If Krypton still existed in the Earth 1 Universe...

When Kara crosses over into the Flash/Arrow/Legends universe she brings her Spy Beacon with her and uses it to send a message after the aliens have all been defeated. She doesn’t expect an answer, but she does it anyway because she has to know if the reason this Earth doesn’t have a Supergirl/man is because Krypton never exploded. It take three hours to get a response, but she waits and waits and then her beacon chirps and she has an answer. The messages come and go faster after that, the story spilling out from both sides, and Kara learns that in this universe, Astra and Alura worked together and were able to convince the council of the impending destruction in time to prevent it. In this universe, Astra is seen as a hero rather than a traitor. And in this universe, the survival of Krypton can be traced back to just one small action that changed everything. 

It happened when Alura used Kara to set a trap for Astra, but instead of surrendering, Astra fought back. Astra and Alura pulled weapons on each other and fired, but the Universe 1 Kara, who hadn’t left the room when she was supposed to, ran out and jumped between the blasts. Where just one hit would only have stunned her, the two simultaneous hits did enough damage to kill her. In that moment Alura and Astra were forced to watch as the person they cared about most in the world, the child they had raised and cherished and loved, died for them and because of them. 

Alura and Astra had been born together, grown together, loved each other, and when Kara had come along, both of them had loved her even more. And then they had killed her and nothing else mattered after that—not those who had died earlier in Astra’s crusade, not Alura’s desire to abide by the rules, nothing—other than finding a way to bring some meaning to her loss. And so Alura and Astra joined forces and saved the planet. 

And now they want her to stay. Kara might not be their Kara, but she is still a Kara, and they want her back. They tell Kara they’ll send a ship to bring her home, and despite everything, all her responsibilities on her own Earth, her family there, Kara wavers. 

Later, when she’s back in her own universe, she’ll wish that she could say that she declined because she chose her human family. She’ll wish that her decision was based on love, based on an ability to move past the pain and continue to see joy. It’s what she would tell people if they asked, but secretly she’ll know that it’s not true. Because the truth is that while she was strong enough to make that decision based on love once, when she was under the influence of the Black Mercy, she’s not strong enough to pick Earth over Krypton a second time for the same reason. She does love Earth, loves Alex, and Eliza, and her friends, but not enough to reject Krypton twice. Maybe if Cat had stayed, she’ll think, that might have been enough to tip the balance, but Cat had left and she still isn’t sure if she is ever coming back. 

And so the real reason Kara choses her Earth has nothing to do with love and everything to do with guilt. Because now she knows. Now Kara knows that all it would have taken to save her Krypton was her death, and the mere fact that she is alive is the reason that everyone else is dead. Kara picks Earth not because she loves, but because she can’t face each day on that Krypton seeing what could have been without her. And Kara picks Earth because being Supergirl is no longer a choice, it is the only thing she has to offer that could even begin to allow her to atone for what she has done, simply by surviving.

Sleeping with Credence (NSFW)

i’ve gotten so many requests for smutty headcanons, so here you go my angels!  ✿ ✿ ✿

Your first time:

  • it happens in the morning and the sun is shining through the window
  • Credence kisses you awake and you quickly turn it into a make out session
  • you both look tired and messy but you couldn’t care less
  • it’s very sweet and passionate and you two take a lot of time for this
  • you kissing all of Credences scars to show him that they don’t bother you 
  • he gets to hear an ‘I love you’ from you for every scar on his body
  • Credence is desperately trying to cover every inch of your body with his hands
  • pulling his hair
  • him mumbling about how sweet and beautiful you are
  • your neck kisses drive him crazy and he basically becomes a moaning mess under your touch
  • you are going down on him and he is calling you a good girl
  • what surprises you but god, how it turns you on too
  • you straddle him and ride him, Credence is barely able to control himself
  • when he isn’t moaning or gasping he is smiling at you the whole time
  • a lot of giggles when something doesn’t work out right
  • he puts his hands around your waist and when he’s close to finishing he pulls you as close as possible to him and kisses you hard
  •  when you two are finished he tells you how lucky he is to have you and plays with your hair until the both of you fall asleep again

All the other times:

