The Hands Resist Him is a 1972 painting by Bill Stoneham. It depicts a young boy and female doll standing in front of a glass panelled door against which many hands are pressed. According to it’s first owners, the painting was extremely haunted and cursed anybody who displayed it in their house. Many people have claimed they feel ill, anxious, or angry just by viewing this particular piece. Do you?

Due to this, the painting could never seem to find a permanent owner and was auctioned off to dozens of different collectors for several years. Eventually, it found it’s place at an art gallery in Michigan. Although the owner was in no way superstitious or a believer in the paranormal, he recalled that lights and electrics around the painting would constantly break, despite them being brand new.

The creepiest part to this story is that both the owner of the gallery, and an art critic who reviewed it, died within one year of coming into contact with the painting. Both deaths have never been fully explained.

One of the things that make most “ghost stories” difficult to believe is that they’re usually retold as something that happened to somebody, someplace.   What I’m going to tell you here are the plain, simple, absolute facts about what happened to me, personally. 

As we were exploring the Graham mansion, I ended up in the room they call “Clara’s Room”, which you can see in the photo above.    I walked around the room and took several photos from different angles, focusing upon various parts of the room.   

Just to bring you up to speed, Clara was a young orphan who was befriended and more or less “adopted” by some of the Graham family.   The story is that during the horrors of the Civil War times, Clara was occasionally hidden in the room to keep her safe.   Clara is said to have eventually passed away there in the room from tuberculosis and pneumonia, and to have been laid to rest on the Graham property. 

It’s also been reported that Clara will occasionally play ball with visitors to the mansion who she finds to be friendly.   Supposedly, she has rolled a small rubber ball along the floor in front of a doll house that’s in the room. 

After I was done taking photos in the room, I spent a few minutes there just enjoying the atmosphere.     It seemed like a place where a young girl would have been happy.     I had no feeling of uneasiness or “creepiness”.   It was just a room.

On a whim, I picked up the small, red ball you can see above in the middle of the room’s floor and I rolled it toward the far wall of the room.   Accidentally, I had rolled the ball too hard and it bounced off the wall and rapidly came rolling back in my direction.   As it bounced off the wall, I actually said: “Uh-Oh……rolled it too hard” aloud.    Interestingly, though, the ball returned straight to me and stopped rolling right in front of my right toe.   It didn’t bump into my toe, or not quite get all the way to my toe.   It stopped right exactly in front of my toe, a tiny fraction of an inch from touching me.   I was very intrigued, because my estimate had been that I’d rolled the ball so hard it should have rolled right past me. 

Of course, I picked up the ball and rolled it toward the wall again.    This time I made sure to roll it much more softly.     The ball lightly bounced off the wall and rolled back in my direction, as expected.   I estimated that the ball would not have sufficient inertia to make it all the way back to where I was standing.

Unexpectedly, as it rolled, the ball made a couple of sharp turns and then returned to its course directly toward me.   That ball now had my complete, undivided attention.  When it got to be about 4 feet from where I was standing, without stopping, the ball made a sharp right turn and then proceeded to slowly roll around in a perfect, complete, 360 degree circle about 3 feet in diameter.    The ball stopped rolling when it reached the precise spot where it had started the circle.    That spot was directly in front of me, just a few feet from where I was standing.

Aloud, I said; “That was a good job! You made a perfect circle.”   I have to admit, though, that my mind was running wide open and in overdrive.    I’m no physicist, but it’s not rocket science to know that an unlevel floor and the forces of gravity could certainly cause a ball to roll downhill; but, for them to cause a ball to roll in a complete 360 degree circle is simply impossible.    What I had just witnessed with my own eyes was a deliberate demonstration of intelligent control.

Clara certainly has an interesting way of introducing herself.  

I calmly (hopefully) walked out of the room and got Navigator, telling her I needed her to come with me to see something.     We walked back into the room, and I rolled the ball again.    The ball bounced lightly off of the wall, made a wide arc on its return trip, and came to rest touching the larger, yellowish ball you can also see in the above photo.   It didn’t bump into the other ball.  It didn’t stop short of the other ball.  It rolled over to it and stopped as it touched it.  

Navigator wasn’t just “wowed” by that, and I don’t suppose I can blame her.

