He loves humans and has made that very clear

Talk It Out

Request: May I request a fic where reader refuses Bucky’s wedding proposal and then they don’t talk to each other while Bucky gets really sad and depressed like a kicked puppy but the Avengers force them both to talk and the reader says she scared about him replacing her or something (completely up to you tbh).

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: angst(?), fluff

A/N: I hope ya like thissss :)

It was a nice sunny day, the wind was blowing ever so perfect and Bucky was pulling you up to the tower’s roof.

“Bucky can you just tell me why you’re taking me up here?” you whine as he pulled you by your hand.

“It’s a surprise.” he replied, glancing back at you with a smile. You let out a long sigh but kept quiet until you two arrived at the top.

You look out to all the buildings, cars, people and smile. You would never get over the view that the tower’s roof provided. You have been up there countless of times with Bucky. Up there was where he had confessed his feelings for you, where he asked you to be his, where you two first kissed. It was also where you two would go when Bucky would wake up in a pool of sweat due to his nightmares. You had a lot of memories up there.

Coming back to reality, you turn around to Bucky. “Bucky, why are we-” you stop talking when you see that Bucky was no longer standing, instead, he was kneeling down on one knee, a velvet box which displayed a ring in his hands.

“Y/N I love you. More than you could ever imagine. You were the first person to treat me like and actual human being. You made me feel wanted. You became my best friend from the start. You helped me adjust, you stayed beside me when I would have nightmares and I just.. God, I knew from the very first moment you spoke to me that I loved you. And ever since then, my love has grown exceedingly. I-I.. Well I-” Bucky paused for a moment and cleared his throat. “I spent a month on this damn speech and I can’t seem to get it right.” he let out a nervous chuckle. “The point is, Y/N, will you marry me?”

You had froze in that moment. You hadn’t realized you’d been crying until you lifted your hand to wipe at your face. This was so sudden, you hadn’t been expecting it.

Bucky looked up at you, the hope gleaming in his eyes as he waited for your answer. What would he do when you said yes? Cry? Hug you? Kiss you? All of the above? He-

“No.” your voice pierced through his thoughts and caught him off guard.

“W-What?” he stuttered, standing up.

New tears began to fall from your eyes. “No, I won’t marry you Bucky.”

Bucky’s eyes began to fill with tears. “B-But I love you Y/N. A-And you love me and-”

“I’m sorry.” you shake your head before leaving him up on the roof.

2 months later

After you had rejected Bucky he retreated back to his room where he bawled his eyes out for the rest of the week. Steve, Wanda, Natasha - even Tony and Sam would go up to his room to try and talk to him but he wouldn’t budge.

Bucky had barely come out of his room afterwards and when he did, he wouldn’t speak a word to anyone. He hadn’t gotten much sleep either. He had dark circles around his eyes; he was a wreck.

The rest of the Avengers had finally had enough of his moping and crying, they decided to do something about it. Natasha had called you, saying she needed your help teaching a group of teens how to fight in hand to hand combat and you agreed but not before asking if Bucky would be there to which she said no. That was an obvious lie.

Steve and Clint managed to get Bucky out of his room and pulled him into the gym, talking about how they needed help moving some new equipment in. Making up some excuse, the two men left him in the room, meeting up with Wanda who had told them you just arrived.

Natasha quickly guided you to the gym, telling you to go in and she’d be back in a bit, she just had to get a couple of things. You nod and enter the room. Upon hearing the door shut behind you, you spot Bucky sitting on the bench press, waiting for Clint and Steve to come back. He lifts his head and his eyes widen, meeting your gaze.

Feelings hit him like a truck going full speed and he stood up quickly. “This isn’t right.”

“Uh.. Natasha said she needed help training some teens here.” you murmur, watching Bucky stride over to you.

“There’s no classes today.” he replied, reaching behind you and pushing at the gym door. It wouldn’t budge. “Fuck.”

“What’s happening?” you question but Bucky ignored you. His eyes searched for the camera in the gym and when he spotted it, he glared.

“This isn’t funny, you guys. What the hell is happening?” he shouts.

“We’re tired of seeing you so sad, Buck.” Steve was the first to speak, his voice coming through the speakers.

“Yeah, it’s annoying.” Sam chimed in, causing Bucky to roll his eyes.

“Same goes for you, Y/N. Natasha and I hate seeing you so down in the dumps whenever we visit you.” Wanda’s voice echoes. Bucky turns to glare at you.

“With all that crap being said, you guys aren’t getting out of there until you talk about everything and make up.” Tony sighs.

You advert your eyes to the camera. “This is bullshit.”

“Don’t care, get to it.” Clint spoke and you groaned.

“Turn the sound off, give them some privacy.” you could hear Steve say.

“No, I wanna hear.” Tony huffed.

There were shuffling noises as Steve grunted out, “Turn it off!”