  • you two are fucking all the time, 24/7 and everywhere
  • it just always happens; a quick peck while cooking leads to messing around on the kitchen floor; 
  • chilling in the tub? did you mean hot and wet sex?
  • the first few times you had to be the one, who was more dominant in bed in order to make him feel secure
  • but with time Credence got very comfortable with his sexuality and being intimate with you
  • you two have this game which is called ‘Read or Loose’ in which you go down on the other one while they are reading for you. the goal of the game is to make the other person stop reading. let’s just say it like this: you never made it to the end of the first page.
  • your sex is usually very, very sweet and delicate but if Credence feels like it he can be very dominant
    • which means a lot of spanking for his little girl
    • even choking is involved sometimes
    • oh, did someone say overstimulation? because that is Credences favourite thing to do to you
    • ‘it’s not over yet, kitten! you have to bear with me a little longer.’
    • if you behaved really bratty that day, he’ll even tie you up with his tie
  • as much as he loves to be dominant, he’s also fond of you taking the lead
    • he loves bite marks and hickeys because it’s a proof that you aren’t ashamed of him being your lover
    • straddling him and not letting him go makes him go wild
    • ‘uh uh, you aren’t going anywhere soon, my darling.’
  • him telling you about how much he loves being with you all the time

I know a lot of people headcanon Damian staying in Gotham and going to college but what if he doesn’t?

Dick, Jason, Cass, Tim, Steph, Alfred, and Bruce all drive out with him on move in day. They wave off the frat boys coming to help unload the car and just carry everything into the dorms themselves.

Dick and Stephanie squeal about him growing up as his RA leaves the room.

Damian in a freshman dorm. DAMIAN WITH A ROOMMATE.

“Uh, hi. I’m Jack.”
“Are all of these people related to you?”

He lofts his bed as high as it will go and builds his own little batcave under it with his desk and stuff he brought from the manor. It’s decorated with pictures of his pets, siblings, and friends. Including Jon, Colin, Nell, and Maps.

He hears about a string of sexual assault cases on campus and decides to go out as Robin. Then has to figure out how not to be caught be his roommate.

“Dude. It’s 3 am on a Thursday. Why are you getting dressed? In the dark?”
“I, uh, like to take early morning runs and practice my katas. And I didn’t want to wake you.”
“Ok? Have fun I guess?”

His RA almost flips when he sees the sword hanging on the wall.

Meeting new people and making friends:

“Hi! I’m Maddy!”
“So are you a freshman too?”
“Cool! What’re you thinking of majoring in? I’m not really sure yet but I’m pretty interested in psychology.”
“Biology, then veterinary school.”
“Oh wow. That’s awesome. So where are you from?”
“Wait, Gotham City? Like where Batman’s from?”
*sigh* “Yes. And before you ask, yes, I have met Batman and Robin and whatever other vigilante you’re about to ask about. It is because as the youngest and only blood son of Bruce Wayne I tend to get kidnapped often. Additionally, you can run into them just walking down the street more often than not. Yes, I am that Damian Wayne. No, I do not intend on taking over my father’s company. Yes, having that many siblings is crazy. Please do not ask me about my father’s involvement with Batman Inc. or really anything else.”
*blinks* “Wow. Um. Ok.”

Just Damian going through the struggle of a first semester college student being the son of a billionaire and having to hide being Robin.

- Little Red

Okay, but imagine going to a candy store with Credence

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Just imagine this lil nugget getting super excited when he sees all of the colors, and taking HOURS to pick out what he wants… and then in the end he picks out a giant lollipop. Imagine Credence eating a lollipop the size of his head. 

That, my friend, would be adorable.

Okay but like

Imagine Marinette and Adrien in the first parts of their relationship where they’re still figuring out how the other works. Marinette, I can guarantee, would be a blushy, stuttering mess. 

HC Adrien is a model so he has some eXPERIENCE WITH WOO-ing THE LADIES (also anime) SO THIS BOY AIN’T AS PURE AS MARINETTE THOUGHT.

Adrien makes one little peck to her neck while they’re hugging and tHAT GIRL SQUEAKS. A LITTLE EEP WILL COME OUT AND SHE’LL BE SO RED. 

Marinette is a fucking romantic but she can’t handle the heat. However, she won’t get out of the kitchen. So she’s just gonna have to be there and mELT over every gesture he makes; Kissing her knuckles, back rubs, and playing with her hair. She’s probably such a fucking virgin(likeme) that she’ll be a puddle of goop. Honestly this girl is too fucking pure for her own good. 


Adrien will come over while she’s watching Manon and those two will cuddle while Manon watches her favorite cartoon or something. 


James did not ask Lily to be his girlfriend. Nor did she ask him to be her boyfriend.