I suspect that Clara may have been saying:  “I’m not playing ball with her, I’m playing ball with you”…..    

It didn’t occur to me until a couple of days later that Clara was probably trying to suggest that she wanted to play with the yellow ball, instead.    

As Navigator and I left the room, I turned around (yes, behind Navigator’s back because she probably already thought I’d lost my mind) and I gave a smile and a wave back into the room.    It would have been rude to just leave without telling my new friend “bye”. 

I stayed up late that night post-processing about 50 of our favorite shots from the mansion so we could give them to the folks there the next day.   That was when I noticed the glowing area in the top, left corner of the photo above.   This was not visible to the naked eye as I was in the room.   It just showed up on this one photograph. 

In the morning, when we went back to the mansion, I made sure to take my laptop along with me.   As Navigator was taking a few more shots, I went into the parlor of the mansion and sat in the very dim light there, in an antique chair by the fireplace.   I powered up the laptop, and brought up the processed photos.   Then I walked through them at a slow pace several times, like a slide show. I made sure to sit in a position that would have made it easy for others behind me to see the photos.    

Hey.  They live there.   It would have been rude to take photos of their home without letting them see how they turned out.   

Respect given almost always results in respect received.

It was during the second time of going through the photos that it happened.     I became aware of a light pressure against my upper back, exactly as it would feel if a young child was beside me with their arm on my back while they watched what I was doing over my shoulder. 

I stayed very still, enjoying the company of my new friend.    I’m fairly sure there were others there, as well.    I hope they liked the photos.

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mobile is being annoying and i can't get to your oc page, so for that ask game, your favorite character + ghosts?

I managed to stick to the five sentence limit, but they are a bit convoluted… it was supposed to be a short piece about Ray and survivors’ guilt after the Conclave, but it can definitely be read as a vague-quisitor. :)


They haunt him.

Dead flesh, fire, and burning dust settled into his nose; they are the taste of blood in his mouth, the distant rumble of the blast still ringing in his eardrums, and the word “survivor”, as it slithers around his shoulders with its feather-light touch.

Were he to reach out -he thinks idly- maybe his fingers would reach the cold, hard sheet of ice stretching lazily over his head, like that one winter day of his childhood… the weight of bodies on his shoulders is, after all, so much like the freezing waters.

This time, there is no farmhand to drop his shovel and bolt to fish the careless lordling out of the crushing depths.

This time, he’s alone- it’s just he, and his ghosts.

Why We Fragile Humans Fascinate Spirits

Without a doubt, humans are rather fragile creatures. We’re bold, we’re dangerous even, but we’re also rather… well… weak.

I’m talking in physical strength, of course. Mentally we can be insanely powerful. But the main point of this blog is understanding why all these other spirits… these all-powerful Demon Lords, wise Centaurs, warrior Angels, and nearly immortal Elves… see us humans as worthy companions when we are so “little” compared to them. I see people ask this all the time. “Why would a god-level Djinn hold any interest in little ol’ me? I’m nothing special.”

I want to start out with a quote. A friend of mine once asked, “Why are humans so fragile?”

In response, an unearthly friend replied, “Fragility is what makes humans so great, and is what makes them risk-takers. Creatures like that daredevil aspect of humans. That’s why they want to be humans themselves, or eat them depending on what creatures we’re talking about.”

To fully understand how our companions see us, we need to step out of our shoes and into theirs. To us, humans are mundane. They’re boring. They’re ordinary. Well did you ever think that if you had been born an Elf, you’d find all other Elves boring, mundane, and ordinary? Probably, because you would be used to the idea and still seeking something new and different in your life. I have a couple Angel friends who say that they find human personalities rather mind-blowing. There are concepts, interpretations, and emotions that they don’t associate with on a daily basis like we do.

I could go into a bigger discussion about how all of us humans aren’t really just straight “human,” but I’m going to let that slide for another time.

The point is, our spirit companions love to interact with us, despite their statuses and titles, because they find us interesting. Some of them even fall in love with us. There are all sorts of interesting little quirks, scents, and emotions that come off of us all the time, and our spirits are intrigued by them for many different reasons. Maybe we taste delectible to vampires. Maybe our scent is divine to werewolves. Maybe our philosophical views on what lies beyond the Universe is deeply moving to scholarly Elves and wise Angels. And for ETs, maybe we’re the daredevils that they wish they can be someday.

