles. Mm, that’s better. The scent of a pot roast is in the air as the men prepare their dinner table and sit down to eat. Smiles, laughter, stealing bites from each other’s plates. 

Maybe they sit down on the sofa, snuggle up to each other, turn the TV on but it’s just background noise. Jensen’s hand is sliding up Jared’s thigh while Jared pretends not to notice. Creeping, creeping, caressing the bulge ever so quickly as it finds its goal - the button of his jeans, followed by the zipper.

So perhaps Jensen kneels between Jared’s legs, pulling his boxers down just enough to reveal the man’s erection. Jared can no longer pretend not to notice when Jensen sinks his mouth, so wet so silky, onto him. But what pressure! 

Maybe there are sighs. Some groans, perhaps even the occasional moan? Names called, endearments used just between the two of them, secret and incriminating should someone hear them. And eventually…

Sweet relief!

First Wedding Anniversary with Stiles Would Include..

Originally posted by weirduniverse

  • Ever since you got with Stiles, he always enjoyed treating you to nights out for dinner and spontaneous presents
  • When your first anniversary came around the corner, you knew he was going to go out of his way to make it special, and that’s exactly what he would do
  • He’d wake you up with breakfast in bed
  • A single rose resting beside your plate
  • And a jewellery box, that held a pair of beautiful earrings
  • He’d cuddle with you in the morning, peppering you with kisses and you’d do the same for him
  • Maybe morning sex could be on the cards
  • Afterwards, he’d leave you to get ready for the day and you’d find him in the kitchen beside a massive bouquet of flowers, with a note tied around one of the vibrant color ones
  • Treasure Hunt
  • You’d moan, and groan about having to run around your house like an eight year old child but deep down, he knew you loved it
  • There would be clues in each hidden spot that led to the next but each spot contained a present
  • Concert tickets
  • Chocolates
  • Books
  • Everything you loved
  • Hints such as “My favorite place to watch you laugh is where?” Which was always in front of the television in the living room cuddled up in your duvet watching a comedy with him
  • “The place you made me the happiest man on this earth” in the bathtub surrounded by candles and bubbles, with flutes of champagne, where he asked you to marry him
  • Then there were cheeky ones that Stiles knew would make you laugh, “the first place we did it” with more than ten winky faces - the kitchen table, who said romance was dead?
  • The day would be spent with one another
  • Reminiscing on your time together as a couple, and as friends
  • And instead of going out in public for a meal, you ordered Chinese take away and put on your favorite movie and watched it together, cuddling on the sofa
  • Ending the night with sweet love making

I’m such a dope. I’m enjoying these a lot more than I thought I would, hopefully you do too. Leave feedback & requests to see more!

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Hey could you do a headcanon for sweet pea where the reader and him are being all lovey dovey in her bed and her 3 older brothers barge in? Thank you!!!!

Sidenote: This is my first Headcanon ever, so please don’t hate me if it’s terrible. Come back for the full on writing instead, lol. >.<

Headcanon: Sweet Pea + His Babycakes + Her Brothers = Mayhem

  • You were supposed to be going to the Quarry for the night
  • Sweet Pea took one look at your super comfy bed and all its pillows before saying fuck it
  • Practically throwing you into bed
  • Ignoring your protests, stripping to his jeans, clamoring in after you
  • For all his tough exterior, the boy is like a spider monkey when it comes to the snuggles/cuddles
  • Wiggle, squirm, you’re going no place fast
  • Not that you’d want to
  • Long arms winding around your body, tugging you into his chest or laying you across it
  • Big hands palming the small of your back, dipping down to teasingly swat at your ass when you sass him
  • Warm fingers slipping under your shirt, teasing along the length of your spine
  • You’re really not sure when your shirt comes off…but it does
  • Dipping his head to press his lips to your forehead, your cheek, just beneath your jaw, across the curve of your shoulder…
  • All while he mutters sweet nothings in your ear, using all the endearments he can think up.
  • Nipping at your pulse point until your skin begins to redden and purple from his teeth
  • That smug smirk curling his lips in a way that sends heat racing throughout your bloodstream
  • Carefully paying attention to the way that your eyes glaze over and your breath quickens…knowing exactly what that means
  • Smoothing those big hands up your sides, letting out a rumbling growl when his thumbs brush the sides of your breasts, causing you to gasp his name sharply
  • Pulling your leg across him, guiding your body into straddling his waist, stroking those warm hands up your stomach
  • Sex is ON THE MENU
  • …until the door slams downstairs, and your brothers’ voices echo along the hallway
  • ‘It’s fine, you locked the door’
  • No I didn’t…YOU did’
  • Staring at each other with wide eyes as footsteps trudge up the stairs
  • Its a mad scramble to get your shirt - WHERE IS IT PEA?! - as he tugs his shirt on inside out -CAUGHT ON THE MIRROR -
  • The youngest brother opens the door and you think maybe, MAYBE, you might be able to swing this
  • Shifty eyes, placating expressions, ‘fucking zip up SP!’
  • He yells for your other brothers…and by yells, I mean bellows
  • It sounds like half the freaking zoo is stampeding up your stairs, imminent doom is upon you
  • Pushing him toward the window, ignoring his protests, AND the sound of your brothers hammering on your door (Let us in, RIGHT NOW) after you slammed it shut in their faces
  • Kissing him hard and fast, promising to call him later
  • …if you live

