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gorillaz w/ s/o where there's a mutual love and disregard for PDA ?

2D: He’s already pretty clingy so he doesn’t have a problem with it. Holding your hand is like a second nature to him and is constantly gives you small pecks on the cheek

Murdoc: He’s quite protective and likes letting people know your his so PDA is a common occurrence. He always has an arm around you and if he catches someone making eyes at you he isn’t a stranger to a public make out session

Noodle: Whilst she isn’t overly affectionate in public she doesn’t mind it when she’s around you. She likes holding your hand and she likes it when you rest your chin on her head

Russel: Doesn’t have strong opinions either way and he isn’t one to turn down affection. He’ll gladly get a little lovey dovey in public, he likes making you mildly flustered

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Maybe you cud write Jason meeting Lian for the first time. Maybe he's worried about being like his own dad or Bruce. But Roy had Ollie and he turned out pretty good so

“What are you so nervous about?” Tim didn’t look up from his math homework when he spoke, and Jason didn’t look at him as he twisted in the mirror. “This is my first time meeting Lian dude” 

“she’s 4, kids love you, it’ll be fine”

“Kids don’t all love me Timbo! Damian hates me”

“Damian hates everyone, what’s the big deal? you’ve known Roy since you were my age, you’ve been dating for months, you really think he’s gonna take a veto from a 4 year old?” 

Jason sighed and turned from the mirror waving toward his polo shirt which Tim looked over and nodded at. Jason plopped down next to him on the bed. “I mean if he doesn’t like how I am with her? that’s it, he’s so protective of her, I fuck up, I say fuck, he’ll cut me off like” he tried to snap a few times, Tim laughed and snapped his fingers “yeah like that, thanks, my hands are sweating” 

Tim closed his math book and looked at Jason “okay, because I’m your brother and I love you I will say this once but if you tell any one I will lie like fuck and say it never happened. You are a good guy, a good person, Roy likes you for you and he wouldn’t let you near her if he wasn’t sure, Roy isn’t gonna let you test drive being Lian’s dad, he already knows, this is it Jay” 

“You sure Timbo, I mean I don’t have the best dad models, there’s my dad and Bruce can be…”

“Yeah a jerk, Bruce can be a huge jerk, but whatever, Roy was raised by Oliver Queen, that guy… wow I mean Bruce has his moments but”

“I know right”

“and Roy’s a good dad right?”

Jason nodded. “Okay good now go you don’t want to be late” Tim pushed Jason on the shoulder.

Roy Harper’s House Star City

Jason had barely knocked on the door when it swung open and Roy stood in a tank top smiling at him. “You really didn’t need to dress up” he commented “she’s 4. she’s not gonna care” then he leaned in for a kiss. “Icky! gross! Daddy no kissing!” a small pouty voice came from inside. Jason broke the kiss and looked over Roy’s shoulder, in the hall was a small girl with black hair and green eyes, she looked like her mother. Roy turned “sorry sweetie, this is Jason, remember we talked about him?” Her eyes narrowed as she looked at Jason. “Are you my dad’s boyfriend?” Jason felt sweat break out all over, the logical part of his brain knew she’d just seen them kissing and Roy had already told her. However his whole body had the reaction he’d used to have when meeting his date’s parents back in high school, only much worse. “Um yeah I guess I am” 

She seemed to think about this for a minute. “Okay! come draw with me!” Jason’s jaw dropped “um what?” she laughed at him “come. draw. with. me!” she grabbed his hand and started dragging him into the house. “no point fighting Jaybird” Roy said with a smile following along “she always gets her way sooner or later.” 

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Do you have Fluffy headcanons for the US and SF bro's with their S/Is?

(Yeaahh, I love some good fluff)

US Sans

  • Energetic cuddly bear. The cuddles will be short but good and frequent.
  • He is pretty strong and can lift you up, so he will carry you around sometimes, for some cuddles on the go.
  • He is pretty small, so expect him to curl up ontop of you when you two sleep next to each other.
  • Hes very soft so it’s always a good time.
  • He loves cooking, especially for people he likes, if you like cooking you can both cook together.

US Papyrus: 

  • Very tall bean, so his hugs are amazing, it’s like beeing enveloped by a big, warm ,orange cloud.
  • Will drape his entier body over the couch, nomatter if you are sitting on it or not. Prepare to have legs or other bodyparts on you almost the whole time.
  • Will fall asleep on you hile standing, he will just lean his head on your head or shoulder and fall asleep.
  • His hoodies are extra large, so you can snuggle in there with him.
  • Magical finger lead to magical massages. He is pretty lazy so it’s a rare occurence, but it’s worth the wait.
  • If you want to return the favor, pet his neck, he will melt in your hands like wax.

SF Sans

  • Similar to Swap Sans, short but frequent cuddels.
  • Very protective of you, always pulls you closer when there are shady people around to make sure you are safe.
  • He is a bit like a cat, he will rub his head sligthly against you while you two are cuddling, and you migth even hear a sligth purring.
  • He loves baking, and will make little cupcakes for you. They are probably burnd and have weird ingredients in them, but they are made with love and taste not to bad.

SF Papyrus

  • Very tall and lanky dude you can nap on perfectly. A lot of space to lie on and cuddle. He will probably nap too.
  • He is very calm and relaxed, and has a quite, soft voice. He can help you out if you are nervouse or anxious about something.
  • Very gentle to people he likes, and you are definitly on this list, expect cute little gestures, small things like cute notes,hes to lazy for anything grand, and sudden cuddle/nap sessions.