Ye Olde Man and Scythe ghost- In 2014, staff at one of Britain’s oldest buildings captured this hooded figure on CCTV. The pub is some 766 years old and is reportedly haunted by the ghost of James Stanley, 7th Earl of Derby, as well as a girl who hung herself and a phantom dog. The owners are unsure of the identity of this particular apparition, but if you look closely at the bottom photograph, you can make out some faint facial features. The footage below shows how the ghost manifests and disappears over the course of a few seconds:

“So, I’m in sixth grade, and our entire class is going on an underground mine tour. I was afraid of the dark, so I was a bit nervous about doing it. When I got in, though, it was moderately well-lit for such a small space. However, I felt like I was being followed/watched throughout the tour. We got to a point in the tour in which the guide turned the lights off, and the darkness was stifling. I was terrified. As we went back, lights now turned back on, I saw a shadowy figure in a corner. Later, I researched the mine itself and at one point, due to a fire, several men had gotten trapped inside a part of the mine (I don’t know if that was related to what happened to me, but it seems like it).”

By: @midnightcorvix

March 29th excerpt:

Switching back to Bowman, Sam grinned even brighter. “It could be worse. If we thought you had a ghost in you, you’d have Dean chasing you around with the salt and trying to chase it out. Or sneaking salt into your fruit, that way when you ate it the ghost would leave.”

The disgusted look on Bowman’s face, seen in a large scale like that, was absolutely priceless. The sprite straightened with his wings rigid as if he were actually offended by the very thought of ruining fruit like that. “You wouldn’t do something like that,” the sprite insisted, sounding as put off as he looked, and finally drew a laugh from Jacob.

“You say that,” he replied between chuckles, “but you have no idea.”

I love Flint. But Flint is flawed; we know that an element of his motivations, despite the story he tells us, has always been vengeance. Has always been about Thomas, and then Miranda. Madi doesn’t have that. That personal, corrupting motivator.

And I just want to go back to what Zethu said in her interview - Madi’s parents knew the oppression of slavery first hand, but as a child who grew up in freedom, Madi was also free to be motivated outside of that. To not be driven by fear, or by vengeance.

And with all the similarities between Madi and Flint, she’s the pure one, the true idealist. She’s the freedom fighter, but she’s the true freedom fighter, working from a place of unadulterated righteousness.

And taking this character and putting her into a room with a man - Rogers - who is Flint in the extreme, the absolute worst side of Flint, also haunted by the ghost of a woman who died as a part of his plans, and having Madi take this moment to call him to account is actually Madi calling civilization to account. It’s beautiful and terrifying.

She makes it clear that she is willing to go down this road no matter what the consequences are, for herself, or for her loved ones. Because a chorus of voices are speaking to her - across centuries - about the injustices done to them, and she’s listening. And she’s carrying the heavy crown so beautifully.

—  Fathoms Deep on Madi Scott in 409
Where I’ll Be

I want to be your ghost.
Not because I am dead and you did me wrong.
Nor you make me a fool
and humiliate me in front of an applauding crowd.
None of that even occur.
No baby, you’re too good.
And I’m afraid I’m not that good
for I will do worse.
I want to be your ghost.
Haunt you in your sleep and in your daydream.
Slip through the walls, and caress you.
Kiss you even.
Whisper words I knew well you love to hear.
I will be in every song that will play
I will be in every wind that will blow
I will be in every place your eyes will lay on,
because I leave traces of me in it
and you’ll be left with no choice but to remember.
Remember me, in your arms.
Oh so warm.
So alive.
let the haunting begin.


I changed my mind about the whole glitter soundtrack because this song made me cry omg I thought it was meant to be autobiographical but apparently it’s about this stylist who committed suicide. At the same time i think it probably is self reflective to an extent (“she had a lot to grapple with/but basically she kept It all inside/Childlike and effervescent/With a well of pain” a la “Looking In”)

The last minute is so pretty. and the background layered vocals are also beautiful and haunting like ghost whispers. I think if the album cover looked lesslike um It does it would have been much easier to take it seriously. Like There is one song on this album where the bridge is like “I wish I had been aborted”


what a beautiful bromance


Vicious is one of the most incredible short horror films I’ve ever seen! I definitely got chills. Please support the people behind this short! They’re doing some incredible stuff!

