The Bat Hawk (Macheiramphus alcinus) is unique among the raptors for its diet, which consists almost exclusively of bats. It ranges across Sub-Saharan Africa, the Malay Peninsula, Indonesia and New Guinea, and is unmistakable for its appropriately Batman-like dark plumage.

It is a gracile, medium-sized raptor (about 45 cm in length) with a number of adaptations which enable its high-speed-pursuit hunting style.

These proficient and strikingly beautiful hunters are ranked as a Least Concern species.

Pic: by Gary Albert, Sandakan, Malaysia, 2 June 2007 (via Wikimedia Commons)

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The Chestnut-flanked sparrowhawk (Accipiter castanilius) is a small, poorly understood accipiter from Central and Western Africa. It is a specialized hunter of small vertebrates, and is commonly found in lowland rainforest habitats.

Pic: by Niall Perrins, Tchimpounga, Republic of Congo, October 2013 (via African Affinity Birding)

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