Police and school officials said those found responsible for the graffiti could face criminal charges and expulsion from school. 

Looks like our youth are starting out on the right foot. What does it say about America? Racism will NEVER die or go away, sad but true. I mean look this is just a high school kid and look at his way of thinking?! Who taught him that? Does he even know the impact those two statements have? Probably not and this is why it will never die! #Hate it!

“Did you seriously just have at trans boy mansplain how to be a girl?”

This was a comment I received on my last post. I don’t appreciate this. 

I am here to give advice, I was asked privately several times via message to please make a post about traditional feminine styles and dressing therefore I posted something about more traditional and conservative style of female dress.

Just because I post something doesn’t mean I’m telling you what to do or how to act. 

Do you like dressing like this? Do you want to act more traditionally feminine? Then read that article and have a go at it. But if that isn’t your thing it doesn’t make you any less of a female and it doesn’t make you any less feminine. It is one style, one opinion and there are many others available to you.

Don’t hurtle hidden insults at someone you don’t even know, I’m trying to help and I do this on my free time and I won’t stand for people slanging shit. 

Be respectful. If you like to dress ultra conservative femme, do it. If you wanna be a fucking punk rock feminine girl who gives no fucks then hell yeah you can do that to but don’t be a dick to me.

“Mansplain” Kyle