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Your artwork is simply amazing, your artstyle is so delicate and your Healing Arrow artwork... it gives me life <3 (( Not to mention it turned me into a Healing Arrow fan hehe )) Please never stop drawing!


Thank you so much for the wonderful compliments! And I’m happy to have made another Healing Arrow fan!

I definitely plan to keep on drawing as much Healing Arrow as I can! :D

(I should really spam this GIF more…)

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I am going to be super unoriginal but.... if you have time could you draw Gabriel? or Mercy...? tbh whatever you draw I'll be happy >3<

After a long mission, Dr Ziegler is too sleepy to pose for my drawing

Most of Mercykill stuff is so gloomy, I wanted to draw something more light-hearted… Hope you like it! ^^

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Hii there :D First of all, I love your art so much. It pushed me to ship Healing Arrow as well haha! Speaking of it, what do you find so appealing in MercyxHanzo ship? :) I hope you have an amazing day!

Hello there! I’ve sort of already answered this, but it was a while ago, so I’ll just try to write it up again quickly. (It’s still kind of long.)

To be honest, the ship just popped into my head while I was trying to make sense of how Angela could have saved Genji from dying if he was so fatally injured. I ended up with the headcanon that Angela was stationed in Hanamura for a mission of some sort. So in my headcanon, she met and knew both Genji and Hanzo before their big fight. And then I saw a piece by @goldhardt/@imber-noctis of the two of them together and it pretty much sent me off on that long long fall into Healing Arrow rarepair hell.

And then this is where my personal influences started to affect how much I truly liked the ship. Mercy was pretty much my favorite character from the start. I love anything with a wing aesthetic. Hanzo was another favorite of mine because he was an archer. I always gravitated to archer type characters in almost every game I’ve played that had a bow class in it (except WoW, and I cannot play Hanzo to save my life). Also, I met my husband in an MMO, while I was playing an archer character, and he was playing a healer character. I’m also of East Asian descent. He’s of northern European descent. The relations are really loose, but hey, I can’t help my brain putting these pieces together.

TLDR: It’s mostly just something that resonates strongly with me.

Tonight’s stream result ❤

Mercy was requested and Mercy was delivered B| She ended up looking like Barbie hehe

During the stream, @hausofax mentioned she looks like she is at a wedding reception.. I wonder whose wedding though O.O

I imagine Pharah is at the same event in last night’s drawing, probably just woke up, put on the first thing she found on the floor and flew to the wedding

Ok guys, I think everybody needs a little bit of loving, I'm gonna have a cuddle evening. I made cookies and hot chocolate and have plenty of hugs, come get some

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