He's so happy at the thought of delicious food

In the spirit of Halloween, how about a destiel AU where one of them hits on the other and compliments him on the great cop costume, not knowing that the other one is a REAL cop and very much on duty right now xD I don’t know where it goes from there, but I like to imagine the idea.

A wonderful prompt from @cottonycas.

Happy Early Halloween!

Cas probably shouldn’t have grabbed a third pot brownie. 

But they were so damn delicious. And yeah, maybe it was the weed talking, but Cas was hungry. That’s one of the things you were supposed to do at these kinds of parties, anyways, right? Eat food and socialize?

Well, that and remark at everyone’s clever (and offensive) Halloween costumes. But seeing as Cas wasn’t good at socializing, especially in the lame costume of a mime, he thought he’d continue with the former: eating. Food was safe, food was good. 

Weed was good. 

Cas had forgotten what it felt like to relax, so although he’d grumbled about Balthazar dragging him away from his grad work, he was kind of glad he’d agreed.

It was nice to be outside his room, and even nicer to be sitting outside on the back porch of some random guy’s house, munching on a brownie. Music pounded from within, a throbbing beat that vibrated the floorboards, but it was quiet here where Cas sat alone, staring out at the distant streetlights with half-lidded eyes.

The night was warm and misty, and as he finished his brownie, he grinned at the thought of them all drifting through clouds. The weed kicked in more strongly, and his cheeks tingled while his muscles pulled into a smile. 

Leaning back against the railing, he beamed out at the night, and didn’t register that the music had stopped until the slider door behind him opened and a man stepped out.

Cas hummed appreciatively. The man was young and dressed in a tight police uniform. 

“Hey, officer,” Cas said. 

“Hey, there, Mr. Mime. How ya doin’ out here? Is it just you?”

“Mm, yup. Jus’me. Doin’ good. Real good.” Cas giggled and then couldn’t stop. His second brownie had finally caught up to him, and he was helpless to keep the giggles at bay.

The man squinted down at him. “You okay?”

Cas nodded, still laughing. “Good! Haha, I’m fine! Just some haha, delicious brownies! You should try one, haha!”   

The man’s lips quirked as he raised an eyebrow. “Yeah, I don’t think so.”

“Why not? Haha, it’s not against the law, officer.” Cas licked his lips, the giggles finally tapering off. He gave the other man an obvious once-over. “I like your costume. It’s um. Very sexy. Looks very authentic.”

The man smirked. “Probably because it is.”

Cas blinked, but was slow to comprehend. “Uh. What?”

“I’m actually a police officer. And I’m on duty, so no pot brownies for me, unfortunately.”

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