Marvel Shuffle | “You do know the Avengers make it to the front page every time two or more of you are seen out in public, right? Besides, are you even authorized to make an invitation?” (insp)



Funny thing is I had this image in my head that Bucky would be likely to ware more clothes when sleeping, but somehow whenever I draw him that doesn’t seem to be the case.  Also I apparently have a thing for Clint covered in bruises and bandaids. (I blame the comics.)


can we just talk about how Pietro was LITERALLY going to go kill Clint? He wasn’t all “grrr I’m going to kill him i’m so mad!” No, he seriously says “I’ll be right back.” Just, “stay here, little sister. i’m going to go murder the man who attacked you” SERIOUSLY!!! I’m going to kill him. I’LL BE RIGHT BACK!!! OMG pietro!! I’LL BE RIGHT BACK! AND HE GETS UP TO LEAVE! HE WAS REALLY GOING TO DO IT!

Win-win: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Bucky had walked in on a lot of strange things ever since he moved into the avengers tower, but this was by far one of the strangest.  You had a wii remote in your hand and your foot in Clint’s face.  Clint was leaning away from you and swearing at Nat to stop using the ‘red shells’.

“Fuck yeah! First place asshats! Suck it.” Clint groans, falls face first into the couch, and gives Y/N the bird.

“What are you playing?” Bucky finally asks.

“Mario Kart, want to play since Clint is pouting?” Natasha replies.

A muffled ‘Am not’ came from Clint’s side of the couch. You went into a fit of giggles before scooting over to give Bucky some room. Bucky took his seat beside you. Natasha handed Bucky a controller and proceeded to explain the concept and controls.

“Now it’s time to place the wagers,” you finally say after the breakdown of the game.

“Wagers?” Bucky questions.

“Yeah that’s why Clint is throwin’ a fit. The utter loser has to do whatever we agree on at the beginning of the game,” you say with a mischievous glint in your eyes that could top Tony’s and Loki’s playful looks combined.

“What does Clint have to do?” Bucky asks now regretting getting himself into this.

Natasha smirks and says, “He has to sit with Thor’s hammer in his lap and listen to Justin Bieber for two hours.” Yep Bucky was definitely regretting this. He finally noticed Clint’s disappearance. Poor guy.

“Hey Y/N can I suggest a punishment,” Nat says making air quotes around the word punishment.

“Go for it Nat but go easy on Boobchanan it’s his first time,” You say with a wink in Bucky’s direction. Shit. Bucky subconsciously bit his lip.

“Alright then,“Nat says, "the loser will have to kiss someone of the winners choice in the tower at dinner tonight in front of everyone.”

“Damn Nat you are going soft,” Y/N says.

“You did say go easy on him. Now, who wants to pick the first track?”

Y/N smirks, you knew the perfect track.


“God Dammit!” Y/N yells. Tony looked up from his phone to say ‘language’ and Steve hit his head on the table beside Tony.

“Well you aren’t the overall loser,” Natasha states before looking at Bucky.

“Well give me the name,” Bucky says leaning forward and Nat whispers the name to Bucky. “Well that’s not bad at all,” Bucky declares as he leans  back and smiling at the confused yet frustrated look on Y/N’s face.


Everyone had gathered in the living room for Clint’s torture. Y/N was placing duct tape across Clint’s mouth as Natasha taped his hands. “This is what you get for being a bitch ass bad Mario kart player.” Y/N says.

“This is a little much don’t you think?” Bruce asks with while making a mental note to never bet against Y/N. Natasha and Y/N answered a single ‘Nope’ in unison. The elevator opened and Bucky walks in with the pizza they ordered for dinner tonight. Clint glared at Thor as he set his hammer in Clint’s lap.

Thor calmly says, “I did not suggest this my friend but if it helps I hope you survive this… punishment.”

“Hand over your iPod Tony,” Y/N demands and everyone looked at Tony with very confused looks. “Come on you remember when I substituted your AC/DC with the demon spawn don’t you?” Tony sighed and went to retrieve his old iPod. Bucky and Steve had begun passing out the pizza to everyone. Bucky had to wait to give a certain someone their pizza until Tony got back because of his 'loss’ today all though he was counting this as a win-win situation.

When Steve tried to hand Tony his pizza, Tony told Steve to put it on the table with the same old 'I don’t like to be handed things’ BS. You took the iPod from Tony right as Bucky came to hand you the pizza.

“Oh thanks Bucky,” you say and were about to start the dreaded music when Bucky says, “You forgot something doll.” You turn around only to be met by Bucky’s lips.

You quickly kiss back. A few seconds later Bucky pulls away and says, “Definitely a win-win situation.” Little did you and Bucky know everyone was exchanging money around your little moment.

: Captain Cassandra Cassidy Casey America "cccca”


The Texting Adventures of The Avengers and (Y/N)

  • Natasha had to went out to get (Y/N) more ice cream. 
  • Steve was making preparations for Clint’s funeral 
  • Clint was supposed to be dead after (Y/N) threw him off a cliff and into a pit but he somehow survived because no one in the Avengers actually dies for real like wtf. 
  • (Y/N) is trying to open a portal to hell so that she can personally send Clint there. 
  • The other Avengers (and Loki) casually continue with their work because this kind of shit is normal during that particular time of the month. 

And they lived happily ever after~~~