He's Still Watching You!

Maybe he remembers you. Maybe he thinks of you every night, thinking if you’re okay, if you ate your food every day. Maybe he still cares about you. Maybe he still feel the pain when he sees you crying because of him. Maybe sometimes he wishes, he didn’t do it. Maybe sometimes he wishes, you’ll forgive him and gave him another chance. Maybe he thinks of your voice echoing in his head. Maybe he dreamed of you, and when he wakes up, he always thinks of you. Maybe he still felt the sudden butterflies in his stomach. Maybe he still watches you from afar.  Maybe he still loves you.
—  But it’s only a ‘maybe’ because he didn’t even try to approach you.  // a.j
dragon age gothic
  • there is a dwarf drinking in the corner.  the dwarf is always drinking, but the corner changes.  space warps around him.  he has drank his weight in ale once, twice, thrice since you’ve been watching.  he is still, and will always be, alive.
  • “all men are created equally in the eyes of the maker” the chantry woman preaches.  “all men are created equally in the eyes of the meeker” she cries.  “all men are created aqually in the aves of the meeker” she continues.  “all men,” she repeats “cretins acquired.”
  • there is a popular book series sweeping across thedas.  it is written by varric tethras.  you’ve read it twice.  there is another book series you’ve read, written by varric tethras.  your sister recommends a new book and it is written by varric tethras.  when you open your diary, you find it is written by varric tethras.
  • you cannot go into the mountains.  the other villagers tell stories of vicious dragons.  you have never seen a dragon in your life, but you know they exist.  they have to exist.  it is the age of dragons, but you have yet to seen one.
  • the inquisitor passed through town yesterday.  he was an elf then.  today, she is standing on the platform giving a speech.  her horns are very threatening, but not as threatening as her two-handed blade.  when she comes off the stand, she is a dwarf with an axe.  as he passes, you shiver.  even human mages are frightening.
  • you have never met hawke, the champion of kirkwall, but you trust them.
  • every one in the city is bisexual.  you are bisexual.  whispered rumors of men and women attracted to only one sex have reached the town, but no one believes them.
  • the familiar lute chords are strummed and the bard starts singing.  “sera was never,” she sings.  you don’t know who sera is, but she was never.  and she never was.

「SHINee World IV in Seoul」- Day 2:
Taemin said he wasn’t in the right mind yesterday when he said “if you guys like someone else please still watch over us”. He said what he actually meant was when we grow out of our current state now and move on in life (work, dating, etc) he hopes we would still look over them. This was what he meant!
150516 © Z0EYYY - please do not delete credits

Perfect (Luke Imagine)

A/N: based loosely on the song Cannonball by Watsky. Masterlist.

You closed your car door and looked around the park. Spotting his silhouette in the darkness, you headed to where he sat in the grass. You sat next to him, watching him as he stared into the distance. “Hey, Luke,” you finally said quietly.

“I wasn’t sure you were coming,” he said, watching the skyline.

“Wouldn’t miss it,” you told him.

“Really?” he asked dubiously.

You crinkled your brow. “We’re still friends, Luke.”

“Are we?” he asked, turning to look at you. “Because that’s not how it seemed when I left for tour.”

You were silent for a moment, a bit shocked by the bitterness in his voice. “I had a lot of time to think,” you finally said.

He sighed and looked away, but you still watched him. You had forgotten so much about him in the few months he had been away. The way his hair curled around his ears. How he always twisted the ring on his finger when he was nervous. The way he always smelled faintly of vanilla. He seemed even taller than when he left. But his black Vans, those were the same. And so was the way he wrapped his arms around his own knees as he sat beside you in silence, watching a car idling at a stoplight a block away.

“Can we just… not talk about it?” he asked softly.

You laid back in the grass and stared up at the inky sky. Of course, you could never see any stars in the city. But you knew they were out there. After a moment of hesitation, he laid down next you, your shoulder touching his. “We’re going to get bug bites in this grass,” you observed.

“Who cares,” he replied.

You laughed softly. Laying beside him, you were both silent, but it didn’t feel comfortable. It felt tense. Finally, you said, “Luke…” and looked over at him.

He glanced at you, but upon seeing your expression, turned back to the sky. “Y/N, please don’t.”

“You don’t even know what I’m going to say!”

“I think I do. And I don’t want to hear you say those words.”

