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Leave Me Alone- Calum

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Could you write an imagine about dating Luke but Calum likes you? Thanks

He simply couldn’t help it. He tried to stop himself but it was pointless. He likes you. He couldn’t stop thinking about you, he couldn’t stop staring at you, he couldn’t help but tease you and he couldn’t help but talk about you to the boys. They warned him. Over and over, they warned him. “You’re treading on a thin line, Cal.” He knew and would reply with the same thing, “I’ll stop talking to her.” And he did. He stopped teasing you, he stopped talking to you, but you were still in his mind and he was still watching you with love heart eyes. Luke was his friend, he knew that, but it couldn’t erase the strong feeling he simply had for you.

You were oblivious as you were in love with Luke. With every loving stare Calum would give you, you would give one to Luke and he would give one back to you. Calum hated that so much, he felt as if something was choking him. Every time he felt like this, he would tug on the neck of his t-shirt and swallow. Calum focused on the stares you would give him, the caring and sweet one. Nothing like the loving one. He smiled in a fake manner and turned the other way, wanting nothing to do with you yet wanting you.

He kept on saying how you’ll never love him, but his gut feeling was telling him something else. The gut feeling was strong, too strong that it had scared Calum, that he had to ignore everyone to calm himself down. But yet again, the caring human being you were had to check up on him, making sure everything was okay. That’s what he hated the most about you, while you simply cared he was loving you.

One day he couldn’t deal with it anymore. He saw you sitting on Luke’s lap, cuddling to his chest as you nuzzled his neck and stare up at him, making him look down at you in awe.

“I bet you one person hates me,” Luke said causing Calum to look up from his phone, his heart beating fast. Does he know?

“Who? Why?” you asked, confused as to why someone would hate Luke, your babe, your sweetheart. Calum shook his head and looked down at his phone, both fools he thought. Yet he argued with himself, aren’t you though?

“Because I have you and they can’t have you,” Luke winked, making you giggle in his neck. Calum couldn’t take it anymore. He stood up and snapped.

“Jesus Christ, do you have to do that romanic bullshit in front of me?”

“What?” you murmured.

“Like fucking congratulations, you love each other, we get it. There are rooms for you two to be in you know?” Calum paused as they both looked at him with huge eyes. “Whatever,” he walked out to the back room of the bus, cursing under his breath.

He sat down and placed his hands on his face, rocking backwards and forwards, whispering, “Fuck my life. Fuck my life,” repeatedly until he gave up and went back on his phone.

Moments later, Luke walked in. Calum looked up briefly and looked back down.

“Listen, mate we’re sorry but you can’t snap at us like that,” Luke explained, causing Calum to nod his head. “That’s why we have an idea.” Calum moved his head slowly to look at a happy Luke. “Come with us for drinks!”

Calum didn’t say anything. After a few seconds, he laughed “You’re having a laugh.”

“No! Come on. You’ve been weird with Y/N for at least three months, at least make it up to her. You fake smile at her, you ignore her and you walk the other way when she walks your way. Come on, she misses her friend,” Luke pleaded. Friend.

“If I say yes, will you get off my back?” Calum snarled, Luke nodded excitedly. “Fine, now get out.” Luke hurried before shouting Y/N’s name. Calum sighed to himself and rubbed his chin, knowing he’s agreed to something he know he shouldn’t have. He stood up and moved out of the private room, entering the bunk area where all the chaos was happening.

“Hey, Calum,” y/n said. Calum sighed and turned to her.


“Thanks for saying yes. I really appreciate it.”

Calum nodded and continued walking down the bus, as he focused on his breathing.


The day had arrived and Calum felt sick. His hands were shaking as he was pulling down his shirt. He looked up at the mirror and ran his fingers through his hair. He heard a quiet knock on the door, “Come in.”

She walked in and he stopped breathing. He looked at her and swallowed the lump in his throat and had difficulties looking away. She was wearing a dress that fitted her perfectly making her look like a goddess in his eyes.

“Sorry, I just wanted to see if you were ready?” Y/N looked down at the floor shyly, scared that Calum will just ignore her or be blunt with her.

Calum saw that and exhaled loudly, “Yeah. Yeah, I’m ready,” he whispered. Y/N nodded and walked away with Calum following behind, watching her.

