HauTe Fashion Africa

One Nigerian Boy - an insight into Africa's fashion scene

[By Niccolò Montanari]

Africa has bigger concerns than establishing a creative scene. Yet, creatives are born all over the world, and their need for expression may or may not be satisfied depending on their circumstances. We decided to find out about about the continent’s dreams and desires, and talk to the established fashion blogger Terence Sambo, founder of the blog One Nigerian Boy.


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Haute Africa. amazing book detailing the creativity that is being expressed through the flourishing African Fashion industry. This particular image makes reference to the influence the 19th century missionaries and traders had on the clothing of the Herero of Namibia. Excellent read for anybody interested in World Dress. 

37thSTATE and Haute Fashion Africa Launch New 'Haute Tv' Web Series 'FRONTIER FASHION'

This week sees the launch of a web series from Haute Tv and 37th State focusing on the movements of prominent Nigerians in the fashion industry.

Frontier Fashion will enlighten and educate viewers on the progress and influences these individuals hold both home and abroad. It also seeks to show their thought processes and inspirations in a bid to illuminate the inner workings of the industry.

The series will air throughout the year as they traverse the globe compiling beautifully shot visuals charting the life and times of frontier fashionistas.