He's so happy at the thought of delicious food

BTS reaction to you bringing them food at the studio


Jin would be absolutely thrilled that you brought him a meal. He would think it’s so thoughtful of you and would say thank you a million times, even with his full mouth. YAH~~! This is delicious, jagi! Thank you so much, sweetie!” He ate the food so quickly because he adored the way your home-cooked meals tasted.  He would have the biggest smile on his face for the rest of the day and would be thinking of ways to get you back when you’d least expect it.

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This sleepy bean would turn into a fluff ball if you surprised him with food. He would have the biggest smile on his face and be sure to thank you as much as he could. Yoongi would make sure you also had something to eat before he took a bite. When you said you didn’t, he would insist on sharing the meal with you. “You gotta take care of yourself just as well as you take care of me, okay?” He would say gently, eating a bite of food.

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Hoseok would be ecstatic to see you when you walked in the studio, not even noticing the food you were holding in your hand for him. He would run over to you quickly and hug you tightly, almost making you drop the container. When you finally got the chance to tell him you brought him a nice meal, he gave you a smile made of sunshine. “You went through the trouble of preparing food just for me…? You’re so sweet, jagi! Thank you so much!” He would say, opening the container quickly.

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Namjoon would be a bit surprised that you came all the way down to the studio just to make sure he had something to eat since he was working late as usual. Seeing you holding a warm container of food, made him laugh a very tiny bit before pulling you into a warm hug. “You’re so thoughtful, baby girl. How did I get so lucky?” He would share some of the food with you before he finally stopped working and came home with you.

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Jimin would be unbelievably happy that you brought him something to eat while he was working. He would probably get a little bit teary-eyed that you were thinking of him and wanted to take care of him. He would give you a million kisses and thank you until you told him to be quiet. Jimin took a bite of the food and smiled widely. “This is delicious!!! Are you sure you made this, princess?” He’d joke. 

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He would be a smiley little bean. When you gave him the food, he would take a bite then make sure you had a a bite, too. Tae would say how thankful he was that you came all the to bring him lots of home made food for him. “MMM!!! THIS IS AMAZING, MAN~!” He would accidentally eat the rest of it himself then feel a little bad he didn’t share it all with you. “I’m sorry, but it was too yummy to share!” Tae would chuckle.

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Jungkook would get all red when he found out you showed up just to make sure he was well fed for the day. He would say thank you and flash his little bunny eat in an embarrased smile. While he was eating he was thinking of all the ways he could get you back for being so sweet to him. “I’m gonna get you back, y’know that, baby?” He’d say with a smirk, taking a bite of the yummy food.

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Paris (Wonsik smut / fluff)

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Genre: smut / fluff

Length: 3.6k

Pairing: Kim Wonsik (Ravi) + reader (female)

Summary: Wonsik gets time off work and takes his wife to Paris for their second anniversary to make even better memories than the year before

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“I’m so sorry.”

A/N: guess who’s back. back again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You, Shawn and the rest of his team we’re eating dinner at some restaurant. The food there was delicious and everyone thought the exact same.

Everyone was eating happily and enjoying themselves and you were in a conversation with some woman in Shawn’s team about life at home. You were sitting next to Shawn and he was in a deep conversation with Geoff.

You were kind of happy you went to this dinner. You hadn’t been feeling very well, because you had been reading a lot of hate comments online lately and you just couldn’t put it out of your head. Everyone was telling you to lose a bit of weight and to be honest, you didn’t blame them. You weren’t fat or something but you could lose a couple of pounds. So that’s what you were trying to achieve.

You had been skipping meals and working out more and Shawn hadn’t mentioned it so you were pretty sure he wasn’t catching up on it yet, if you could just lose a couple of pounds you would be content.

You guys had just finished dessert and were about to leave when you excused yourself to go to the bathroom real quick. Shawn was still deep in a conversation with Geoff so you just announced it and went to go and look for the bathroom. You knew that what you were doing was wrong but the dinner you just ate held a lot of calories and it just didn’t feel right, you had to get rid of it.

You did your thing, washed up yourself, put in a gum with mint flavor and went back because they were about to leave.

When you got back to the table Shawn was waiting for you. As soon as he spotted you, you asked him. “Where is everyone?”

“They went back to the cars, ours is waiting at front.” Shawn looked into your eyes looking for some answers and you felt like he knew what was going on but you weren’t giving in.

“Ok let’s go.” You said and the two of you walked to the car.

As the two of you sat in the car with just the driver holding you company you felt Shawn grabbing your hand tightly and rubbing his thumb over it.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“I’m great, why wouldn’t I be?”

‘Don’t lie to me Y/N.” Shawn simply said. You got confused and looked at him only to see he was already looking at you with sad eyes.

“I know what you’ve been doing. Don’t be so surprised that I figured it out, my only question is why?” Shawn asked.

You let go of his hand and turned your head away from him.

“It’s nothing don’t worry about it.” You really didn’t want to talk about this with him and especially because the driver could hear every single detail of your convo and you really didn’t want stories going around about you.

Shawn kept quiet because he knew what you were thinking and he didn’t blame you, but as soon as the two of you arrived back at the hotel he sat you down.

“I want an explanation.”

“You don’t need one.” You answered him.

“Y/N stop being so stubborn I want to help because what you have been doing is not healthy one bit.”

“So what? I’m losing weight? Everyone should be happy about it. Especially your so-called fans.” You exclaimed and the room fell quiet.

Shawn looked at you with sad eyes. “I’m so sorry I didn’t notice this earlier.” He said.

“Don’t apologize it isn’t your fault.”

“You don’t need to lose weight, they are just being complete assholes. I love you and your body.” He said and pulled you closer by the waist. “Don’t go and do these things on your own, talk to me last time, I don’t want you dealing with this on your own I love you I want to help.”

You just nodded and buried your head into Shawn’s neck breathing in his scent taking in this moment. “I love you.” Shawn whispered into your ear. “So much, please don’t let anyone change you.”

sincerely 3 x dieting!reader headcanons

{I just started a really restrictive and difficult diet a week ago for my health and it’s really bringing me down so here’s this::::::-)))}


- what a nerd

- this guy

- he just loves you like a lot and he knows it’s shitty to not be able to eat stuff you like

- definitely doesn’t sneak you ice cream when you tell him it’s a cheat day

- definitely doesn’t climb under the covers with you and share a pint of cookies & cream either

- keeps a little ziploc bag of individually wrapped candies in his bag and will hand you one with a wink when you tell him you had a bad day

- but otherwise he’s actually really intent on helping you stay on track as much as possible

- he just wants you to be happy and feel healthy

- he eventually gets into this habit of checking the menus of the restaurants he takes you to before you get there to make sure there’s something you can eat that isn’t something gross, like “…chickpeas or some shit, I don’t know.”

