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One of my favorite moments of 1x09 is when Mike says to Ginny that he is sorry that her poster boy let her down. I feel like it's been an underrated scene so far. He knows he is Ginny's teenaged idol and someone she looks up to. She was the one who convinced Mike that he needed to go out and play one last time, because he deserved it. Then infortunately it didn't turn out well. And Mike feels sorry not for himself but for Ginny. Adorable human disaster.

yeah i think it was both really?

idk mike’s always been this dominant figure in the game and he’s always known what to do and how to hit the ball and get the runs; so to stand there and not swing??? i think he’d be beating himself up pretty damn badly. even more so when it’s his last bat for the team he actually wants to be on, and where he wants to stay

and when you consider mike’s, “i gave my life to this game,” line, it really drives home that narrative of, this game is everything and he knows, lives and breathes it. to not be able to swing and just stand there… mike would seriously be feeling some heavy shit then

so while i think ginny played a good part of him beating himself up, i think the larger part was himself really


Rick’s sunmary: “How do you punish an immortal God? By making him human. After angering Zeus, Apollo is cast down and lands in NYC as a regular teenage boy. Without his godly powers the deity must learn to survive in the modern world until he regains his powers. But he has enemies who would love to destory him. He can think of only one place to go for help: Camp Half Blood


First person POV from Apollo. Every chapter title is a haiku! And the first preview for the book is coming out in April… When he releases a crossover book with the Kane Chronicles and PJO!

You know what we’re not talking about?  Upcoming cartoons.  You know what looks really exciting?


“Ghostforce” is an upcoming cartoon by Zagtoon Inc.  This studio is also working on other up-and-coming cartoons you may have heard of, such as “Ladybug”, a CGI TV show about a crime-fighting teenage girl, and “7Cs”, an action-adventure cartoon produced in conjunction with Man of Action Studios (Ben10, Generator Rex).

Ladybug looks sick. Check it out if you haven’t already.

But back to Ghostforce.  Here’s the show’s description from the PGS entertainment website:

As a boy, Professor Richenbach was haunted by many evil ghosts. He swore to one day find a way to defeat them. Many years later, he is a science teacher at Central High School. He has finally developed a technology that enables humans to fight and capture ghosts! He secretly recruits three students Andy, Sam, and Nathalie. They form a team tasked with hunting down and capturing the ghosts that terrorize the city. Operating from the secret underground laboratory built by the Professor, they are the city’s only line of paranormal defense. 

The description isn’t much to go off of, but these conceptual images from the show reveal a lot more.

This show




I mean




It kinda looks like a really sick blend of Ghostbusters, Danny Phantom and The Powerpuff Girls I mean look at these colors and their capes. 

Here’s the bottom line:

Ghosts?  Check.  Teenage protagonists?  Check.  Sick artwork?  Check. I’M SOLD.

Friendly reminder that Cassian, a 500 Illyrian soldier and army commander, got kneed in the balls by a 22 years old human girl because he wanted to kiss her so much that he didn’t even care And that’s because all the blood that should have been in his brain was located in southern regions like a horny, immortal teenage boy.

The darker your skin - the further down you go: The hierarchical system aboard Italy's migrant boats that governs who lives and who dies

The ruthless human traffickers charging desperate migrants up to £1,300 each to cross the Mediterranean are separating passengers according to race and locking Africans below deck, it has emerged.

More than 1,700 people have died making the perilous voyage in the past week alone and those who survive have told of unimaginable horrors on ships, including starvation, beatings and murders.

Teenagers arriving in the Italian port of Lampedusa told workers from Save the Children how migrants from sub-Saharan African countries were often kept below the deck, deprived of water and sunlight.

A teenage boy from Somalia said he wanted to be called Ali, after his friend who was pushed into the sea alongside other passengers.

“The Libyans who got me to Italy are not human,” he said. “They speak with the gun not with words…they pushed eight Nigerians into the sea.

“And they pushed my friend into the sea. They all drowned.”

Ali survived the trip alongside 400 others, telling how he was crammed below the deck with no windows.

“They didn’t give us water otherwise we would have to go to the toilet,” he said.

“There is no toilet on the boat. If you were sick or went up a level to get air the traffickers would shoot you.”

Ibrahim, a 17-year-old boy from Somalia, was also forced below the deck.

“My boat had about 150 people on it,” he said. “The Somalis were put on the bottom level and other nationalities could go on the top level.” He had paid £1,300 for the journey.

Yusuf, a 17-year-old Palestinian boy

who reached Italy in February after fleeing Gaza, said he was put on an upper level with other people from the Middle East.

“There were about 250 people in the boat, it had two levels and some Africans were put below,” he added.

“The traffickers had guns and if you talked they said they would throw you overboard or shoot you. They always threatened us with their guns.”