The car journey was horrible. Luke was trying to involve him in every conversation, but Calum would just reply with a nod or give a one word answer. Y/N was silent knowing that the tension in the atmosphere was too much for her. She opened the sun visor and looked at her reflection. Since Calum was sitting in the middle she saw Calum watching her in the mirror and froze. Calum saw that she knew he was watching, his eyes immediately softening from his hard gaze. She gave a small smile, which he returned but looked away as soon as Luke started talking. Y/N kept watch, squinting her eyes trying to figure him out. Calum knew of course as he felt her stare burning onto his skin.

“Right, here we are,” Luke exclaimed unbuckling his seat belt along with Calum. Y/N sat there still staring, “Babe?”

Y/N shook her head and giggled in embarrassment, “Right. Yeah. Sorry.”  

As soon as they entered the bar, they bought themselves drink and sat down on a table. The happy couple were talking and giggling while Calum was too busy observing his beer bottle intently.“How about that?” Luke asked Calum slapping him on his back, causing Calum to launch forward.

“What?” Calum muttered.

I said,” Calum instantly looked at Y/N, “that girl is staring at you.” Calum turned to where Y/N was looking, seeing a tall blonde girl smirking at Calum. He turned around.


“What’s this? Calum Hood doesn’t want to hook up?” Luke asked exaggeratingly, causing the two of them to go into a fit of giggles while Calum sat expressionless.

“How about this? I can set you up with a girl like a blin-” Y/N was saying.

“For fuck sake. Leave me alone. Both of you. Just leave me alone, this was a mistake,” Calum grabbed his jacket and left the bar, leaving the happy couple in shock.

a/n i am so sorry for not updating so much has happened. Anyway, have good day/night. P.S this hasn’t been proofread

Since I’m a new fan of markiplier, I haven’t watched The Evil Within and since there’s DLC Mark’s playing… I’m going to watch the whole play through in one go with snacks and a blanket so no monsters can hurt me

lms if you want my neck to not be sprained anymore. ignore if you want nacho to kill more snakes and force feed them to me while rubbing his dusty fur all over my clean sheets

welp, waterproof mascara was a good decision on my part today holy shit

Okay but why hasn’t anyone made a headcannon from that one scene during the tea party where Chessurs like “What happened that day was not my fault” and then Tarrants like “You ran out on them to save your own skin.”

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19 ashton i mean

You need to wake up because I can’t do this without you.

Ashton cradled your squirming newborn as he watched over you, desperately trying to calm the child and himself, and fighting back heavy tears.

“Please, please, please.” He prayed, gently bouncing the baby with every word that left his mouth, his words choked in his throat as he watched your unnaturally still body lie in the hospital bed, “You need to… You need to wake up.”

one of the things about nichijou that fucking killed me when i first noticed it is that in one episode, yukko is late and she’s trying to get into the classroom without triggering a trap set up at the doors by mai and she briefly considers entering through the windows at the top of the class only to find that the windows have been replaced with stained glass

but the windows were never actually changed out after that and so in every episode after that that has a scene in that classroom you can see that the stained glass is still there

Almost Lover - Part Two - Sehun Scenario

“He’s broken up with her.”
Those were the harsh whispers you had overheard all week. It was the talk of the school how Sehun had apparently dumped her - and one look at her confirmed that the rumours were true.

You watched as she stomped into the lunch hall, eyes rimmed red and noisily pushed her chair back before sitting down. She glanced at Sehun across the room and he returned it with an apologetic smile, but she simply ignored him and turned around to face her friends (who were also firing him looks to kill).
But still you stared, watching him. Hoping that he would meet your eyes like he had hers but whether he felt your eyes on him, he didn’t make any effort to turn around.
You breathed a heavy sigh before reoccupying yourself in your now cold lunch.

Once Sehun began dating her, all contact he had with you stopped. He stopped calling, he stopped texting, he wouldn’t even so much as talk to you in class. You figured it was just him being a faithful boyfriend - everyone in your year knew about the history you and him shared, but after he broke up with her he still wouldn’t speak to you. When he was away from you things became static. The rain didn’t feel like the sky was dancing anymore, it just felt wet. Your palms were no longer maps to the future but slick with sweat and with no one to hold. He left and he took the world from you.
Except this time, you wouldn’t let him fall through your fingertips.

