I was an Anthony Weiner supporter for a long time, pre Carlos Danger obviously. I wanted for him to one day end up as mayor of NYC, and was willing to volunteer for the campaign.

And as his political career imploded and he became a ridiculous punchline, where I took plenty of shots myself, I just kept wishing he’d go away. For his own sake, for his wife’s sake, for his son’s sake and for the sake of the city of New York.

Let’s ignore the fact that he has the potential to cause damage to Hillary Clinton’s campaign this fall. He shouldn’t, because he’s an inconsequential jackass, but since his wife may very well be the White House Chief of Staff he’ll be tied to the campaign.

After tonight’s news, you’ve got to imagine that Huma Abedin is already on the phone with a very good divorce lawyer. I won’t be surprised if he ends up prosecuted for child endangerment.

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Egypt. BUT COOLER! OH MY GOOOOD!! *Artica yipped eagerly as she was sketching a murales on some Shuriman ruins, sitting onto a fallen pillar. A huge smile was on her face, as she wrote a little description beside the drawing*

Nasus was on one of his normal patrols, checking up on some of the old ruins that still littered the sands. His ears twitched however as he heard a voice, walking closer to the ruins to inspect it. When he found a being sitting on a pillar writing something in a book. “You there, what interest do you have in these ruins?” he asked her, his staff resting at his side.

My dad is a colonel in the Idaho army national guard, and is in charge of about 5000 soldiers. He is a male, white, straight, cis, upper middles class, fairly wealthy, American, healthy, officer in the army, so I’ve told him he’s probably in the top 1% of the privileged people in the world.

Because of my obnoxious social justice leanings, this summer he learned about what it really means to be transgender. He told me tonight that he asked his medical staff to put together an informational pamphlet about trans people for his soldiers, so they’d be more accepting.

I have never been more proud.


The Yakai 05/26/2016: That one time Sho gives a quiz and ends up revealing the answer right away.

Jongin came out during Lucky performance & joined in to sing with members he looked “very very” happy … sound didnt come out of jongin’s mic & he had this ㅂ ㅅ ㅂ expression on  he smiled prettily watching confetti falling down on stage … jongin running his hand through his hair while singing is really very pretty … there was a jongin fan in front of OP  & she was waving at him;jongin looked at that fan and smiled prettily as he greeted her … jongin couldnt hear his in-ear and he looked at the staff with this expression ㅂ_‘ㅂit was  SO CUTE … jongin had a very happy expression the whole time he was singing that OP felt overwhelmed with emotion


160820+4: Kyungsoo mentions

[Kim Kyutae also produced for It’s Okay, It’s Love.]

160820 Kim Kyutae: “In Baekhyun’s case, he’s bright in reality and so matched well with his character. My daughter likes EXO, so I was made aware that way too (laughs). I watched EXO’s webdrama and I also asked Kyungsoo, who said ‘I think Baekhyun will suit [the character] a lot.’ I believe that he’ll show well in this role.”

160824 Baekhyun: At Scarlet Heart: Ryeo’s press conference on the 24th, Baekhyun said, “Before I started filming, I asked D.O., who had worked with director Kim Kyutae, what kind of person he was. Aren’t there a few scary directors? I don’t like being scared, just like anyone else. But D.O. said he was a ‘really very good person’ so I could probably stay comfortable and enjoy filming.”

He added, “All the staff and cast kept such an easy atmosphere on set, I dare say my inexperienced acting stuck out less.”

source: newsadeosen | translation: fydk

hater: *talks shit about suho*

me: but does ur fave care and protect his group members like a mother? does he wake up early on their b-days to sing em happy b-day and bring em cake? does he ask the staff at events if his members can go to the bathroom instead cuz they’re too shy to ask? does he do THE DISHES? is your fave trying? is your fave so hard working and responsible he doesn’t have time for a SOCIAL LIFE? does great leader pop up as a recommended search on google when u type his name? does he try to lighten up the mood with dad jokes as awkwardly as suho can? does he-*chokes up* have…suho’s eyebrows?


me: that’s right, didn’t think so

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What kind of work do you do? (if you don't mind answering)

I’m a lawyer! I used to do civil litigation, but the focus of my (relatively new) practice is shifting toward corporate/commercial law and some wills/estates stuff. (I still litigate as often as I can, though, because I love courtroom advocacy.)

I work for a smallish general-practice firm in an out-of-the-way town. It doesn’t pay nearly as much as a big city firm would, but the hours are far more manageable and the overall atmosphere is much more laid-back. (For example, my boss doesn’t mind if I blog at work as long as I get my tasks done on time and give my clients my full attention when they call or come in. He battles with the same mental health issues that I do, and he understands that my blog helps me cope with those issues. I’m very, very lucky to have a supervisor who actively encourages me to do what I need to do to de-stress, especially in this line of work.)

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Kitten wasn't sleeping in his bed like he was supposed to. Instead, he had been moved by staff to the Office to stay with the Night Guard. She could hear the phone message, "Okay, um, we found this little animatronic, he got chased by some children today. We still don't know where he came from, but he is called The Kitten for now. Um, make sure the others stay away from him. We are looking for his owners."

[ @merc9andazombie ]

Once the clock struck 12, Cindy moved from her spot and went to check up on Kitten, only to find that he’s not there.

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BAEKHYUN FRICKEN MASSAGED CHANS WAIST BEFORE THEY WENT ON STAGE!!!! NOPE NOPE NOPE....NOOO IM DONE IM SO DONE... *sobs violently* admin-nim this is to much for me to handle! ><

Chanyeol was seen limping and it was obvious that he was injured since he needed help from a staff

(this one has a typo it’s supposed to be 160826)

Alright first things first..


