you know you're from baltimore when...

1. You could pick crabs before you could walk.

11. The murder rate is higher than the graduation rate.

14. You can pronounce “Havre de Grace.” (Not the French way, the Baltimore way.)

15. You’ve gotten lost and ended up in the projects.

22. You eat snowballs, not throw them.

28. A Berger is not something you grill.

37. The idea of crabs without Old Bay makes you sick.

42. You go to The Fudgery at The Harborplace just to hear singing.

44. You leave the U.S. and people ask you where you’re from, you reply “near Washington DC” to avoid confusion.


We were sitting around the house yesterday trying to figure out what we were going to do with such a beautiful day and I decided to throw two of the kids in the car, make a stop at 7 Eleven for Slurpees and just drive… we drove every conceivable back road we could find, some on which I hadn’t driven in twenty years and just took it all in… exploring our little corner of Maryland and our beloved Harford County, the county in which we call home, and all the beauty that is directly under our own noses.

Noble’s Mill Bridge over Deer Creek 


Havre de Grace doesn’t prefer a Polytrack like the one at Keeneland, but seemed to be galloping prettier than a fall day this morning.