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Nikiforovs' HC: Mama Nikiforov is the enthusiastic parent that tells Viktor to follow his dreams and if his dream is to be with Yuuri, she hands him the plane tickets to go to Japan. Mr. Nikiforov sheds tears at the airport: because his son has found meaning in his life, and Viktor took Makkachin with him to Japan.


i’m a fan of victor having supportive parents who love him very much but let him live his life and are always there for him when he needs!! they’d sure love yuuri and try their best to make him feel at home in russia!

Even when passersby called him a monster…Even when the other Egos doubted him, hoping he wouldn’t notice…Even when he wondered if he really was what the strangers said…Robbie knew he could always count on Sam. His creator’s little friend always found the gentleness in him.

This is my first time drawing Robbie the Zombie and it was so much fuuuun! Much more fun than I expected, actually XD All he needs is a little love.

In our lives, we should always remember to be thankful for what we have now, and pray for what we want to be or to happen. It may not happen when we want it to, but it will happen for us when He needs it to.

🙏🏽🕉📿🔱Pray, Love, & Live

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You know that type of kid who's so formal and like sticks to the manual because he's afraid that if he does something different its not going to work out thats how shawn is rn with his performances or maybe because ive seen too much performances of tnhmb that theres nothing really you can mix it up with it



Angst for y'all


In a new Sander Sides Q&A a fan asks Logan who would Logan get rid of in the group

Logan then proceeds to name why each sides is important for Thomas well-being, except himself.

Patton realizes this and asks

“What about you Logan?”

Everyone else expected him to say that he was the intelligent one in the group.

Instead Logan looked at everyone else with sad eyes and said in a very quiet voice,

“I don’t know.”

Happy birthday Zen!
Here’s my April Fools’ prank. I promised something spicy but you get fluff instead. I hope you’re not making a sad face. I’m smiling (: 

All my love and support goes out to Seunghyun aka T.O.P right now. Him, his family, V.I.P’s and BIGBANG need all the support they can get. Tabi doesn’t deserve this and I hope he wakes up soon and recovers . He needs to see how much people still love and care for him during all this scandal. Now out of all the times he needs the most love and support. I don’t care who you stan, but for a moment forget about the stupid fanwars and please support Seunghyun.

Stanley had been through so much in his life. He needs a lot of love 

From getting harassed by bullies…

To getting depression over the idea of his brother leaving him…

To his dad kicking him out…

To having many business failures and being in some prisons….

to getting a burnt mark from his brother…

To losing his brother for 30 years…

To losing his girlfriend Carla to a hippie…

To being through many divorces…

To being lonely for awhile on a fishing trip…

To losing his beloved wax statue…

To getting emotional over a sad film….

To getting torchered with tomato…

To getting torchured by kids on Summerween

To losing a lot of money on Cash Wheel…

To getting torchured by Gideon over his favorite chair in the public pool…

To losing the shack and making the kids leave for a while…

To being hurt that his brother had rejected him even after he saved him…

To being heartbroken when he thought that he wasn’t a hero to the kids…

To being hurt when the townspeople ignored him…

To losing his memory when he saved everyone from Bill…

And to having to say goodbye to the kids at the end of the summer.

Poor Stan, he’s really been through way too much in his life. 

Reblog to show him love and that you care and appreciate him :*)

Also give him a big hug. He really needs it, folks :*)

Fav Lucas things from this season

-*kicks down door*

“Mr. Sinclair!”

“…I was looking for study hall”

-how he puts on the camo bandanna every time shit goes down

-actually got to know Max as a friend before making a move

-“totally tubular”

-his high pitched little scream

-kicked a racist in the balls

-practiced asking Max to dance in front of the mirror

-messed up anyway

-is perfect and I would die for him


He is so fucking soft

Hes so sweet

And just look at that


I mean cmon

This man

And he handled his VERY FIRST

Extra Life SO FUCKING WELL????

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He got body slammed?

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He kissed shifty?

And he did it with dancing and seduction

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look at him

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I would kill for him

This has been an Alfredo Diaz appreciation post

I need more of The Sauce™

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And you do to