honestly cant imagine living past 100??? like once u hit 90 unless ur some kind of health freak u can barely move like do i really want to live some 10+ years of my life having to fully rely on someone to move me everywhere and feed me and bathe me??? no?? i dont want people to see me naked firstable and also thats just really boring like yeah i do sit on my ass all day and do nothing but at least i still have full bodily movement if im fuckin old i just have to deal w it like god damn. kill me when i hit 70

rocketman-ngin asked:

"Ohhh you've done it NOW, you dastardly devil creature!" shouted N. Gin, rolling up in a familiar looking mech. Looks like he's heard some things.

Not again, what did he do now? Crash narrow his eyes at him and yet seems
shortly confused. Oh, The bandicooot realized the reason Gin is mad cause 
Crash haves been recently hanging out with Techa apparently. Knew it would happen.

Its been a long while since Crash didn’t see him very well though it 
seems that N. Gin been hearing about this bandicoot while he was gone. 

  • what she says:I'm fine
  • What she means:Richard Armitage finally got recognized for his talent and his wonderful portrayal of thorin oakenshield and he is amazing and I'm trash and he deserves every single bit of recognition and happiness for the amount of effort he puts in his work anD OH GOD OH MY GOD HE IS WEARING A FLOWER CROWN AND JESUS JESUS CHRIST HE IS NAPPING WITH THE FLOWER CROWN AND THIS MAN IS SUCH A FUCKING DORK I'M DONE I'M SO DONE GODDAMMIT I LOVE HIM SO MUCH