“What words?”

He turned his head to face you, his eyes searching your face, like he was memorising what you looked like. Like he thought he might never see you again. “That you don’t feel the same way.”

You felt your heart lurch as he turned away once again. “I can’t believe this,” you whispered.

“I can’t imagine I’ll ever be happy like before.”

“Before?” you asked.

“Before I fucking told you I loved you and ruined the best friendship I’ve ever had.”

“You’re an idiot.”

“I know.”

“No, I mean…” you took a deep breath, trying to clear your thoughts. “You’re and idiot for thinking that I wouldn’t fall for you.”

He whipped around to face you. “What?”

You shrugged, smiling weakly.

“But what about when I told you? You just… left.”

“I was scared. I’m far from perfect, and you loved me. I felt like I didn’t deserve it.”

He lifted a hand and hesitantly rested it against your cheek. “Y/N, I don’t want perfect. I just want you.”

You felt your face break out into a giant smile, and then he leaned towards you, and finally, finally, you felt his lips on yours, soft and gentle. And you laid there in the grass with him, kissing the boy you loved. Until the sprinklers came on.

Pulling away from him, you found yourself laughing. And then he was laughing too, and kissing you more as the water rained down on you, because you had the rest of your lives to be dry. Right now, you wanted this moment to last forever.

It was much, much later when, soaking wet, he kissed you once more as you leaned against your car, not wanting to leave but knowing you couldn’t stay. When he promised to call you in the morning, you felt like you couldn’t imagine ever being unhappy again.

You weren’t perfect, and neither was he. But so far, it had been worth it.

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Please do daddy Lukey spanking you infront of the boys and they'd be just so shocked buy so turned on omg thank you! Ilysm :)

It had been a movie night for you and the boys, all the boys wanting to watch 50 Shades of Grey no matter how many times you refused to sit in the same room as them.

You didn’t like the idea of that movie, the concept was all wrong and it was entirely degrading, even Luke knew this but he still wanted to watch- which meant you were outvoted by a landslide.

So they put the movie on, each boy with a pillow on their laps in case of sudden hard-ons, however Luke had you close, his fingers trailing up and down your arm as one of the sex scenes came on.

Moans poured from the girls lips and you blushed, embarrassed that you were in a room full of guys watching a girl get treated falsely to the real kink. “Did you have to get the unrated version-” you started to ask but Calum quickly shushed you.

You bit your lip and looked at Luke, his eyes glued to the screen as he watched Mr. Grey pound into the girl relentlessly. You looked down at his groin and noticed a bulge, you smiling softly. You crawled into his lap and laid against his chest, his arms wrapping around you casually.

“Fuck-” Ashton mumbled when the scene ended, all of the boys shuffling around and readjusting the pillow on their laps. You laid your head on Luke’s shoulder and he kissed your head, you smiling as his arms tightened.

When another sex scene came on, Luke shifted under you, his now fully erect cock digging into your butt. “Daddy, you’re digging into my butt.” you giggled softly into his ear, his releasing a heavy breath.

“I know princess. Try to ignore it.” he kissed your neck softly before focusing back on the movie but you didn’t want that. You didn’t want to watch this movie any more and you didn’t want him getting aroused from this fucked up movie.

You bit your lip and turned back around, waiting a few minutes before you made your next move. You shuffled on his lap, a sharp breath leaving his lips when your ass moved on his lap. You did it again and he grabbed your hips, keeping you still. “Stop it right now.” he said quietly, trying to keep the boys oblivious to what was going on.

“Daddy…” you whined softly, pouting and he bit his lip, looking at your lips.

“No. You have to behave princess.” he told you sternly and you huffed, turning back around. As more moans filled the room from the scene you shifted again, causing a groan to slip from Luke’s lips. “Fuck baby stop.” he said and your cheeks flushed, the boys turning around to look at the two of you.

“What’s she doing?” Mikey asked and you swallowed hard.

“Nothing. Turn around.” Luke said and they turned around, Luke pulling you against his chest. “You want to act like a slut, then you’re going to be a fucking slut.” Luke said in your ear and you bit your lip hard, his hand trailing up your dress.

“Daddy-” you breathed out and he rubbed his hand over your panties.

“Silence. If I hear anything come out of your mouth I’m giving you spankings.”