- you just laugh and give him a smooch because

- good boyf


- when you first tell him you’re starting the diet he’s legitimately confused. because he doesn’t see you as needing improvement. like really. he is genuinely surprised at the thought of you needing to change something about yourself

- but he understands that you need to be healthy and feel better

- he doesn’t get the food aspect of it but he will take you running for some exercise

- (im actually hc'ing that he likes 2 run and was in cross country when he was younger but gave it up when he got Sad)

- anyway

- running

- it’s hard for you but he’s always encouraging and makes sure you drink a lot of water

- btw don’t imagine Leggy Boy in shorter mid-thigh Nike running shorts goodbye jm. dead officially deceased im gone uhhhhhhn

- fdfbjjjs but once he understands how much you need this he makes an effort to improve his own habits too

- and he does like a bunch of research one night about your diet and your health issues and surprises you with how much he knows

- “how’s your reflux today?” “connor what”

- “are you… you know… regular” “babe seriously stop” “[Y/N] periods are nothing to be ashamed of” “yeah I know but–” “drink ginger tea. it helps” “…ok”

- and since now he knows in depth what you’re going through he really sympathizes and tries to eat like you do to make you feel better

- cynthia is really confused why he’s eating so well because he never tells her anything

- you’re so grateful for all the effort he puts into supporting you


- just. doesnt know how to react when you tell him about the diet. he instinctively just reaches out and envelops you in a big hug cause he doesnt know what else to do

- sweet boy

- after you explain in more detail what your restrictions are he immediately goes home to look up gluten, dairy, and sugar-free dessert recipes (yes they exist and they do taste good) to make for you

- he surprises you with them at lunch one time

- you’re picking at your plain af salad and feeling a little bummed and he comes up to you beaming with a container in his hands and says “open it! open it!” like an excited child because he’s so proud of himself

- and you open the tupperware and you see that somehow he managed to make these delicious chocolate chip cookies with all your restrictions in mind

- you look up at him all teary-eyed

- “evan… thank you. so much.” and he blushes a little a lot and just wow he’s so happy you like them

- what a thoughtful bf

Bonus (all 3!)

- all of them know how hard it is to not be able to eat fast food when you’re all out with friends

- they try so hard when you’re in that situation to help you find something on the menu that you can have

- but if there’s nothing for you to eat they won’t get anything either just so you won’t be the only one not eating :’)

- they swear they aren’t hungry they actually are but you’re still super grateful that they’re doing this for you

- connor is really talented at getting creative with making food taste good for you

- jared can make you laugh to distract you from the taste of whatever you’re eating

- and evan is your shoulder to cry on when you feel like you can’t go on anymore

- sincerely 3 make the best and most supportive friends don’t fight me on this


Hello Fukuoka! (02/21)

Special thanks to (@aseria) for proofreading (^_-)-☆

Visual Board Tour Event:

Sendai | Sapporo | Hiroshima | Fukuoka

Mitsuki: Let’s begin for today! IDOLISH7’s web program…

All: Kimi to ‘Ai'dolish Nai to~!

Iori: This web program is presented by the seven of us, IDOLISH7, and takes place the same time as our tour to seven cities, “Visual Board Tour”.

Mitsuki: It’s sad that we had to leave Hiroshima. But starting today on February 21, we are visiting Fukuoka! People of Fukuoka, please take care of us~!

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Kyungsoo’s Famous Spaghetti

A/N: This is my first EXO fic!  I thought about writing one, and decided to write a little one and then it got a bit long… haha.  It was quite fun to write, please let me know what you think!  I may do more, or another member next time!

[[ // Masterlist // ]]

5200 words + two text message screens + gifs throughout

Contains: fluff / angst / disordered eating / body image issues / self-deprication

AFTER MONTHS OF WISHING, your busy schedules not aligning, and resorting to take-out, the day was finally here: the day you would taste Kyungsoo’s famous kimchi spaghetti. He’d sent you a text that morning:

“Good morning, Jagi.  Dinner tonight will be promptly at 6PM, don’t be late or the spaghetti will get cold!”

You’d lain on the couch for the past thirty minutes trying to decide what to respond, and eventually settled on a simple, “Okay!” before dropping your phone on the floor, groaning, and covering your face with your hands.

No… I’ve come so far on my diet, this is going to set me back!

Before you noticed the weight gain, you had been begging Kyungsoo almost daily to cook for you, and he had gladly done so, happy you enjoyed his dishes, but he hadn’t had a chance to make his famous kimchi spaghetti yet.  

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How Can I? [Yoongi x Reader] ONE SHOT

I wanted to request a fanfic, more along the lines of fluff. Where one of the members (preferably kookie or suga) is mad at y/n (the reader) for whatever reason. And she tries to act cute and innocent, melting the anger away. Examples I was thinking could be — suddenly hugging him when he’s being serious, scary and lecturing. Maybe even a tad bit of crying? A dash of angst from the reader wanting forgiveness, ending in a pile of fluff. I don’t know if any of that made sense 😅

TBH I’m Probs gonna write the Jungkook one just because he fits the ‘anger melting away’ while his girlfriend is being cute. But HERE YA GOOOOO

 Yoongi x Reader

It was one of those days. Yoongi woke up and felt the whole world crashing in on him. He just felt bad, like really bad. He was annoyed, grumpy, and stressed out. He had a deadline to meet tonight and he was already planning on locking himself inside his studio. He saw you peacefully sleeping on the bed and he gazed at your face. He was glad you were there to support him.

He showered, got dressed and left. He was out the door and headed towards the studio.

You woke up a little later to find the spot next to you on the bed was empty. It didn’t really surprise you, but for some reason, today it did. You were a little bummed out since you haven’t seen Yoongi in awhile, officially. You sounded clingy, but you two haven’t spent alone time together. You probably felt him come into bed and leave for the past couple of weeks. You missed him. You decided you were going to do something special for him today. Since you knew that they were leaving for their tour in two days you decided that you would celebrate your anniversary which was that weekend. You knew that he had a deadline to meet so you would leave him until that time.

You got up, showered, got dressed, and ran errands. You had a full day of running around from place to place. You sent off packages to your family, picked up boxes for work, and you got groceries. Once you got home, you didn’t know what to cook. You called Jin over to your place to ask for some help, or more like making Jin cook for you to bring to Yoongi. You wanted this meal to be perfect so you could bring it to Yoongi to celebrate and possibly just spend some “together” time as well as catch up with that fool.You missed him.

Once Jin finished the dishes, you thanked him. You quickly called Yoongi after a couple of rings, he picked up, “What is it?” You smiled. He picked up so fast. “Oh Yoongs, I wanted to know if you were done with your project so I can come by with some food.” He heard sounds from your end of the line. He got suspicious. He heard a loud thump and a groan. You quickly turned to Jin, “Oh my gosh, Oppa, are you okay?!” Yoongi thought to himself. Oppa? Who would you be calling Oppa? …Jin. What were you doing with him? You quickly got your phone and told Yoongi you had to go and you hung up. Yoongi felt immediate jealousy boil up in his body. Usually he wouldn’t mind if his Hyung was there when he was at home as well, but what was he doing at your apartment with you alone? He was angry.

