“My mom recently told me about how one of her friends made a post on Facebook asking about hauntings. My mom messaged her asking what was wrong so they met up to discuss it. 

Apparently my mom’s friend put her son down for bed and about an hour or so later she hears him making some sort of noise. She described it as sort of a whimpering or a sound one would make if they were struggling. So she goes into him room to put him back to bed and when she opens his door the son is standing there out of bed. He had both hands on his blanket trying to pull it away from something holding up the other end. When the mother called her son’s name, the blanket just dropped to the floor. 

She didn’t want to ask him about it because he didn’t seem to upset. Seriously blows my mind.”

By: keenan1126 (What paranormal experiences have you actually had that you cannot explain?)

Police investigate reports of a 'poltergeist' after witnessing paranormal activity at a home in Lanarkshire

The house in Rutherglen, Glasgow, where some paranormal activity has been happeningThe house in Rutherglen, Glasgow, where some paranormal activity has been happening

Police in Lanarkshire are investigating reports of an apparent poltergeist ghost which is believed to have been haunting a house.

Experienced police officers were called to a property on Stonelaw Road, Rutherglen on Monday, 8 August after a mother and her teenage son endured two days of paranormal activity in their home.

After the officers arrived at the scene, they witnessed bizarre occurrences, from clothes flying across the room, lights going on and off, oven doors opening and closing and lampshades mysteriously turned upside down.

The mother and son’s pet chihuahua too was involved in the supposed haunting, after it ended up on top of a seven-foot hedge whilst playing in the garden.

The family, who have now moved out of the property and are living with relatives, contacted the police to report ‘disturbing incidents’ in their home at the start of last week.

The woman and her teenage son experienced violent and unexplained circumstances and as a result, are extremely distressed.

A police source told the Daily Record: “These were incidents that were witnessed by our own officers. Incidents that are not easily explained.

“But officers with more than 20 years’ service are saying they’ve never seen anything like this. It really is something that down-to-earth police officers are having trouble getting their heads round.

The scene of the distubance: Stonelaw RoadThe scene of the distubance: Stonelaw Road
“How do you handle what, despite us liking to use the word, has been described as a poltergeist.”

The woman and her son are devout Catholics and police have since contacted the Church for help following the incident.

It is believed a Priest has been to the house and performed a blessing in a bid to cleanse the property.

Officers who attended the scene thought the incident was related to mental health issues, but once they witnessed the lights turning on and off, they realised this was different.

An inquiry is now ongoing, with police assessing the history of the home and tracking down previous owners of the property to see if any similar incidents were reported.

Social workers and doctors are now working with the family to provide support following the terrifying ordeal.

A spokesman for Police Scotland told the Record: “On 8 and 9 August police attended a house in Rutherglen to reports of a disturbance. No evidence of criminality was found and advice and guidance was given to the family.”


An excerpt from one of the journals we found in the basement:

Friday January 1, 1886

The New Year is upon us - the promise of a fresh start. I had hoped for a fresh start, when I came to this place with Lillian. I had hoped that we could build a life together - that the secluded nature of the estate would tame her wandering eye. She has proved me wrong now.

Last night’s festivities were disastrous. Everyone was drinking heavily, including me, mostly to disguise my nervousness and timidity. I slipped away towards the end of the evening - went upstairs to my room and looked out into the back garden. In the inky blackness, I saw Lillian walking with another man, one of our guests that evening, though I wasn’t sure who. He could have been anybody - they all look the same to me: tall, burly and athletic, with perpetual smiles on their faces. Lillian was all bundled up in her furs and her white gown was trailing behind her in the powdery snow. The man took hold of her hand and pulled her towards him, locking her in an embrace. I just stood there in a drunken stupor, watching, wishing I could forget what I saw seeing even as I was seeing it. I know it was Lillian in that man’s arms. She was wearing her pearl pin behind her ear and it gleamed in the moonlight - a giveaway. 

I know what I saw. 

I had hoped for a fresh start with Lillian - a bright, shiny New Year. It seems that is impossible now. 

Three “Real” Ghosts in Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion

1. The Man with the Cane

Supposedly the spirit of a man who died in a plane crash on the property where the attraction was eventually built. Employees say that he is usually seen late at night, especially when the park is closed down.

2. The Man in the Tuxedo

One Disneyland host noticed a shadow in one of the mirrors in the area of the mansion where the guest enter their “doom buggies”. When the host turned to greet the guest, no one was there. Upon further inspection of the reflection in the mirror, the host noticed that the figure looked to be wearing a tuxedo. The host felt a chill go up her spine as a hand landed on her shoulder. It’s said that she ran out of the mansion after that and quit Disneyland all together.