They just melded together that way in Seventh Year. They grew together over late nights and free periods. Found themselves together at Quidditch matches and Hogsmeade weekends. Smiled and laughed and debated and touched hands and hair and faces. When they walked from Herbology back to the castle, his arm hung lazily around her shoulders. When she laughed at his joke at breakfast she buried her face into his side.

They first kissed one night in late November, and the world continued spinning. There was no revelation of feelings, no wows, no this-could-work-couldnt-it? It was just what was meant to happen for them. Effortless, inevitable, beyond their control.

They could not pinpoint a beginning. The transition from friends to more was seamless and natural. There were no proposals, no “maybe we could"s or "would you be"s. It was as if they were meant to be with each other, and they finally let fate tie them together.

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Imagine a superflarrow power swap AU. Oliver Queen, Star City's fastest man alive. Kara Danvers, National City's Green Arrow. Barry Allen, Bari-Zor Ell, Central City's Superman.

This would be amazing for an episode! One of those “oh-crap-something-isn’t-right-with-the-world” AU episodes. Where only Oliver, Kara and Barry know that they’re not in their right roles. 

Best thing about it is the thought of Barry not realising at first. But he’s like “…why am I running slower?”, but then he gets to a certain speed and he nearly trips over a hydrant so he kind of jumps to avoid it except he starts soaring, and what the hell? 

Kara wondering why she’s so weak. She’s not used to this. It’s not like she’s unfit - she’s strong in comparison to other people, but she has human strength, and she can’t fly or take any shortcuts, and oh god why is it so difficult to open the refrigerator door? (I’m also laughing at the idea of Barry trying to get used to his powers and ripping his refrigerator door off by accident).

Oliver constantly fucking with Diggle, because he knows how much this type of stuff freaks him out. He makes sure to time it so that he’s holding something, or he’s in the middle of a trivial task so that he jumps and drops everything. 

And of course they discover the highs and lows of each others’ powers, and team up to set it right. 

i’ve seen quite a few people headcanon that if karamatsu and chibita had to share a futon for whatever reason (because they’re a couple and/or necessity because there’s only one place to sleep in a small living space) that karamatsu would be the disruptive sleeper, shifting around and getting all up in chibita’s personal space

but chibita is the one who has lived alone his entire life. he’s probably never shared a sleeping space with anyone before and has never had to be mindful of his surroundings or his limbs while he sleeps

karamatsu, on the other hand, knows very well what it’s like sharing limited space with several others. and, this is the most important point, look at where karamatsu sleeps when he’s at home: between ichimatsu and todomatsu. shifting a little too far to the right would probably land him in a cage with a hungry tiger, and shifting a little too far to the left would probably earn him a potentially lethal substance dropped in his drink the next morning. even on a good night, he’d probably still get a swift elbow to the face (from one or both of them). karamatsu probably learned very early on that he needed to sleep as still as a statue for the sake of his own longevity

some nights chibita will wake up and have to check if karamatsu is still breathing because he’s pretty sure karamatsu’s dead, no living thing can be that still. most nights though, karamatsu’s the one who is woken up because someone is hogging the sheets, or because there’s a small body laying on his chest in the most uncomfortable way and making it hard to breathe, or because he’s taken a fist to the gut, or because the heel of a foot has slammed into his face, or because he’s had oden skewers jammed up his nostrils, or-

the point i’m trying to get to here is that chibita is the sloppy sleeper

just sitting here, thinking about Mycroft and Sherlock smoking together in HLV.  how do you think they got there?  whose idea was it, who brought the cigarettes?

in my headcanon, I think Mycroft and Sherlock are bickering with each other at the kitchen table, until Mummy Holmes turns away for a moment and Mycroft nudges Sherlock under the table, shows him the cigarette pack and nods toward the door.

of course it would be too obvious if they both left together, so they have to figure out how to slip away independently.  they both manage it, but something in their excuses or body language makes Mummy slightly suspicious, though she can’t put her finger on why.

she finally twigs five minutes later, which is why she opens the door on them. but it being Christmas, she can’t bring herself to make too much of a fuss over it.