@sixpenceee have you seen this? Looks like you’re type of thing

👻 Spirits and Entities 👻

The existence of paranormal entities is widely debated. Some people have direct experience with non-human and non-living beings, while some dismiss the idea as ridiculous. No matter what you believe, you have probably heard the following terms in reference to supernatural entities and while some terms seem interchangeable, these refer to specific presence.

Spirit - General term for any non-physical entity.

Ghost - The most common term used to refer to a spirit is “ghost”, but “ghost” refers only to spirits of once-living things, like humans and animals.

Poltergeist - The term  “poltergeist” refers to two kinds of supernatural activity. One involves spirits, human or otherwise, that cause havoc or chaos. These spirits often manipulate electronics and objects to elicit a reaction from the living. The second form of poltergeist haunting has to do with energies emitted from children or adolescents that manifest physically and cause chaos.

Thoughtforms - Thoughtforms are entities created by thought energy. Though they are usually created for a certain purpose, they can often develop a mind of their own and their own agendas.

Residual Hauntings - Residual hauntings are caused by leftover energy or emotions from a specific event that leaves an imprint in the physical world. These hauntings may manifest as a recurring physical events, such as a certain object being moved over and over again or a specific sound being heard with no source.

Shadow People - Shadow People are figures seen on the edge of one’s vision. They are considered to be bad omens

Parasitic Entities (Demons) - Parasitic entities (including what some refer to as Demons) are supernatural beings that feed off of the energy of a living host or victim.

Doppelgangers - Doppelgangers are spirits that appear in the form of a living person. They are known to appear to a person as themselves to warn them of their imminent death.

Guides - These spirits could have once been human, but do that is not always the case. They linger close to certain people in order to watch over them. These spirits are known to communicate with mediums.


In 2014, a man called Nathan posted on Reddit that somebody was messaging him from his girlfriend, Emily’s, Facebook account. However, Emily had been dead for two years. At first, he assumed it was a glitch but then Emily began to tag herself in photos. He even received a message which read: “ust [sic] let me walk.” This message disturbed Nathan the most due to the fact that Emily’s legs had been severed in the car accident which killed her. He soon turned Emily’s Facebook page into a memorial page hoping that the messages would stop but instead, they continued and even more alarming, he received a photograph of himself taken from behind the door. He claims nobody was in the house at the time.

Okay but surrealism aside all of these Southern Gothic posts are literally how the South is and I’m cackling. 

We’ve got creepy ass 24/7 diners that say open but you can’t find the staff for half an hour. 

There’s a haunted house and a murder/ghost story in every town. 

There’s always a fishing hole no one goes to because of a tragedy living in the waters. 

The woods are dark and hunting season is the only time you enter them. So many ghost stories. Haunted everything. 

The mountains are alive with the sound of screaming. 

Devil’s tramping grounds, hollers, woods, stones, you name it, we got it. 

The old people may be racist and bigoted, but they have skin-crawling tales of caution and they’re all true. 

Everyone knows someone who’s drowned. 

We’ve all got a weird cousin who left the family and never came back. No one knows the circumstances of their disappearance but they were always an “odd duck.” 

Community is a foreign concept to many until autumn. People come in droves from the mountain valleys and hollers bearing crafts and baked goods for sale. Apple butter can be smelled from half a mile away and the sound of fiddles fill the air. You will not see these people again until next autumn. 

There are cemeteries everywhere, but the ones unloved are left for a reason. 

Do not step on the graves, but behind them. If you step on them, apologize to avoid haunting. 

Old oak trees = do not fuck with the tree. 

100% Facts, I’m not even joking.