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Headcanons of Victor/Yuri P./Yuuri 's reaction when his s/o accidentally injured herself during a skating' competition!!

((I’ve already done something similar for Viktor ^^))


-Isn’t that panicky, but instead looks at the situation rationally

-Don’t get me wrong, he’s still worried, he just isn’t screaming like Viktor

-Probably knows a lot about medicine, so he can treat s/o himself

-But if it’s more serious, he’ll let the medics take over, so he doesn’t mess up

-He’ll be a lot more careful with s/o the next few days


-Poor thing is scared and doesn’t know what to do

-He actually goes inside the rink to get s/o himself

-Someone hug him, please

-Scolds s/o for injuring themselves

-Blushes if s/o teases him about how caring he’s being

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