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hey you should get in on shipping dom/cam with me. concept: dom dumps isaac because isaac is an awful piece of trash. goes to rooftop escape, cam is there because running away to high places instead of dealing with shit is a family trait. they keep running into each other on the roof and strike up a friendship. Friendship turns into something more and oh look 2016 is just the wolfe/dunn family's year of gay revelations apparently. (1/2)

bernie is aghast because dom KNOWS things about her. serena has to be like chill bae it’s fine he’s family now. zosia high fives dom for kissing the cute boy he likes and then goes off to make out with jac in a supply closet. they go to a christmas party @ raf and fletch’s. raf and fletch are holding hands and, blushing profusely, kiss under mistletoe while everyone cheers. everyone is gay in both the homosexual way and the happy full of cheer way (2/2)

oh my god i have never been happier about any pair of asks in my LIFE

and dom is a trash disaster of course and every time something goes wrong bernie’s halfway out the door to uzbekistan, so the original Gays on a Roof™️ still hold regular fuckup-support-group meetings to try and stay in the boat and then swear each other to silence under pain of ever-more-elaborately-imagined death threats until one time jason overhears them and gets very worried and basically, long story short, hanssen has a really awkward human resources day asking qualified surgeons if they’re serial killers. meanwhile, cam and serena bond over being the reasonable ones and toast about it A Lot when mama bernie is out because let’s be real, they are both horrified by the no-drinking-on-school-nights edict

serena and zosia are fucking lgbtq pride DISASTERS, they are Born Again Gays, they’re sticking rainbows on everything, they only listen to dar and the indigo girls (jac bans zosia from the car stereo for a year after she plays the same sarah mclaughlan album seventeen times in a row), zosia’s handing out informative pamphlets about gender theory and serena gives everyone a set of pride flag coasters for christmas. serena researches flannel. dom thinks this is hilarious and tries to sell zosia on outlandish impulse tattoo ideas. (jac permits ONE sticker on her motorcycle in exchange for zosia not getting the tattoo dom picks for her.) jason wears the “i love my gay aunts” hoodie serena bought him to work every wednesday and assumes the reason bernie seems uncomfortable is because cameron won’t wear the matching “i love my gay mums” one. (one night when bernie looked like her recent search history might include trauma facilities south america, cam gave her the hoodie as a gift and offered to ceremonially burn it with her if holby pridepalooza got to be too much “because i really love my gay mum” and bernie hid it out of sight but kept it forever)

speaking of fashion zosia goes to coffee with guy self every week because he’s in therapy now and not horrible (and he’s honestly fine with zosia being bi but is reeeeeeally trying not to lose his entire mind that jac naylor is banging his daughter) and he suggested that zosh might want to Tone It Down so next week she shows up in this 

(“it’s doubly funny because i’m also bipolar”) and then hands him a hat that says I’M 🌈PROUD🌈 OF MY DAUGHTER and won’t talk to him until he puts it on.

raf and fletch??? like do not change at all except they kiss sometimes not under mistletoe, but the main difference is that morven just hugs them all the time, she’s so happy for them

this got away from me, it’s 2:30 in the morning, needless to say i’m here for this

Okay but imagine this

Newt finds Credence in the sequel and allows him to stay in his suitcase. Since Credence doesn’t have any negative experiences with animals, he gets along with them once he realize that they aren’t going to hurt him. He gets along well with Pickett and the Niffler as he identifies them the most. Pickett even gets to the point where he refuses to return to Newt and would rather to stay with Credence. One day Newt glances over his shoulder and sees Credence smiling as he tickles the Niffler and can’t the smile creeping on to his face. Agh i love this headcanon.

Imagine that Spock has not considered what it really means to have two attractive males as his significant others.  At first he sees no reason to worry that Jim continually returns from away missions with his clothing torn and chest often bared (other than, of course, to confirm that Jim is in fact not in need of medical attention).  He sees no reason to forbid Leonard from leaving his quarters with disheveled hair and a honey-warm drawl because he’s just spent a few hours napping in Spock’s arms.  When it’s time to break out the formal wear because of an upcoming conference, why should Spock think twice that Kirk’s pants are snug in all the right places and Leonard’s jacket accentuates how nicely proportioned he is from shoulders to waist?  As a Vulcan, it simply does not compute to concern one’s self with such matters.

Until, that is, Spock comes to understand the frequency with which some officer or another compliments Kirk, McCoy, or both.  Some men and women even state explicitly while standing right next to Spock what lovely specimens the men are.  In the beginning, he does not find this alarming but mostly pleasing that others also recognize beauty in that which he finds beautiful.  He can only surmise later on that his lack of response often led these people to believe that it would be harmless for them to approach his mates and express their interest.  Of course, when such things occurred, Spock discovers, neither Jim nor Leonard were inclined to mention it to him; and it isn’t until Spock happens to be within earshot of a man of sufficiently high rank trying to convince both Kirk and McCoy into joining him for after-dinner drinks in his private quarters that Spock discerns what is afoot.  He interrupts the individual to collect his mates and escort them to the other side of the room without even acknowledging the presence of the would-be rival.  “That was rude,” McCoy tells him, but Spock is more interested in scanning the remaining crowd to discern if that rival was a fluke or not.