After that, you didn’t hear anything and assumed Steve had won that little argument with Tony. Before you could do anything else, Bucky spoke up.

“You’re down in the dumps?” he repeated Wanda’s words, still glaring at you.

“Yeah I-” he cut you off.

“How the fuck are you down in the dumps?” he snapped. “Were you the one who’s heart shattered into pieces? Did the love of your life reject your marriage proposal? No, so I don’t understand how the hell you could be so fucking sad!”

“It affected me too!” you shout.

“I’m the one who got rejected! Not you!” Bucky replied, eyes wild and sporting tears. Without even giving you time to say something, he continued. “These two months have been hell for me, Y/N. All I could think about was you and what I did to make you say no.”


“Is it because of who I am? Because of what I did? Y/N you said you loved me, flaws and all. You said I wasn’t a monster in your eyes a-and..” he let out a sob which only broke your heart further.

“You’re not a monster, Bucky. Not to me.” you take a cautious step towards him, seeing how close he’d let you get before stopping you. You got close enough to touch his arm but when you tried, he stepped back, giving you a harsh look.

“Then what is it? Why’d you say no?” he asked, wiping at his face.

“I can’t tell you, it’s-”

“I deserve to know, Y/N. It’s been two damn months and all I can think about is what I did wrong.” he spoke, stuck between being angry at you and crying.

“I was scared, alright?” you let out a shaky breath, carding your hands through your hair. Bucky just stares at you, waiting for you to continue. “I’m not good enough for you, Bucky. You deserve someone who can give you the world. I’m just.. Well me. I was scared, thinking you’d realize I wasn’t what you needed and that you’d leave me for someone else whether it’d be four months into our marriage, six months, a year, three.” you stop and sigh, rubbing your hands with your face. “Something always goes wrong with marriage. I don’t want to be that married couple who always argues and fights or even something more worse.. I don’t want anything bad to happen to us Bucky because I love you so damn much.”

You had started crying and turned away from Bucky, feeling stupid. The thought of marriage scared you. You had always heard about married couples fighting all the time and even having affairs. You didn’t want that for you and Bucky. He meant so much to you.

Bucky walked over to you and turned you back to face him before engulfing you in a comforting hug. You breathed in his scent, eyebrows pulling together when you smelled woman’s perfume instead of his.

“Why does your hoodie smell like perfume?” you question, pulling away to look up at him.

He looks down at the hoodie and chuckles. “I-It’s yours.” he stuttered. “The perfume, not the hoodie. You always wore this hoodie. I keep it with me because it reminded me of you.” you smile before things got serious again. “Y/N I love you more than you could ever imagine. I would never hurt you. You’re it for me, doll. I will never find someone that makes me feel so happy, so.. loved, like you do. I’d do anything for you Y/N because god dammit, I’m so in love with you. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but you have me wrapped around your finger.”

You chuckle lightly and wrap your arms around his torso, burying your face into his hoodie. “If I were to get married to anyone, it would be you.”

Bucky smiles, running his fingers through your hair before leaving a kiss on the top of your head. “I’d be the most luckiest guy in the world to have you as my wife.”

You look up at him, still pressed against his chest. “What about kids?”

“Oh, yes. Hundreds.” he smiled and you laugh. He looks at you with such adoration; so much love in his eyes and it was all for you. “I love you.”

You couldn’t believe how lucky you were to have this man in your life. “I love you too.”

Bucky kissed your forehead. “Let’s get married?”

There was that same hope in his eyes from two months ago but this time, you wouldn’t say no. “Let’s get married.”

Bucky smiled, so very happy that you had said yes and he leaned down, capturing your lips in a kiss which soon turned into a heated make out session in the middle of the gym room.

“We asked you to talk and make up, not to create porn.” Tony’s voice bounced off the walls and the two of you pull away, but only to tell him to fuck off before continuing on with the kiss.

A/N: Welp, I hope ya liked this!


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anonymous asked:

karlheinz is a horrible person, father, character. why do you like him? because he's a daddy or is there more to him?

Ok so first of all I have to laugh because “is it because he’s a daddy?” lmao my kinks are so well known XD But ok time for the serious stuff *ahem*

Karlheinz is a horrible person: Perhaps. But we have to remember that he’s not, in fact, a person. He’s a Vampire Lord. One that has been alive for more than just a few centuries. One that is able to manipulate more than just time. Not only that but it’s been made very clear that their kinds morals do not align with those of humanity. For god sakes they require human blood to live. 

Karlheinz is a horrible father: Perhaps. But from my understanding, he does what he has to do in order to achieve the future that secures the continuation of the immortal race. Justified? Maybe, maybe not. 