After about an hour, you were bandaging Jin’s hand since he swung his hand into the pot somehow. You would expect this from Namjoon, but Jin was just going at it today. First hitting the pot with his hand, dropping the pot and then somehow he broke the pot. You made him sit down while you cleaned up and sent him home. You packed all the food that was made and started your way over to the studio. Once you got there, you were glad to see your boyfriend. You walked over to him and put your hand on his shoulder. “Yoongi-ah, I brought food!” He didn’t respond. You brushed it off thinking that it was just him concentrating on his work and still trying to get his project in.

You unpacked the food and served it; one plate for Yoongi and one for you. You called him to come over to get his food. “Leave me alone Y/N.” This caught you off guard. You were surprised by how he responded to you. You kept calm. Something must have happened. You thought back to what you could have said to him. You don’t remember saying anything offensive.. You had to keep trying. He had to eat. He couldn’t just survive off of water. “Yoongi, You should ea-”

“Y/N can you just shut up? Why are you being so annoying right now?”

You felt tears pricking at the corners of your eyes. What happened to him? Did you do something? You didn’t know what you did wrong. “I’m sorry” You just looked down at the plate of your food. You thought about it. Were you not being a good enough partner towards him? You were confused. He was always priority when it came to these things. Priority in general. You felt bummed out. You set your plate down and you decided to take a breather. You left Yoongi’s studio and walked back forth in the hallway. You calmed yourself down. You still thought about what you did wrong. You couldn’t pinpoint anything. Has he stopped loving you? You had to find out. You walked back to his studio and saw him in the same spot. You walked towards his chair. “Yoongi. Did I do something wrong to make you upset?” He didn’t even look at you. He pushed his chair out and he picked up his jacket. He was going to leave. “Wait, Yoongi, please.” You didn’t know how else to stop him, you just ran into his back and hugged him from there. You were crying. It was the last thing he wanted. It hurt him to see you like this. He didn’t want you to cry. “I-I’m sorry for getting the back of your shirt wet. I’m sorry. I just feel like an inadequate girlfriend right now. Did I do something wrong? Please tell me. I’ve been thinking about it the whole time. I’m sorry, if I did. Please Yoongi. How can I fix this?” Your sobs were getting louder. He was your world. He comforted you when you needed him and you were scared. If he left you, you wouldn’t have anyone to run to. Dramatic, but true. It was hard to talk to people about your problems and your boyfriend was one of the last people you would ever want to upset.

“Y/N, don’t cry. It hurts me to see you cry.” You moved away from his back. You slowly quieted down. “I was just angry. Probably for no reason.”

“Yoongi, honestly, please forgive me if I did anything wrong. Please.It’s eating me from the inside out.”

“Baby, it’s okay. My feelings just got the best of me. I was angry for a stupid reason.” You waited for him to continue. He kept shifting his eyes around. He avoided eye contact with you. He finally responded, “I thought you were cheating on me.”

You would be lying if you said you weren’t heartbroken. You felt trust crumble a little bit there. But you had to be patient and hear what he had to say. “I got so mad to hear how you were so worried about Hyung and it sucked because I haven’t spent time with you in so long. Jagi, you need to know how stressed I was. I was just so stressed and everything just bugged me. I was so jealous.”

You chuckled. You tip-toed and gave him a sweet peck on his lips. “Oppa, understand that Jin-Oppa was going to die today if I wasn’t there. He helped make this delicious food for our anniversary. He was happy to help me make it since you’re all going on tour in a couple of days.”

He smiled. What he thought about you this morning was true. He was glad to have you there to support him. He started peppering you with kisses while mumbling sorry’s and I love you’s. You laughed at this. “Okay, okay, let’s eat! Let’s celebrate our anniversary my lovely Min Suga”

That night ended with food, cuddles, I love you’s and snoring.

He was happy to have you. And he loved you so much.

If You Insist (Dean Winchester x reader)

Pairing: Dean Winchester x reader

Word count: 1184

Warnings: None! Just some short fluffy fluff!

A/N: Alright, this is officially the last piece of writing that I can put out before I go on my massively long hiatus, so apologies about that… Details concerning that will be in another post later today. Here, we just have some Dean massages (those hands, amirite?) and fluff, partly as recovery from the last Dean fic (Evermore) which was super angsty and sad

Anyways, y’all have been an awesome crowd to write for, and I am so grateful for all of you who have taken the time to read my writing and special mention for those who have left comments. Thank you! You guys make my day! Gif is not mine, and as usual feedback is welcome. Message me if you want to be on the tag list. And without further ado, my final piece of writing for now. 

Your name: submit What is this?


Coming out of the bathroom, dressed in leggings and an old t-shirt of Dean’s, I groaned as I fell face-first onto the motel bed. For the moment, I was alone in the room, which was great because I looked like trash after the hunt. The shower had done wonders for the grime, but did nothing to hide the bags under my eyes or to undo the knots in my muscles.

What was supposed to be a simple salt and burn had turned out to have a fairly feisty ghost. He carried a sword too, so I was forced to pick up sword-fighting on the go while Dean dug up the bones. Naturally, I’d gotten a few very sore muscles.

Fortunately for Dean, the ghost seemed to enjoy swordplay, because he hadn’t tossed me out of his way until it was too late for ghosty.

Half an hour later, the motel room door opened, but I didn’t even bother reaching for my gun. Mostly because I would recognize Dean’s footsteps anywhere, and this was definitely Dean.

“That bad, huh?”

“Shut up, Winchester.” He laughed instead. Jerk. If he could’ve seen my face, he would have seen me rolling my eyes so hard I almost saw my brain.

“Stop rollin’ your eyes at me, sweetheart.” Apparently he didn’t need to see it to know what I was doing. “Besides. I thought you’d be happy to see me - I brought food.” This was true - I could smell the deliciously greasy burgers from here.

“But I’d have to get up. And I don’t wanna get up.” If I sounded like a petulant child, I really didn’t care at the moment.

“I can and will eat both of these burgers.” Knowing that Dean was fully capable of carrying out his threat, I rolled onto my back with a muffled grunt. Laying there for a while had served only to stiffen everything up, apparently.

“You alright there?”

“Is that genuine concern I hear there, Dean?”

“Well, I’d hate to lose my girl because she got hurt and didn’t tell me.”

“It’d take more than that to get rid of me.” I finally managed to haul myself into a sitting position and saw my boyfriend sitting in one of the chairs by the table. When I was standing, his brow furrowed more with every step I took.

“That ghost did a number on you, didn’t he?” I simply shrugged in response, having already taken a massive bite into my burger. Now that I’d made it to the chair next to him, I had no intentions of moving anytime soon.