 Eventually it becomes apparent to him that he has missed a step in his education of “finding and retaining the affections of the ones which are desirable for mating.”  Vulcans are careful not to disturb the relationships of other Vulcans.  It is considered futile, not to mention crass, to express interest in another’s bondmate.  But Jim and Leonard are not Vulcan, interact with many other non-Vulcans on a daily basis and are, he comes to realize, attracting the attention of several individuals if Spock’s subtle assessment of the un-shielded minds around him is indeed accurate.  By doing nothing to make his place at their sides apparent he has left his chosen mates essentially unclaimed.

“There is an urgent matter to be resolved,” he explains to Kirk and McCoy.  “We must leave now.”

The three of them do, creating a mental wave of sadness from a great many of the conference attendees that the pretty officers are being taken away.  Thereafter Spock enacts a plan to become more vigilant in protecting what is his, following the advice of his father on several points: an attractive human-mate cannot be unaccompanied at a social gathering; an attractive human-mate who is garbed in a manner to arouse should be asked to wear a covering until such time the covering can be removed for private viewing; an attractive human-mate will naturally draw attention at any given time and therefore should be coached in the subtle methods of dissuading other suitors, such as ‘I am bonded to a strong and capable Vulcan who is nearby’ or ‘your attentions would not be appreciated by my strong and capable Vulcan who is nearby’.  

“If these methods fail,” Sarek advises his son, “then you may think to request that your human-mates take care to appear unattractive in your absence, which logically should resolve the issue most effectively.  I… attempted this method with your mother only once.”

“And the result?” Spock queries.

Sarek answers grimly, “One which should not be repeated by anyone who wishes to remain married.”

“Then what can be done, Father?”

The not-quite resignation in Sarek’s eyes is tempered by the humor of a pleasant memory.  “As Amanda would say, admit your jealousy, my son, and let your humans take pity on you.”

“I see.  I will take this course of action under consideration.”

And Spock does, the end result of which is a laughing Leonard and a grinning Jim and a night spent listening to them tease him about a proclivity Vulcans should not admit to.  But afterwards Spock is pleasantly surprised to find that Jim and Leonard do care about setting his mind at ease, and the first time he witnesses Kirk cutting off a flirtatious ambassador he has a feeling that can only be described as pride.  Then a sheepish Leonard shows up at his shoulder and says, “We might have a problem.  That admiral over there,” and here he points to a hunched-over man surrounded by a circle of wide-eyed crowd-goers, “just got clocked in the nose.  I told him I had a Vulcan nearby like you said and he laughed at me.”

Spock raises an eyebrow in the direction of the fool, then praises his mate, “You did well.  Please remain here with Jim.  I shall only be a moment.”

By the end of his chat with the admiral in which he explains how unfortunate professionally and personally it will become for the man to have ignored the warning given to him, he is secure in the knowledge that there will be fewer incidents of this nature going forward.

Kirk and McCoy rejoin Spock, and they spend the remainder of their evening quite undisturbed by the masses.  As suspected by Spock, what is attractive about Kirk and McCoy individually and collectively has become slightly less attractive in the face of their commitment - and Spock’s - to a singular relationship of three.

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Hai friend, could I possibly get reactions for the RFA (+ V and Unknown if u do them) reacting to MC who drinks water constantly and always has to pee every 5 minutes? Is it inconvenient? Irritating? I hope this was specific, thank you! :3


  • Every five minutes he noticed something moving out of the corner of his eye.
  • He was studying for his upcoming Anatomy test and that blurry movement kept distracting him.
  • After a few moments he realized it was you.
  • And the thing was that you only went in and out of the bathroom.
  • What?
  • What are you doing?
  • He tried to shrug it off before curiosity got the best of him.
  • “MC… Why are you going into the bathroom so much? Is something wrong!? Do yoU FEEL SICK!? ARE YOU OKAY?”
  • He went from stressed to mortified.
  • This man was already by your side, placing his hand on your forehead.
  • You couldn’t help but laugh out loud.
  • “I’m sorry, Yoosung. It’s just that I drink a lot of water and I tend to well… pee a lot.”
  • You let out a breathy laugh before kissing his cheek.
  • “Thank you for worrying. Now, get to study.”