Karlheinz is a horrible character: False. He’s a brilliant character. Just because someone is “bad” doesn’t make them a bad “character.” It’s the same issue people have with Cordelia, but honestly I love her as a character. She’s a great villain. Karlheinz is more of an antagonist I suppose. Really without him the story wouldn’t be pushed along I think. He’s sort of the puppet master orchestrating everything and it’s freaking awesome. I mean this guy plays chess against Socrates and he fucking wins. For like the three hundred something time too XD Also his interactions with his sons is hilarious? 

In response to the “daddy” thing, like I know I joke around a lot but there’s no denying Karlheinz is beyond suave. Like that’s the only real word I can think of to describe him. He’s positively charming. I mean for god sakes look at his wives. The fact that they’re all such distinctly different women should speak volumes. 

First we have Cordelia. And we all know the kind of woman Cordelia is. Yet she’s completely obsessed with him. To the point that she’s willing to do anything to capture his attention, be it fuck his brother or have his children. Because if you ask me I don’t think Cordelia really wanted children to begin with.

Then there’s Beatrix. Granted, maybe down the line she doesn’t seem to really care about Karlheinz since her main focus is on her own kids and making sure Shu is next-in-line material. But why would she care so much? Probably because of Karlheinz. Not to mention, she’s the second wife. And both her kids were born before Cordelia’s. So there must have been some definite passion between the two of them in the beginning. 

I don’t even wanna talk about Christa because it’s depressing. She literally is so in love she went fucking insane. 

Karlheinz is cunning, charismatic but most importantly calculating. And I don’t think enough people give him credit for that. 

So to answer your question in short, yes. There is much more to Karlheinz than him just being a “bad father.” 

My Husband, Kim JunMeow

Table of Contents 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Chapter o6. Kitten Love

“Your cat is over twenty years old,” the vet starts explaining the health check reports.

My mouth forms into an “O”.

“Well, we’re basically the same age, Bud,” I tease as I stroke my grumpy cat, who’s depressingly melted against the table.

“Well, in cat years, he’s almost 100,” the doctor corrects.  

My eyes widen and I pull JunMeow up to look at me.  “Dayum, you’re old and still horny?” I joke to try to make my cat happier but he’s still frowning and refusing to look at me.  His expression reads, “You betrayed me.

“…he’s nearing the end of his life…” the vet lays down the facts as gently as possible.  I never realized how fast my heart could plummet.  My body freezes in place as shock waves run down my spine.  JunMeow’s paw pulsates against my fingertips.  

“So it’s not really necessary to get him neutered.  It’s up to you as the owner,” she tosses the ball back of me but I’m too lost in my emotional eye contact with JunMeow to respond.  Having his secret exposed to the one person he wished would never know, hurts JunMeow so much.  His beautiful crystal orbs coat in excess water as he watches tears form in his angel’s eyes.  

The walk back home is a quiet one.  Instead of putting him back into the carrier, I decide to carry him in my arms.  We pass a pet store and I walk in.  Normally, vocal and giddy, JunMeow remains zealous and continues to stare at me despite what is supposed to be for him, Heaven on Earth.  I end up spending a whole paycheck on cat supplies.

“I’ll make you the happiest cat,” I promise and try to bite back tears when the vet’s words repeat again in my mind.  

“Meow…” JunMeow’s purrs are not high-pitch but soft and sad.  

“Do you want a cat condo?” I offer.  I would probably have to feed on saltines for a month due to the cost but if it makes the kitty happy…

“Meow :(“ my cute cat takes my hand with both his paws and shakes his head.  

Sniffling back tears, I suggest, “What about a cat bed?  Look at this one it’s soft and is shaped like a fish!”

Again, he shakes his head.

“How about—“

JunMeow jumps from his seat on the cart and wraps his arms around my neck.  Though, I try really hard, I burst into tears.

“I open my heart and let you into my life and you’re just going to die on me?” I tearfully choke.

Weeping along, the white cat tightens his paws around me and smushes his fluffy head against my face.  His fur gets in my teeth but I’m too heartbroken to be upset.  That night, I let him sprawl out all his toys, messily around my apartment.  We play “catch-the-laser” until he’s so tired out that he dozes off on my lap.  With a sad smile, I stroke his back.

“You can meet up with your lover as much as you want,” I whisper and kiss the top of his head.  Gingerly, so as to not wake him up, I pick him up and head to the bed to call it a night.  

In the middle of the night, rain transforms the cat, nestled at the croak of my neck, into his human form.  Under the same blankets again, just like the last few times the transformations happened over night.  Only, this time, the feeling is different.  With glassy orbs, Junmyeon cups my cheek with his warm palm and admires my angelic sleeping form.  I whimper in my sleep, “Suho…” and it causes the strong man’s lips to ripple.  Tenderly, he leans in, and presses his lips against the center of my forehead.  

