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So here’s some pictures from the ARTPOP POP UP SHOP in LA. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! Let me go through how everything was set up. First you enter and to the left are GIANT murals first one is the wig promo, then Dope, Venus, Do What U Want single artwork and finally the album cover. To the right they had an Applause vanity mirror where you could apply your own applause makeup. Straight ahead when you walk through the door is a merch table. They had every ARTPOP shirt that was on her webshop available for purchase plus a tote bag that the woman said you could only purchase at the place. Right next to the vanity mirror was a gait piece of parchment that you could write on. The next to that was the Just Dance 4 game experience where you could dance to Applause, Bad Romance, etc. Next to that was the Beats by Dre headphones photo op where you take a photo with solo Beats on, Then finally on the upper level was the costume gallery. Which was cool on display were; the white dress she opened the 2013 VAMS, the poker face blue swimsuit but in gold, the alien Armani costume from the BTWBall, the Kermit the frog dress, Alejandro gun bra, Monster Ball dance in the dark purple leather jacket, her BTW grammy performance dress, the mannequin leg from the Applause video and my personal favorite THE TOP HAT from the music video! But that was about it lots of fun! 



Here’s a comic that’s based on a true story involving Perin and myself… Back in February, we went to Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Ball but ran into some problems while trying to get in… There are quite a few Lady Gaga hidden references in the comic! Can anyone spot them?   

Scheiße - Lady Gaga

Check out the backup story featuring art by Gyimah Gariba and myself here! It’s all about BUTTS!   Is now included in this post!

[Make sure you click through them all! One of them moves…]


“I have the potential to imagine, the unimaginable. Think, the unthinkable. Be, the unbeable. With the arsenal of the world’s leading technology at my fingertips, I now have the ability to invent the un-inventable. We’re branding into a future. Intel has enlisted Haus of Gaga to work together on a project that will showcase technology through creativity at the highest level. Our partnership will culminate in a performance that inspires to remind the world of the seed of innovation. The wizard behind the curtain. The mind behind the machine.”

I Wanna Be With You (Studio Version)
  • I Wanna Be With You (Studio Version)
  • Lady Gaga
  • The Unreleased Collection

Lady Gaga first introduced the song “I Wanna Be With You” at the 2013 iTunes Festival in London. The song was to appear on her new studio album, ‘ARTPOP’. However, the song title was changed to “Dope” and the lyrics were changed. The instrumental of “Dope” and the vocals of “IWBWY” are combined in this video to show how the final, studio version of “I Wanna Be With You” may have turned out. Enjoy!