  • He’d been working out for 30 minutes and he kept looking over at you every time you left the room.
  • Every. 5. minutes.
  • It was driving him crazy.
  • He wasn’t mad or anything but his curiosity stirred.
  • He followed quietly after you when you left the room.
  • You heard footsteps behind you and immediately turned around, startling your poor boyfriend.
  • “H-Hey!” he smiled down at you, followed by an awkward silence.
  • “Hey, babe! What’s up?” you started shifting slightly in order to hold it in. lmao.
  • “I… Okay, don’t be weirded out, but I noticed you leaving the room so much and I followed you and you’re acting weird. Is something wrong, princess?” he reached out for your cheek and trailed his fingertips downward.
  • He was so kind it sometimes just melted your heart.
  • You gave him a kind-looking lopsided smile followed by you blushing slightly.
  • “I… Uh… I need to pee… I drink lots of water, haha, I’m sorry for worrying you, babe.”
  • He’s mortified because you probably think he’s a creep until you firmly cup his cheeks and bring him down to press his lips firmly against yours.
  • “Now… I need to pee,” and you started running down the hall and into the restroom.


  • You both decided to spend her day off watching one of Zen’s musicals.
  • After taking a sip of your water bottle you decided to take a bathroom break.
  • Jaehee paused that masterpiece and waited patiently for you, checking her phone meanwhile.
  • And that happened again 5 minutes later, and again, and again.
  • When she paused the musical seemingly out of nowhere you turned to face her and tilted your head.
  • “What’s wrong, Jaehee?”
  • She put the remote down and offered you one of her lovely smiles.
  • MC, if you don’t feel like watching it please tell me. We can do something else..”
  • That’s when it clicked. You were taking too many breaks and she got the wrong idea.
  • “Oh! No, no! I’m sorry! I do. It’s just that I tend to… uh… pee a lot. And… well, I’m sorry. I like drinking water. But I’ll stop until the movie’s over, baby.”
  • She blushed and faced the TV again, resuming the musical.
  • Her blush got 10000x brighter when you pressed a gentle kiss on the corner of her mouth.


  • It was one of those rare days in which he had absolutely nothing to do.
  • You were both lying down on his bed, your fingers locking and unlocking with his.
  • He then started noticing how much you stood up and went into the bathroom.
  • After the fifth time of you going back into the same room he sat up and took out his phone.
  • Is she sick? Oh… I need to call the doctor.
  • Not even 20 minutes went by and there was a knock on your door.
  • “What? Did you invite someone over, love?” you looked over at him, making your way off the bed before a pair of arms locked around your waist and carefully made you lie down.
  • I’ll go get it, princess,” when he walked back into the room, a man in a gray suit with a leather suitcase followed him.
  • “Uh… What’s this?”
  • MC, I called a doctor. I think you may be sick. You’ve been going way too much to the bathroom..”
  • You looked from your husband to the doctor and back at him.
  • “I am… not sick. I tend to…” you hid behind your hair, your hands fidgeting uncontrollably, “…I t-tend to p-pee a lot because I-I drink a lot of w-water.”
  • Jumin seemed unfazed and he turned around and offered the man an apologetic bow, “I’m sorry for taking your time. I’ll make sure to pay you for this.”
  • You immediately stood up and did exactly as he did, “I’m so sorry for the disturbance.”
  • After the doctor left and the stoic man walked back into the room he was greeted by a pillow being thrown at his face.
  • “I’m so embarrassed!” you immediately hid under the covers.
  • Not even a minute passed and you were being pressed against the mattress and had a giant nuzzling into your neck.
  • I’m sorry, love. I was worried.”
  • You smiled and pecked his forehead. “It ok.”


  • You were startled when you walked out of the bathroom for the 15th time in an hour.
  • He was laughing so loud with his phone in his hand, camera pointing at you.
  • He was recording it.
  • “Hey! Stop!” you reached for his phone but he moved it out of your way.
  • You’re like Poseidon! But with your pee! I can hear the mighty waterfall from outside the door!”
  • Oh, that was it.
  • Next thing he knew was that he was on the ground with your legs straddling his waist.
  • He started laughing nervously and abruptly stopped when he felt your hips grind agains his.
  • “Guess who won’t be getting some for a MONTH!?”
  • That’s when you stood and walked back towards the living room, walking past Saeran along the way.
  • “Your brothers an idiot sometimes.”
  • You think I don’t know that? By the way, you left your water bottle on the kitchen counter.”
  • You could hear Seven protesting loudly on the background, making you laugh loudly.

I know you asked for v and saeran too but i tried writing this for them and i just couldn’t get the inspiration.