Cats have nine lives, it’s both a myth and reality.  Essentially, they don’t really die nine times, instead, they are allowed to be mortally injured protecting someone up to nine times.  For Junmyeon, the first time was at the dumpster, when his human friend began to shiver and convulse with a seizure.  He hugged her, allowing her to steal away his body heat until he turned ice cold.  The second time was when he accidentally scratched her arm when they were playing and she ended up with a frightening infection that would have cost her, her life, had he not bargained one of his lives to the Heavens.  After that, he daren’t appear in front of her, fearing that he’d hurt her once again.  So for years, after he was tossed away by her family, he evaded being rescued by animal activists, opting to feed on leftovers at the back of a restaurant, and calling a tunnel his home, than to be adopted by another.  It’s stupid, but he didn’t think he could love another like he did with the angel who saved him from giving up on life completely.  

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I think the fact that Jacob imprints on (and let’s face it, eventually falls in love with) Renesmee doesn’t bug me because it all ties up everything far too neatly. It doesn’t bug me that the hatred between Edward and Jacob that has built for 3.5 novels is suddenly gone.

It bugs me because falling in love with an immortal literally goes against EVERYTHING Jacob stands for. He’d have to keep morphing forever to stay in her life. Jacob has made it clear before that he hates the idea of immortality and eventually he’ll stop morphing and grow old. That can’t happen if the person he’s in love with is an immortal. Jacob is a shape shifter, yes, but SUCH a big deal is made of the fact that ultimately HE IS HUMAN. Can we also comment on the fact that Jacob despises the idea of imprinting. He despises the idea of so tightly belonging to someone else. Imprinting is a rarity. I’m very disinclined to believe that so many of them would imprint, and what’s more, someone who was so set against it would.

And you know what makes the whole thing about that even more irritating? The fact that just before Renesmee was born, LEAH TOTALLY GOT IT. She understood Jacob and his reasoning behind things. She understood and AGREED with his ideas of immortality, of imprinting. She understood his pain of seeing the one you love fall in love with someone else. There was some serious bonding going on there. Leah was perfect for Jacob and had so much character development potential. Yet once Renesmee was born, Leah as good as vanished. The woman who actually UNDERSTOOD AND AGREED with Jacob was disregarded for a child who, innocent as she may be, literally makes everything Jacob stands for go to ash.

THAT’S what maddens me. Stephanie Meyer had a great idea with Twilight and I love it - but it’s as though everything had to fit into Bella and Edward’s little family to be a part of the story. And I believe that Jacob was to be a part of their family really, he was always going to be there for Bella; but putting him with Renesmee was just wrong in every conceivable way GAH.

anonymous asked:

How in the world do people find fionn's friends on social media?! We don't even know his birthday! 🤦🏽‍♀️ smh smh posting private photos is so wrong and unnecessary

i know how! they talk with other people who do the same thing, they find out who his friends are they spend their time going through these friends’ instagram’s desperately searching for “unseens”! not because they love fionn! bc someone who actually loves him would show him some respect!! no they do this because they are sad and pathetic and all they care about is some type of recognition on social media!! likes/notes/retweets, new followers, just attention in general! it’s honestly TRAGIC and i wish ALL people like this in ANY fandom would realise how disrespectful and pathetic they’re being!!! how can you have THAT little respect for another human?? especially someone like fionn who has made it VERY clear what a private person he is! honestly @ everyone who do this, anyone who posted about his music, anyone who spread photos that are clearly private, stalk him or mob him irl, anyone who does any of this and have the audacity to then reblog text posts about respecting fionn or pretend they didn’t know exactly what they were doing: GO FUCK YOURSELVES

okay, if you don’t think john has always been special and that sherlock fell in love with him from the first time they met, please consider this

Sherlock may not always understand empathy, but he understands some basic human psychology and knows how to use certain actions in order to cause certain reactions, as he lets on in this scene from ‘Many Happy Returns’.

 In other words, he knows how to get others to like him —if he wanted to. 

But he doesn’t. Most of the time he doesn’t, mainly because he considers normal people to be dull and vulgar. This is made particularly clear in this scene of ASiB, which has very similar lines to those he says in MHR:

In this scene, Sherlock is presented with a way to appeal to his ‘fans’ and to be more ‘accessible’ by letting them see he’s not perfect or almighty, and his reaction is disgust. He clearly has no interest in being liked by people in general. He doesn’t give a shit what anyone thinks of him. He has the necessary tools to be accepted among ‘common folks’ and yet he repeatedly states that he has no wish to fit in. 

In fact, the only times we see him using his ‘smile and wink’ strategy are…






Fantastic Beasts Character Review

Because, as stated before, the characters alone make me prefer the Fantastic Beasts series to the originals.

Spoiler Alert!

