Gay bashing at Chelsea Dallas BBQ in New York. Aside from the graphic violence they were also called faggots. This is why LGBT couples live in fear when we go out in public. We can’t hold hands or show any bit of affection without fear of being hurt. Don’t let the media or pop culture fool you. Many LGBT people are still being attacked, killed and harassed every single day.

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Someone once asked me this: “Imagine there was a man, and he murdered two boys. Is he a monster?” I said yes, of course. - “And what if those two boys actually had brutally raped that man’s daughter, who then committed suicide because the police didn’t punish the boys, because people slutshamed her and told her it was her own fault, and the man killed them because of that. Is he still a monster?” I had to pause, and think. The answer is still yes, but that information put things into a different light and my perspective changed.

Y'all immediately hate on Zayn because of one tweet - a tweet in which he stands up for a friend against another friend, which, if you’ve ever been in a situation where you stand between two people who mean something to you, takes a lot of courage to do.
Y'all always talk about freedom of speech, about standing up for yourself and your friends, about honesty and loyalty, but the second it’s Zayn doing these things it’s wrong. That’s hypocrisy at its finest.
None of you know what’s actually going on behind the scenes, and yet you think you have the right to demand and judge the little snippets you do see.
You don’t know what happened between any of them. You need to realize some things - first of all, these boys are only human. They are human beings, with emotions and feelings, with a mind of their own and with a lot of pressure on their shoulders.
Fact is that “fans” spent weeks insulting someone Zayn considers a friend. They send him death threats and wishes, they called him horrible names and dragged his origins and less than average appearance into the mud. Do you realize what you’re doing? You’re all angry at Zayn for speaking out against Louis, so you’re defending Louis from him. You’re all doing the exact same thing Zayn did for his friend and yet you judge him for doing it. Why? Because you don’t like Naughty Boy? I can’t stand that man and I don’t understand how Zayn can be friends with someone who obviously enjoys riling fans up, but I don’t have to. He’s not my friend, he’s Zayn’s. Same as Louis, same as the other boys. But because YOU fans don’t like NB doesn’t give you the right to act like y'all have any right to judge them and demand things from them.
Zayn stayed silent the entire time fans were dragging NB, his (for whatever reasons) friend, into the mud because he fucking knew that y'all would immediately jump on the “Zayn doesn’t care about us, he betrayed us” train the second he would’ve said something. But Louis is his friend, more than any of you, Zayn has the right to tell him off. Louis deliberality reacted to NB’s taunts and returned them tenfold and y'all loved him for it. Did any of you consider Zayn’s feelings? The conflict he must’ve felt within himself? Two of his friends who can’t stand each other fighting and he stands right in the middle. You all forgot so fast what kind of person Zayn is, you all forgot the boy who scolded Harry for pulling Liam’s hair in a playfight, scolded the boys when they playfully pushed Liam because it might’ve hurt him, who couldn’t even look into the boys’ direction when they were fishing because he pitied the damn fish, who got angry at a pap for pushing Niall, who thanked his mummy, who bought her a house, who cried when he saw the homeless, starving children, who donated an immense amount of money to charity, the boy who fell asleep on every single one of the boys at least once, who likes superheroes and graffiti, who loves his family.
You all forgot the hate and insults this boy had to endure for five years, for his looks, for his origins, for his tattoos, for everything. You forgot that the others never defended him when he was, once again, labeled a terrorist, that he was the one who was called drug junkie and addict even though it was him am Louis smoking together, that he has a bigger heart than that any of you hypocrites hating him for the exact same thing y'all are doing - defending someone who means something to him.
I’m not saying Louis was in the wrong or Zayn was in the right, I’m saying that y'all need to get fucking grip and wake up. You say he betrayed you and turned his back on him, y'all are doing the same. You are sending him hate and death threats. Are you even human? You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

I always find it funny how hypocritical antifeminists are.

They say “don’t shame women for choosing not to be feminists” but then they shame men who support feminism.

They claim to get death and rape threats from feminists but I’ve had several death threats from antifeminists. I’ve even had an antifeminist say to me “I should take you to the Middle East so you can have acid thrown on you if you think you’re oppressed here.”

They complain about misandry-mermaid’s URL but then worship tumblr users like oppressing-all-womyns.

They say that feminists erase male victims of rape, but they victim blame female victims of rape.

Every hateful tactic that they claim feminists use, I see antifeminists do those all the time. Why do antifeminists say that all feminists are misandrists but then completely dismiss the idea that it’s possible for an antifeminist to be a misogynist. Antifeminists are the most bigoted hypocritical people you will see on this site.

I am horrified. An OC I have never interacted with before came into my inbox and immediately tried to start smut with me. I clearly have it stated in my rules that Smut is not allowed and privately messaged them about it, only for them to call me out on their blog as homophobic. What the hell just happened?

For those that still didn’t get it...

Dear Naruto Fandom, 

Please don’t mess up with Masashi Kishimoto at Comic Con. I don’t care if you didn’t like the end, or your shipping didn’t occur or whatever… That does not give you the right to go out cursing and offending others. You guys may not realize it but this silly fight has exactly the same patterns of the arguments of a prejudiced, xenophobic or a racist person. If you cannot live in harmony even with people who like the same thing you do, imagine try to live with people that have different ideologies or religions? What’ll you do? Beat them? It’s not for nothing that movements like the Islamic state is gaining more power…. What a shame…



P.S.: sorry if I made some grammatical errors, my native language is not English … btw this image does not belong to me…