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Hi, I'm looking for fics where Bellamy doesn't Clarke's into guys too, so he doesn't even think about the possibility of her returning his crush, thanks

if you guys are familiar with any more, please let us know!

jinlian “ngl i have to say the biggest stretch were the people saying…”

it’s a stretch and is just a convenient screenshot taken out of context for sure but also I Want To Believe

Listen I’m gay and desperate too but at best a kiss happening that fast would be them smashing teeth. I’d rather imagine their post performance kiss while laughing and teasing each other over how sweaty/sore they are. 

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ok but autism spectrum!sherlock liking the sensation of weight on him and one day just going "john sit on my legs" and john's like "?? why???" "I NEED TO *THINK*" and so john does and after a couple of times of sherlock asking him he doesn't even think about it if he sees sherlock laid out on the couch he just. walks over and sits down. sherlock gives a happy little sound and continues thinking or whatever he was doing


Gabe Head canon

So contrary to popular belief, I love head canon Gabe as a really physically affectionate person. Like yeah, he’s still the hard ass his troops know and fear but he’s also the guy that casually ruffles hair and offer fist bumps. You could catch him and Morrison walking through base with Gabe’s arm around his shoulder. After a particularly tough training session with Jesse, it’s high fives galore and putting the little knucklehead in a playful headlock to ruffle his hair. And even when something devestating has happened to his men or blackwatch alone, he’ll offer you a shoulder to cry on.

See what I’m getting at? Affectionate Gabriel 2k16!