Hawaiian green sea turtle


happy world sea turtle day! 

i am so incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to share their beautiful ocean and see the serenity of their existence first hand. sea turtles are one of the most majestically beautiful animals on this planet, and their peaceful grace through the ocean is something i think of often. 

if you’d like to celebrate by donating to sea turtle conservancy, this is a great organization!  you can also like this facebook page for daily videos and updates on rescues and missions to help the turtles. 


A FACT ABOUT REPTILES; The Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle is a gorgeous sea dwelling reptile that has been the center piece of countless gorgeous and breath taking tropical photos for years. Unfortunately this dazzling sea turtle is currently endangered due to man - not much of a surprise considering almost all animals are endangered as a result of us humans. Thankfully, this is one of the happy stories… or a story that’s on its way to becoming a very happy one! Their numbers are actually increasing! In the past 25 years their numbers have increased by 53%! | animal blog | photo credit

cathedral - SeaLife Camera Photo of the Month Winner! - Thanks SeaLife! by BarryFackler
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