The bell rang announcing the end of class and students erupted from open classroom doors like tidal waves. You were dragged along in the crowd before you spotted Sehun standing at his locker. Suddenly a plan formulated in your head. You weren’t going to be passive anymore - you had been stupid before but you saw with clarity now. You readjusted your bag on your shoulder and manoeuvred your way over to where he stood. He didn’t notice you at first as he continued to remove books and put them into his black school bag. You cleared your throat and he jumped a little at the unexpected noise, head whipping round to where you were. His face contorted into an unreadable expression before he turned back to his locker.

“Hey” you said trying to mask how your voice shook, with an air of fake confidence. He simply nodded acknowledging your presence.
“So..” You began, his attention still on the locker.
“I haven’t heard from you in a while.” You said. Sehun only hummed in response. You took his silence as a means to continue, you took a deep breath before you spoke.
“I’m free this weekend and I was wondering if you want to hang out?”
His eyebrows raised a little and the text book in his hand slipped ever so slightly but he tried to play it off.
“I’m busy this weekend.” He said flatly before slamming the locker and walking away, leaving you standing there amongst the sea of students.

Luke: It was around midnight and you just came back home from a girls night. You went to restaurant than to an exhibition with your closest friends who came in the city for a few days. You placed your keys on the bar and took off your black heels, sighing because of the pain which were fading away. «Luke?» You called through the house. You thought that maybe he was asleep. You walked up the stairs, gripping the rail because of your headache. When you arrived in your room, Luke was still awake, watching a police drama, he looked at you, a smile on his face. «You’re alright baby?» he asked. You didn’t even took the time to take off your make up and to put a pyjama on, just slipping yourself under the sheets. «Yeah, just a little bit tired», you heard him giggling and he turned off the TV, plunging your room into darkness. You were always the little spoon when you both were cuddling. Tonight you knew he was needy, he had already been in the morning, and it confirmed what you thought when he started rubbing gently your sides, it made you shivered a little, clenching your teeth not to make any noise. He did it again, and again. «Luke, stop, you’re tickling me and I want to laugh so bad» you said shyly. «Hey I tried to be romantic» he said, a little bit offended. «Wait» he said, starting to tickling you. «Oh no Hemming don’t you dare!» you almost shouted. He tickled you while you were trying to escape his grip, screaming and laughing. «Stop Luke!» You said still laughing. Suddenly he stopped and kissed your shoulder «Now that I know that you’re ticklish I’ll take advantages of it babe» I giggled a little and kissed one of his hands which were resting on my pillow «In your dreams».

Michael: You both were on his couch, watching TV, Michael changing the chanels every five minutes, a thing that was bothering you. «Can you stop altering all the chanels that you have on your tv every two minutes please?» I said, not looking at him. «Excuse me but if you want to watch a program in particular you just have to tell me» «We don’t even have time to see what the movie is about that you already changed the chanel» you said a little bit exasperate. «Hey why are you so annoyed?» he asked, turning to face you, looking at you dead in the eyes. «We already fought two times this morning and it makes me sick, you’re still acting like a dumbass», you said, acting childish. «Are you making a fucking scene because of some tv programs?» he said, almost outraged. «Actually yes I am because you’re acting like if I’m not even here since this morning.». He rested his back against the couch and giggled. «Oh my god you’re such a child» he almost shouted. You did not answered, feeling a little bit frustrated, but you felt this way since now two weeks. You felt his fingers on your sides, but you pushed his hands away, not wanting him to touch you. Then he started to tickle you. «Michael no!» you shouted, unable not to laugh. «Oh so the princess is ticklish right?» he said, attacking you with his fingers, you bursted out laughing and tried to escape his grip. «Excuse you» he said. «No. You, excuse you!» he glanced at you and returned to his assault. «Ok, Michael stop! Ok, I’m sorry for my behaviour since this morning». Suddenly he stopped and you tried to catch your breath. «I love you» he said, pressing his lips against yours before taking off your shirt.

