He's so happy at the thought of delicious food

I know it’s a very sensitive time, but I have to sincerely ask: Can we stop calling Donald Trump “cheeto” please. It’s such an insult to them; like Cheetos are delicious as fuck. Can we call him something gross that nobody likes. Like yams. Call him yam. Fuck yams.

magicallucykirkland  asked:

How would 1p and 2p Denmark react to their kidnapped s/o making them dinner. Even though the s/o claimed that they hated them. And the food is really good with no poison, there was even dessert.

Denmark: (He would feel suprised. He could see the hate in their eyes everytime they saw him. So he expected them to make something gross for him to eat. Hell he never thought that they would actually cook for him.Well atleast not so soon, but once he would eat the food and realise that it is even delicious, then he would be happy and satisfied. He would hug them from behind and kiss their cheek. “Thank you baby.” Before leaving to do his work.

2P Denmark: He wouldn`t really care, even though he would be incredibly cautious. Since he himself hated them as well, then he would understand their hate towards him. But since he was hungry then he would eat the food. He would slightly, very slightly be suprised. He would even enjoy the food, but not show it out. Once he would finish he would leave the room with nothing but his hateful look and then go to sleep in his own room.