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160209 kjm830911 IG update with Donghae .

He wrote that Donghae said he misses Seowon(his daughter). If Seowon could write a letter to Hae, It would help him get well soon. So it seems like this is an old pic and Hae’s condition is still not good ㅠㅠ [c]


Her part was done. Now it was up to the financial department to explain to the potential investors why getting involved would be rewarding for them. She sat down on the only spare chair at the conference table and her attention drifted off from the well-practiced speech which accompanied her colleague’s PowerPoint presentation, she had heard this multiple times. Letting her mind wander she looked at the faces cramped around the table, the ones who were holding all their hopes to be able to continue. There was only one other woman among them, she sighed. Thinking about the imbalance in the top management her glance reached her seat neighbor.

A little dark lock peeking out behind his ear caught her attention. Drifting to the back of his head she noticed he was wearing his hair in a sloppy made bun. This was not usual attire. His soft-curved neck lead to a cute shaped ear, like those of a Middle Earth elf with a pointed top ending. Salt and pepper colored stubbles accentuated a sharp stand-out cheekbone. By now she was so intrigued by the features and caught up to dissect every detail that the ongoing conference was barely more than a soothing backing noise. Long, full lashes were framing big round, slightly protruding eyes, almost reaching the dark and thick eyebrows. Little wrinkles at the edge of the lid were the only signs of age on the otherwise flawless skin. If anything, the skin amazed her, it seemed pore less and it had a creaminess to it. Looking up to the hair line she couldn’t find one single pimple, searching along the cheekbone and his side there wasn’t one either. Some of the facial hair was covering the corner of the mouth, not giving away how the thin upper lip met the rose colored bottom lip. Suddenly a pointed tongue swept over, wetting the soft flesh and made her heart skip a beat. Fascinated she watched how the color changed to a glistering pink, two pearly teeth became visible and clamped down hard, making the heart-shape of the top lip more prominent. The dent above was strong and lead to a cheeky button-nose she fell instantly in love with. She had never seen such a perfect doll nose on a living human before. Getting back to eye level her gaze got caught by a bulging vein directly underneath. It was v-shaped and the dark of the blood was visible making her feel like a thirsty vampire. Raising her eyes she was looking directly into an ocean of blue. She had been caught! She could feel the unmistakable heat rising, knowing her face was taking on the color of a well-cooked lobster.

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Idk whats the point of al this pap thing but keep bringing those hqs, he looks soooo beautiful 😍😍😍

I knoooow he looks so handsome, every photo is truly a masterpiece.