So next time you find yourself asking “Why?” when a spirit wants to be with you, try asking them yourself, and see what they say. Just take a little while to listen. They might even show you in a way that you find very non-human, which is why we love them. We are fascinated by what lies beyond the Earthan realm, and they are fascinated by what lies within. Life on Earth is not easy at all, so it’s perfectly normal for a spirit to respect you for your humanity, rather than be bored out of their wits because we are mundane. To them, we are not. We are special, we are daring, and we are full of life and learning.

Hotel del Coronado, a Victorian beachside resort, located in Coronado, California, was opened in 1888 and has since been the scene for a number of creepy occurrences. This hotel was even the first to use electric lighting and has even housed a number of famous guests, including 15 U.S. presidents and the Prince of Wales. On 29 November, 1892, the body of a young woman was discovered on the exterior staircase leading to the idyllic beach - she had a gunshot wound to the head. She was identified as missing woman, Kate Morgan, and her death was ruled a suicide despite the fact that the bullet hadn’t come from her own gun. Bizarrely, nobody ever came forward to identify her body and the photograph that was given of Kate Morgan looked nothing like the body of the deceased woman. Historian J’aime Rubio would later claim that the deceased woman was actually Charlotte “Lottie” Bernard. It’s said that the haunting of Hotel del Coronado began immediately after this bizarre death. If you stay in Kate’s room, which was 304, later named 3318, and later named 3327, you can experience some very inexplicable happenings. The lights are said to flicker and people have reported objects moving on their own as well as unexplainable scents. Disembodied footsteps and whispers can be heard throughout the hotel. Guests have even reported seeing Kate herself, walking down the hallway towards the fateful staircase.


You started in Room 93, you survived. 

You entered the Badlands. you survived.

Welcome to the Kingdom, let us reflect.

The Badlands, they were rough. We were told that we were machines running on GASOLINE and that we had to be perfect, or we would not be accepted. Society tried to HOLD US DOWN and told us remarks that HAUNTED us every day. We were pictured as GHOSTS with no purpose and no power. It was almost like a HURRICANE that we had to defeat in order to enter this Kingdom.

But now, we have escaped, we took a DRIVE out of the Badlands and WALKED THE LINE to this CASTLE. We have proven that we are the NEW AMERICANA, we showed our COLORS and proved that we are in CONTROL of this STRANGE LOVE for equality, justice, and power. we are the YOUNG GODS of this kingdom. 

But for now, we must take a ROMAN HOLIDAY, and let the queen work on her kingdom and what she has pictured and planned for our futures. We CAME DOWN to this kingdom but now we must make it ours.

Congrats, and welcome.

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any ghost hunter aus?

  • Character A is a ghost that has been haunting a particular object – a knife/teapot/painting/etc. – for centuries, but now that their object belongs to Character B, a ghost hunter who wants to try to separate Character A’s spirit from the object. As expected, Character A isn’t thrilled with this and attempts to fight back.
  • “Listen, how about we make a deal. You don’t suck me up into your ghost jail machine, and I tell you everything that your significant other wanted to tell you before they died. Good deal, right?” AU
  • While exploring a haunted house, Character  A watches as their best friend (Character B) is possessed by a ghost, and dies as a result. Filled with vengeance, Character A has dedicated life to capturing ghosts, so that the ghosts can’t harm another human, but they run into a major dilemma when they encounter the ghost of Character B.
  • “My grandparent taught me that the best way to catch a ghost is in a freshly emptied wine bottle, so you know what that means: tipsy ghost hunting in your possibly haunted apartment.” AU
  • Character A’s family has been in the ghost hunting business for generations, and Character A is expected to carry on the legacy…except Character A lacks The Sight, which enables them to see and interact with ghosts.
  • After a traumatic event in their life, Character A has developed the ability to see ghosts – and in turn, ghosts can tell that there is something different about Character A. Character A uses this ability to start a business as a “ghost consultant” where they rid a house of ghosts by peacefully negotiating with the spirit, rather than hunting it out.
This is some “Shining” shit...

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