mY HEART WHOOSHED 💖💞💕💝💘💓💗💖💞💕💝💘💓💗

the second time; prologue

author @wydobrien

pairing reader x dave hodgman

warning/s serious cuteness and dave just being cute tbh.

word count 1,134

authorโ€™s note this is only just to give you a taste of what (y/n) and daveโ€™s relationship is like (and itโ€™s fuckin adorable ok). tell me what you think! iโ€™m already working on a first part because iโ€™m actually proud of this. i recommend using the interactivefics chrome extension to make this series more personal to you since i went the third person route (you fill in the (y/n) part with your own name and itโ€™ll show up on here). dave needs more love!!

part one.

ย  โ€œWait, wait, so howโ€™re you going to do this exactly?โ€ (y/n) probes, peering up from her criss-crossed position on his bed at him with a look of hindered confusion. Dave sighs heavily, throwing his hand back into his hair, and rolls his tongue along his lips as he prepares to reiterate his plan for a fourth time.

ย  Dave Hodgman, her best friend in the whole wide shitty world, was planning on confessing his feelings to a girl who serially slept around with hot guysโ€”a girl who held deep talks with him afterward or beforehand one of her relationships doesnโ€™t work out just like they always donโ€™t, a girl who could make any pair of jeans work for her, a girl who (y/n) absolutely wishes she was. That girl was Jane Harmon.

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“Snow Angel”

Bernie, the St. Bernard can’t help himself…he’s just too cute! 😊 If I’m wandering around outside looking for photo inspiration, he keeps an eye on me and always knows exactly where I am. I couldn’t ask for a sweeter, kinder (or cuter) puppy than Bernie. He’s my snow angel.😊(1.16.18)