Newt Scamander: Starting out strong here. God bless this small awkward bean. I’m such a sucker for cute fictional boys that have a hard time interacting with humans and are full of a lot of sadness but still want to see the best in the world and Newt is no exception. I fell in love with him within ten minutes of the film, and I remember seeing the previews and thinking, “oh no, not another cute fictional boy for me to obsess over.” The way he sort of latches onto people that he has a good feeling about is adorable (ie. Jacob), and I love how trusting he is as soon as he realizes that the Goldsteins and Jacob are on his side. The Hufflepuff Newt is made very clear, as he is extremely loyal and hardworking with his passions. And his awkwardness is conveyed very well and realistically – not like teen comedies where an obviously social and gorgeous teen is all, “lol look at me i’m so awkward and relatable :3″. Newt obviously CAN talk to people, and he knows how to, but he doesn’t have the charm or way with words that Queenie or Jacob have. He’s an introvert who interacts better with creatures than humans, and I think that’s how a lot of “awkward” people feel. Altogether, Eddie Redmayne (god i love him) did a FANTASTIC job portraying Newt’s big heart and reclusive tendencies and I am beyond excited to learn more about Newt (and his brother !!) in coming films.

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anonymous asked:

People are saying Levi would've done the same thing for Hanji or Eren had they been in the same situation, but I'm not sure tbh... Don't wanna start shipping wars tho

I totally understand, friend.

The problem with tumblr is that everyone puts their ships first. Everyone also assumes that everyone else is also putting their ships first.

For example, right now I’m gonna put aside my own shipping bias when I answer this, but a lot of people are gonna be in denial still, because they are assuming what I say is about shipping.

Levi would not do the same for Eren or Hanji. The manga has told us this very clearly.

Ch 72 has told us that Levi sees Hanji as no more or less important than his other comrades. If Hanji died, he would be upset, the same way he was upset over his previous squad’s death. But in 72, he was perfectly fine with letting Hanji lead this expedition, and possibly go to their death. That is what Levi said. But he was not fine with Erwin going, and threatened to break his legs.

That should very clearly tell us that Levi has bias. He doesn’t want Hanji to die, but he’s not doing anything to prevent their death. But he was trying to prevent Erwin’s, and still is currently in ch 80 + 81.

As for Eren, he would probably try to prevent him from dying. We know that he considers Eren to be humanity’s hope, and wishes for him to escape.

But there’s no bias in saving Eren. That would be very clearly for the sake of humanity.

With Erwin, there is clearly some personal feelings involved. Not romantic ones, because again, this should never be about shipping. 

There are personal feelings involved, because an Ackerman always has very personal feelings about their most trusted person. 

That is what Isayama has been showing us over and over again, with Mikasa and Eren, and with Kenny and Uri.

Their devotion to their precious person is biased. It is personal. They devote their entire lives to protecting one person. For no reason other than they love and admire that person. 

It is convenient that saving Erwin will also be for the sake of humanity. But even if it wasn’t, Levi would still want to save him. 

Isayama has made that very clear, when he wrote about Mikasa-Eren and Kenny-Uri. Because Levi is an Ackerman, and Erwin is the person he has devoted his life to.

And I don’t mean any of this in a shippy way. But I think many people will still be in denial, because they can’t help but look at everything in a romantic way.

It’s good that you don’t want to start shipping wars! I don’t get what the big deal is with ships, anyway. They’re not that great. There’s so much more to this series than ships. There’s so much more to this world than romance. 

Canon is no.1, and canon has told us very clearly that Levi is biased :)

Bioware’s Dragon Age

I love the characters in Bioware, especially Dragon Age, and one of the reasons why is because there is diversity within the main characters, and even in the npcs. I mean we’ve got:

Dorian Pavus. Gay. Dark-skinned.

Josephine Montiliyet. Bisexual. Dark-skinned. Ambassador for the Inquisition 

The Iron Bull. Bisexual.

Sera. Lesbian.

Leliana. Bisexual. Leliana is a spymaster and Left Hand of the Divine

Zevran. He’s bisexual but prefers women. And he’s Thedas’s version of a Spanish person

Anders. He’s bisexual but he prefers men

Since they made all romanceable characters in Dragon Age 2 bi for free love I won’t mention them all here, I noted Anders though because he’s clear he’s into men more than women even though he’s bi and that’s neat.

Fenris. He’s got a darker skin-tone than others, he’s from Tevinter where most people seem to have darker skin.

Sten. Despite being not human altogether, Sten has ppretty dark skin, even for a Qunari.

Isabela. She’s dark-skinned too, and from Rivaine, which is very near Antiva (Thedas’s version of Spain). Isabela is Captain of a ship and leader of the Southern Raiders

Morrigan. Morrigan is a Witch of the Kocari Wilds in Fereldan, where it’s said the Chasind live. There’s debate that Morrigan herself is Chasind, which are basically barbarians according to the civilized world, so I note her for maybe being a part of the native tribes. Morrigan helped defeat the Fifth Blight and is Arcane Advisor to Empress Celene of Orlais

I love the world of Dragon Age. Female characters in Dragon Age can hold powerful positions of power, influence and in battle and no one even bats an eye at it. A female Warden-Commander, Hero of Fereldan? That’s fine. An Empress, a Queen of Fereldan? Sure! Left and Right Hands of the Divine and heros throughout Thedas? Hells yeah! Champion of Kirkwall? Why not? Princess of Orzammar? Yup. A female Inquisitior? Sign me up!