We made quick work of the food, chasing it with a slice of pie as was our own little tradition. That unfortunately meant it was time for the unpleasant prospect of standing back up to move. Dean was already up and changed, completely ready to climb into bed before he noticed that I hadn’t moved an inch.

“Alright, Y/N,  if you aren’t gonna tell me what’s wrong, I’m going to have to check it out myself.” Stiffly, I turned in my chair so I was at least facing him, but that was all he needed to pick up on why I wasn’t moving as he came back toward me. “Oh, I didn’t even think about the ghostly sword-fighting. I’m betting you’re super sore, aren’t you.”

“Basically, yeah.”

“Why didn’t you just say?”

“Because the food was warm, and burgers are better when they aren’t cold.” He scooped me up in his arms, apologizing at my grunt while I settled into him. I wasn’t there for long, though, as he was soon depositing me on the bed.

“Fair enough. Now just stretch out on your stomach for me, will you?” I did as asked and felt his weight added to the bed, balancing over me. His hand moved aside my hair before tenderly pressing a kiss to my neck.

A noise of contentment escaped my lips as his hands traveled down my back, thumbs pressing in circles along my spine. The pops of my vertebrae were extraordinarily satisfying, and the knots in my muscles were beginning to loosen under his ministrations. Dean’s skilled hands continued their paths, moving up and down my back, focusing spots he seemed to know were more sore than the rest.

When his fingers found their way to my scalp, I couldn’t hold back the groan of contentment. Somehow, he’d managed to work my impossibly stiff muscles back to being loose and relaxed, leaving me with a new reason to not want to move. I was more relaxed than I had been since… well, since as far back as I could remember!

“You sore at all?” I asked when his hands returned to my shoulders, much lighter on the pressure than before.

“Nope. That ghost threw you around, but all I did was dig some dirt.”

“You sure? ‘Cause I feel like I gotta pay you back for this somehow.”

“No, you don’t, sweetheart.” Dean flipped me over so I was on my back underneath him. “I did that because I love you, and since it was of my own free will, you owe me nothing.”

“And if I insist?”

“Oh, well, if the princess asks, she shall receive. I believe a kiss will be sufficient repayment.” My hands found the front of his shirt and pulled him down so that my lips met his. He responded gently, keeping the kiss soft and comforting. There was just something about being this close to him that made everything alright.

“Y’know… if a kiss… was all… you wanted,… you didn’t even… need to ask.” The words were interrupted by more kisses, neither of us willing to move farther apart. Finally, though, as all good things come to an end, we were stopped when a massive yawn forced its way from my lungs. Dean leaned up and pressed a final kiss to my forehead before pulling away with a chuckle.

“Let’s get you to bed, sweetheart.”

“Technically I’m already in bed,” I replied with a shrug, eliciting another laugh. He still rolled off the bed, freeing the sheets and blankets from under me. As soon as he was back on the bed, he pulled the covers back over the two of us, allowing us to get comfortable

“Y'know, you really make the comfiest pillow.” The words slipped from my tired, no longer filtered mouth when I curled up against his side.

“Is that so?” I let out a hum of contentment as his arm wrapped around me, pulling my slightly on top of him. “Well, since you’ve so successfully flattered me, how about we sleep in late and get breakfast before heading back to Sam?”

“Ooh, yes. Me likey this plan.” He laughed again, a sound I felt vibrating through his ribs more than heard.

“Night, darlin’.” My returning the sentiment was lost in his chest when his lips found their way to my forehead again.

“Love you,” I said once we were settled and I could feel myself starting to drift off, safe in his arms.

“Love you too, kid.”

Hope y’all enjoyed it, and I’ll see you when I get back around Christmas 2018!!

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Date Nights|T.Holland 0.2

Summary:Tom plans a nice and relaxing date night after a long day at work. Things get a little heated as the wine starts to run through the young adults.

Warning:Light Smut

Last Chapter 0.1| Next Part 0.3

Walking into their now shared apartment, Jade kicked off her heels as she sighed. The whole place smelled delightful, she wasn’t sure what Tom had plan but she knew there was something planned. Walking deeper into the lavish apartment she was greeted with the fireplace on, the warmth feeling nice against her cool skin from the cold November air. Two glasses of wine sat on the glass coffee table along with her favorite bottle of wine unopened. From there she could hear the rattling of pans in the kitchen where her feet were carrying her wanting nothing but to be wrapped up in her boyfriends arms after a rough day.

Smiling softly as she walked into the kitchen to see her boyfriend of two years waltzing around the making sure everything was perfect for the night he had planned. Looking up he smiled at the site of her standing in the door way, her hair was messy from tugging on the roots, her makeup was a bit runny, her shirt was slightly ruffled and her blazer was hanging off her shoulder. “Rough day love?” He asked as he wiped his hands off and reach out for her. He smiled as she walked into his opened arms snuggling close to him. Humming he swayed them back and forth. Her eyes were closed as she basked in the glory of being wrapped up in him after a long and brutal day. This is what made it all worth it, knowing that the moment she stepped foot inside he was waiting for her, or when she was waiting for him.

“You have no idea..” She spoke but her voice was muffled from having her face snuggled into his chest. Chuckling softly he placed a soft kiss on her head, before pulling away just enough to get a good look at her face. Smiling he leaned down capturing her lips in a soft kiss, their lips moved in sync as she tugged him closer desperate to feel him all over her body.

“Go on love and take a bath while I finish up here yeah?” He breathed softly as she closed her eyes nodding her head and squeezed him a bit tighter before untangling herself from his grip and making her way into the bathroom more than ready to unwind after a awful day.

She smiled as she saw Tom filling up the glasses as she walked out of their bedroom. She’d pick a nice and simple outfit going for a pair of leggings and his sweater. He smiled and pulled her in for a soft kiss as he told her to sit and her a plate which was full of her favorite dish that he had begged her older brother Jaxon to teach him before the two moved in together. Jade is proud to admit that Tom had finally mastered the fig sauce her brother makes, but something about Tom’s was much better not that she’d ever admit that to Jaxon. Nope, not at all but Tom’s was most definitely better than her brother’s by a long shot.

“Tom that was delicious..” She mumbled as he came back in after loading the dishwasher and refilling their glasses. Everything had gone according to plan, the food was amazing, his girl was happy and now here he sat with her wrapped up in his arms.

“I’m so glad you thought so.” He hummed as he placed soft wet kisses on her neck causing her to sigh and tilt her head to the side allowing him more access. Laying her down she opened her eyes as she felt his hands under her shirt. “Relax pet, let me take care of you..” He breathed as she nodded her head. Her hands flew to his hair as his lips ran across her lower stomach, fingers playing with the the waistband of her leggings.

