He feels the pressure of his friends and family constantly

As someone who has experienced friends from high school basically move on with their lives without me, even when groups of high school friends get together over the summer and winter breaks, I think I know how Shitty is feeling right now and it makes sense that he would act like this. He’s all by himself at Harvard. Jack is making new friends at the Falconers, while somehow still remaining close with everyone at Samwell, and all of Shitty’s other friends are still on the team. I think he’s feeling alone and hurt and doesn’t know what to do about it. Additionally, since he’s surrounded by other law students all day (that he seems to be constantly annoyed by) and under so much pressure from school and his family, it’s really affecting him mentally and emotionally. He’s got some issues he needs to work through, and I really hope Lardo and Jack can show him that they still love him and they just need a new plan for how to keep their friendships strong. We will forgive you, Shitty. But we are also so worried about you.