I love these games so much. 

12x07 - Extremely late review and meta

I know I am extremely late to the party here (and have been MIA since before the episode aired for many reasons – the big 3.0. being the main one) but here it is! My episode review and meta! I am 100% certain that every point I want to discuss has already been meta’d to death and I can’t wait to actually get back on my dash and go through it all since I have 5 days to catch up on but anyway I’ll try to sum up my thoughts as best I can. Overall I enjoyed it. I got a bit bored during the rock scenes and all the blabber about social media and the LA lifestyle and OMG they need to ease up on the establishing shots next time (we get it guys, you want us to believe that you are in LA. You did good okay? Better than you did in Hollywood Babylon anyway!) I liked the Winchester banter though and adored Cas as always. Bobo always writes well and tends to do a very good job of capturing the themes of the season. Overall it was a good episode. It wasn’t my favourite of season 12 and it wasn’t my favourite Bobo ep either (that medal goes to 9x06 every time) but I did enjoy it. 

Lets go over the main themes which are under the cut because this got loooong:

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Starling: Chapter Twenty-Five

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Roy stood up cautiously.

Alex Red’s body took up the entire doorframe. They still wore their outside garment, a long red cloak as bright a scarlet as their plumage. They stood as still as the ancient treehouse around them, crest partially raised.

“I knew he’d hide you here,” they said. Their voice sounded like great, unoiled hinges.

Roy should have shied back. He should have called for Elliott. Should have at least tried to appease the angry giant standing between him and the exit.

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Ishida to Rukia: Why you should date Renji and Ichigo

As requested by reira69. :)

“Listen up, shinigami. I have a solution to that terrible love triangle that you have found yourself in. You should date both Kurosaki and Abarai! Does this seem like too extreme a solution? Well, don’t worry! I have prepared a list of reasons why this is a good idea!”

1. The three of you make a very good team.

“When you needed to be rescued, Abarai and Kurosaki worked together to do it. Abarai was there to catch you when Kurosaki…well…flung you down from the scaffolding like a human missile. Later, in the world of the living, Abarai held Kurosaki while you punched him to his senses. In Hueco Mundo, you and Abarai showed up to help Kurosaki rescue Inoue. The three of you function very well in a unit - hard to imagine any of that working with just two, huh?”

2. Both Abarai and Kurosaki love you.

“Abarai’s feelings for you are made amply clear by his face - he gazes at you with extreme affection, and has ever since you were both kids. He betrayed Soul Society to rescue you, and since, has always been by your side when you need him. Kurosaki’s feelings are less easy to determine, as he doesn’t really show them…..or possibly does not have them. But his affection for you is apparent. He doesn’t allow anyone else to sleep in his closet.”

3. They are both your type.

“Not only do both of the men love you, but you have great affection for them both. You have a lifelong friendship and affection for Abarai, and you and Kurosaki have that special bond everyone is always going on about. But more than that - they are both your type. Muscular, dorky, spiky hair. Why have just one when you could have two men like that?”

4. You and Kurosaki help Abarai be the man he wants to be.

“I will now make a case that each one of you needs the other two. Just, you know, to be thorough. We’ll start with Abarai. You changed Abarai’s life when you showed up there in the Rukongai. You helped him become a soul reaper. He dedicated his life to beating Kuchiki Byakuya because he thought it would allow him to see you again. And it was his affection for you that caused him to drop it all to rescue you - but only because Kurosaki helped him see that this is what he needed to do. The two of you together help Abarai become the person he wants to be.”

5. Kurosaki and Abarai help each other treat you right.

“That is worded awkwardly, but I can explain. I mentioned already that it was Kurosaki who helped Abarai realize that he needed to rescue you, no matter what. Kurosaki in essence brought to fruition Abarai’s love for you. Abarai, for his part, also makes sure that Kurosaki does the right thing when it comes to you. In Hueco Mundo, Kurosaki started to get fussy about you going off on your own, because sometimes he is more protective than sensible. Abarai told him to shut up because it is insulting to worry about a fellow warrior’s safety in battle. And Kurosaki, to his credit, shut up. So you see? Both of them make the other one better - for you!”

6. You and Abarai knock Kurosaki back to his sense when he needs it.

“Not once but twice you and Abarai have tag-teamed a pounding of Ichigo. There was the classroom, when Abarai held Kurosaki up so that you could drag his soul from his body, and there was Hueco Mundo, when the two of you expressed your - dissatisfaction that Kurosaki didn’t wait for you. You are both quite good at getting Kurosaki back to his sense when he needs it!”