She gasped as in one swift movement her leggings were thrown across the room. He smiled softly at her as his fingers tugged on the sides of her underwear before softly sliding them down. She gasped as he brought his face over to her center, gripping here thighs he spread her legs wide as he gave her a soft kitten lick. She gasped as her back arched wanting nothing more than his lips to be on the part where she needed him more and that’s just what he did.

Holding onto her thighs tighter he licked and sucked sending her into a moaning mess. The heat from the fireplace making this slightly more intense, as the sweat started to form on her forehead. Her stomach turning in knots of pleasure as he sucked softly on her clit and place a finger inside of her. She was consumed in pleasure.

“Stop, stop..” She breathed as he looked up. Her juices were covering his chin as she groaned at the site of him, she need to feel him all of him and she needed it now. Quickly her fingers worked their way to his sweatpants sliding them off quickly with his boxers as she connected their plans. He let out a soft moan as she guided him to her center where he spent no time in sliding in her.

Closing her eyes she placed soft kiss behind his ears as they feel in a soft and slow rhythm. Wrapping her legs around him, her eyes stomach was in knots as he muttered sweet nothings into her ear. She tensed as his hand traveled between them rubbing her softly.

“Let go princess..” And thats just what she did as she came undone with him following close behind. Smiling into his shoulder blade her eyes fluttered as he pulled away from her and grabbed the blanket wrapping it around their sweat bodies as she cuddled farther into his arms. “I love you my little Jade..”

“I love you too Tom..”

I know it’s a very sensitive time, but I have to sincerely ask: Can we stop calling Donald Trump “cheeto” please. It’s such an insult to them; like Cheetos are delicious as fuck. Can we call him something gross that nobody likes. Like yams. Call him yam. Fuck yams.

Imagine celebrating the New Year with Chris (2.0)

A/N: ‘Cause you gotta have the option of spending New Year’s with Chris alone. I know it’s a little late but have been suffering from a bit of a writer’s block so forgive me. X

You and Chris decided to spend the weekend at a cabin as far away from civilization as possible so the two of you could have a quiet, romantic New Year’s Eve instead of the usual crazy A-Lister party. Chris was excited because it’d been a while since the two of you had some proper alone time; the entire December had been hectic, recovering from Thanksgiving and preparing for Christmas. While the two of you loved spending time with everyone, the escape to the cabin couldn’t have come at a better time- especially since Chris was about to leave for the next Avengers movie. It had become a routine by now that before he left for any job, the two of you would take a few days to yourselves to rest, relax, and reassure; a movie as big as Infinity War meant your boyfriend needed a lot of the third R.

The cabin was the same one the two of you went too when you needed a timeout from work and people and paparazzi, it was nice because out there- it was always just the two of you. It was peaceful and quiet; it had the calm you and Chris craved and loved. The cabin was basically a bubble where nothing bad could ever go wrong, in fact- it was at the cabin where some of your biggest milestones with him occurred. The first time he said ‘I-love-you’ happened at that cabin; he asked you to move in with him at that cabin; and you were sure it was at that cabin where he would eventually propose, so you definitely had a special place in your heart for it.

You sat by the fire, roasting marshmallows so you could have it with your hot chocolate. Chris had opted for a beer because he said, and you quote, “it’s my last chance to drink beer, sweetheart. I’m not giving it up for anything, not even your delicious hot chocolate.” You laughed but you knew the next six months were going to be challenging for him, and you, considering he was leaving you and your shared home.

“Happy Anniversary,” Chris sang-song, holding up two bags of Chinese food from your favorite Chinese restaurant. “I thought it’d be easier to get takeout,” he explained as he settled on the floor opposite you, “God knows we’ve done enough cooking over the last month.”

“I think you nailed this year’s present,” you nodded in agreement as you reached for the box marked 'spring rolls’. “Wait-” you felt your eyes narrow when you remembered where you were. “How did you get them to deliver all the way out here? And just in time for dinner too. I mean- we’re like a three hour drive from their restaurant.”

“It’s amazing what a little name dropping can do,” Chris bit back his smile when you scoffed in disbelief. “Don’t worry, I gave them a huge tip. Like- enough to cover gas and car snacks huge,” he told you and you chuckled. “They even got a selfie and an autograph, so- I think they’re walking away from this experience happily.”

“You really shouldn’t abuse your powers as Captain America.”

“You really should appreciate the fact that your boyfriend is Captain America and has powers to abuse,” he retorted with a smug smile. “Otherwise you wouldn’t have all this amazing Chinese food to eat and you’d have to cook dinner.” You shot him a weary look then cracked when he laughed; you threw a packet of soy sauce at him and he laughed harder.

“You’re a real piece of work, you know that?”

“I know,” he smiled. “How else did I get someone as amazing as you to fall in-love with me?”

You bit back your smile as you felt the heat rise to your cheeks. After being his girlfriend for four years, he still had the ability to make you blush; the butterflies in your stomach were also very much alive. It was a good thing though, it meant that you were still very much in-love with him- as much as he was with you because you had the exact same effect on him.

Chris watched you as you ate, smiling because he couldn’t be happier. Another year was about to pass and you were still his girl; it was also the fourth anniversary of the first time you met. It was at a bar on New Year’s Eve- a bar that neither of you had wanted to go to in the first place- when he fell for- well, fell because he tripped on your feet then fell in-love because you were who you were. He was still amazed that he somehow- in his drunken state- charmed you enough to take you out to brunch the next day when you were both severely hung over. It was an amazing date despite how horrible the two of you felt and everything had been amazing since that fateful meeting.

“What?” You chuckled when you realize he was watching you with his usual love sick gaze. “Are you falling in-love with me all over again?” You teased and he nodded with a smile that made you stomach flutter. “Stop it,” you giggled and blushed.

“You know what,” he reached for your hands and pulled you to your feet as he rose to his. “I am grateful everyday that Mackie dragged me to that bar.” You stepped around the boxes of food and melted into his arms that had wrapped themselves around you. “Honestly-” he continued and you looked up at him, “I don’t know what I’d be doing now if I didn’t meet you, I can only imagine how terrible it’d be.”

“You’d probably be getting drunk and hooking up with some other pretty girl at a bar somewhere, so not that bad.” You teased and he chuckled. “As for me- well, I know exactly what I’d be doing now and how terrible it’d be. I’d be single, definitely. I’d still be working as a waitress because I wouldn’t have a boyfriend constantly pushing me to do something more with my writing. And I’d definitely be asleep before twelve 'cause no boyfriend to kiss at midnight. So you think you lucked out,” you joked and he smiled.

“Yeah, I did.” He nodded. “I’m extremely lucky no guy was smart enough to sweep you off your feet because if they did then well-” he chuckled, “you wouldn’t have been able to sweep me off mine.” You laughed when you thought back to that day; Chris Evans on his ass because he’d tripped over your feet. “I have never been so happy to fall in front of so many people before.”