3. The Crying Boy

Unlike the other two ghost, this one has been seen by guest, specifically by the exit of the mansion. He is tied to the urban legend of the mother who requested to spread the ashes of her little boy on the ride. Though Disneyland refused her request, she did it anyway, thus his unsettled spirit is now there to spook guest and employees alike.

**When I heard of this urban legend, it was the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, and the boy’s ghost was seen in empty boats by other other guest and employees. Guess that’s why it’s just a legend!** 


Yooseven Week Day 2: Haunted House/Ghost Stories

“-and then she died!” Seven whispered in his best scary voice, flicking the switch of his flashlight on and off that he was holding under his chin a few times.

Yoosung looked unimpressed.

“Come on Cutie! That was scary!” Seven sounded offended.

“Not really. That was completely unrealistic.” Yoosung frowned. Seven pouted as he munched on an apple slice.

“But it’s real! I even know where the house she haunts is.” His eyes sparkled.

“Wow!” And suddenly Yoosung was excited, eyes shining.

“Wanna go?” Seven grinned, already heading over to the locked cabinet he kept all his car keys in after Jumin had crashed one of his babes.

A half hour later, they stood in front of a decaying building.

“Woah, it really does look haunted!” Yoosung grinned.

“Told ya.” Seven laughed.

“Let’s go in!” Yoosung tugged on his boyfriend’s sleeve.

“Now that might not be a good idea.” Seven frowned.

“You’re not afraid are you?” Seven couldn’t tell if he was teasing or was actually concerned.

“Well duh, have you taken a look at the place?” Seven chuckled, knowing his real reasoning was that he didn’t want to admit he’d actually just stopped at the first obviously deserted house he could find.

“I’ll protect you!” Yoosung assured solemnly, before grabbing Seven’s wrist and pulling him to the door.

It creaked open slowly, almost cliche like. Dust whirled around their feet as they moved deeper into the house, water dripping from a molding ceiling every few minutes, sometimes managing to worm its way down the backs of their shirts. Yoosung just giggled, cooing at the rats and mice that would scurry past sporadically.

“This place doesn’t seem too haunted.” Yoosung commented, peering at the hideous yellow wallpaper that was peeling away from the wall.

“Maybe I got the wrong house?” Seven suggested.

Seven turned back towards the entrance, hoping if he headed out, Yoosung would follow, then they could snuggle on the couch and put on an old scary movie that Yoosung would watch and comment on while Seven would work, only paying enough attention to critique and laugh at the bad special effects.

A hand gripped his shoulder.

“Come on Baby, can’t we just leave, it’s boring here.” Seven whined, turning to face his boyfriend.

Only there was only empty air behind him, Yoosung was nowhere in sight.

“Yoosung?” Seven called out, squinting to try and see deeper into the darkness of the house.

There was no response, dust and rotting carpets muffling even an echo of his own voice.

Seven walked forward, entering the next room, a kitchen. He coughed as the smell of rotted meat clogged his senses. He moved on quickly, seeing as the room was small and obviously did not contain an energetic blonde.

“Seven.” A whisper blew past his ear. Whipping around, Seven scanned the hallway he was now in.

“Yoosung?” He called again, still no answer.

With more trepidation, Seven inched towards the next room, an old bedroom by the looks of the empty bed frame and mattress leaned up against the far wall.

Fingers entwined with his, an invisible force beckoning him into the room. In the moonlight spilling through a window, Seven caught a flash of ginger locks and violet eyes.

“No.” he whispered, stumbling back, but the grip on his hand wouldn’t let him go far.

“Saeyoung.” A familiar voice breathed.

“MC.” He croaked.

“I have a name, you know.” She murmured into his ear, her weight pressing against his chest.

“They’re all the same to me.” He laughed flatly.

“You feel betrayed, I get it.” She said.

“No, I don’t think I do.” He insisted. “You restarted, left me.”

“I had to.” She tilted her head. “It wasn’t my turn anymore, besides, the current MC is doing better than I ever did.”

“I don’t know why you’re here, but I have to find Yoosung.” Seven pulled back hesitantly.

“Yoosung’s fine.” She reassured. “He’s preoccupied. Now, to business.”

“Business?” Seven scrunched his face in confusion.

“Come with me when it’s time to cross back over the veil, we can be together.” She offered, a delicate hand stretched out to him.

“I can’t.” He refused, stumbling back another step. “I’m with Yoosung now, I can’t leave him, I don’t want to.”

