Here’s some Bjorgmans in your Fjord. 

I always thought that when the trolls sang their Fixer-upper song they said “his manly blonde hair” and I agreed. It’s an awesome blonde. Then I realized that they were saying “unmanly”. Trolls you have it very wrong. It is quite the perf blonde. 

And men with flowers in their hair are pretty much the best thing in the entire world. FACT.

do you ever start doing a thing for shits and giggles and then discover you got genuinely invested in it at some point?!??

The Night of the Hunter is a significant piece of my childhood cinematic history, abusing it via Gravity Falls/Bipper twaddle is obviously a beneficial artistic exercise and not at all a self indulgent waste of strength


Peter Paul Rubens

Four Studies of a Male Head

Netherlands (c. 1617-19)

Oil on canvas transferred from wood, 51 x 66 cm.

Musées Royaux des Beaux-Arts, Brussels.

These are by far the best photographs I have seen on this work, and we all owe a debt to the photographer. Four Studies is one of Ruben’s most popular pieces, despite the fact that it’s not one of his monumental works (some of which I have had the delight of seeing in person, and they are distinctively massive).

Studies like this one were usually meant to serve as reference in the creation those larger compositions, which would usually depict scenes from the Christian bible, Greek or roman mythology, or historical scenes of battles, monarchs, or other notable events.

And y'all thought the Markiplier studies were done. NOPE! Gonna keep doing these till my expressions come more naturally in my drawings. I’ve noticed that my expressions are starting to improve though in my personal drawings as well as my boards due to these studies. Also just learning to correct myself in terms of how an expression works. Wanted to also try no underdrawing and just going for lines this time. Yup

I said to myself I was gonna finish this after my first final, but my hand slipped and here it is. I don’t know what to put as the background so I whipped this up as filler. Any suggestions would be nice!