“And I have never been so happy to trip someone in front of so many people before,” you chuckled. “Thank you for falling for me,” you whispered and wrapped your arms around his neck which drew a bigger smile from him. “What would I do without you?”

“I promise you that that’s a question you’ll never have to answer,” he pressed a kiss against your forehead and you smiled. “Shall we finish our food before it gets cold?” He quizzed and you nodded, pulling away from him.

You and Chris settled back down on the ground and continued to have your dinner, chatting about little things and working your way up to talk about his upcoming leave. As much as you didn’t want to, you had to eventually. There were things to discuss, like when you could go and visit, and what day a weekly Skype session could be schedule. It was a little difficult to have a confirmed date now because he still hadn’t got a feel of the set and how much of a time crunch they were in but usually, visits could occur after the first two months and the weekly Skype sessions were on Sundays.

“Can you give me a spoiler?” You asked and Chris laughed; he knew it was coming because you’d been subtly hinting for spoilers since you saw Civil War. “It can be my high before we have to get to the low. I don’t really want to discuss you being gone for six months,” you said then pouted.

“I’ll be gone for longer if I spill Marvel secrets,” he joked then glanced out the window. “The snipers are just waiting to take me out. You know the book, Nineteen-Eighty-Four by George Orwell?” He asked and you nodded. “Well, think of Marvel as Big Brother. They have Thought Police everywhere so if I even think about telling you…” He trailed off and acted like he had just been shot in the chest. “Dead.”

“You’re so dramatic,” you rolled your eyes. “Fine, let’s just talk about you leaving me next week without a high to go on.” You crossed your arms over your chest like a child, drawing laughter from Chris. “What time’s your flight?” You muttered bitterly.

“You can have a high to go on,” he said and held out your fortune cookie. “Don’t pretend like you’re not excited,” he chuckled when you stared at it indifferently. “I know you too well, Y/N Y/L/N.” You bit back your smile and took it from him.

“I like fortune cookies, yes, but I don’t think-” you cracked it open and your breath hitched in your throat when a beautiful engagement ring slid out. “Is this…Are you-” You looked up at Chris and he smiled, cracking open his fortune to pull out a tiny piece of paper.

“You should propose now,” he read and you chuckled nervously, feeling the excitement overwhelm you. “Wow, this is one assertive cookie.” He rose and propped himself up on one knee then reached over to take the ring from your hand, and your hand in his. “I better do as I’m told otherwise I’m going to start the new year on a real low.”

“Oh my God,” you breathed.

“Y/N,” he squeezed your hand gently, “you are wonderful and talented and beautiful and kind. Every second I have had with you has made my life so much better, and I thank my lucky stars every day for that night. You make me so happy and make me feel so loved, Y/N-” He chuckled shakily; nervous and excited. “And I don’t ever want to stop feeling like this. I know this is not the best time because I’m about to go away for six months but I thought we could both use the high.” He said and you nodded vigorously. “So, Y/N, will you marry me?”


Chris smiled and slipped the ring on your finger, you squealed then rose on your knees and hugged him tightly. He chuckled and hugged you back. “I love you and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life showing you how much,” he whispered.

“I already have a pretty decent clue,” you told him and kissed him; his smile could be felt against yours. “Happy New Year, Christopher Evans.” You broke the kiss and whispered, pressing your forehead against his.

“Happy New Year, Y/N Y/L/N.”

EXO’s Reaction to your bad cooking.


Even though it did not look good, he gave it a shot. It did not end up tasting any better though. He did not want to hurt your feelings and was just grateful you thought of him. 

“Thanks for the meal, jagi. You’re the best!”

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Obviously did not like the food, but did not show it. He thanked you and gave you advice for your future meals. Then takes a huge gulp of water so he does not choke.

“You know, next time, add more of the seasoning and it would be even more perfect.”

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Slowly chews the food analyzing every single bite. By the time he realizes how bad the food actually was he is done with his plate. Cutely smiles away the pain.

Externally: “Mhm, darling, the food is great.”

Internally: “Do. Not. Show. That. It. Actually. Tastes. Horrible.”

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Pretty much freezes and is wondering what in the world you were trying to feed him.

“(y/n), babe, are you trying to poison me?”

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Firstly, sourly reacts, but quickly points out the positives of the dish. 

“The flavor of the soup is a little odd.. but the vegetables were cooked well.”

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Giggles after every single bite. Not that he’s enjoying the food or anything, he just finds you and your terrible cooking too darn cute. 

“Was this supposed to be shaped as a heart?”

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Mentally jots down what you did wrong and what you can improve on so he can show you on a cooking date. Obviously, because he’s EXO’s master chef.

“Next time, we have to cook together okay?”

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Probably react similar to Yixing, but will keep straight face and would look like he is deep in thought. Nini needs his delicious chicken or he ain’t happy. 

External: “Me, angry? What, nooo. You’re food is not that bad.”

Internal: *cries*

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Will look you straight in the eye with the food half chewed in his open mouth not knowing what to do with it. Spit or swallow? Spit or swallow?

“You know there is this really great takeout place right around the corner.”

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hi! jongin + anniversary dinner out please? thank you so much :)

“For a moment, I seriously thought that you forgot about it.” you said to your boyfriend Jongin as he took a seat in front of you.

“That was my intention. I was going to act like I had forgotten about it then boom, ‘surprise (Y/N), happy 2 years anniversary!!’ Anyway, did you like the place?”

“I don’t care about the looks of the place, I only care about the delicious food we’re going to eat, so why don’t we order? I actually want to eat dessert first but I know how much you like chicken so-”

“Oh honey, I’m going to eat my dessert at home tonight.” he cut you off, a sly smirk forming on his lips.

You blushed at his words, trying to cover your red cheeks.

“Jongin, stop. We’re in public.” you said, smacking his hand on the table.

“It’s been two years but still, you still blush when I say something like this. Also we both know that how filthy your mouth can get too, honey. So don’t try to act innocent.”

“You know that I’m never innocent when I’m with you.” 

After finishing your meal and also stealing some from Jongin’s food, you were ready to go home but Jongin insisted on staying a bit longer and chat.

“But I want to go homeee. Why do we have to sit here and talk? We can do it back at home too? My back is starting to hurt also I’m getting sleepy. If I get sleepy, you wouldn’t be getting your dessert. Jonginnieeee-”

“I got you a present.” Jongin cut you off again, making it twice.

“But we promised that we wouldn’t be getting presents to each other. I didn’t got you anything, now I feel bad.”

“You being here with me is the best present you could ever give, so don’t be sad and listen to me carefully.”

Without breaking eye contact, he pulled out a small velvet box from his jacket, making your eyes go wide. He wasn’t going to propose, was he? You weren’t ready for marriage. You were too young, both of you were. You’d recently finished college and Jongin has only reached the peak of his career.

