Paris’s Haute Spots

Parisian fashion designers have long moved fashion out of the atelier and onto the street, proving that the City of Lights is fashion’s capital through and through.  Designers like Christian LacroixTakada Kenzo, and Karl Lagerfeld have applied their talents and aesthetics to create some of the hippest, hautest spots in the city.

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Fitness Dossier, Vol. 2: CityRow

Welcome to the second installment of our new series, Fitness Dossier: an endorphin-addled exploration of all those super-chicly branded, sometimes quizzically named boutique fitness haute spots around town. Some you’ve heard tons about and others might not be on your radar yet, so we’re sweating it out for you and getting the scoop from the…

Fitness Dossier, Vol. 2: CityRow was originally published on Daily Front Row