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Afrofuturist Photos Transform Senegal’s Trash Into Haute Couture

There are certain depictions of African life we in the West are all too accustomed to seeing: Images of poverty, violence and corruption conjure a one-note vision of an abject space that fails to capture the complexity bubbling beneath the surface.

Photographer Fabrice Monteiro, however, captures up a very different vision of Africa, one in which beauty, debris, danger and hope are closely interwoven. His Afrofuturist images predict a post-Apocalyptic future, where garbage and rubble are transformed into intricate, brilliant garments, serving as warning to future generations.

“It is not only a political or economic problem, but an educational one.”


My birthday look:

Custom made Ankara skirt and necklace from African Queen Boutique 🇳🇬. I made the top out of Carolina Herrera fabric 💎

African Queen Boutique is my go-to spot. If you’re looking to support African-owned/woman-owned businesses in NYC, this is it right here.


FAB Magazine Vol 2 Issue 2 Escapism Issue  - ‘La Isla Lagos’ Shoot Behind The Scenes

37thSTATE and Haute Fashion Africa Launch New 'Haute Tv' Web Series 'FRONTIER FASHION'

This week sees the launch of a web series from Haute Tv and 37th State focusing on the movements of prominent Nigerians in the fashion industry.

Frontier Fashion will enlighten and educate viewers on the progress and influences these individuals hold both home and abroad. It also seeks to show their thought processes and inspirations in a bid to illuminate the inner workings of the industry.

The series will air throughout the year as they traverse the globe compiling beautifully shot visuals charting the life and times of frontier fashionistas.