“Don’t worry, I’m not stupid enough to propose.” He opened the box, showing off the expensive ring that he had bought. “It’s just a ring to show that I’ll be here for you until the end of the world. It’s like a promise. I remember the time you said that sometimes words aren’t enough so I got something to prove how much you mean to me. I hope you like it and be with me forever.”

He slid down the ring on your finger tenderly. The ring was dazzling but somehow you couldn’t keep your eyes off of Jongin and his beauty.

“You didn’t need to prove me anything Jongin. I know that you love me and I want you to know that I love you too. Words are enough when you say it.”

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This is based on that prompt about Alec asking his 'daddy' for the salt and Magnus and his dad reach for it

It was that time of the year again. Easter. Alec dreaded this day every year, since it meant having to sit at a table with his parents for hours on end. They usually talked about family responsibilities and Alec’s role in the family. His duty. And he had just sat there silently listening to all of the harsh comments coming his way. But this year was different. Because everything had changed. Alec had met Magnus and he was happy. His parents had loosened up and were no longer as judgmental. Alec was happy. For once in his life he had everything he had ever wanted.
“Alec! Come help set the table!” Maryse’s voice boomed through the room snapping Alec out of his thoughts.
“Coming!” He yelled back sliding his phone, which he had just talked to Magnus on, in his back pocket. His parents had agreed to let Magnus come to the dinner. And Alec was nervous. Even if his parents had been accepting they never really spent time with Magnus. Alec was the one to usually visit Magnus and not the other way around. He had practically moved in to Magnus’ apartment seeing as he spent almost every night there. And not sleeping 😉
That’s why he was nervous. He just hoped the dinner would be a success.
Clary was the first to arrive, after saying hello to Maryse and Robert she went by Jace’s side sitting down next to him after giving him a quick kiss. Magnus was the next to come. And Alec couldn’t take his eyes off of him. He looked fabulous as always. A red dress shirt hugging his muscles along with some black pants who did wonders for hiss ass. His usual necklaces hung loosely around his neck and the many rings shun against his caramel fingers. He looked beautiful, Alec thought. When he met Magnus’s eyes they both smiled, and in five quick strides Alec found himself in his arms.
“Hey.” He whispered against his neck, sending shiver down Magnus’ back. Magnus pulled back slightly, his arms still around Alec’s hips as they ignored the world around them. “Hello Alexander.” He smiled cheekily.
Blushing Alec placed his lips on Magnus’ warm ones in a quick peak before unwrapping himself from Magnus’ warm body.
“Come on, lets go say hi to my parents.”
Nodding Magnus took Alec’s hand as he led them to his parents.
Both of them had hugged Magnus which was a big surprise to Alec. He had expected them to be cold towards his boyfriend. Guess they changed more than he thought. Alec smiled looking at Magnus.
“Well, come on children lets eat.” Maryse called them all to the table.
Magnus had sat down across from Alec, Robert and Jace sitting on each side of Alec. As they all dug in to the delicious food. (Which Izzy had thankfully not participated in making) chatter filled the table. Alec felt so happy, surrounded by his loved ones and family. He felt complete.
“Hey Alec could you pass me the salt?” Jace suddenly asked getting his attention.
Alec spotted the glass shaker on the other side of the table, it was quite far away. “Daddy can you pass me the salt?” He asked rather than reaching across the table disturbing the others meal, he didn’t give it too much thought.
“Yeah sure.” Robert and Magnus answered at the same time. Which made all the chatter abruptly stop, letting silence fill the room.
Jace choked on his meat besides him while Alec went beet red. Clary and Izzy couldn’t contain their giggles as Magnus’ hand stopped mid air in his reach for the salt.
“Oh my god.” He whispered in embarrassment.
“Uh- I, I can explain.” Alec stuttered as all eyes turned to him.
Maryse who had frozen with her fork in the air, cleared her throat, “No need for that.” She gave a tight smile. “Everyone just go back to their meals.”
Alec nodded slowly still redder than a tomato. Robert who had said nothing, quickly reached across the table giving the salt shaker to Alec, who murmured a quiet thanks before handing it over to Jace, who was trying really hard not to let out a laugh.
“Thanks….daddy” he whispered the last part to Alec letting out a quiet giggle, Clary elbowed him but let out a laugh herself. Alec groaned as he locked eyes with Magnus who gave him a smirk clearly not embarrassed anymore. Alec wanted to smash his face into his plate at this point forgetting about all the happiness he had previously felt.
“I don’t understand, what happened?” Max’s little voice sounded through the room.

The Professor (Part 9)

The Professor Masterlist Previous Part

Your breath caught in your throat as soon as you heard a knock on the front door. Amy, who was slipping on her heels, looked at you at the same time that you looked at her. She smiled as she said, “We better go. Our dates are waiting,” and gave your shoulder a firm, reassuring squeeze before she went to open the door. You slipped on your coat and gave yourself one last look in the mirror before walking out to the hallway and seeing Amy, Nick and Chris talking together. Chris looked handsome; his hair slick back, his beard shaped nicely, his clothes matching perfectly…it was a beautiful sight to see.

The clacking of your heels on the hardwood floor caught their attention, and everyone turned to look at you. Nick and Amy smiled - obviously happy that you were ready to go and they could leave to get the show on the road - but Chris’s expression was one of…one of love, passion, awe. He smiled when he saw you, and as you approached, you greeted them. “Hi, guys.”

Nick was quick to reply, “Hi, Y/N, are you ready to go?”

Whereas Chris took longer to respond. “Hi, Y/N,” he breathed. “You look…you look beautiful.”

You looked down to the floor, your cheeks turning a subtle shade of pink. “Thank you, Chris.”

“Okay, time to go!” Nick interrupted. “We’ll let you guys have a moment, we’ll meet you in the car.”

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Hii! Do you do pregnancy scenarios? If you can you make one where youre pregnant but taeyong doesnt know yet but he finds out so he starts to treat you like a princess (buying you stuff etc) but you dont know that he knows? Thankssss

Thank you a lot for your request!

After few months, the symptoms started getting worse. You felt hopeless and wanted to speak up, but you were too afraid. You didn’t know what he could possibly think. You horrendously feared he might leave you after he hears about all this. Crying every night and leaving in fear was something you couldn’t stand. It was a constant pain. 

You noted in your notebook a small countdown. You marked the days until you have enough courage to tell him. Every day, you wrote down your thoughts. You sighed as you realised you have to get used to this. Throwing up, being hungry, mood swings… it made you feel even worse. You were living in such guilt. Every time you saw him, you imagined afterwards what his reaction could have been like. You even tried repeating few phrases just to get prepared. It was very hard speaking up. All of it because of fear.

After good hours of overthinking, you hear your phone ringing. You immediately pick it up and stare at the caller. You sigh, thinking to yourself “Let go, please…”.


“You’re still in bed?” he asks, jokingly.

