“The U.S. Geological Survey in camp at Red Buttes.

Figures are 1. F.V. Hayden, U.S. Geologist in Charge, 2. James Stevenson, 3. H.W. Elliot, 4. S.R. Gifford, guest, 5. J.H. Beaman, 6. C.S. Turnbull, 7 and 8. cooks, 9. Cyrus Thomas, 10. H.D. Schmidt, 11. C.P. Carrington, 12. L.A. Bartlett, 13. Raphael, hunter, 14. A.L. Ford, 15. W.H. Jackson.

Natrona County, Wyoming. 08/24/1870”

From the Hayden Survey photographs series by William H. Jackson, photographer, from the Records of the U.S. Geological Survey

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That was by far the weirdest owl I've ever received, and I'm disappointed you didn't attach Tequila. It would've worked in your favor. And you aren't an apple tree. You're like one giant bottle of Firewhiskey, if you want to be related to anything, though. -- Megan

I sent out a lot of these to everyone. How was I supposed to pick one out to attach tequila to? Is there a still ban on alcohol over there? I am absolutely an apple tree. And a bottle of firewhiskey. I can be both.