Pass me by
Hattie Winston

Hattie Winston “Pass Me By” (Parkway 956, 1964)

You might know her best for being Valerie the Librarian on The Electric Company, or for her Cameo lip syncing “Baby Love” in Jackie Brown or for being Margaret from Becker.

But Hattie Winston actually got her start by recording 2 singles for Cameo Parkway in 1963-64. “Pass Me By” was the A-side of the second effort, and a lovely Uptown Girl Group number to boot.

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Beastie Boys

I just spent at least an hour searching for a song on the internet. I thought it was an oldie, maybe by a group of black female vocalists. 

As it turns out, I had the last 20 seconds of a Beastie Boys song stuck in my head. (I actually had the song in my iTunes library already.) 

It’s a sample of this song, from the 1970s musical “The Me Nobody Knows.” The singers are Hattie Winston and Beverly Ann Bremers. 

I am tenacious. I get to the doggone FACTS, y'all.