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Hi! I've got a promt for HADS! You've written a couple oneshots where Effie thinks she's pregnant but she's not/she has a miscarriage. I would really like to read one where she turns out to be during the game and has to have an abortion because she realizes/Haymitch convinces her that it's not safe for neither them nor the baby to have the baby. Lots of angst please :3

Here it is! {X]

Hopeless Wishes


Effie licked her lips. His voice was gruff on the line but she didn’t know why she had expected it to be otherwise. He had agreed to his phone being repaired for the children’s sake but he had never liked the thing and she never seemed to call at the right time.

“It’s me.” she said, forcing the right amount of cheer in her voice.

She lied down on her couch and closed her eyes against the harsh light spilling from the bay window. She should have thought about closing the blinds. The pain wasn’t terrible, she had had worse cramps in the past. It was what the cramps meant that was difficult to bear.

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(top) The Hunger Games: Katniss and Peeta watching the nightlife of the Capitol
(bottom) Mockingjay Part 2: Katniss and Peeta watching the pouring rain

okay but do you ever cry because Haymitch Abernathy

like do you ever just stop and think what it must have been like for him to have to mentor kids and watch them die, year after year, like the first year he was probably like “I survived, kids from 12 can survive, so maybe these two can” and he throws his whole heart and soul into it only to watch them die within the first couple hours

and the second year he’s like “that won’t happen again, no way” so he tries even harder and he coaches them and teaches them and then watches them die

and it goes on year after year, and sometimes he thinks “I know what my mistake was last year, I emphasized strength too much and cunning not enough” and then next year it’s vice versa and he tries different tactics but no matter what he does, the kids he’s trying to save always, always die

one year there’s a really smart girl who does really well and for the first time in years he has a glimmer of hope, and he teaches her everything he can think of and spends as much time with her to prepare her as physically possible, and she does well, so well, she makes it all the way to the last three Tributes only to die in some really stupid, bad luck, sort of way

so he starts refusing to go, but of course the Capitol won’t let him, they drag him out onto the stage and force him to go along with it and no matter how much he drinks to numb the pain it’s never enough

they can make him go but they can’t make him try, so eventually he stops trying

and the worst part is, he doesn’t even notice a difference, the kids still die whether he tries or not

this goes on for twenty-four years

and then Katniss and Peeta show up and he’s just like “lol nope” but then

then he realizes they actually have a chance, and he’s thought that before, there are other kids who have had a chance but still died, but Haymitch still picks himself back up, puts himself back together, starts approaching sponsors and trying to help them in the arena even though he knows they’re probably both going to die

but they actually win, and now they’re alive, but they’re stuck as mentors like him, and he’s honestly not sure which would be worse, because they’re alive but now they’re going to be broken down just as systematically and terribly as he was

IDK, I have a lot of feels, do you ever just cry because Haymitch Abernathy

Hayffie: An Evolution Through Movie Quotes
  • The Hunger Games:"Nice dress, too. Not yours."
  • Catching Fire:"I've had a thought." "You don't say?"
  • Mockingjay Part 1:"I like you better, Effie, without all that makeup on." "Well, I like you better sober."
  • Mockingjay Part 2:"Effie, don't be a stranger." *HAYMITCH KISSES EFFIE ON THE CHEEK AND THEN THE LIPS*