“Okay daddy.” you said and he smiled, pulling you closer and rubbing your clit through your underwear. You bit your lip when he kissed your neck silently, your back arching and ass pushing into his crotch harder.

Your legs spread a little further apart when he slipped his hand in your panties, cursing into your hear quietly. “You’re fucking soaked.” he breathed as he trailed his fingers over your slit slowly. You looked back at him and poured your lips slightly, not wanting to say anything to disobey him. “Princess needs her playtime doesn’t she?” he asked and you nodded quickly.

One of his fingers slowly slipped inside your heat, you wriggling your hips in response. He kissed your neck again, you biting you lip harder as he added a second finger and started going faster.

You gripped his wrist and tried to stop him but he grabbed your hands in his free hand, holding them away while he finger fucked you. You tried to wiggle away but Luke held you tighter, his lips against your ear. “Take it princess. Come for your Daddy. Daddy wants you to come.” he spoke it to your ear, your heart racing as your legs closed, him still managing to fuck you quickly with his digits.

“Oh my god-” you moaned out, head falling back against Luke’s shoulder as all eyes were on you.

“What the fuck?” Calum was the first to speak, Luke’s fingers exiting your heat quickly before you could release.

“No, no no no no daddy-” you raced out, Luke red faced and angry.

“Daddy?” Michael smirked, your cheeks heating at the realization that you weren’t alone with Luke. You had three different pairs of eyes on you, you quickly pushing your dress down and getting off Luke’s lap.

“Oh now you’re shy?” Luke asked you and you bit your lip. “You weren’t so shy when you were rubbing your ass on daddy’s cock were you?”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa-” Ashton raced out and you swallowed hard.

“Luke-” you mumbled and he shook his head.

“On your tummy. Now.” he ordered and you quickly laid on your stomach, pressing your face into the couch as you nearly hyperventilated. “Such a naughty girl aren’t you? Trying to tease me when we’re with friends?”

“Daddy-” you whined out when he pushed up your dress over your ass.

“See that wet spot boys?” Luke asked the guys and your cheeks flushed a deeper shade.

“No-” they said and Luke lightly tapped your thigh.

“Up on all fours. Show them how much of a whore my princess is.” he told you and you got on all fours, lowering your head and looking at the couch. “Naughty,” he said, his hand coming down on your ass roughly. Your body jerked forward and he groaned, you whimpering in response. “Naughty girl. Look at how wet she is.”

“Holy fuck Y/N-” Michael mumbled and you bit your lip, wanting to wake up from this awful dream.

“Punish her.” Luke told the guys and you instantly snapped your head up.

“W-What?” you asked meekly, looking over at your boyfriend whose arms were crossed over his chest.

“Punish her. Or I’ll do it.” he spoke, biting his lip and the guys looked at each other confused. “Spank her.” Luke yanked down your underwear and you gasped, Michael courageously stepping forward. You bit your lip and closed your eyes, preparing yourself for god knows how many handprints to be bruised on your ass.

so, everyone would agree that Jordi is out of his mind. maybe just a little bit, but he is far from being sane. he has no family and spends a lot of time on his own. I wonder if he ever gets lonely but at the same time too tired to hook up a girl. In that case I imagine him seating on a sofa in some fancy apartment and a dead body of his victim is near and they’re kinda watching tv, Jordi ordered some pizza or Chinese takeout. and he talks to that stiff near him like ‘oh, look at that news guy, what an awful necktie! oh, wait! it’s silk! great if you need to choke someone.’

Aiden gets into the said flat because they need to pull something out together and finds Jordi watching tv with a dead guy by his side and Jordi be like ‘what? I felt lonely, just needed some company.’

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➳ Head scratches for Gangsterfan :>

Falling asleep with my muse’s head in your lap. Answering another anon as well doubling up!!

Yifan had taken on a new habit. In efforts to grow closer to you and have more of a “normal couple” life he wanted to start watching a drama with you.

“I hear that’s something couples do together.”

You stared at him blankly, “You do realize how romantic and crazy dramas get, right?”

He nodded.

“And you still want to watch one with me?”

He nodded again, even naming a new drama that had just started airing. “I’ll make sure I am home every Wednesday night to watch it with you!”