@muavelemonade Here you go, sweetness! I hope you enjoy! Thank you for sending in your headcanon request, it made me giggle! XoXo!

Reasons The Loser’s Club Blush


  • getting complimented by any member of the losers club makes him a red tomato bc this boy is a sucker for affection!!
  • if eddie gives a little touch to his arm or their hands brush together, trashmouth has to do a double take
  • when someone apologizes to him, like stepping on his shoe or something, his cheeks get a lil pink bc he’s not used to it except with the losers
  • when he blushes, he doesn’t like it bc it’s not a “cute blush” like eddie’s he thinks he has a weird blush bc his entire face gets red, along with his neck and ears
  • but eddie loves it and wants his blush! eddie can’t convince him that it’s great but that doesn’t stop him from saying it all the time


  • at school, if anyone tells a semi-dirty joke about a guy and eddie hears it, he has to take some deep breaths bc he immediately thinks of richie
  • same goes for when richie tells a dirty joke most of the time ^^
  • if he and one of the losers are arguing about something, no matter how important or how borderline stupid, if they get a little too close, eddie gets a little pink
  • eddie’s blush is a cute lil blush that just sort of dusts over his cheeks, similar to a typical female blush (which makes eddie insecure)
  • he really wants a ‘manly’ blush like bill’s or ben’s, how it just covers their ears, or richie’s bc it just covers his entire torso basically


  • almost nothing can make bev blush
  • like ever
  • except for ben bc she loves ben with all of her heart and when ben writes her cute lil poetry notes to leave in her locker, her cheeks light up a lil
  • she loves when ben gives her kisses instead of her doing it, bc she knows ben is always nervous abt it and she likes to encourage him
  • blushy red head with her best boy!!


  • woo bOY is mike a blushy boy
  • he is blushing a lot most of the time but most of the losers don’t notice except for beverly bc she can just tell yk
  • his blush is an all over the face blush, his entire face gets red and so do his ears and neck
  • he just gets embarrassed most of the time and the other boys don’t even care or notice bc he acts so confident all the time
  • mike hanlon is a confident, yet embarrassed blushy beeb!!


  • ben blushes kind of easily but not too much yk?
  • like if bev kisses his cheek or if an intimate scene comes on during losers movie night
  • richie will make the dirty jokes abt it and they’ll all say “beep beep richie!” but bill just imagines him and bev when they’re older
  • when he blushes, only his ears light up, but everyone can tell


  • stan just doesn’t blush?
  • it makes all the losers rlly mad but stan’s knows what it feels like to blush it’s just in the inside and not the outside
  • when bill and stan went on their first date, stan’s stomach was flipping the entire time and all he could think was “i’m blushing i’m blushing i’m blushing oh no bill can tell i’m blushing”
  • when in reality, bill just thought stan was abt to bounce off the walls in nervousness
  • stan hates it too and he just feels the blush in his stomach, ack
  • bill makes sure stan knows that not having a blush doesn’t matter to him


  • bill doesn’t blush a lot, but when he does, it’s only bc of stan
  • stan will do something sweet for him or just tie his shoes and his ears will get pink just bc he really loves this boy!
  • he also blushes when bev compliments him bc despite bev dating ben and him dating stan, he still appreciates her and still has a place in his heart for her


now i’m crying why did i write this i love my children ❤️✨‼️😭👏👊❤️‼️✨