“Cas? What…what are you doing?” 

Cas turned from the mirror and looked at you with look you had never seen him make before; raised eyebrows and a subtle nod, and he popped the collar of the leather jacket with his hands in a quick movement. 

“Well? What do you think?” He asked, his jaw still clenched like a plastic ken doll. 

“What do I…? I think, um, Cas? You look like Dean.”

“Good,” he said, looking down at himself and smiling like an idiot.


“Yes,” he replied matter of factly. “I’m a hunter now, Y/N. It’s about time I started dressing like one. At least, that’s what Dean told me, anyway.”


real talk.

I’m not a fan of the fila chris pics.


waitwait hear me out, bro!

I guess I just miss the beard.

when he’s clean shaven, he’s too pretty.

when he’s clean shaven as steve, he’s pretty, but he’s steve, so he’s still adorable.

when he’s beardy, he’s asdfghjkl! because lumbersexual.

but in these pics, I feel like he doesn’t look real. like a ken doll or something.

I don’t know guys… I just need scruff!

please don’t strip me of my female rights…