how is louis even alive when he’s constantly on the receiving end of a Harry Smile?????? how is harry even alive when he’s constantly on the receiving end of a Louis Smile??????

So I ask you: Are you looking for empty thrills in life, or do you want to feel a power that can give you a lasting sense of life and fulfillment?  Empty thrills or the power of grace?  To find fulfillment, to gain new strength, there is a way.  It is not a thing or an object, but a person, and he is alive.  His name is JESUS CHRIST.
—  Pope Francis’ Homily - WYD 2016 Blonie Krakow / Poland
Alive (jbff) — preview

So this is the fanfic idea I started awhile ago called undercover but then deleted. I decided to re-write it but with the same concept. The first chapter should be posted on my wattpad(secutemer) soon.

“One year ago from today pop star, Justin Bieber passed away in a car crash. His body was never found but by the amount of blood on the scene there could be no way he’s still alive.” Little did they know…I hold the remote in my hand, my green eyes staring at the flat screen television in front of me. “Today his fans started a trend on Twitter ”#Wemissyoujustin". Despite his troubled ways, Justin Bieber’s death has been the saddest in a while.“ A small smile curls on my plump lips at the mention of the hashtag. They’re the reason I regret doing this. I miss them.

The brunette goes on about my sudden death, my fingers pressing the arrow to change the channel. I stretch on the leather couch, setting the remote on the coffee table, the show catfish flashing on the screen. I miss my parents… I remember seeing the pictures of them at my funeral, it took everything in me to not expose myself. I needed a break, an actual break… Of course, I’ll “come back to life” eventually. I can’t hide forever—or can I?


Benny and Dean

You and Benny reuniting with Dean in Purgatory. Lots of angst

Requested by personal-boogeyman~

“Are you sure Dean is around here somewhere?” You worriedly asked the vampire, sweeping your gaze across the dim forest. There was no sign of your friend after he was separated during an ambush. The longer it took to find him, the harder it was to keep faith that he was alive.

But Benny nudged your shoulder, offering a smirk. “‘Course I’m sure. You both are lit up like lighthouses on a foggy night. He’s ‘round here somewhere.”

You wanted to argue, but you couldn’t come up with the words. Traveling with a vampire still felt odd; especially now that Dean was no where to be found. If he was dead, you didn’t think you would be able to return home without him. It would feel wrong.

As you both continued trekking through the silent forest, the sound of a breaking twig halted both you and Benny. Both your heads swung around to the source of the sound, raising your weapons. But out stumbled Dean; he was more bloody and battered than the last time you saw him. But he was alive.

“Dean!” You exclaimed, exhaling a breath you didn’t know you were holding. When you embraced him in a hug, the Winchester clutched you tighter to him. You both were scared-stiff for the other; you were the only two humans in Purgatory, after all.

#WTwoWorlds #W ‘s theories of 10′ s and emotions

There’s one keyword this series is discussing from the very beginning. 


The cause and effect on Kang Chul is Yeon Joo’s emotions.

Premise= Yeon Joo is a Kang Chul fan. Yeon Joo already have her emotions invested in Kang Chul’s life through out the webtoon series while he doesnt have no idea who Yeon Joo is.

Up to episode four we have already know that:

1. Yeon Joo cried when Kang Chul is about to jump into the bridge. Kang Chul did not die. He was holding on the bridge (10 years ago). In episode 3 , KC remembered how he was under the water but somehow he was alive.

2. When Kang Chul was stabbed, Yeon Joo have this conflicting emotions because like the staff she doesn’t want Kang Chul’s death to be the ending of his story. And so she was summoned from the RL to save his life. (prior to that she missed 10 calls from his superior because he was asking for the spoilers)

3. Yeon Joo was frantic when she learned about the poison (Potassium, with the numerical value of 19 = 1+9=10)  to kill Kang Chul thus she was there once again to save his life. (as mentioned , she was summoned 10 pm) 

4. The kiss scene was a manifestation of direct emotions by YJ  to KC . He was preoccupied by her disappearance , thus he was then aware that there is something wrong (reference episode 4 ) . YJ appeared after the truck scene, (at 10 am) prior to the second attempt of the nameless man to kill him.

5. Yeon Joo cried once more when the webtoon went blank believing Kang Chul is gone. Kang Chul crossed over

Yeon Joo is giving Kang Chul’s life figuratively and literally by these emotions she was channeling ever since.

Yeon Joo ’s conversation between Kang Chul’s involved the word “I Love You” but it doesn’t give any effect to him. Why. Because there is no emotions involved yet.

Note: 10′s is interpreted as :

the number 1 being the number of new beginnings and of forging forward, and the number 0 amplifying the vibrations of the number 1.Number 1, being the number of ‘new’, is the number from which all manifestation begins.

Gah, this drama is driving me to imagine more.

