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(same anon with 2 quads and a triple rez) i was just shy of 1v1ing her reinhardt who had like 20 health left and she healed him and he killed me. when i was like D:< in chat she said "im not that kind of mercy, unlike you." like m8 why. why do you hate other mercys like this. and i was 1v1ing him because it was the only way for me to stay alive like whaaaaaaaaaaat.

Yeesh maybe she didn’t understand the situation or she’s one of the smug Mercys I’ve met 

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Hey Po, why weweree you sent away and what happened to your blades?

Po: It was for multiple reasons, The main one being my lack of blades. I used to be in one of the strongest bisharp groups, my father was the leader. You can imagine the disappointment on his face when i came out as, dull. He wanted to kill me on the spot, but my mother persuaded him in saying i would grow them soon….Sadly, as the years went by, nothing.So he took her life for keeping me around…Like the saying goes, a dull knife has no use..


tried to compliment reaper on his cool pirate outfit after the meeting and he yelled at me for an hour then pushed a bunch of books into my hands and told me that if I hadn’t read them all by tomorrow he’d kill me

don’t know what this author’s issue with birds is


harry styles x another man lockscreens

Part 1 (2)

Like if save/use please :)

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A masterpiece