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Prompt: I've always wondered about Haymitch's relationship with his girl and if it was as perfect as he remembers it, or if he remembers her as more wonderful than she was because she was killed because of him. So I would like a one-shot where someone who knew them together (like Greasy Sae) basically tells him she wasn't perfect, the two of you weren't perfect together, and maybe they wouldn't have lived happily ever after regardless of the Capitol and that it is ok to move on (with Effie). ;-)

Here you go [X]

Sae’s Wisdom

“What are you doing here, boy?”

Haymitch was startled out of his daydream and turned his grey eyes to the old woman who had come to a stop next to him. It wasn’t anyone who could creep up on him but it wasn’t anyone either who could call him boy.

Graesy Sae waited patiently, apparently undisturbed by the thick snowflakes that were falling all around them. He would need to hurry back to the Village before the snow storm truly started.

“You should get back home.” he advised. “It’s not a good weather for a stroll.”

“I’m heading home.” she countered. “Where are you headed?”

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Raptors Out of Containment

Summary: “There’s a solid idea here, don’t you see it? Dinosaurs! A pinnacle breakthrough of our generation! We will be remembered for this." 

Seven years after the war, the newest attraction in Panem could very well be one of the most dangerous in the country’s history. Post Mockingjay. Jurassic World AU. Previously.


Having waited for morning for hours, Finn could barely believe that he was standing outside of Jurassic World at the moment waiting for the gates to open. Soon, he would get to see all those dinosaurs he had read about and seen pictures of. He could scarcely wait.

Peeta had given the young boy an old camera for him to capture the scenery and the dinosaurs so that when he returned to Twelve, they could paint what he saw together while Effie had given him express passes to by-pass any long queues. She had also promised him special tours. Right now, Finn felt that he was the luckiest kid in Panem to have an uncle and an aunt like Peeta and Effie.

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The Revolution Is Joniss AF


“I realize I detest  H a y m i t c h.  No wonder the District 12 tributes never stand a chance.” (The Hunger Games, Chapter 4)

“He’s dreadful, of course, but  H a y m i t c h  is my family now.” (Catching Fire, Chapter 13)

“But in the end, the only person I truly want to comfort me is  H a y m i t c h,  because he loves Peeta, too. I reach out for him and say something like his name and he’s there, holding me and patting my back.” (Mockingjay, Chapter 11)

Forgive me lord for I have sinned