Calum: «That was great» he said for the third time, the both of you were breathless. You curled up into his arms, his fingers tangled in your hair. «Oh my god I love you so much» he said smiling, and pressing gently his lips to your cheeks. Calum was always talkative after sex, in contrary of you, you were the shy one. You sighed and straddled his legs, your naked bodies connected to each other. «I love you too Mr.Hood». He looked at your belly and traced a circle on it with his warm fingers. «Do you think…?» «Calum, we only tried three times, I’m sure this time it’ll work» «I hope so» he sighed and you placed a gentle kiss on his lips, a kiss which became passionnate. He started to trace circles on your hips, making you squirmed under his touch. «Cal, you’re tickling me» you said giggling. He looked at the skin of your arms, seeing that you had goose bumps «Yeah? You’re that ticklish?» he said smirking. «No, no, Cal-» but you stopped talking when he started tickling you, you were screaming «no» and his name while laughing. You hated being tickled because your laugh was so weird in those moments. «Please stop it» you laughed trying to push his hands away but he seemed not to hear it. «Babe, if you don’t stop…no more sex for you» you said breathless, there he stopped. «Here we are» you said, pushing away a few strands of your hair from your face, catching your breath for the second time this morning. He touched gently your stomach again «Hey! Don’t you start again Hood!» you warned him. «How will he be named?» he said, looking at you dead in the eyes «He? Why not ‘she’?» you asked, frowning your brows. «And why not both huh?» he said before kissing gently your pink lips.

Ashton: You were in the kitchen, cooking, since 7 a.m, Ashton family will arrive to your home to have lunch in only two hours from now. You were breaking some eggs to make the dessert when you heard footsteps coming towards you. He placed his hands on your hips and kissed the back of your neck «Good morning sweety» he came next to you and frowned when he saw that you were cooking. «What are y- wait, are you actually cooking since hours for my family? I mean…we could have ordered pizzas» he said, switching on the coffee maker. «Oh you have scrambled eggs and waffles on the bar if you want some» you said smiling to him, before pouring flour into a measuring glass. «I’m the luckiest man in the world» he said, rushing towards the bar. You giggled and started to mix up all your ingredients together. A few minutes later your mixture was in the oven. «Having a good breakfast?» you said joining him on the terrace, a warm breeze hitted your skin. «It was sooo good babe» he said while tapping on his thighs for you to come sit on it. «Thank you for all the cooking» he said kissing your shoulder then your neck. His hands slip along your arms then along your thighs, goosebumps appearing on your skin. You felt him smirk against your neck and he started to tickle your sides, making you squirm wildly. «No, babe, I hate it» you said laughing. «I’ve never seen someone as ticklish as you are» he said stopping his assault, kissing your shoulder «It prooves that you don’t know me so well» you said with a wink before pressing a passionnate kiss to his lips. «I think I should go monitored the cake» you said, feeling Ashton’s hand slapping your bum, making you giggle.

Love unexpected

Jimin never expected himself to fall in love with the captain of the girl’s basketball team but then things happen.


You are the last person Jimin expects himself to fall for but here he was - standing in the far end of the gymnasium in his tank top and shorts, sweaty and panting but still watching you. He’s suitably exhausted from his usual dance workout but his eyes don’t leave your form as you weave through your opponents to score an impressive basket.

It’s just a practice session but Jimin still bounces on his feet and an unavoidable smile forms on his lips as he cheers for you in his heart. He’s so caught up in the moment that he doesn’t see Taehyung coming up to him until the other boy claps a hand over his shoulder and he jumps.

“Wow, you need to stop drooling. I don’t think girls would appreciate the lapdog look, y’know?”

Jimin spins around to glare at his best friend, “I wasn’t drooling!”

Taehyung grins wide, “really?”

“Then what’s this I see?” Taehyung shakes his head at Jimin, sweat spraying out in all directions and splatting Jimin all over his face.


Taehyung runs as Jimin chases him around their little end of the gymnasium, dodging the other dance members. Jimin catches Taehyung soon enough but only because Taehyung finally just collapses to the ground in laughter, giving Jimin the chance to exact his revenge. Not that it matters, because they’re both equally smelly and sweaty anyway.

When Jimin’s finally satisfied with Taehyung’s punishment, he flops down on the floor next to the other boy, breathing heavily from the extra exercise.

“Dude, why don’t you just ask her already?” Taehyung asks in between breaths.

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Burb where boxer!Luke just gets out of a big match and he comes home hurt and all cut up and y/n takes care of him.