And he did. Every Wednesday night he was home in time to eat dinner and retire to the living room with you. He always started off interested and commenting on the main male character’s behavior. However, it never took long for him to end up laying his long body along the length of the couch, head in your lap. You ran your fingers through his soft hair and listened to him hum happily. Soon the steady breathing would follow and your long, scary looking boyfriend would be fast asleep with his head in your lap while you watched the drama alone.

You never minded.

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I don't know if you've seen this already or not but I know you love Gale in Athletic gear so I thought I'd send this to you :) www(.)youtube(.)com/watch?v=JC3TxNObTuE

Oh. Em. Gee. NO, Nonny, I HADN’T seen this!!!!!! And there’s no way for me to fully describe JUST how excited I was to watch this or how enthralled I was during the entire thing, so here’s some photo evidence:

Opening the link, realizing it’s Gale playing soccer:

WATCHING Gale playing soccer:

The aftermath of watching Gale playing soccer:

Seriously, I kid you not, my hands did not leave my face the ENTIRE time. Ahhhh, AMAZING, THANK YOU!!!! 

(Also sidenote – I kind of love that apparently I have a reputation for loving Gale in athletic gear, like I actually laughed out loud when I saw that line. But just to defend my honor, I SWEAR it’s not for entirely shallow and superficial reasons. I just know how much Gale loves soccer and played while he was in college, and it makes me SO happy to see him out doing something he loves and is passionate about. I mean, yeah, there’s acting, but I know from experience it can be really hard to keep up with your hobbies once you’re off in the “real world” so it does genuinely make me smile to see him keeping up with his. Plus it just gives me all kinds of warm fuzzies to see him out and about and genuinely having a good time, running and laughing and cheering and clapping. He’s a pretty private person and I know he’s often uncomfortable with press appearances, etc., so to see him totally unguarded and just enjoying himself makes me ridiculously happy. SEE my love of Gale in athletic gear is SYMBOLIC of my love of seeing Gale happy. NOTHING AT ALL SHALLOW ABOUT THAT!!!)

PS to make it easier for everybody else, here is the link! It’s seven minutes of Gale running around playing soccer…or about 20 minutes if you go back to keep replaying it like I did woops. 

People saying that Daryl was only feeling “guilty´´ for Beth´s death in 5B, did you ever watched Alone or you skipped that episode?

Because he was feeling guilty in Alone because he was still believing that all his family was death and that was on him and he was joking and laughing in there with Beth. 

Daryl with Beth thinking that all his family  was death and ``was on him´´:

Daryl with all his family alive but Beth dead:

Did you see the difference?

If it was only the guilt for only one person the thing that put him in that state, in Alone and Still, where he thought that all his family was death and was his fault, he would have been literally crawling, incapable of function.

But no, he was: 

Also when you watch Still you can see that guilt doesn´t make him sad or depressed, but furious. 

So…maybe your dictionary is wrong and has interchanged ``guilty´´ with ``in love´´

Oh look, even I’m getting screen-time in Unlimited Blade Works.

Oh my…



He didn’t know why he was still watching over you even after you two had split, but he felt like it was his duty to make sure you didn’t get harmed or injured. He still loved you and didn’t understand why you had split in the first place, but then he remembered. It was all because of Spiderman. He was always disappearing and lying about what he was doing, and you found out. He has been beating himself up about it ever since you said goodbye, wishing he could tell you where he really was. But that would only put you in more danger, which was the last thing he wanted for you.

So, here he sat.. perched on the roof of a building watching your figure move down below and waiting for anything to go wrong that he had to save you from. But you weren’t in any kind of danger walking down the street. He wished that you were sometimes, just so that he could talk to you and see you up close again. And maybe even hear your voice again. He would do anything to get even a little slice of the life he had destroyed with his secret, he would do anything.. for you.

So um, this is my contribution to the Gravity Falls fandom. Utter junk, I know. I mean wow, this is just crap quality.

Are you impressed I simulated the creepy Zalgo-fied text so well? I’m pretty impressed with it.

Bill Cipher is best waifu

imagine taehyung and seokjin watching/reading one piece (or any other anime/manga) together and making comments throughout the episode(s), getting mad at characters, and telling luffy (or any other character) to beat the bad guy up!

Sherlock Holmes is asexual!

I’ve decided this when I was in my teens and noone can conveince me otherwise.

This is still one of my strongest headcanons.

I am so happy i read Tokyo Ghoul first before messing with the anime