"Multa," inquit, "intervenient, propter quae et malus pro bono surrepat et bonus pro malo displiceat; 
f a l l a c e s  e n i m  s u n t  r e r u m  s p e c i e s, 
quibus credidimus."
          — L. Annaeus Seneca.
you’re too damn innocent for this world. it kills me because people are going to walk all over you and you’ll just apologize for the mess on their shoes. you’re ethereal, my love. something a lot of people won’t understand.
—  something an ex told me years ago

anonymous asked:

Hi there. Okay, so I'm writing this story and I keep using he said, she said, I said. There really isn't any other word that I use other than said after somebody says something. Any suggestions? The tone of the story is like, super serious.

Instead of saying ‘he said’, you could just make it known that he’s speaking by his actions. These are called ‘action tags’. For example, “He recoiled from her with a glare, “What did you say to me?”” He’s the focus of the moment, so when I transition right into his dialogue, the reader knows he’s the one speaking. 

Or you could try using more diverse dialogue tags. Here’s a few resources:

Dialogue tags

100 Ways to Say Said

List of Dialogue Tags

She Said Alternatives- Dialogue Tags

Write on!

As some of you already know, I went Seoul last week, I had a really good time there. Although I didn’t get to see Bigbang Final concert, but I watched it from V-app, still great!! So, I also went to GD’s Dolcebita pension on the last day of my trip, it was fully booked!!! OMG.. GD’s dad came to pick us from the bus terminal, and he’s really nice, he asked if we want to get some food before going in. So I bought some fried chicken from Lotteria. Here are some pics!

Since the pension was fully booked, the staffs organised a dinner with everyone, Appa Kwon joined us of course. We had Korean BBQ, he was sitting on the same table. We ordered soju, me and my friends had so much fun eating and drinking, he looked at us and he told me a few times that my face was red, lol. so awkward. But I swear I wasn’t drunk at all…

The grand piano from “Who You” MV was kept in the cafe. I’m a little disappointed that it wasn’t really well maintained because I tried to play and some keys went off pitch. 

The breakfast provided to all the guests. 

Some photobooks from the fansites and magazines.

And lastly, can’t miss this opportunity to take a picture together, eh?