Clint Barton is so important to the Avengers, okay?  And screw Laura’s quotes about it, cause it’s more than that–and also I still refuse to accept her existence so there’s that.

But I mean, sure, heroes can be women with tragic backstories, or turn green, or get frozen for seventy years.  They can have super suits and super powers and super hammers and shields and whatever else you want to throw at them to make them all but invincible.

But they can also be a deaf dude from New York who’s got nothing but a stick and string that he learned to use from Carnies, who’s just a human car wreck in literally every other area of his life but never shakes his misguided compulsion to do the right thing, even if he feels like his efforts matter least.

I just don’t think I can ever totally forgive MCU for reducing him to a cardboard paper doll whose story is folded on to fit the director’s self-fulfillment fantasies.

Public Relations

What did you just say?”

Steve’s voice rumbled out of him, low and angry. His fists were clenched at his sides and he fought to keep in one spot. A small part of his more primal self itched to reach for his shield, to send it spinning sharply and with razor-sharp precision, to express his rage that way. Steve managed to swallow that down. For the moment.

Stark sighed dramatically before responding. “Look, it’s not hard to understand, Cap. This is a PR exercise, and the one thing that we really don’t need is for Popsicle 2: Return of the Killer Popsicle to freak out and maim the journalists. Capiche?”

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I know we talk a lot about Asian Kate Bishop but what about Native American Kate Bishop? I’m here for that

how on the one hand everyone’s like “yeah, but you’re white” and on the other “lol Hawkeye and archery isn’t that sort of stereotypical?” and Kate just OWNING all of it, every aspect of her heritage and name and skills and not caring what anyone says

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26 and 24 !

26: Top 3 obscure series/movies/books I recommend 

OOH, good one! 

1. The Almighty Johnsons (TV Show)
2. This Thing of Darkness (Book)
3. Cry Baby (Movie - dunno if this is that obscure really)

24:  Top 3 comics/webcomics

Argh, I am so behind on my comics. 

1. Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye
2. The Ultimates (shh, I know everyone hates them, but I liked the first two volumes)
3. Young Avengers 

  • What she says:I'm fine
  • What she means:Joss Whedon spent at least half an hour of the two hours of movie time during The Avengers to dedicate to the relationship between Clint and Natasha. They obviously have a very deep and personal bond, he spared her life and gave her a second chance and she used it to join the good side. Throughout the whole movie they show time and time again that they care more about each other's safety than anything else. Not to mention that little Easter egg in Captain America 2, that arrow necklace that Natasha is wearing when they're in their casual clothes. The franchise was obviously setting up for Natasha and Clint to become an item, and what the fuck happens in Age of Ultron? They just throw that out the fucking window, all that buildup for nothing, all that PERFECTLY GOOD CHEMISTRY FOR NOTHING jesus fucking christ I can't take it