A spokesperson for Save the Children said that many migrants helped by their workers had told similar stories of different races being split up, with the lighter-skinned appearing to receive marginally better treatment.

“What we hear from numerous migrants arriving in Italy is that migrants from African countries are often treated worse than Middle Eastern or Asian passengers,” she said.

“They are often forced to stay in the hold, where they are at greater risk of drowning if the boat capsizes and can become ill from breathing in the petrol fumes.

“Partly this is because African migrants - from countries like Eritrea and Somalia often - are not able to pay as much as others, and partly we think simply because of racism on the part of the people smugglers.”

In July last year, around 100 migrants were massacred by traffickers after they tried to escape a locked hold as fumes spread from the boat’s engine.

As the poisonous gas spread below deck, panic started and the passengers managed to force open the door, only to be met by traffickers armed with knives who started massacring them and throwing them into the sea.

Five men stabbed and assaulted passengers at random and threw them overboard, telling others not to react or they would suffer the same fate, police said.

Approximately 60 of the migrants were attacked and their bodies dumped, while around 50 are thought to have been thrown directly into the sea to drown.

Eighteen migrants were found dead in a tangled mass of bodies in the hull after succumbing to the fumes.

Survivors who were taken off the ship by Italian and Maltese authorities were described as dominantly Syrian and reports at the time said the dead migrants were “African”.

The five men arrested for their murders were from Saudi Arabia, Syria, the Occupied Palestinian Territories and Morocco.

Many of the estimated 900 migrants who drowned after a ship sailing from Libya capsized on Sunday had also been locked below the deck, according to a survivor.

The 32-year-old Bangladeshi man said he only lived because he was on an upper level of the vessel.

“I and the others managed to survive because we were outside, but many of the others remained prisoners in the hold of the boat because the traffickers had locked them in and they finished at the bottom of the sea,” he said.

Authorities, who have charged the Tunisian captain with reckless mass homicide, have not said how those migrants were divided up but they believe that the rush to escape after the boat collided with a container ship contributed to it capsizing.

The disaster came amid calls for action over rising numbers of deaths during voyages to Italy that have killed an estimated 1,700 people in the last week alone.

The crisis has sparked an emergency summit by European Union leaders to crack down on human trafficking and aid Italy’s rescue missions.

Even with migrants crossing the Mediterranean, there is a hierarchical system, and Black Africans are on the bottom. Figuratively and literally.

How do you punish an immortal?
By making him human.
After angering his father Zeus, the god Apollo is cast down from Olympus. Weak and disorientated, he lands in New York City as a regular teenage boy. Now, without his godly powers, the four-thousand-year-old deity must learn to survive in the modern world until he can somehow find a way to regain Zeus’s favour.
But Apollo has many enemies - gods, monsters and mortals who would love to see the former Olympian permanently destroyed. Apollo needs help, and he can think of only one place to go … an enclave of modern demigods known as Camp Half-Blood.


How do you punish an immortal? By making him human. After angering his father, Zeus, the god Apollo is cast down from Olympus. Weak and disoriented, he lands in New York City as a regular teenage boy.

Without his godly powers, the 4000-year-old deity must learn to survive in the modern world until he can somehow find a way to regain Zeus’ favor. But Apollo has many enemies: gods, monsters and mortals who would love to see the former Olympian permanently destroyed.

Apollo needs help, and he can think of only one place to go: an enclave of modern demigods known as Camp Half-Blood. [x]


Well, Rick did say on his social media accounts that he would be revealing some future plans at tonight’s Norse-American Tour stop in Boston. We were just not mentally prepared for them to be this amazing!

Thanks to Tumblr user @griefisafreighttrain, we now have video of Riordan announcing his upcoming project The Trials of Apollo, which will apparently be a one-off book that will bring us back to Camp Half-Blood with some of the characters from the Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus series. We’ll finally know what our favorite demigods got up to after the end of the war! And of course, the added presence of Apollo only makes things 300% more awesome. You can hear the audience in Boston go wild at the announcement.

Riordan also said the chapter titles will be in haiku (we would not expect anything less), and that a preview of it will be released next year alongside a brand new Percy Jackson/Kane Chronicles crossover full-length novel.

I don’t know about you guys, but MY MIND IS BLOWN. I did not know I needed this until I heard it come out of Rick’s mouth. (Actually, judging by the amount of fanfiction I’ve read since BoO came out– yes, yes I did). What do you think of this news? Are you excited about this as we are?! Which characters and plot points would you like to see in this book? Tell us all your hopes and speculations in a comment!