You would’ve gone to Luke’s boxing match but you just couldn’t stand watching him get hurt.  Although he was a very good boxer, he still takes punches now and then and watching that just hurts you and he understands that.  He knows he has all your support and yes it’d be nice to have you there but he knows that once he goes home at the end of the night, he gets you all to himself, which is all he could ever ask for.  Usually he came home with only a couple bruises and he felt fine but tonight was different.  You were sat on the couch flipping through the channels when you heard the front door open and looked to see Luke stumbling in, a groan coming from him as he shut the door.  Immediately, you rushed over as he leaned himself against the wall.  “Lukey are you okay, what happened!?”  you panic, guiding him into the kitchen, having him sit on the counter.  “I’m fine, I just wasn’t on my game today.” he waves it off.  His hand clasps to his ribs and his face is bloody, your heart hurting at the sight.  “Babe, look at you.”  you gasp, instantly finding a cloth and some water, beginning to dab the blood away.  “Fuck!”  he hisses as you wipe over his busted lip.  “Oh my god I’m so sorry!”  you say as his face scrunches up in pain.  “No, I’m fine, keep going babe.”  he breathes out as you notice his hand over his ribs.  “Take your shirt off.”  you instruct him.  “Wow, thought maybe you’d buy me a drink first but okay.”  he chuckles.  “Lucas, this isn’t funny.”  you scold him as he tugs it over his head.  “Sorry, baby.”  he whispers, smiling thoughtfully at you.  “Oh my god!”  you gasp at the large bruise over his ribs.  “It’s nothing, babe.”  he assures you as you run your fingers just above the area.  You finally finish cleaning up his face and get him some painkillers and eventually he’s sat on the counter with you standing in between his legs.  “I’m so lucky to have you.”  he mumbles, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear.  “You’re lucky I’m here to clean you up after getting your ass kicked.”  you raise your eyebrow at him, a small giggle leaving your lips.  He smiles back as you run your hands along his biceps, his hands holding your waist.  “Kiss it better?”  he asks in a hopeful tone, puckering his lips playfully.  You give in pressing your lips to his gently as he smiles against you.  

Reading Caught In The Riptide by bravevulnerability while sitting by the lake amidst the woods at the outskirts of my tiny town in the heart of India. 

“I’m trying to be Zen, Castle. I come out here to meditate.” Huh, not what he would have expected, but he’s not judging. “Stop staring.”

“Can’t help it, like to watch you,” he murmurs, his pen still poised in his fingers, but his eyes remaining on her profile, the way the sun grazes the hollows of her cheeks, the cutting edge of her jawline, casting shadows where her lashes kiss her cheeks.

my friend is trying to do her yoga and i’m totally doing castle’s thing :) 


“(Y/n)…” James whined loudly as he finished some alien isolation. You giggled as he refused to be near any ventilation shafts and hugged you tightly once he reached you.
“Babe nothing’s gonna get you,” you assured him as you kissed his cheek. He looked at you with those deep green eyes that you fell instantly in love with.
“Can we watch a movie,” he asks quietly still a bit scared. You nodded and take his hand. You slowly intertwined them and hummed quietly knowing it sometimes calmed him down.
As soon as you got him in bed and to wrap his arms around you, he immediately calmed down. He kept you close to his chest and sighed deeply having you in his arms to relax him. “You feel better,” you asked softly.
He nodded, his head burying in your neck and a small hum coming from his throat, bringing you into a deep slumber.

Once you awoke James was still asleep. He was whining in his sleep making you smile. You turned your body to face him and gave him a quick peck on the lips and smiled at him when he slowly woke up. “Morning Princess,” he muttered. A small blush arose on your cheeks. Getting called princess always made your heart race.
“Morning baby,” you say softly to him. He hums softly and you giggle at his sleepy talk and looked at him staring at you.
“What?” You asked quietly and he just smiled wider.
“You’re beautiful,” he said softly and kissed your forehead. He ran his fingers up your side even though he knew you weren’t too comfortable with your body. You’re cheeks grew red and you looked away from him, compliments since it was not something you liked.
“Shh, I don’t like that,” you say softly. He was well aware that you didn’t like them but still gave you them every day.
“Stop being silly, you’re perfect for me. I’ll give you compliments until you finally believe me,” he said kissing your head softly. Though you weren’t exactly okay with how that sounds, he says the same thing just about everyday and it makes your heart rush.
“Shush,” you say and kiss him roughly. He chuckled as you did and pulled you close to him.
“Hey love, I have to go stream now do you want to just sit here,” he asks you quietly.
“No baby I’ll go out and get some Lucozade and sweets,” you say. He smiled knowing that’s the food you get when you want a proper movie night. He smirked and kissed you.
“I love you baby. I’ll be here when you get back,” he smiled letting you go get dressed.
“I love you too but no alien isolation tonight,” you warn and get dressed. Tonight was going to be perfect.