“Y-yes. I’m tired.” you said as your hand started shaking.

“Can I come? I bought you enough food!” 

“Oh… that’s… fine. See you. Goodbye.” you quickly tried hanging up. 

You felt really embarrassed. You didn’t want to prepare. Your stomach seemed to be upset. Nausea was really annoying. You decided to eventually sleep your problems away.

Not too long after, you heard a deep voice calling your name, poking your shoulder.

“I didn’t know you’re that tired!” he chuckled and hugged you. He gave your forehead a quick peck, smiling. “Please, wake up. I have so much to show you.” he says, as he holds your hand tightly. 

You try slowly opening your eyes. You see the table in front of you full of all sorts of food you adore. You seem to be dumbfounded! What a wonderful sight. Your room seemed to be even cleaner. You try smiling as much as you can, but the most you can do is just slightly curve your lips. You were still sad, but so grateful so have such a man as yours.

“It’s like you read my mind…” you mumbled in shame.

As you get up, he hugs you tightly, delightfully kissing your cheek. You felt love and happiness in him. He smiled way more this time. You were confused, since he never treated you like this.

“How was you day?…” you ask quietly, sitting on a chair in front of the table.

“I just thought of you all day.” he said, as he was all smiles.

You look more at the food. Everything you could want: strawberry, a delicious cake, cookies, few snacks… It was perfect. Suddenly, he went to the bathroom. You tried telling him this time by calling a simple, unfinished “Tae!” but you failed. You recalled the fact that you forgot a pregnancy test there. It sounded as if he was hurrying by now. You remembered how you felt, and you started crying. You poured your heart out. The candy wrapper now had tears on it. As he comes, he immediately asks you:

“What’s wrong? Why are you crying? Please, don’t.” he tries hugging you, but you go the other way.

In between the whimpers, you yelled “I’ve been trying to tell you!”

“What is it?” you could feel how shocked he was.

“Didn’t you see a pregnancy test there…?” you plucked up courage.

“I already saw it. What’s wrong with it?”

“W-what? You aren’t disappointed in me…?” you stopped crying.

“I could be any happier. I told you once that I’ll never let you go. And I don’t break promises.” 

You were astounded. It’s like happiness came back to you, out of a sudden. You hugged him tighter than before, feeling like the luckiest person to have such an amazing boyfriend.

iamanemotionaltimebomb  asked:

That last ask, with the chubby crush? I wasn't the anon but that was so cute! Could we get that again with Pharah, McCree and Reaper?

I’m so glad you liked it! I hope you enjoy these as well!!

-Super thirsty for her crush omg. She thinks they are so cute and lovely looking!
-Definitely admires them from afar as they work out (Mercy teases her for it relentlessly).
-Is really touched that her crush bought her new makeup when they noticed she was out.
-“Hi, Pharah! I hope I got the right brand for you…”
“Oh, it is, thank you…(cue intense blushing)
-Was super impressed when they almost beat Reinhardt in an arm wrestling match!
-Takes advice from Mercy to take her crush out on a coffee date.
-Her crush would be the one to ask if she’d like to go out again and Pharah would be so flustered she’d accidentally say no and then scream yes! Her crush thinks it’s adorable.

-Big time flirt! The best is that he thinks he’s smooth, but he’s really a bumbling fool.
-“Hey darlin’. How much sugar do you put in yer coffee?”
“Um, not that much, maybe two teaspoons? Why?”
“Because yer just too damn sweet! Hehehehe…”
“Oh, um, thanks…?”
-Super impressed by his crush’s fighting skills! He saw them take down Widowmaker with a shotgun and a rusty screwdriver.
-His crush ends up fixing his prosthetic when it is damaged by the enemy team.
-His crush actually ends up asking him out, and he’s so surprised but so happy!!
-Once they start dating, McCree is always dressing them up in his ponchos because they look “sexier than a tall glass of beer after a hard day’s work!”
-“Jesse, that doesn’t even make sense!”
“Aw hell, pumpkin’. You make me so flustered I can’t even make you swoon.”
“Don’t worry cowboy, you still do.”

-Loves loves loves chubby s/o’s. To him, it’s more to love!
-Initially did not get along with his crush! They would go out of their way to be nice to him, and he didn’t understand why.
-Has a lot of respect for them on the field! They watched his back for him when the rest of the team was out and helped lead to their victory. Ever since then, he’s been more polite.
-Got caught cooking in the kitchen late at night by his crush! He was really surprised when they asked to try some of his food and end up loving it!
-“Oh, wow! This is so delicious! What is this called?”
“…They’re tamales.”
“Do you think you could teach me how to make this sometime?”
“…Of course.”
-Totally loves cooking with his crush. It makes him so happy and he’s in a much better mood overall.
-He ends up making them a romantic dinner and asking them out with a bouquet of roses! His crush thought it was really smooth, but he was sweating and so nervous underneath the mask!

BIGBANG Reactions To You Eating Ravenously


T.O.P would see you gulping down food and immediately become amused. He would laugh at your urgency and would sit back and watch as you devour all the food on the table within a few minutes. He’d find it very endearing and tease you about how quickly you ate later on. I can see him teasing you and telling you to slow down so as not to choke while still being completely amused at your situation. You love your food and T.O.P knows it!

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This sweetie would see you eating your heart out and immediately start making you more food! Taeyang would make sure that you only eat things that are healthy (but still delicious) and he’d watch as you eat. He would definitely understand where your hunger is coming from (I mean, working out so much he probably gets hungry A LOT) and wouldn’t judge you at all. When you would eat the food he made, he’d become very pleased and ask you your thoughts on his cooking. He’d definitely be happy to see you eating well and would become even happier when you compliment his chef skills. 

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Now, as your stuffing your face with as much food as you can, you’ll have G to the D, G-Dragon, eating his food like royalty. He would be amused at how hungry you are and would be teasing you by giving you concerned looks while eating his food like the queen king he is. He’d love it when you would get flustered at how calmly he’s eating and would laugh as he sees you trying to control yourself now that you’ve realized how quickly you’ve been eating. I see him telling you that it’s okay for you to pig out in front of him because, after all, in the future you’ll be having some major pregnancy cravings anyway.

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Daesung would love the fact that you feel comfortable enough around him to stuff your face full of food. He’d still think you were cute, even with your cheeks about to explode from the amount of food you just shoveled into your mouth. He’d just watch as his little angel licks every plate clean and would laugh as you try to hide your face from him after you’re done eating. There’s no need to be embarrassed with Daesungie as your boyfriend!

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Our little panda over here wouldn’t even notice all the food you’ve been gulping down. Why? Because he’s probably doing the exact same! I can see him seeing you ravenously digging into your food and, wanting to join in, starts eating just as vehemently. Both of you can eat your little panda hearts out when you’re together! However, I must warn you: There’s a high probability he will try to steal some food off your plate so be prepared to defend your territory!

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