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How is Louis alive when he's constantly had to stunt for 7 months & has nobody smiling at him except thirsties & uglies? Really - HOW is he alive?

my dad is a tough cookie

I’m bored. Have some random Ace Attorney headcanons!
  • Phoenix’s favorite board game is Balderdash.
  • Simon loves cake almost as much as Maya loves burgers. Seriously, at least twice he’s been caught eating all the leftover cake from office parties. One time he came into a trial with a few traces of icing still on his lips.
  • Phoenix’s father is still alive, but he hasn’t been in contact with him since the disbarment. So basically everyone who works at the Wright Anything Agency has some sort of parental issue; Phoenix’s mom is dead and his dad is dead to him, Apollo is almost the same except with the parents switching roles (and Thalassa definitely loving Apollo a lot more), Athena’s an orphan, and Trucy, while happily adopted by Phoenix, is unknowingly distanced from her mother.
  • Everyone at the Wright Anything Agency is an experienced biker. Phoenix had been biking his way to places since high school, and it was how he would take Maya with him to cases. At first she’d just ride in the back, but they eventually decided she needed her own bike. Pearl loved riding on the backside of Mystic Maya’s “steed”. It was also one of the few things Phoenix could teach Trucy after adopting her. Apollo and Athena have their own bikes. Edgeworth eventually got roped into their biking shenanigans after mistakenly revealing his lack of experience.
  • Because Clay had no living relatives, all his money and possessions went to Apollo after he died (He had a will, because he knew that he was risking his life in trying to stop the phantom). Apollo keeps it all in storage because looking at any of them automatically makes him depressed, but he doesn’t want to just let go. Athena understands and will be there when he is ready to move on.
  • Once Hugh O'Conner graduates from Themis Legal Academy and passes the bar exam, he plans on joining the Wright Anything Agency.
  • Sometimes, if Athena is really sick, her hearing sense with get really strong (much like how it was when she was a child), and she’ll suffer a massive headache. This has happened twice so far, the second time in the middle of an investigation. Phoenix, insisting he could take on the case by himself, ordered Apollo to stay behind and take care of Athena. This lead to the first time Trucy got to stand by her father in court since he got his badge back.
  • Maya has held on to the magatama that Mia had all this time. Should she ever have a daughter, the magatama will be passed down to her.

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Writing with 76, McCree & Hanzo to their S/O being seriously injured after a dumb and bold action in a fight, S/O confesses they try to be as twice as good as a normal Hero because they are pretty new to the team? C: <3

Doing this as headcanons, hope it’s all right <3

Soldier 76:

- He’d scold you for doing something so reckless, ask what you are thinking

- Once you confess why you did it, he’d loosen up a bit. 

- He’d still say that it was a dumb thing to do, and you shouldn’t ever do something like that again

- At the end of the day he’d just be glad that you are alive


- He’d be concerned for you, ask why you did something so rash during a mission

- He’d chuckle a bit once you explained, but would just hug you and say that you are too brave for your own good

- Would tell you not to worry about such things during mission, all that matters is that you get home safe

- He’d tease you about it for a while


- He’d be so concerned, would stay close to you until you were feeling all right again

- He would get a bit angry once you explained your actions. Would tell you never to pull that kind of thing again

- He’d just be so grateful that he didn’t lose you

- He’d stay closer to you on missions for the next couple of months 

  • [Zuko met the Gaang again after Smoke and Shadow]
  • Zuko:Back when I was in Fire Nation, my Palace got attacked. A rebels were mad cause I arrested the Safe Nation Society. They just wrote some dumb things on the walls, is all. Nothing big, but it did piss me off. So, Mai went out into the fields and-
  • Sokka:…The Creepy Girl, LOL did he murder someone?
  • Zuko:Yeah, she killed a guy.
  • Sokka:What?! Holy shit!
  • Zuko:She doesn't like to see me upset.
  • Aang:Was… was he someone you knew?
  • Zuko:Yeah. Well… Yeah, “knew” past tense. He’s dead now.
  • Katara:S-so… What was he like?
  • Zuko:He was… I mean, gosh, what was he like? Well, he WAS alive.


(The actual music starts at 1:44.)

John, I don’t know if you’re familiar with Gustav Mahler; probably not.  I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned him to you.  While he was alive, he was known mostly as a conductor, but he was a very important composer, too, and that’s what he’s most remembered for now.  His works typically have a lot of darkness and intensity; nearly everyone in his life died, and he faced a lot of hardships.

This wasn’t meant to be depressing; I’m messing up already.  Mahler’s first symphony, nicknamed the “Titan,” was what’s known as a symphonic poem.  Each movement was based on a chapter of a Romantic era novel.  A lot of Mahler’s works didn’t receive praise when they were first performed, and this was one of them, though now it’s an incredibly famous work.  In the mid-twentieth century, an unknown movement from this symphony, entitled Blumine, was found.  Blumine was played in some of the first performances of this symphony as its second movement, but Mahler edited it out after it received such bad reviews, and it became lost until its re-discovery in the 1960s.  However, it’s remarkable, and in my opinion, is perhaps one of Mahler’s most beautiful works.

Unlike a lot of Mahler’s works, it’s lyrical, expressive, and gentle, and it uses a small, intimate orchestra rather than the gigantic ensemble Mahler usually uses.  The title, Blumine, roughly translates to ‘flora.’  This music was originally written as incidental music to a play, but Mahler decided to use it in this symphony instead before he ultimately removed it from his oeuvre entirely.  In this piece, the trumpeter is serenading his beloved from across a river, the Rhine to be exact.  Many people also believe that Mahler wrote it as an expression of his feelings for his own lover at the time, a woman named Johanna.

I find this to be very beautiful music, John, to say the least.  There are a lot of things I feel about you that I don’t know how to say, and sometimes I find music that touches upon those things.  This is one of those pieces.  I love you very, very much.  

so i’m going through the posts on my blog that i made the day hlv aired because i love to hate myself and i found this

they’ve always lied, like, this was pre-tjlc, this was back when the biggest speculations were “how did sherlock fake his death” and “is moriarty still aive”, and in fact, if i remember correctly, they once did an interview where they essentially called the fans stupid for thinking he was still alive – i think one of the quotes went something along the lines of “all these fans are supposed to be smart but they’re speculating over whether a man who shot himself in the head is still alive”

they lie, and they can lie viciously, but we’ll be okay, because hat’s what they’re doing – lying.