[J-15] Top [1/3] quotes

“My riddle starts with a boy. Now this boy, he’s smart. Dazzlingly smart. He sees things most people can’t. The thing is, no one seems to notice. Not his teachers. Not his peers. Not even his parents. So before long, this boy, now a teenager, starts proving it. He breaks into corporate data banks, government safe-blocks. Still, no one seems to appreciate him. Now he’s a man. He works for some of the most powerful people in the world, but still… No one seems to notice how smart he is. He can’t understand it. So he gets louder and louder, peacocking. He’s this amazing thing, this human riddle to be marveled at, but no one sees it, dammit! And why? Because what he can’t see, what he’ll never see, is that people notice smart when smart changes the world. When it adds something. But this man, all he cares about is himself. He isn’t complicated. He’s no riddle. He’s just a boy, standing at the center of his village, screaming, "Look at me.” Embarrassing himself in a cheap hat.“

Say it with me:

Finn Collins was not destroyed to make way for Bellarke.

Finn Collins was not destroyed to make way for Bellarke.

Finn Collins was notdestroyed to make way for Bellarke.

Bellamy and Clarke cared about each other before Finn lost it. Clarke ran into Bellamy’s arms before she saw Finn standing in the center of a village of innocent victims. Clarke and Bellamy were leaders and friends before Finn went off the deep end after losing Clarke. This is Finn’s arc and it’s a damn good one. It’s interesting and well developed and has absolutely nothing to do with Bellarke shippers. The 100 is a story about survival, war, and humanity. Finn Collins is a broken teenage boy. He’s scared and he lost the one thing he had clung onto in the shitty situation these kids were forced into. Finn Collins is not destroyed. He is broken and he is lost, but he can be redeemed. Will he be? I don’t know, but whatever happens to Finn has nothing to do with Bellamy and Clarke being friends or growing closer because that was happening before Clarke and the others were taken and before the grounder camp. Do I want Clarke and Bellamy to make out? Damn right I do. Do I want Finn to lose himself to make that happen? No, but by god is it interesting to watch it play out. Finn Collins is a more interesting and complex character thanks to this stellar writing and Thomas’ acting. This is not just good tv, it’s good story telling and sometimes with good story telling the good guy takes a fall. Finn will never be that pure, innocent kid who spacewalked for fun. He’s a kid who was forced into adulthood far too soon and he’s dealing with the effects of war realistically and it’s beautiful. Some people grow, some people crumble. Finn Collins is crumbling, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be put back together.

All season, the only demons we’ve seen have been sniveling little suck-ups, trying to please Crowley.  Barely capable of anything it would seem.  Perhaps we’ve forgotten what they’re really like.  

You remember these guys, right?  And just what they were capable of?

It’s been too long since we’ve seen a demon showing their true colours.  Then Crowley got fucked over and we got a delicious reminder of a real demon’s power.

Dean is still somewhat human.  

But’s he’s a HUMAN strong enough to take out an entire house of enhanced humans.  The curse has made him that strong.  He killed a teenage boy that was crying, begging him for mercy.  The curse has made him that merciless.

He came very close to killing Castiel, one of his dearest friends, all because Cas and Sam are trying to help him stay human and he doesn’t want them to.  

If Dean dies again, Rowena messes up the spell that’s meant to fix him, or if the First Blade end up in his hands somehow…  Just think about it.

Dean answers to no-one.  Dean is smart.  Dean is very capable of torturing someone.  Dean doesn’t hold back if he has a score to settle.  If Dean becomes a demon again…

Good luck stopping him.

let’s play “describe a movie the way jupiter ascending is described”

“it’s about a teenage boy who finds out that he is the last of the SPACE WIZARDS and so goes to defeat the SPACE EMPIRE to restore SPACE DEMOCRACY but mostly I’m here for the attractive antihero guy and the space princess”

“okay so there are robots from the future who are killing all the humans but this one guy is leading the resistance so they send a CYBORG. WITH AN AUSTRIAN ACCENT FOR SOME REASON. back in time to kill his mom. AN AUSTRIAN CYBORG.” 

“so SPACE ROBOTS! WHO CAN TURN! INTO CARS! come to earth and for some reason they end up with this teenage boy and he gets together with this girl who steals cars and they have to go up against EVIL space robots like it’s total garbage but this was like, everything I wanted when I was a kid, you know?”

Cartoon concept for a Danny Phantom-esqu show, only instead of a teenaged boy it’s Schrödinger’s cat, with all the lovable sass of a feisty feline companion and all the godless power and existential horror of the undead.

He always wears his “box” over most of his body, which he warns his human owner/boy sidekick to never take off cause observing him in the box will either turn him into a regular cat or he will instantly die and his soul will be sent to limbo.

Cat and human boy fight crime, but also try to stop hells army sometimes. Every episode title is a pun relating to cats


Discover the characters “HERO GENERATION” of “COMIC REPUBLIC” , a young comic editor from Nigeria .