7. Two of you will always help the other.

“The three of you also know that you can depend on the other two. If you are in trouble, Abarai and Kurosaki will rescue you. If Kurosaki is heading off to Hueco Mundo, you and Abarai will come. And if Abarai ever finds himself in major trouble, I’m sure you and Kurosaki will be there!" 

8. They are both giant, muscular, attractive men.

"And so I would imagine that if having one of them would be good, having two of them would be even better!”

9. You are all people of two worlds.

“The three of you, more than anyone else perhaps, are residents of two worlds. Kurosaki may technically be human, but he spends vast amounts of time in Soul Society and identifies himself as a shinigami. You and Abarai have spent a lot of time in the world of the living, more than any other shinigami except perhaps Hitsugaya. This means that the two of you would do well to date a human. And Kurosaki might as well date a shinigami; he’s barely in his body as it is.”

10. It would solve the love triangle.

“Of course, three people should never date solely to cure some love triangle. But given all the previous reasons that show how well-suited you are for each other, this is just an added bonus! So have a tiny orgy already! Or what have you.”

TVD cast about Stelena:')

Caroline Dries: Stefan is good. Stefan’s knee-jerk reaction is to do the heroic thing. He can take care of Elena and influence her in the right ways. […] Stefan is a person that she’s going to lean on for advice and wisdom. She trusts him fully. source

Now that you’ve lost her, do you think that your character will get a new love interest at some point?
Paul: What makes you think I lost her? I think she’s still obsessed with me.

Candice: To Caroline, Stefan is just a friend and a companion and Elena’s one true love. She wants Elena and Stefan to be together. She does not like Damon. She hates Damon, she thinks Damon is the worst choice for Elena and although she wants her friends to be happy, that’s who down deep in her core, that should be together — Stefan and Elena.

Julie Plec: My cups overflow with Stelena love and alway will.

Paul Wesley recently said that he believes that Stefan will never truly get over Elena. “That love has to always exist,” he says.

“The beautiful thing about Elena is that she is so dialed into Stefan,” Somerhalder says. “She and Stefan particularly have this bond, and we later figure out in the mythology of the story why that is. But her having this feeling is genuine.”

Nina: There’s a different connection you have with different people, and I think that Elena had a certain connection with Stefan that was very profound.

Paul: “Personally, I want Elena to be human again. Because I think it’s a better dynamic.”

J. Plec: “The bottom line is that Elena as a human made a very, very, very clear choice that she would love Stefan always and forever”.

Candice Accola: [Caroline] is Team Stefan all the way. She knows that the root of him is a very selfless, good man and she wants that for her friend. She doesn’t want Elena to get hurt. That’s why she wants to just hit Elena over the head with a frying pan being like, ‘What are you doing? There is this great man that has done nothing but prove that he’s selfless and yeah maybe he was the Ripper and maybe he messed up but he works on it. He wants to be better. Damon never wants to be better. Damon’s always Damon.’ That’s very much the tone of what Caroline has been giving Elena.

Candice Accola: Right now, Caroline is really just rooting for [Stefan] and Elena to be together so bad because she knows this is a good guy. He deserves to be with someone great. Elena is great; she deserves to be with someone great. They would be perfect together and live happily ever and I could plan that whole wedding!

If Elena became human again, Stefan would be the one living happily ever after with her, Ian predicts.

Paul: I know [Stefan and Elena] are the romantic love story in the entire series.

Arielle Kebbel: It’s all about Stelena #thatsright #isaidit

J. Plec: They love each other as deeply as two people can love each other.

Ian: I’m sure that [Damon] can hear Stefan and Elena getting it on up in the roof of the Salvatore house. Super hearing is a bitch.

Paul: I think that Elena’s love with Stefan is an undying romance that will exist forever.

Nina: Stefan feeds Elena’s soul.

Paul: Stelena will always be the core of the show, the show revolves around Stelena.

Ian thinks the most romantic scene in TVD was Stefan & Elena’s first kiss.

Candice Accola: Caroline is such a Stelena worshipper. So I think that she just recognizes that Stefan is someone good for Elena, and she is rooting for her to open her eyes and give him a chance. I think Caroline, deep down, does have that little “He’s the best for you. He is your one epic true love. I am not going to let you just throw him away because you’re getting distracted by shiny Damon things.”

Candice Accola: I think that it’s so beautiful that Elena really is Stefan’s true love. So I think ultimately it would be kind of terrifying for a character, who has become strong but still as vulnerable as Caroline, to open her heart to a character like Stefan, who is already so emotionally attached to Elena… because she would probably get hurt.

Paul: I think the Elena/Stefan storyline is an integral part of the show. I think their love is infinite.