He needs some rest and I hope he gets well asap because he looked like he was in pain ;-;


And people say that these two are drifting apart ;-; they still care a lot about each other

(And a third I am so sad because I’ve been missing on some Chanbaek moments like some stuff at the music bank and lotto’s first win AUGHHHH and I didn’t post anything about the video that SM posted because those two were so adorable during that ;-; sorry guys if I’ve been lacking, I hate school) 


Bull found Solas in a state of full blown rage, leaning against the tree with both hands, out of breath, chin to his chest, seething, frustrated. He picked up the discarded staff from the ground, held it by his side, and approached with caution, as he would a familiar but rabid dog.

“Hey, Solas,” he said. “You okay?”

Solas did not respond.

“Is—I mean, how’s it going with you two? Everything fine there?”

Again, the glaring. “This isn’t about us two,” he said. “You’ve seen it. All day, it’s been recklessness with her. Stupidity. Searching out the most immediate danger she can find and going straight to it. There’s much more at stake here than just us.”

“Hmm,” said Bull. “I see what you’re saying, and I…sort of agree. But I also have a question.”

“Of course you do.”

“How many ladies you been with in your time, Solas? I’m curious.”

Immediately, this broke the tension. Solas looked up at him, perplexed. “What?”

“Okay, fine. I get it. I don’t need a number. But I get the feeling it’s…pretty high.”

“Oh, do you?”

“Look, don’t ask me how I know. Maybe it’s the apostate thing. Makes you seem like sort of a…bad boy. And the serving girls, you’ve got a way with them. Especially the elves. You can tell a lot about a man based on how he treats the serving girls. You get them fawning, let them win a little bit, while still maintaining a certain…authority. You’ve got an ease about you. You deal with women as if you’ve been there plenty of times before. Not all men have that. Take the Commander, for example. Sexy, smart, but any time he tries talking to a woman, he’s so terrified he ends up tripping over his own dick.”

Solas found himself just staring at the Iron Bull. He wasn’t sure how they’d gotten on this topic, but for whatever reason it was working. His anger released. Now, he just felt sort of pleasantly numb around the edges. It was almost transcendent. “I suppose.”

“You, though,” Bull went on, “you know the exact position of your dick at any given moment. How low it hangs, how it swings. You don’t trip, Solas. You’re…smooth. What do you think about that?”

“I think you’ve been spending too much time with Dorian,” said Solas.

“Ha!” said Bull, clapping him on the shoulder. “You’ve got me there.”

—  Chapter 15: Stand-off in the Arbor Wilds (preview), The Dead Season

It all happens with a snap,pulling on a green glowing tether until something gives and then it’s gone. That’s how he describes it. The boy pulls his hand close to himself, feeling an uncomfortable tingle like needles shaken in a jar, as the Tevinter turns to face him. When he’d first walked into the fight, there was no time to notice the key things about his appearance.

Such as how small he was, how all his armor was hemmed and fitted and redone to fit his little figure and still he cuffed his sleeves and the pure light in his blue eyes that suggested they hadn’t seen enough for it to start to dim. He wiped blood from his cheek, obviously winded and worn after the brief fight, but he stood with a rigid and strong backbone, as he moved his staff back to it’s harness. It had to be a special project; it was just his size. His complexion was fair, his hair as dark was Dorian’s, but of course starting to become a little over grown.

The Herald of Andraste was a little boy. Twelve, at the most. But the demons and the rift hadn’t stood a chance against him. “Did you send the note?” he asked, his voice feathery as he caught his breath.


Twitter Hires A Man To Make Sure It’s Hiring Enough Women And Minorities

Twitter Inc hired former Apple Inc employee Jeffrey Siminoff as vice president of diversity and inclusion, according to the micro-blogging website operator’s employees.

Siminoff, who was previously the director of worldwide inclusion and diversity at Apple, replaces Janet Van Huysse.

Van Huysse, who has been with Twitter for six years, announced her departure on the social networking website on Tuesday.


It’s kind of ironic that they hired a white person as vice president of diversity and inclusion. I do not doubt his tolerance and open mindedness, I’m sure he will do a great job and will be able to boost proportion of female employees and underrepresented minorities, but wouldn’t it make more sense to hire someone who’d represent the discriminated part of US population? I think it would. Good luck to Jeffrey though, and I hope he will indeed diversify the staff at Twitter Inc, because we all deserve equal rights.


He stared at the other until he heard her voice and relaxed slightly. Seeing her face did help, and he almost couldn’t believe that Yda had managed to do what he failed to do. Obviously, she had good luck and didn’t run into Livia.

{❧} —- “Yda…”

Papalymo wanted to just hug her and let her carry him out, but the chains wouldn’t let him do that.

{❧} —- “Can you… Unlock the chains please?”

If he could get his staff off his back, then he would be able to heal himself enough so he didn’t bleed out or get an infection. He almost didn’t believe that Yda was actually there, but he was sure that was her.

{❧} —- “I’m… so glad you actually came.”

“Sure, I can do that.”

Yda walked over, starting to fiddle with the chains for a few moments. Thankfully, it didn’t take her too long to unlock them, though she did struggle briefly to find the right key. At the very least, it worked in the end, and she gently lowered him to the ground.

“Of course… When I found out you were here, I wasn’t just going to wait, or abandon all of you. It’s only obvious that I would come find you.”

A small smile crossed her face, and she paused, before shaking her head slightly. She didn’t like seeing him in this state… Honestly, it angered her quite a bit. But at the very least, he was still alive. That was the important thing.

“And I’m glad I managed it. You look like you could use the help…”