Guardian Prime:

Tunde Jaiye is the fifth element, one of the five essential elements on earth ( earth, air, water, fire and man). He is the perfect man created how God intended man to be ( in his image).

He can do everything a normal man can do only magnified to almost God like levels. He is the guardian born to the human race as customary every 2000 years. He is Nigerian. He is Guardian Prime.


Joshua martins had always dug his nose deep in the books, marvelling at the nature of science never did he know that he would one day be part of one of sciences great anomalies, discovering that he was born with the ability of teletechnopathy and magnetism, this would eventually lead to him becoming the supersmart and witty hero and member of the extremes known as Nutech.

Max Speed:

Marcus chigozie, a teenage rich boy with anger management issues, had no idea he had powers until an event that changed his life, now he has the ability to move at supersonic speed, this new discovery has led him into becoming the super fast hero and member of the extremes known as maxspeed.

Power Boy:

Toye oluwadare is the typical school teenager that loves sports, loves social networks and never has the time to worry about his looks and who looks, but his identity becomes a concern to him when one day he discovers he can do things ordinary people can’t, and he most become someone else, he most become powerboy, teenage hero and member of the extremes.


A normal man discovers that fear is not just a state of mind but an existing entity and one day he becomes that entity. Eru is the curse of a man, a curse that has a face, a form but no fear, because he is fear.

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Summary: Phil is an angel that devotes himself to fixing “broken” humans. Dan is a little freaked out when the new boy at his school insists on “stitching him back together”.

Dan loved Fridays.

School had just ended, which meant he could now escape the dreary brick building and go back home to his music and video games, sheltering himself in the comfort of his room until Monday came. All he had to endure now was the ten minute walk home, and then there would be no worries for the next 42 hours.

“Dan Howell?”

A hand came flying out of nowhere and landed on his shoulder, causing him to jump about a foot in the air. Nobody ever talked to him anymore, not that he minded. Everyone had basically just given up on him and no longer made an effort since he pointedly avoided all social confrontation.

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Don’t all of a sudden pity Calum now just because that tweet got your attention, he, as well as the rest of the band, have been overworked and they’re exhausted and that poor angel has to deal with shit from this fandom and outside of it on a daily basis due to racism, white washing, being “problematic” when he’s just trying to live a teenaged boy life and not being appreciated enough. Calum is immensely talented and so important to the band, in fact the band would be nearly as big as they are now if it weren’t for him. They just all need a break and to go home and to be able to live their lives. He doesn’t deserve the shitty complaints and rude remarks from people and this fandom. He doesn’t deserve that from anyone. He’s so special and truly an amazing human bean and he just deserves happiness and love. So let’s all try to give that to him, under every circumstance.

Guardian Angel AU||Open

“Alright class…” stated the teacher, “…this is the new student I told you about. Alexandre Enjolras. He just transferred here from France.” she stated, adjusting her glasses. Enjolras simply stood at the front of the class, discretely looking the other students over. He was lucky this school wasn’t too high class, that meant no uniforms. That gave him the freedom to wear whatever he wanted. Plain jeans and a loose hoodie… perfect for concealing his wings.

Of course, Enjolras wasn’t at a human high school just for fun, no, he had a job to do. Over the past few months, there had been a growing number of murders… all by the same group. The police had’t linked the (so far) three killings, but the higher authority angels above the clouds did. And not only that, they had determined the next target. A teenage boy sitting in Enjolras’s ‘new class’, right next to an empty desk.

That was Enjolras’s assignment. Protect the guy until the police caught the murderers. No matter what. Though, he had to go in under cover… he couldn’t let people know he was a Guardian Angel, but at the same time, this was a serious job, he had to stay close to the guy and not just watch from a distance. “Alright then Alexandre, you may sit in the empty desk. Everyone else, get out your homework from last week.” the teacher replied, brushing her straight black hair out of her face. Enjolras nodded wordlessly, sitting in the desk which just happened to be beside his 'assignment’. He placed his binder on the desk and looked over to the male he’d have to watch over for a while, “Ah, hello.”

I think we should really adress the new information we just got about the Heaven Household. I mean for someone who truely hates his family, Lucifer held a lot of longing in his eyes when he mentioned that once they were happy. He mentions that Mom was actually quite lovely. Despite his resentment I think there will always be that empty part of Lucifer that needs that love back. Lucifer even mentioned he took after his mom. It could be a lead in for why he despises children as well. Lucifer is jealous of human children. They have constant attention and adoration from their parents; something he never had. And boy was there some neglet in his family. We now know that Mom stood by and watched Lucifer’s fall and, in turn, he did the same for her during hers. I think in this season we’ll see Lucifer in a whole new light. In some scenes he may turn into a rebellious teenager or a scorn filled angel, but in the end I think all he really wants is something to fill that empty hole that Heaven left.