“Or as some #BlackLivesMatter activists say, it’s like going to an AIDS walk and shouting "all diseases matter!” Some people think they are being more inclusive by saying #AllLivesMatter in response to #BlackLivesMatter but in reality they are (un)consciously undermining the purpose of the movement.”

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because of the new official art + your drawing, i've nicknamed terushima as "birdbrain" and i refuse to call him anything else

So I gather from various peoples stories that Ben came out quite a bit later than the other actors to the last stage door appearance. Let’s be real- it took that whole extra time just to shave the beard.

{still one of my favorite bloopers from once is when a hoarse neighs in the background of an emotional scene with Regina and Cora in the stables, and Lara says ‘On that note’ and Barbara loses it and has to bury her face in Lara’s neck. So stinking cute

Also I think it’s a scene with Hook and Rumple but someone knees Colin in the crotch and he starts laughing, and in his natural accent, says ‘you crunched me right in the nuts’

wait did Josh just ask Colin ‘are you enjoying us’}

Also WHAT THE FUCK was up with the speed/accuracy/strength that Siris had wit his prosthetic leg, fucking look at him speeding around and hitting things with enough force to sever people in half and impale them. what the fuck. Holy shit Siris, who the fuck were you before all this???? “trained killer of men” suddenly doesn’t sound like a normal soldier at all. the fuck.