It is time for us to step up and help a fellow fandom family member

Our fandom has done some really amazing things in the past couple of months. Members of the Holy Trinity fandom have grouped together to get Darcy to VidCon. There have been countless members giving away Camp Takota merch to those who may not be able to afford it. Each member has surely been there for someone who was sad, or who needed some positive support. We helped Grace transition to another channel and are well on our way to helping her gain all her followers back. This fandom is a family. We are here to support one another.

We have a sister whose world has been turned upside down. Lena (hartsforhelbig) has had her father suddenly pass away. He was the sole breadwinner for her family. Due to previous health conditions, he may not have had sufficient health insurance. This is surely a devastating and stressful time for them. The uncertainty of the future is something no one should have to endure. While they are grieving, bills must still be paid.

We know Lena as the super upbeat Gracist who cares about everyone and has her dreams set high. She makes a video for us three times a week and is always there for those who may need some support. She may know the support that we give each other daily, but her family doesn’t.

I would love to be able to show Mrs. Defeciani the love and support that we know we have for each other. I have opened a new email address helpthedefecianis@gmail.com and am asking for email transfer donations to help make the next few weeks even slightly easier for them. I will be putting together something for them and would like to be able to sit back and say “this fandom is amazing, just like I knew it was”.

The painting Hannah made on Good Mythical Summer is being auctioned off for charity here: ebay.com/itm/Hannah-Hart-Mamrie-Hart-Grace-Helbig-Signed-Painting-from-GMM-Charity


‘Twas a great day at Have A Hart Day Los Angeles! We sorted a lot of bread and oh so much carrots!!! The boxes were chest height and I’m 5'10"! :O But that only means helping however many hungry people that it might take to eat all of that. Good vibes!



How many of you are in/around/willing to travel to the Louisville-ish, Kentucky area?

I’m thinking that the Midwest looks a little barren on the Have a Hart Day map.

Let me know by looking this post. Other Hartosexuals who want to spread the word can reblog. I’m trying to get a poll.

Be on the lookout either on here, or if there are enough of you, I’ll create a separate Tumblr for it.



Have A Hart Day LA/ SoCal Special Olympics Tri-Valley Regional Games

On Saturday April 9, 2016, Have A Hart Day LA & Hannah Hart, teamed up with the Tri-Valley Region of the Special Olympics to show support for the extraordinary athletes competing in the Spring Games. Filmed as part of Hannah’s ten part series sponsored by Subaru, enthusiastic Hartosexuals ignored the weather to summon their inner cheerleaders, make signs, & lend their voices in rooting on the competitors who pushed their limits in track & field events as well as basketball.

Of all the times I have volunteered on Have A Hart Days, this one is my very favorite. I met a bunch of new people, had some interesting conversations, and reawakened my enthusiasm for competition. When one roots for EVERYONE equally regardless if they come in first or last, or make or miss a basket, there is a freedom to abandon inhibitions and just go for it. Every effort by every athlete is worth cheering for. Wouldn’t it be cool if we weren’t always expected to pick a team/athlete to win so we can just show appreciation for great effort no matter who is competing?

One of the best things was seeing the reaction of the athletes who didn’t expect anyone to cheer for them. Some waved. Some gave a big smile. Some acted cool about it. And some actually paused to gaze in surprise at their new-found rooting section. This little girl had the cutest reaction & biggest smile. That was, in itself, worth the day of standing in the rain.

I think if you were to pick someone to root you on, you couldn’t go wrong with Hannah Hart as your cheerleader. She showed true joy & honest excitement to be rooting on the competing troops. It was easy to get caught up in her enthusiasm. Curious & passionate, Hannah engaged with fans & spectators with her usual charm & patience. (The HS band’s flute section went into hyper fangirl mode when they recognized Hannah. You can see it in one of the pics)

I really had fun at these Special Olympic Games, and I’m glad I participated. I’m still buzzing from the good feelings I got from being present and involved in this volunteer experience. I can only hope that you will one day get to feel the same way by volunteering your time &/or effort to a good cause. Thanks once again to Have A Hart Day LA, Hannah Hart, & to Helen Gil for organizing & inviting me to participate in this great event. 


This week week we head to St. Vincent to deliver some major FEELZ ON WHEELZ!


If you feel like you want to help put some goodness into the world, Have A Hart Day Lansing is a great way to get involved by helping members of your community and hanging out with some awesome people. Find us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @HAHDLansing for more info about monthly volunteer opportunities!

#PracticeRecklessOptimism #WhenInDoubtHelpSomeoneOut

Have A Hart Day - September Recap

It was a busy and wonderful September for Have A Hart Day!  

London volunteers jumped in to help at the Anthony Nolan Trust, packing 60 black folders, 56 blue folders and over 6,000 wall planners! 

Our team in Amsterdam painted two giant chicken coops at a petting zoo!

The @have-a-hart-day-dc team in DC helped 37 dogs and 4 cats get adopted at the Lucky Dog Animal Rescue. 

Singapore represented their @haveahartdaysg team at the Dad’s For Life Car Rally, manning the checkpoints across the island for a total of 140 participants! 

Boston HAHD volunteers sorted 12,335 lbs of frozen meat at the Greater Boston Food Bank!  Wowzah!  @haveahartdayboston

10 volunteers in Lansing worked The Color Run to raise awareness for both the Sparrow Foundation and Kelleigh’s Cause charities!

South Bend City represented in their event with The South Bend City Crop Walk, keeping 175 walkers hydrated and motivated to end hunger in our area! 

Seattle volunteers served breakfast and lunch to approx. 70 members of the Ballard community. @haveahartdayseattle


Finally getting some more photo’s from last Saturday’s event up! Had so much fun sorting books with everyone!

Follow this page and/or email me at hahdtwincities@gmail.com if you are interested volunteering at one of our next Twin Cities events!