Torrey: I’m team Stefan. I think it’s a great love story. [Damon/Elena] would be like Bella and Jacob ending together, it can’t happen!

Problems with Stalia

Numerous people on tumblr, and even a couple of my personal friends, have continuously argued with me that Stalia is a “cute and adorable relationship” and then they have also told me: “how is it dysfunctional? People only hate it because it gets in the way of a ship,” and “ Why can’t you be happy for Stiles? He’s finally with someone who reciprocates the same feelings.”

I’m honestly tired of hearing all of this, and I have made a list of reasons why ( this is my opinion, because if I state otherwise I’ll just get even more hate) Stalia is not a healthy relationship, and why I personally believe people need to stop shipping it.

-Neither one of them need to be in a relationship at the moment. Stiles literally just got done being possessed by a demon. That would take a serious toll on his body and his mental health as well, and he doesn’t really need to be worrying about having a relationship. Malia just got turned back human after being a coyote for like eight years. Everyone is trying to excuse her bad actions by saying it’s not her fault, she’s not used to being back human, and doesn’t understand the ‘human world’. If she doesn’t understand how to act and how not to act, she needs to be focusing on and fixing that, and not getting herself in a relationship, and not refuse to be taught/learn the ways she needs to behave.

- It is an abusive relationship.( Because Malia does not know how to act. If she had taken time to re-learn how to behave in situations before getting a boyfriend, then maybe it wouldn’t be an abusive relationship). The first time Malia saw Stiles she punched him, because she was pissed at him for turning her human. She fucking punched him because he did her a favor. Shelley Henning has stated “Malia’s very aggressive. She’ll physically grab him, and that means she loves him, as opposed to brushing his face with her hands. She’s more likely to punch him; that’s her way of showing love.” Even though Malia thinks that’s okay, it’s not. And Stiles has made clear that he doesn’t like this ( which yeah I’m kinda pissed that he’s complaining about Malia to everyone but Malia). He has stated numerous times to Scott that she is making him uncomfortable.

He literally said ” Well…I dont like this,” and she responded with ” I might kill you.”

- She threatens Stiles friends. Which, I don’t understand why Stiles would continue to be in a relationship with someone who would do that. Scott and Lydia mean the world to Stiles, and it should make him uncomfortable when Malia wanted to leave them behind, and then stated she would EAT Lydia if need be. Of course people will argue this with “ She was a coyote for a long time, she doesn’t know better!1!11!” Then fucking teach her the difference before you let her go to school, get a boyfriend, and then go to fucking Mexico.

- Stiles babies her. He treats her as if she is some five year old because Malia didn’t take the responsibility to learn how to behave and learn right from wrong. Stiles now has to take on the task alone of teaching Malia everything and he faces the consequences when Malia doesn’t understand the difference between right and wrong, and that isn’t fair to either one of them.

- Malia is rude and creepy. She sneaks into Stiles’ house every night, and you might find that cute, but Stiles stated that it was weird, and he in no way that it was ‘cute’. She then leaves huge claw marks on his back, which again, Stiles is uncomfortable with, ( I’m not putting all the blame on Malia, Stiles needs to stop being a baby and tell Malia he is uncomfortable). And when she sleeps with him, she tells Stiles to shut up and get over the fact that she is taking up the whole bed. She fucking growled at Stiles because he made her go to math.

- Stalia does not get in the way of Stydia. If Malia had not existed, there would still be no Stydia in season 4, because both Stiles and Lydia would be focusing on themselves and not being a relationship.

- And what makes all these Stalia shippers think Lydia does not care for Stiles? Last time I checked she’s his emotional tether, and that’s kinda a big fucking deal, and means they both matter to each other. Have you ever thought maybe Lydia hasn’t ‘made a move’ because it could ruin their friendship, or maybe she wants to focus on herself( which Holland has stated). Please tell me this is a face that doesn’t care for Stiles:


- Stiles may in a way like Malia, but that doesn’t mean he’s happy in the relationship. Here’s some gifs to prove my point:

External image

-Stalia is not endgame because:

1. Coyotes mate for life as Malia stated. Which means Stiles would forever be in a relationship with Malia. Now just let that sink in. Is Stiles really gonna be forever attached to Malia, his first fucking girlfriend, or is he gonna eventually ‘break up’ with her and go catch some new ladies? I mean come on now, this is Stiles we’re talking about.

2. Holland has tweeted for Stydia fans to ‘hang on.’ Dylan has stated numerous times as well about Stydia related things, and in my opinion, Dylan does not seem to like Stalia very much.


yes that’s very convincing, Dylan.

look at the little happy bean 

that gif right there just basically completely proves my point

External image

If you want to keep shipping Stalia, go right ahead, but this is simply showing you why I think Stalia is an awful and unhealthy relationship.