“Yoosung? Can he really make you happy?” She pressed.

“He already does.” Seven said firmly.

Finally, he turned on his heel, intent on leaving. A malevolent force collided with his back and he was thrown to the floor. Above him, her eyes had gone cold, staring dispassionately down at him.

“You will come with me, one way or another.” She stated, a knife raising to float at her side.

Seven froze, eyes going wide, unable to move.

“Seven!” He heard shouting. “Luciel! Saeyoung! Please answer me!”

“Yoosung!” Seven managed to force past paralyzed lips.

Then the door was colliding with the wall, sending a spray of mold, dust, and wood chips into the air. The knife clattered to the floor, the apparition gone. Yoosung’s warm hands were shaking his shoulders excitedly.

“Come look at what I found!” He exclaimed happily. “Did you trip or something?”

“I-I, yeah. I’m fine.” Seven let out a wavering breath. “What did you want to show me?”

Yoosung’s discovery was a stick thin cat and three equally scrawny kittens that were curled into her side.

It hadn’t taken more than five seconds of puppy eyes for Seven to relent to his eager boyfriend. So he found himself with an armful of kittens as Yoosung carefully scooped up the mom, leading the way back to the car.

“No ghosts, but still a fun trip!” Yoosung grinned at him from the passenger seat of Seven’s car.

A desperate longing flashed through him, and he reached out and pulled Yoosung to him by the collar of his jacket, smashing their lips together messily.

Seven ended up nicking his lip on Yoosung’s teeth, and Yoosung’s nose had collided painfully with Seven’s cheekbone, but it was real and therefore perfect, this so much better than any promises made by apparitions. Seven rested his forehead against Yoosung’s just sitting for a minute, breathing him in, until a pitiful new squeaked from the back seat.

“Drive Saeyoung.” Yoosung chuckled, brushing delicate fingers over Seven’s cheek.

The trip home seemed quicker, and before long, the two were curled up in front of a bad scary movie, Seven without his work. All but one of the kittens draping itself over Yoosung, the last one, a small orange thing, stumbling up to stand on Seven’s collarbone. It yawned, purple eyes closing briefly, before it curled into a purring ball on his chest.

By the end of the movie, all of the couch’s occupants were fast asleep.


Author: zepppie

Prompt: house is haunted and you’re trapped until you defeat the ghost

Characters: Sam, Reader

Halloween Drabbles Masterlist

Originally posted by supernaturalfreewill

You start to panic when you realize the doors aren’t budging. They’re unlocked, but no matter how hard you pull or how hard you throw yourself against them, they stay closed.

You’re trying to breathe but you’re coming up short. It’s as if the ghost haunting you had its icy grip around your neck. The air grows cold, your skin turns clammy, and visible puffs come out of your mouth.

Then you see him. The man who had remained in this house when you moved in. The man who had been trying to kill you ever since. His eyes are full of murderous intent, his sneer malicious.

I’m going to die. I’m going to die. I’m going to die.

But the specter disappears in a flurry of wispy smoke. The face of what you are certain is evil incarnate has been replaced by one of concern and worry. It’s the agent–except he wasn’t, he admitted that he and his brother are hunters. 

Sam. That’s his name. 

“Hey, are you alright?” he asks, lowering the fireplace poker in his hands, but you don’t answer because you don’t even know. He pulls you into the safety of his arms, so tall and strong and warm. Everything the ghost isn’t.

“You’ll be fine. I’m here now. I’ll protect you.”

And the promise in his voice is enough to chase the fear away.

too afraid to look in the mirror,
once because of silly games.
“bloody mary, bloody mary..”

trail off. stare into your own eyes;
the tiny eleven year old looking
back at you is scared.
you don’t continue.

years pass like dreams and
you change but do not grow. now a
shadow; forever boring, bland
and lifeless.

too afraid to look in the mirror -
no longer due to silly games
but still because of a lurking spirit.

the ghost that haunts your eyes
as you hide in the shadows
stares back at you.
“bloody mary, bloody mary, bloody mary”

One day I won’t cry
That’s the day I die
Will you say goodbye
Tell the truth, don’t lie.

Of all those I knew
Do they share a pew
And bid me adieu
While I lay in view?

As you feel the breeze,
Walking under trees
And smile at ladies,
It’s then that you freeze.

Realize I’m gone,
Yet I still live on
Unlike things bygone,
I’m there dusk til dawn

I’m there in your thought
Like a ghost to haunt
Your ways nonchalant
On days chilled or hot.