It’s gotta be awkward to meet someone you’ve talked so much shit about. Personally, that’s why I never leave the house, because I know Johnny Depp is somewhere out there presumably vaping into a supermodel’s vagina while he mansplains acting.
—  my parents are watching john oliver & tbh, this is how I feel about johnny depp at all times

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Tal vez estaba siendo exagerado con todo el asunto del compromiso, tal vez y sólo tal vez podía surgir algo entre ellos, quizás necesitaban un incentivo y eso era algo… ¿físico? Zayed lo estuvo meditando por más de un minuto, cinco para ser exactos. Una vez procesó la decisión final su cuerpo reaccionó y sus manos por inercia se posicionaron en el cuello de la princesa, anulando la distancia entre sus cuerpos, provocando que sus labios se unieran y rozaran por tiempo prolongado mientras intentaba sentir algo, una chispa, algo que indicara que estar comprometido con ella no era tan malo. Pero esa señal divina jamás llegó. Se alejó, incomodo por lo que acababa de hacer. “Eso no…” negó con suavidad. “Tus labios… están bien..” 

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write about the first time priyanka lost a patient

priyanka didn’t think about death all that much. there was no need for her to. she didn’t like thinking about death. it was weird however, because death was around her quite often. at the hospital people died every day. she had gone a year in her residency training without personally dealing with the loss of a patient. 

she had people tell her that once you experience it the first time, you end up becoming more immune to it. you can’t ignore death after all. they told her that she was most likely just going to get some older gentleman come in one day with a fatal heart attack and that was it.

death wasn’t fair. her supervisor had told her to go around the floor again checking in on patients and what not. something she was getting assigned to do much more. in her round she was able to visit michael. he was about eight, and a half, and came in about a week ago. he had gotten into a bad accident with his mother, it was a miracle he survived the initial crash. 

he’d been doing a lot better at the week went on. there was even talk to moving him to a regular room the next day. but it never came. she was in the room when it happened. it was so sudden that things started going bad, and she called the doctors in and she was there to help, but nothing could be done. he was just gone. 

the flatline sound rang throughout her ears the rest of the day. priyanka hid herself in the bathroom. tears started to stream down her face as she thought of the events. she felt like there was something more she should’ve been able to do. she could’ve saved him. his mother didn’t make it. and now neither had he. 

priyanka splashed cold water on her face. she tried to make it look like she wasn’t crying, but that seemed to be impossible to do. she’d give anything to just go home right now. curl up next to doug and just go to bed. her job was to save people and she failed.