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1. becoming - pantera
2. get lucky - draft punk
3. 1 thing - amerie
4. trigger warning - sunrise skater kids
5. pleased to meet you - trapped under ice
6. it’s going down - young joc
7. alright - logic
8. love buzz - nirvana
9. my house - flo rida
10. get busy - sean paul

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For the haters:

I care not that SasuHina is a crack pairing, there is no real option of being canon and I have well acknowledged that Kishimoto is merely toying with us in giving them so many similarities. With that being said, I still love them and everything about them so in response to the hate you’ve sent to my family within the community- I bring to you, my fluff.

*dramatic bow as curtain opens*

A wailing scream pierced through the empty hospital hallways, decibels nearly high enough to shatter glass. The source? None other than the dear sweet and shy Hyuuga Hinata. The girl who had barely spoken her entire life; even now, years after the fourth shinobi war, she was still quiet as a mouse. Today was an exception. Today she was sitting before Haruno Sakura, the head medic of Konaha’s hospital, trembling in fear.

Sakura remained passive toward the girl, she knew Hinata’s aversion to needles was rather particular and she was the only one who ever was able to get close enough to touch her. Even at 25 years old she still held her childish aura, complete innocence surrounding her wide pale eyes.

“P-please, Sakura, is there n-no other way?” She stammered, fear cracking through through the wall she had built.

Sakura shook her head, she knew this was going to be difficult but Hinata’s nervousness was exponentially greater than usual, something that was going to make this a lot harder than it needed to be. Normally she would find someone to distract her to some degree, help her focus on her breathing but there weren’t many on staff today and no one on this floor.

“I’m sorry, Hinata. This is the only way to ensure you won’t get infected on your next mission. You know there are a lot of other cases of the viral staph infections in the other countries, we’re the first to develop a vaccination. It’s required for all ANBU to be vaccinated or else you won’t be able to go on any more missions.” She said sympathetically.

The girls worried expression didn’t waver, not one bit as her eyes stayed fixed on the small needle still wrapped in plastic.

A head flashed by the window and caught Sakura’s attention, whoever that was they were about to get the task of the day! She darted for the door and opened it swiftly.

“Hey!” She shouted before she could close her mouth- “oh. I’m sorry, Sasuke.”

He turned to look at her, his usual bored expression written plain across his face. Sakura had long given up her hopes to be with him, she was happy with Naruto but she couldn’t shake the pain she felt every time she saw Sasuke’s face or heard his voice.

She floundered, she really needed his help. If Hinata didn’t get the vaccination then she really wouldn’t be allowed on missions, that wasn’t a joke or scare tactic. It was tough for her to be in ANBU anyway since she was head of her clan but she had made it work so far. It would be a shame if she let one little vaccination stop her from living her successful dream.

“Ah, listen, Sasuke. I hate to trouble you but I need your help.” She watched his eyes narrow at her, she turned away in response. His dark eyes used to make her melt, his gaze once held a powerful grip on her heart but now all it inflicted was pain. “Hinata needs to be vaccinated, I need you to distract her.”

Sasuke’s eyes stayed on her, annoyance not so present anymore. No one would know but the Uchiha had a small soft spot for the white eyed girl. She certainly wasn’t an annoying fan girl like all the others his age, she was weak and shy but had developed and grown into a leader. He might even go as far as to say he respected her.

“Fine.” He said simply.

Sakura brightened, if anything he would be able to hold her down for a few seconds. She led him into the room, Hinata was nearly In tears as she looked up at the pair coming in.

“S-sasuke-san?” She whispered, more fear creeping into her.

“He’s here to help, Hinata!”

Hinata swallowed, nervously watching the man before her.

Sakura had begun unwrapping the needle, the crinkling plastic grabbing Hinata’s attention caused tears to spring into her eyes. The pink haired girl wiped her patients arm with an alcohol pad earning a squeal and fresh tears to cascade down her cheeks.

Sasuke twitched, he had just finished admiring the woman and here she was acting like a child. Each whimper and cry irritated him more and more until finally he growled under his breath.

“For Kami’s sake! You’re a medic yourself, aren’t you? And a tracker? A damned shinobi! You fought in a war, reshaped your clan and you’re the first head in history to be in ANBU and here you are crying about a needle!” His words were harsh on the surface but in reality he revealed his admiration for the girl, effectively startling and confusing Both females who watched him carefully.

Hinata sniffled once more and stared at the fisted hands in her lap.

“Sakura.” She jumped. His voice was tense and maybe nervous? “On the count of three.” She nodded.



Hinata waited for three, her entire body tensed, eyes closed, waiting for the pain and death she was sure to feel but it never came. Sure she was being dramatic but who cares? Phobias are irrational fears! Keyword- irrational! When she felt rough fingers grasp her chin and tilt her face up, she didn’t even have the time to be confused because just as suddenly Sasuke’s face dipped closer to hers, his lips closing the distance and gently grazing her own trembling lips.

A touch at first, that was the plan. Just enough to shock her, make her forget where she was and who she was with but it had a reverse effect instead. He meant to pull away but he couldn’t, his eyes closed and they touched again. No, no, maybe it wasn’t that he couldn’t, that was dramatic and Sasuke wasn’t one for drama. He didn’t want to, that was more like it. He liked the feel of her soft lips, the way they trembled beneath his own from nerves and fear.

He pulled away after what seemed like an eternity, a very short eternity but long enough to leave his brain shaken, heart hammering and fingers itching to delve into her seemingly endless midnight locks.

She let out a shaky sigh, her eyes still closed, her brain fuzzy, her heart beating rapidly inside her chest. His warm breath gently fanned her lips as his presence slowly faded from her vicinity. He seemed so far away but a part of her knew he was still close by.

“Three.” He breathed, standing straight once again.

His composure returned to normal as he watched Sakura stick the needle into Hinata’s arm, she didn’t flinch, wine or mumble. She was lost in her own mind. The needle came back out, the syringe was empty and Sakura sat it down on the empty tray beside her before grabbing a cotton ball to press against the minuscule wound, her face somber and confused as thoughts ran rampant in her mind.

“That wasn’t so bad…” She whispered breathily, her eyes beginning to flutter open.

Dreamy lavender eyes met dark onyx orbs that stared back. Sasuke’s eyes narrowed as he turned his attention to the door.

“Don’t be such a child, Hyuuga. Act like the respectable clan leader you are.” He grumbled, making his way to the exit and slamming the door shut behind him.

Hinata’s sleepy eyes blinked away the confusion and looked toward Sakura still standing beside her, brows furrowed, lost in thought.

“Hinata….” She mumbled in her own dream like state. “Hinata, I think… I think Sasuke is in love with you.”

“W-what?!?” Hinata cried, a furious blush rushed across her cheeks.

A sad smile spread across Sakura’s face, her green eyes focused on Hinata.

“Hinata, I have never heard Sasuke praise someone, let alone a woman. He has feelings for you.”

“O-oh! N-no, please, Sakura, I could never! After all he put you and Naruto-kun through…” Hinata said shaking her head.

“No, Hinata. He’s a great person… He could probably use someone like you, someone to guide him and learn all the things he never learned as a child… Like.. Like love.”

Sakura’s words were confusing for the smaller girl, the only one she’d ever loved was Naruto and it was obvious how that turned out. But she had never remotely considered Sasuke as an option in the love category, no one else in Konona matched the sun that had once lit up her days.

But then again people had always told her that the light of the moon gave her pallid skin an ethereal glow.